Saturday, December 8, 2018

40k - Disappointed

The leaks today emerged of points adjustments in Chapter Approved. You can see them here

The changes are generally underwhelming. I was expecting a nerf of some of the major "offenders" but in all truth that hasn't happened. For my Dark Eldar list I am unaffected and it has got cheaper for me to add Eldrad to "help" them out.

However, that is not the biggest disappointment. As a TO I check a lot of lists. I can tell you from experience that I do not see the humble Tactical Marine in anything but a small percentage of lists. They needed a drop. At least two points for them and the vanilla CSM. There was nothing.

I'm not one for conspiracy theories nor tinfoil hats but.......

A lot of things that GW make in the Space Marine/CSM range got a drop. Terminators, Cult Marines, things GW makes discrete models for. Tacticals didn't.

Can only say that this adds weight to theories that they are on their way out to be replaced by Primaris. Can't give the customer any reason to buy the old pattern can we?

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

40K - Charicon in February

For those of you that are interested in Tournaments, Bede Bailey is organising Charicon on the weekend of 23/24 February 2019. It will be held at HIBS in Trentham, Upper Hutt.

The event flyer is here

ALL the proceeds from the event are going to Cancer Society.

As part of the event I am running a 6 round Warhammer 40k tournament. The event will be geared more to the "fun" rather than ultra-competitive.

Armies will be 1500 points drawn from one Codex only. Also only Codex options may be used.

Hopefully you can get behind it and we can raise some money for the Cancer Society.

Monday, December 3, 2018

40K - NZ Masters' Lists

You can see the 2018 Masters' lists here

1500 points - No Forgeworld

11th Annual NZ Masters Results

The 11th Annual NZ Masters were played over the weekend in Khandallah, Wellington.


Six rounds, 1500 points with mix of missions.


  1. Ben Clarke (Imperium): 5-1-0 (11 bonus)
  2. Sean Sullivan (Aeldari): 5-0-1 (12 bonus)
  3. Dave Hodgetts (ImperiaL Knights): 4-0-2 (12 bonus)
  4. Glen Burfield (Craftworld Eldar): 3-2-1 (14 bonus)
  5. Haydn Korach (Ynnari): 3-1-2 (14 bonus)
  6. Sam Whitt (Chaos Daemons): 3-1-2 (6 bonus)
  7. Scott Paterson (Tau): 3-0-3 (12 bonus)
  8. Aidan Corlett (Tyranids): 2-2-2 (11 bonus)
  9. Courtney Thomas (Thousand Sons): 2-1-3 (9 bonus)
  10. Simon Smith (Imperial Knights): 2-0-4 (15 bonus)
  11. Shane Rongonui (Craftworld Eldar): 2-0-4 (10 bonus)
  12. Ryan Pike (Ynnari): 2-0-4 (9 bonus)
  13. Jordan Green (Nurgle Chaos): 2-0-4 (8 bonus)
  14. Michael Price (Tau): 0-0-6 (4 bonus)
Well done to Ben for going through undefeated. He played all of the Top 6 bar Dave Hodgetts.


Five rounds, 85(?) Points
  1. Lee Reygate: 33 Points (5 wins)
  2. Kim Styles: 28 Points (3 wins) - beat Simon HtH
  3. Simon Mc Beth: 28 Points (3 wins)
  4. Sofia Chambers: 16 Points (2 wins)
  5. Jon Carryer: 16 points (1 win)
  6. Rob Shirley: 15 points (1 win)
  7. Glen Horsman: 14 points (1 win) - beat Kevin HtH
  8. Kevin King: 14 points (1 win)
Thanks to Russell Briant for running the FoW event. All the players had a good time from the feedback I received.

The 12th NZ Masters will be held in the same venue on the first weekend of December 2019.