Wednesday, June 27, 2018

40K - 1750 Point Dark Eldar

I am playing at The Long War - Dropsite on 7th July and thought I would post my list. It is Dark Eldar and as yet untested but hopefully it will get a run on the weekend.

TLW-D is 1750 points and limited to two Detachments.

Kabal of the Black Heart Battalion
Archon - Blaster, Huskblade, Relic - Writ of Living Muse, Trait - Labyrinthine Cunning [Warlord]
Archon – Blaster, Venom Blade
5 Kabalite Warriors - Blaster
5 Kabalite Warriors - Blaster
5 Kabalite Warriors - Blaster
7 Mandrakes
Ravager- 3 Disintegrators
Ravager- 3 Disintegrators
Ravager- 3 Disintegrators
Razorwing Jetfighter – 2 Dark Lances, Twin Splinter Rifle
Raider – Dark Lance
Venom – Twin Splinter Cannon
Venom – Twin Splinter Cannon
Prophets of Flesh Coven Battalion
Urien Rakarth
Haemonculus - Electrocorrosive Whip, Hex Rifle
6 Wracks
5 Wracks
5 Wracks
7 Grotesques

Interested in any comments.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Adepticon 2019

The dates for 2019 Adepticon have been announced and it will be held over 27-31 March at the Renaissance Schaumberg in Chicago.

I've been three times now and I'm going back again next year. It is now easier to get to as Air New Zealand flies Auckland Chicago direct.

This year I spent my time doing painting classes but next year I am looking to play some 40k. There is The Long War Doubles (one day event) and the Adepticon Team Tournament (1.5 days).

If anyone is interested in going or finding out more about it I am happy to answer questions. Jack is coming in from Boston so there may be a chance to get the von Trapp Family to have an outing in the Teams.

Monday, June 11, 2018

40K - Maelstrom 2018 Results

Hagen Kerr ran Maelstrom over the weekend attracting 40 players to CAS Hall in Khandallah.

The event was 1750 points over 5 rounds and was won by the current NZ Masters Champion, Dave Hodgetts (Who knew three Riptides was a thing? 😉).

Best Presented:
  1. Glen Burfield
  2. Liam Miskelly
Best Sport:  Simon Smith

Best General: Dave Hodgetts

The results have been uploaded into the FOB NZ Rankings where it qualified as a max. score event (40+ participants).

The next Wellington based event is The Long War: Dropsite on July7.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Best Photobomb Ever!!!

Today's MIT News can be found here

Click through the photos for a great antipodean photobomb!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

FOB NZGT - A Hobby Event (What That Means)

Since I posted indicative scoring on the Maelstrom lists, I've received some enquiries about what sort of lists would score well for the FOB Theme/Selection criteria.

In the first instance, I think it is that I am trying to achieve with the event. Fields of Blood NZGT has from the beginning been billed as a hobby event.There are plenty of "Highest Battle Scores = Winner", indeed I pioneered them in the NZ 40k community with the NZ Masters starting in 2008. Before then pretty much all NZ events had a significant hobby proportion - including list selection.

So when I said FoB NZGT was "Bringing the Hobby Back", I meant it would be different from the current "norm".

 The Type of Pitfight I'm Looking For

The idea for FOB is to play cool games on great tables with fair armies. I don't want people being tabled Turn 2 by the latest internet beatstick so I am trying to incentivise/encourage more balanced armies than the current tournament norm.

My aim is to have people turn up and have six tightly contested games....

The two key criteria here are Theme and Balance and they go hand in hand. The armies that score well at FOB will be "in Theme" and they will be balanced. Some things that will score you well:

  1. Single Book selection - dragging things from multiple books generally is done for efficiency rather than theme e.g. a CP battery to power a beatstick
  2. Selection reflects theme. Read your codex e.g. if you are Ulthwe then I want to see Guardians, Warlock Conclave, not Reapers and Spears. Same with Alaiaoc - Rangers, Autarch, War Walkers not just Eldar with +1 to Hit. This works for every codex....Hivefleet is not just a trait etc
  3. Leadership options - I'm going to give anything overly invested in HQs a second glance. I don't think Mortarion comes out to solve a dispute over lunch money.
  4. Combined arms...Not just Characters, Troop Tax and Heavy Support for example. If you have a variety of Force Org slots then great.
  5. Lack of Cliches - same relics, choosing a Army Trait so you can access a certain stratagem - Vect has stopped taking recruits for Kabal of the Black Heart
The limit on Detachments will help this somewhat. The players are the additional step.

You will be incentivised for following the above. And conversely, you don't have to but then don't moan if your score is at the lower end. I calculated that the difference between top and bottom of range is just over a "win". It is a risky strategy in a field of 64. So are you feeling "lucky"?😀

And no I am not going to put out a mathematical rubric. Books aren't even and any system can be gamed. 

So when you put your list together, rather than three Riptides you might want greater variety.

Maelstrom Lists - Putting Them Thru The FOB Lens

Maelstrom is on this week and the lists have been released. You can find them here

There are a few difference between MaElstrom and Fields of Blood NZ Grand Tournament. Firstly, no Forgeworld and secondly, only two Detachments.

Reviewing the lists I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting the worse but got something nearer to this:

I scored them for Theme (how they fit in my view of the 40k world) and in List Selection. If you took a List that spammed the best stuff then you weren't going to do well.

Score was effectively 0-10 and the average was 6.24 out of the 42 lists. This was slightly generous as I was scoring effectively 2-10 because I was in a slightly happy mood just having departed on holiday.

The scores ranged from 3 (some people just can't help themselves 😀) to 10 on the "Pete" scale. The difference between the top score and the bottom score would equate to a "win" at Fields of Blood so there is an incentive to rein in your bloodlust if you want to win other than "Bloodthirster" for Best Gameplay score.

But that's what a hobby event is all about!

  # High Low Average
Astra Militarum 3 5 4 4.33
Chaos Daemons 3 9 6 8.00
Dark Eldar 4 8 5 5.75
Death Guard 4 10 4 6.50
Deathwatch 3 10 6 8.67
Eldar 5 6 4 4.80
Tau 4 10 5 8.00
Tyranids 6 6 4 5.17
Above is the breakdown for those races that had 3 or more lists. It covers 32/40 of the lists. It gives you an "idea" of how things will be scored at FOB....but it is only a guide. In this instance it is one set of eyes and I have only been through the lists twice. Expect a more thorough interrogation at FOB with stronger focus on external and internal balance.

It's not science....but it is magic!

I'm Back!!

So the last two months have been busy...really busy.

Work has been crazy busy with me taking over the responsibilities for assurance and governance as well as risk. Of course they didn't fill my role but, hey, that's what stale, male and pale is good for...getting shit done!

We've also get work done on the house....started in December, 6 week job....finished yet? No.

Fields of Blood NZ Grand Tournament coming up in September and I've been building terrain for the event. Still have lots to do but I'll get there.

So something had to give and that was the blog.

But, no worries....

I have three weeks leave. Currently in Boston for Jack's graduation. So lot's of downtime to post.