Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Final NZ Rankings 2013 Tournament Season

This last weekend saw the final events of the 2013 tournament season which ends on 31 October. In Christchurch we had Conquest which had both Fantasy and 40K while Wellington saw Skitterleap for Fantasy.

The Conquest winner Mal Patel regained his position in the Top 10 while 2nd Placegetter at Skitterleap, Hamish Gordon broke into the Top 10 for the first time.

The final rankings will now be sent to the Masters umpires/organisers to issue invites for the December event.

Big Poppa Pump at Skitterleap

On the weekend we had Skitterleap here in Wellington and it attracted 24 participants. It was the last event of the tournament year and so was the last opportunity to score Masters qualification. From my own point of view I needed to win the event to jump Ross Hillier-Jones and secure top of the rankings.

I took the Daemons I've been playing around with since Nicon - mostly Nurgle with Horror support and a Skullcannon. This list has pretty much become the "DoC netlist" and is seen at events around the world. Based on a Death-dealing Great Unclean One with Beasts, Plaguebearers and Flies.

I was pretty confident going into the event that I would podium. This was based on the lists coming which were strangely bereft of items that could one-shot Big Poppa Pump. Recently I've had the list working quite well and it is certainly competitive 
against a wide range of armies.

Game One - Glen Burfield (Vampire Counts) - Dawn Attack

Now this was one army that did scare me. Glen had six scream attacks and if he could coordinate them then he was going to be a handful. However the Dawn Attack scenario plays with VC players' heads and they generally convince themselves they are knackered at deployment. Glen's army was a little split up but easily retrievable, IMO.
I attacked diagonally so that I could swamp him piecemeal and the strategy pretty much worked as Glen hesitated coming forward. My Skullcannon removed one Engine and wounded the other which was finished off by overrunning Furies. The game became very one-sided as my units started to double team Glen's units one by one. His Ghoul King killed my BSB but I was able to secure a big win.

Win 20-0

Monday, October 28, 2013

Painting Checklist - Thoughts After Skitterleap

Last month when I indicated that I was introducing a capped score painting checklist for future FOB 2400 point Singles events, there were murmuring of discontent.

You can find the checklist and some of the debate here

Now the first event hast been run using the system I am keen to get some feedback on how people found it. From my point of view, it clearly raised the standard of army presentation at the event. It also gave people an incentive to work on their army - and that showed in the raised standard. The thing I like about the system is that it is mechanical - so you get feedback on where your army could get increased marks. This can be really simple.

The other point not discussed previously is that it acts as a kind of comp. You can take the latest filth but if you do you have to go to the effort of painting it to maximise your mark. Turn up with basecoat and your presentation suffers.

Anyway, fire away. I see the checklist as being fluid and evolving over time as we get feedback.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Skitterleap 2013 Results

Skitterleap was run over the weekend here in Wellington, attracting 24 participants.

It was umpired by Sam Whitt and was contested over five rounds using scenarios and the FOB Lite Comp for 2400 points.

Here are the results:

Best Presented:

1. Charlie Lloyd (Dark Elves)
2. Graeme Fry (High Elves)
3. Pete Dunn (Daemons of Chaos)

Best Sport:

1. Rex Foote (Wood Elves)

Sam did a great job umpiring the event and from a TO perspective it all ran smoothly. I'm going to post up a discussion thread around the Painting Checklist now people have seen it in action.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vermintide Is Fast Approaching

C'mon People.....Vermintide is almost upon us and this year the signups have been slow.

Now is the time to get onto it.

For those that don't know, Vermintide is a one day event held at the Wellington Warlords on November 16.

The Players Pack can be downloaded here

Neil will be at Skitterleap this weekend so you can catch him then to register.

Let's get out and support the last event of the year in Wellington.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Skitterleap Predictions

So this weekend we have Skitterleap and as is traditional before these events I like to run my eye over the field and give my predictions.

So without further ado here are my Top Five:

#5 - Joel Van de Ven-Long (Empire)

I pick Joel to finish in the Top 5 every event and he always let's me down. Now the astute amongst you will know that Joel is not attending Skitterleap this year…..however I am not going to let a little thing like that impinge on the long record of disappointment he has built up.

#4 - Sam Campbell (Daemons of Chaos)

Sam will try and kid you that he is bringing a soft or fluffy army, however that is a lie. As a founder member of the "Kapiti Push-It-Forward Club", he would have to sell his house if he brought anything but nails. A list with Bloodthirster, ambushing Flesh Hounds and two Skullcannons is not soft. I will be keeping a very close eye on his game with Hamish Gordon to ensure that no shenanigans occur. Rumours have started to surface that he is going to lie on his back and let Hamish tickle his tummy to ensure Kapiti has two participants at the upcoming Masters.

#3 - Peter Williamson (High Elves)

He'll try and fox you that he's a good player, list builder and tactian…..but we all know better than that. Peter's strategy is not to drop too many points when he plays with the Big Boys Day One so he can score 40 points Day Two clubbing baby seals and sneaking into Third Place. Pride, Peter! It's not just a word in the dictionary.

#2 - Hamish Gordon (Warriors of Chaos)

"Finally….Hamish has come back to the Warriors of Chaos"

For those of you who don't know Hamish rage-quit WoC earlier in the year as the new book had neutered the army and it had all the hitting power of a sick puppy. In this, I believe, he may have been unique in the world. The intervening months have shown that WoC may not be quite as week as he first thought. And surely if he need any further evidence that his initial view might have been a little awry, the fact that Charlie St. Clair is all over them, like Len Brown at a Yum Char, should give him a clue.

This will be the event Hamish emerges from the cocoon of disappointment. The only thing standing between him and the podium is the Painting Judge.

#1 - Rory Finnemore (Vampire Counts)

It pains me to do this but I am picking someone from "up North" to take it out. They are a pretty motley bunch but fresh from his success in Tauranga and Guardcon, Rory….this is your time.

The big question is whether the switch from Empire to Vamps will slow him down. Many of you might remember Rory's bold claims earlier this year that "Any idiot can win with Skaven" before displaying by his abject failure with the rats at Equinox that he perhaps overestimated his own capabilities and didn't reach the bar of that particular idiot.

Still the world loves a trier and I am picking Rory to march off with this event.

As to the other awards, I'm not keen to pick the painting prizes. However I am expecting myself to be a shoo-in for Best Sportsman (given my previous Best Sportsmanship wins at GW GTs). The only thing that can hamper my securing this award is the fact that I am having a molar removed this afternoon and may still be a tad ornery come the weekend. However I'm sure my sunny disposition will overcome even this hurdle. On that basis, "C. Lock it in Eddie".

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Hills For Skitterleap

With Skitterleap on this weekend I though I'd use last Saturday and Sunday to make some new hills for the event.

Down in my garage I had a part sheet of 2" Blue High Density Foam that has been sitting there for a few years. Out came the marker pen, the jigsaw and some sandpaper and very quickly I had a selection of 2" thick oval/circular shapes.

I sanded the cut edges and then used Liquid Nails to glue some together making two step 4" hills. From here I mixed up some various grade sand and rocks and using PVA applied the mix to where the two contours joined.

A quick coat of brown paint and two lighter drybrushes and it was time to flock with static grass. Again I used my Grasstech applicator to make the grass stand up. I then picked out the bigger rocks with a variety of grey paints and PVAed some clump foilage and voila! Ten new hills.

Seven two-level, three single-level hills

Terminator model on 40mm base for scale

Hills will block Line of Sight to infantry and similar sized models

Saturday, October 19, 2013

I'm Back

Okay....after three weeks in Turkey, France and Singapore, I'm back in Godzone.

Normal service will be resumed in the next few days. I have a pile of Forgeworld goodies, upcoming Skitterleap and the new Dark Elf release all to talk about.

Masters qualification closes in 10 days and there are a few people needing to deliver at Skitterleap to make it.

Good to be back and speak soon.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Skitterleap Lists Released

Sam has just released the lists for Skitterleap, which is happening on the 26th & 27th October.

You can download them here.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Skitterleap List Deadline

IS TODAY!!!!!!

If you are reading this and coming to Skitterleap you need to get your list in NOW!

Late lists will attract a 5 Tournament Point Penalty so get them in. If Sam is feeling charitable he may extend the deadline to 5pm tomorrow but I wouldn't count on it

So get them in and then we can see what people are bringing.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Skitterleap Approaches

For those of you making it to Skitterleap remember that next weekend is the deadline for Army Lists to be lodged with the Umpire Sam Whitt.

Please get your lists in on time to make Sam's job easier when it comes to checking through them all. In fact, if you know what you are taking then send it now Johnny, send it now.

The link to the FOB Army List template is here

A few people have contacted me regarding available spots. Yes registration is still open so send me through your registration details here

Blog Update

My apologies for the lack of updates this week but I'm away overseas on a hard earned holiday. Lynne and I have been enjoying the sights of Istanbul the past few days and on Monday head to Paris for a week before home via Singapore.

During my absence I had hoped - it appears pretty forlornly - that Jack and Charlie might step into the breach and post some content for you regular followers. But alas, it hasn't eventuated - yet? I know Charlie has been waiting excitedly for the Team New Zealand America's Cup Parade but now that is out of the way, who knows?