Wednesday, September 26, 2018

40K - The Last NZGT Table

And I got one more table finished ahead of the weekend. This one pulls together a series of terrain pieces I've had partly finished.

It is built around an Imperial Palace constructed using the Citifight kits. This is supplemented by pieces put together from the 3rd Ed Box Set Gothic Ruins, a Forgeworld Tank Factory and a cathedral from Puppets Wars.

The complementary battlemat is from Frontline Gaming (City 1).

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

40K - Fields of Blood NZGT - Another Table

Into the home stretch re the FOB NZGT - it is on this weekend - and another table for the event is finished.

This one is an Imperial City in the final stages of destruction. The buildings are all the original Cityfight buildings on a battlemat.

Unfortunately I'm now running out of time to produce more tables. Ideally, I'd like to have three of four more done but there is insufficient time. In the end I will have 10 high quality tables with promises for the balance. I'm pretty sure that it will be the best looking 40k event that's been held in New Zealand and will make sure that I have the camera on hand to capture the action.

Friday, September 14, 2018

40k - Fields of Blood NZ Grand Tournament Trophies

Yesterday afternoon I picked up the trophies for the 2018 FOB NZGT.

One of the things the event has always done is invest in high quality trophies for the winners of the various categories at the event. This year continues that investment. For the major trophy winners, there are A4 sized plaques featuring metal plates on high quality wooden backgrounds. The plaques can be wall mounted or can sit on a table in either your hobby space (or more likely your living room wall!)

Only two weeks away now.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

40K - ETC 2019, Novi-Sad Serbia - Expressions of Interest

Posting this to see whether there is anybody interested in being part of a New Zealand Warhammer 40k team to the ETC in 2019.

Next year it is being held in Novi-Sad (about an hour north of Belgrade) in Serbia.

The ETC is the world's biggest teams competition and it is contested between nations. Teams are comprised of 8 players, of which 4 must be from the country under whose flag they compete. that means to enter a team we must have four players either domiciled in New Zealand or who have NZ passport.

Novi-Sad ETC 2014 - Warhammer Fantasy

New Zealand has sent teams to the ETC before, however involvement has been limited to initially WHFB and now more lately, The Ninth Age and Flames of War.

I am interested in putting together a team to participate in the 2019 Warhammer 40k competition. In doing this I would like to assume the role of Non-Playing Captain. I captained and played in the 2014 WHFB team and I believe it is far better to separate playing from captaining.

So do you have any interest? The event occurs the first week of August and with travel, acclimatisation etc it requires at least 10 days out of New Zealand. It will also cost you approx $3000 for travel, accommodation, food and drink - Serbia is quite cheap to holiday.

The other thing to be aware of is regarding expectations. It is no good going thinking we are going to win. We won't. We'll do well to make the Top 20. What we can do is go, participate and be a great opponent. We can also form a base from which future teams can build. What you will get is a fantastic experience where you can participate in a worldwide event and meet and play against gamers from around the world.

So if you want to be a pioneer for NZ Warhammer 40k have a think about whether you'd like to be involved.

Drop me a line on if you'd like to be involved.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

40K - Fields of Blood NZ Grand Tournament Lists

Just over a fortnight until the FoB NZGT here in Wellington and players have submitted their lists.

I have received 61 of the 62 lists. These have been checked and can be found here

It is 1750 points, limited to two Detachments.

Battle makes up 40% of this hobby event while there is a selection score of up to 10%.

This 10% score can be termed "Crimes Against Pete" or "Whiskers on Kittens" depending on your point of view.

Monday, September 3, 2018

40k: The Long War "Massacre" - Results

The third of the Warlords' The Long War events was held on the weekend.

This was a three round 1750 point event that used the missions for the upcoming Fields of Blood NZ Grand Tournament.

Here are the results:

Rank Player Army Total Battle Sports
1 Ryan Stuart Tyranids 57 42 15
2 Sean Sullivan Dark Eldar 55 40 15
3 Scott Paterson Tau 54 39 15
4 Dave Hodgetts Imperium 50 35 15
5 Hagen Kerr Sister of Battle 46 31 15
6 Sam Nightingale Imperium 45 30 15
7 Alastair Helm Tau 40 25 15
7 Bruce Manning Chaos Space Marines 40 25 15
9 Michael Price Tau 39 24 15
10 Jordan Green Death Guard 37 22 15
11 Paul Knieriem Deathwatch 36 21 15
12 Simon Smith Adeptus Mechanicus 29 14 15

Best Sport - Paul Knieriem

Best Army - Bruce Manning

Congrats to Ryan on his victory. This was a stunning turnaround from the second TLW event where he finished 12th out of 12.

It was great for me as I got to try out missions from FOB NZGT and iron out any quirks.

The final event of The Long War series will be held at the Warlords on 20 October.