Monday, April 22, 2013

Lizards & Vamps 2 - Daemons 0

Had two games over the weekend and both ended in heavy defeat for my Daemons of Chaos.

Mike (Runefang Lizards) and I played Meeting Engagement and both my GUO and Nurgle Herald arrived late to the party. Perhaps the GUO should have stayed away altogether as he was dead by the top of Turn 3, being Baneheaded by a Banishment. I had a chance to get Mike's Slaan late on and got him down to two wounds but weight of magic was telling in the end.

Against Ryan (Runefang Vamps), we played Watchtower. Ryan passed up putting a unit in but smart use of Van Hels put his big skeleton block in the tower. I then started to whittle it down with Herald-led Plaguebearers (despite the unwelcome attention of some zombies) and stopped it re-growing. The Beasts cleaned out the Varghiests. The key combat though was Vamp Lord on the GUO. I have +2 to WS, Str, A and Init, ASF but was Soulblighted. Through Red Fury and OTS Ryan killed the GUO in one round and although I struck at same time I was unable to wound him back. Ryan pulled the knight bus back but game ended Turn 4 denying me the opportunity to continue the Tower assault.

So two really fun games. I'm still liking the list a lot and feel that with more practise I'll be able to grind out some wins.


  1. Pete - I'm glad you spell the verb practise with an "ise" at the end. Not many people do. It pleases me.

  2. um....Pete you know you can only garrison a building in the movement phase right? Says so in the rulebook. tut tut

  3. Van Hel's, VC Book, page 60:

    "...if target unit is unengaged, it can immediately make a move of up to 8" in the same way as a normal move made in the Remaining Moves sub-phase."

    Remaining moves is in the movement phase. You can enter a building in the remaining moves sub phase as long as you are not marching, therefore you can enter a building with van hels danse macarbe.

  4. See Mal, it's like this. GW have produced all these books called "The Rules" and here in Wellington we view it as a bit rude not to use them.

    I'm not sure what you do down South in the privacy of your own home.....and I don't want to know.

    We'll stick with playing Warhammer

    1. Ah ha! I thought it was him...that cheeky token darkie.