Friday, April 19, 2013

Hobby Time!!

Been a bit quiet on the blog front this week but have been powering away on the hobby front.

Finished tidying up the Orc army I bought at Easter. It now has new Sarissa movement trays all in keeping with the models' basing. Surplus to requirements were 15 last edition Boar Boyz and they have headed north to a new home. The Orcs are a great fit with Jack's Night Goblin Horde and together provide about 5000 points of painted Greenskins.

I been putting together models recently arrived from the USA. A box of Skullcrushers, a Flaming Chariot of Tzeentch, an Exalted Chariot of Slaanesh, a Gorebeast Chariot are now assembled and waiting in line for paint. The first off the rank will be the Slaanesh chariot which I've started painting together with a baby Slaanesh chariot and a Hellflayer.

In between time I have been painting old metal "Big Hand" Horrors. I finished 24 last night and I am now basing them allong with the existing ones I had. When they are all done I'll have 55 of the little rascals. Hopefully get some pics up this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, I've got two games arranged. My regular Saturday game vs. Mike and on Sunday morning I'm playing Ryan Lister's Vampire Counts.I'll likely give some arrangement of Daemons a run.

I'm also patiently waiting for Runefang VI Umpire, Peter Williamson to release the lists for next week's event. Runefang has attracted 28 players and my calculations suggest 14 different races. Unfortunately it looks like there could be four Dwarf armies present, as well as Sam's Chaos Dwarfs. You got to give it to them, they are gluttons for punishment....or too stupid to know better.


  1. 28 is a solid turn out – be interesting to see the mix. Imagine if you were unlucky enough to play 4 dwarves in a weekend… painful..

    1. Yup, gotta hate those freekin Dwarf players. At leat mine move 4"......or at all.

  2. I did give it serious thought about bringing my dwarfs to runefang, but to my horror I realised I didn't own a second organ gun :(

    So that put an end to bringing dwarfs for the moment. Therefore I am bringing the Daemons for a run instead :)

    1. I've got a third organ if you ever want to use Hugh it, I'll even paint it up for you!

  3. 4 Dwarf armies!... so many games to be ruined... ;)

  4. I'm just guessing but I'm thinking

    Dwarfs 4
    Lizards 4
    Warriors 3
    Skaven 3
    Vampires 2
    Ogres 2
    Daemons 2
    Beastmen 2
    Dark Elves 1
    High Elves 1
    Wood Elves 1
    Chaos Dwarfs 1
    Orcs & Goblins 1
    Empire 1

    That's my guess - however one Lizard could be an Orc

    So missing Brets and TKs

  5. I love the big hand pink horrors I got about 15 of them and about 30 of the blue horrors. My favourite of all the horrors.

  6. Lookin' forward to wreckin' some weekend. I've got 5 war machines, but having seen a few lists I wish I hadn't restrained myself to only 2 spellbreakers and one unit of Quarrellers.

    The host of Karak Hobi Khil is on the march.

  7. Pete, regarding your hobby throughput, you're a machine. I'm still painting the 22 High Elves I started in Feb. How do you do so much so fast to such a high standard?

    Seriously, I need to know, I don't want to take another 3 years to finish an army.