Sunday, April 7, 2013

Listen to the Portents

I should have known it was going to be a difficult day for Skaven when I got up and found a dead rat just outside the bedroom door. Nurgle the Cat, in a surgical strike, had killed it with a bite to the thorax and brought it inside as a warning. His brother Spike had helped by chewing off the rat's right ear.

Down to the club and I played Hugh Dixon's Daemons of Chaos. First turn magic phase everything largely okay but then the niggles started.

The Doomrocket fell short and the Warplightning Cannon failed to wound.

Roll on my second Magic Phase and rolling three dice, Seerlord Morskitta miscasts and suddenly finds himself bewildered with no more magic awareness than a lowly engineer (lost 3 levels). It's still okay as rats are doing what rats do and raising two claws to all the haters out there.

Third turn magic phase and I roll three dice for the Screaming Bell:


Now if you have never seen what happens when you roll APOCALYPTIC DOOM for your Bell round then, bless your whiskers, you have missed one of life's great tragedies.

The Bell itself is destroyed and all models within 4D6" (in this case 16") take a Strength 4 hit with no armour save.

Cue 2/3rds of every Skaven unit evaporating.....

It's not nice and I know you all share my pain.

A lot of these "accidents" have been happening lately and the Seerlord has instituted an inquisition inquiry into what is happening.


  1. I cried a little when I read this post.

  2. A Skaven court of inquiry? Less about the retired judge and ministeral terms of reference, more about the vivisection and paranoid mass-torture of the innocent I'd imagine....

    It's never nice to have key models blow themselves up on a dice roll; it's why I can't bring myself to use the Anvil of Doom outside of a friendly game. At least you got the pleasing mental image of an almighty explosion followed by a rising mushroom cloud spreading over the battlefield, as it rains debris and body parts.

    1. The reason you can't is because you are a Dwarf player

  3. If I wanted reduced risk, I'd have played 7th Ed Daemons or Skaven. The whole 'Skaven are random and risky' is a myth.

    Bell blows up, 1 in 216 chance, Seer lives (1 S4 hit). Lots of dead rats, but no points lost (from the blast, subsequent turns might be nasty though)

    Anvil blows up, 1 in 36 chance, Runelord dies. Anti-magic gone, General dead, normally 470+ VPs lost.

    Skaven have a lot of random, but the tables don't seem that punishing.

    1. Bell blows up - 2/3rds of core disappears = very nasty.

      You would be proud of the SCGT lists Tane - 4 Dwarfs, 14 Runes of Spellbreaking = Win :-)

    2. Agreed, very nasty. As was my Anvil blowing up, leaving my Lord and Hammerers exposed to double Mournfangs. That misfire cost me 1,164 VPs.

      The SCGT Dwarf lists, I like it. I'd like to know if there are any Spelleaters in there too.

      I asked Peter if I could take double Runesmiths to Runefang, with 5 Spellbreakers between them. I'd take 6, but you can't double up on identical configurations. Shame, it means I'll be exposed to one magic phase with only my +2DD to comfort me. I don't like that degree of risk.

    3. Personally (and I'm betting I am speaking for most gamers)I'd be happy if Peter put the 3 Dwarf and the Chaos Dwarf in their own pool and the first day they had their own round robin. The rest of us could play Warhammer. On Day 2 when you are all on 30 points you could venture out into the main field

    4. Sorry that reads harsher than it should......sorry Tane.

      Just Dwarf always

  4. That's all right, I find it hard to be witty without being cutting on the interwebs too.

    And as usual, I'm responding to your baiting.... I'm glad I'm not a trout.