Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Hobby - Finished War Mammoth

A couple of weeks ago I came across the CMON "A Song of Ice & Fire"  War Mammoths which appeared to be the ideal size to fit on a KOW Monster Chariot base of 50x100mm.

Over the weekend I painted and based one of the two that comes in the box. It is a very nice model with good crisp detail.

I'm looking forward to trying him out on the table in coming weeks.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Hobby - Ogre Mammoths and Lancastrian Longbow

 Over the last week I have been getting on with a few projects that I am keen to get done over the next few weeks.

The first is to add a Mammoth to my KoW Ogres. I have the two GW Ogre monsters but both are on scenic bases and both are far too large to use in KOW. So to that end I purchased a box of the CMON "A Song of Ice & Fire" War Mammoths. You get two in a box for the wonderful price of NZD 90 incl post from Amazon.

I've based mine on a Monster Chariot base - 50x100mm - and started to paint it. They are very detailed and sturdy resin models. If everything goes to plan then I'll get it finished in the next week or so.

The other thing I have been doing is painting some of the Perry Miniatures "War of the Roses Infantry". I purchased two boxes which has given me 66 Retinue Longbowmen. These are been split into three groups - 24/24/18 - and are now being painted.

The intention is that they will give me three Lancastrian retinues that I can base - 22 elements - as opponents for my WotR Yorkists. 

Twenty plus years ago, at the Warlords, we fought a number of refights of the major battles in the conflict. My intention is to organise another series of these refights for later in 2022. Given the price of Perry plastics it is very easy to buy and paint up the required figures. 

In this case I have painted them in the liveries of Somerset, Northumberland and Exeter and will look to buy/paint some more as needed.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

KOW - Sisters of Sigmar Regiment (Foot Guard in Kingdoms of Men)

 The first Games Workshop figures I bought was the Sisters of Sigmar box released for Mordheim. That must be back in 2000 by my reckoning.

After 20+ years I finally got around to painting them!

Over the past couple of weeks I have built and painted enough Sisters to create a 20 woman regiment. These are truly lovely sculpts and an absolute joy to paint. Obviously they are all metal.

The unit is full of all the various sculpts that came with the Mordheim warband - all the Superiors, Novices, Sisters etc.

I've kept them on the 20mm bases to preserve the value of the figures, given they are bloody hard to get these days. Still have about 10 unpainted figures but most are characters rather than rank and file.

At the moment the intent is to use them as Foot Guard with 2 handed weapons in my growing Kingdom of Men army.