Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekly Hobby Update

Been a reasonably busy hobby week over the past seven days.

I got in a couple of games - one versus Empire of Dust, the other versus Undead - with the Ratkin. As noted in earlier post, I got the chance to try out the new Control scenario which was an extremely positive experience.

Finished the 3D printed tower which is now ready to base. Once done I'll choose my next piece to print.

Started Multibasing the Goblins but also have built the bases for my next two Herd units. I have Gargoyles and Giant Eagles to base and will look to get those done prior to the weekend.

Downloaded my copy of KoW Historical and had a quick glance. Love the toolbox aspect of the standard list and how that forms the basis for other lists. Not so keen on some of the themed lists - both Roman and Chinese try to cover too broad a period - but because of the toolbox you can build an alternative.

Finally, bought my first Games Workshop game - "Gorechosen" the Khorne Pitfighting game. I can see this being a useful filler game on tournament weekends.


  1. I'd be interested in your thoughts about an EIR list. I've just about finished painting the figures for an army and I'm not sure on what units to multi-base them as.

    1. The EIR list should be a backbone of straight Legionarii which is Heavy Warriors with Pilum and Iron Resolve. I'd be inclined to base them as Hordes (but for flexibility leave a couple as Regiments that you can combine into Horde).

      True EIR will have about 50% of those units. Mounted should be Cavalry and Light Cavalry. 10-20% as Auxilia (Warriors), with potential for 1-3 Small Bolt Throwers

    2. Thanks! Fortunately that's mostly what I've painted up. About 100 legionaries with about 60 auxiliary archers, spearmen and cavalry. I'm keen to multi-base them but, like the pigs, I've got some concerns about the commitment!

  2. I kinda wish I had a Roman army instead of the Japanese one I'm in the process of doing :(