Saturday, September 10, 2016

The End of The Warhammer Forum

I was browsing The Warhammer Forum the other day and my eyes were drawn to an Admin message headed "Closed to New Members" which said:

"As the majority of traffic new sign-ups here are spammers we have closed the board to all new members.

The general feeling among the admins and mods that still care is that TWF has had it's day and nothing on here cannot be found anywhere else."

That sounds pretty much a death knell to me. When the mods/admin have lost interest it can't be good.

Over the years TWF as been a bastion of Fantasy gaming. It was very much the place to go for rules questions and acted as the main discussion board for the ETC. with the splintering of the community it was replaced more and more by other avenues.

I guess we'll see a slow decline from here until it becomes an echo chamber.


  1. Same thing over at, tumbleweed so blow through the ruins of a once bustling community.

  2. Druchii as well? - I just saw the Warhammer Forum notice myself too - major forums fading left and right; Warseer going down being another big site too; whichever your thoughts on the site - it was a stalwart through the years.