Saturday, October 1, 2022

Mordheim - Laying Down the Path

Once the structure of the board was built it was time to pave the open areas of the city.

For this I used the cobblestone wallpaper, cutting then gluing it to the polystyrene. For this I used PVA glue - I'm not sure whether it is the best or most economical choice but it did the job. 

Paving out all the flat areas really brought the table together. Having cobblestones everywhere allows for a much more flexible set up for terrain placement. It made me have a rethink about how many dedicated printed roads I would glue down.

The paving could be cut to put into the bridge supports and also the "island" section in the river. 

Next stage is to lay down the rubble and the roads. I am considering fixing some of the scatter terrain so that it can be integrated into the board at this stage. For instance, I have a set of gallows, some water troughs, barrels/baskets, sewer lids etc. I'll consider whether they are best being permanently positioned.