Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pink Horror Standard Bearer Wanted

I'm after one of these little blighters.

If anyone has one that they wish to part with I am a keen purchaser.

Friday, September 27, 2013

NZTC Update

Okay, time for an update on the NZ Teams Championship.

Sixteen teams are registered and paid up which means the event is now closed at capacity. People can still contact me at if they would like to be involved. Firstly, real life always intervenes and it would be nice to have a group of players to sub into teams who suddenly find themselves short. Secondly, there is an opportunity for people to held with the running of the event. The Umpire Peter Williamson will be very busy and can certainly use some on-floor help, data entry etc. Again if you'd like to help out on either or both of the days, I'd love to hear from you.

The Comp system will be the Fields of Blood Lite Comp which you can see the latest iteration of by clicking the button at the top of the blog. This is a living document and is updated as new books come out. For the purposes of NZTC this will be the version as of 31 January 2014. Also only new books up released up until that date will be used (effectively January 2014 GW release). If a new book is released in February, the existing book and comp will be used.

This is shaping up to be the marquee event of 2014. We have two and a half teams coming in from Australia as well as the majority of regular NZ tournament goers.

I can't wait!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Skitterleap Update

Skitterleap is just a month away and the numbers are building nicely.

Currently there are 20 registered and paid up with five more indicating they are going to come. I sent out emails to people today reminding them that the event is on. Should I have inadvertently missed you, please drop me a line at and I'll get the Players Pack. It is shaping nicely as the biggest Warhammer Fantasy event to be held in Wellington this year and is a great way to finish the 2013 tournament season.

Again we will have to weather an influx from the North as a group from The League Of Extraordinary Nerdymen venture South. Known for their love of painting, all things hobby - oh and Karl Franz plus two Steam Tanks - this will be the third time this year that these scruffy northerners have despoiled our lush and fertile lands. I really appreciate the support these guys (and all the locals) give to the Fields of Blood events.

Remember your army must be fully painted and based (at least to a tabletop standard). You must also have movement trays for your units. The "controversial" Fields of Blood Painting Checklist is downloadable from this site and will be used at the event. Umpire Sam Whitt will talk through the mark that he is awarding your army.

So if you are thinking about coming along then let me know and hopefully we can finish the season with a great turnout for what I am sure will be a great event.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Even More Heresy Love

I love Forgeworld. In my wildest dreams I couldn't have expected them to do the Horus Heresy any better than they are currently doing it and with Volume 2: Massacre about to be released they keep releasing great models.

First up are the Ashen Circle. These are a Word Bearers unit that work alongside the Legion's Destroyers. In this case though the target is culture and beliefs.

These guys are brilliant models full of character and menace.

And now the biggies for me. I have been waiting for these models for so long and their release means that my next army is definitely set, if it was ever in doubt.

The first Noise Marines, Emperor's Children Kakophoni. The genesis of these guys was detailed in "Fulgrim" and now we see them in resin.

Their release indicates that "Massacre" will also include at least some new units for the four armies featured in "Betrayal".

October White Dwarf - Dark Elf Pictures

The first pictures of the new Dark Elves have emerged. These are from the pages of next month's White Dwarf and are very low quality/resolution. However they give a taste of what we are in for. And you can colour me impressed.

Games Workshop certainly look like they have produced a winner. The Dark Elves have always had great models but these new ones look like they set the bar even higher again.

The Shrine and Cauldron are fantastic models but for me the stars are the new Sisters and the Dreadspears. The only miss is the slightly goofy looking Hydra but the new Mierce model will fill that void.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

FOB NZ Warhammer 40k Rankings - Updated for Lords of War

Last weekend Lords of War was held in Wellington, hosted by the Wellington Warlords and umpired by Carson Turnbull.

The event attracted 20 people and was won by Thomas Max using Tau. In fact, three of the Top 4 were fighting for the Greater Good.

Results have been uploaded to the rankings.

FOB NZ Fantasy Rankings - Updated for Guardcon

The Fantasy Rankings have been updated for Guardcon and it has seen this year's winner (and ETC new boy) Rory Finnemore leaping into Masters contention.

Second Place Antony Kitson re-enters the Top 20 and 3rd Place James Cardno edges higher in the rankings.

By my reckoning there are still two more events this year, both being held at Labour Weekend. First we have Conquest in Christchurch being umpired by Damon Quaid and second, Skitterleap here in Wellington umpired by Sam Whitt.

Skitterleap has 18 people paid up already with another 4 registered but still to pay. There is further interest so I would expect at least 25 to hit the tables.

Eight of the current Top 20 ranked players will be there and at least three of these need to place 1st or 2nd to elbow their way into automatic Masters spots. Should be great finale to the 2013 tournament season

Dark Elves Confirmed For October

Games Workshop confirmed release in one of their teaser videos. Pre-orders go up this Saturday so expect leaked WD pics any time soon.

Monday, September 23, 2013

FOB NZ Rankings - Updated for Warhammer 40k

Guardcon has been run and won. This year the victor was NZ ATC Captain Nikola Jaksic, capping off a very good month for him.

The results have been included in the Rankings and Nikola has catapulted into the Top 10.

Weekend Gaming Lesson - Never Assume

Yesterday I had a game against Ryan Lister's Warriors of Chaos. Taking a break from the Skaven I've been using recently I gave the Daemons a trot out in a battle for the Chaos Wastes.

Early in the game I distracted Ryan's Daemon Prince and had him/her/it battle with some of my more "chaffy" units while I worked on his centre. By Turn 5 the Daemon Prince had feasted on all these and turned to enter the fray in the centre.

I turned my Plaguebearer block to face the Prince. Earlier in the battle I had lost my Champ and so the only character was my Nurgle Herald BSB. No problem, I thought.

Actually, big problem. Unlike the rest of the WoC characters the Daemon Prince doesn't have Eye of the Gods (or whatever it is called) and so doesn't have to challenge. I thought my BSB could safely retreat to the back rank but that wasn't to be. He eventually last 3 rounds of combat but was killed yielding Ryan his points.

So dear readers, a lesson to you all. Never assume. Those Warriors are tricksey buggers.

New Legion Tactical Squad Ready to Go

Yesterday I put together a new Legion Tactical Squad for my Death Guard Heresy-era army. This is my second Troop choice and is set up in the same configuration - Bolters and Sergeant with Fist and Pistol - as the first one.

Here they are ready for spraying - mould lines cleaned, resin washed, pinned - with just the Sergeant's bolt pistol to be drilled.

Whereas my first squad was mix of Crusade and Iron Armour, this is all Mark III.

Now have the following:

2x 10 man Legion Tactical Squads (one to be painted)
2x Contemptor Dreads - Multi-melta and Claw
Praetor - Terminator Armour with Plasma and Scythe
5 man Deathshroud
2x Apothecary (both being painted)

Now looking to add a Mk II or Phobus Land Raider then I'll total up points.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Moments Before Death Captured In Ferrus Manus's Eyes

And it just keeps getting better from Forgeworld. This time it is the Loyalist lackey, Ferrus Manus, the first Primarch known to have died at the hands of another. This release captures him moments before his demise at the hands of The Phoenician.

Here are some stills of the model.

It is an awesome model from Forgeworld and demonstrates once again why model-wise, 30k and the Horus Heresy is the best game in town.

"RUINATION" Confirmed For January

I'm happy to confirm that Fields of Blood will be running a new event in January......and boy is this an event with a difference.

The event will be for 4000 Point armies.....yes you read that right 4000 points.

Here are the headline details:

  • 4000 point forces
  • No Grand Army - that means only two of the same Rare choice, three of the same Special etc
  • No Allies
  • No Comp but there will be an Umpire's Veto
  • 8' x 4' tables
  • 5 Rounds - three Saturday, two Sunday
  • Scenarios - Blood & Glory x2, Battleline x2, Dawn Attack x1
The date for this extravaganza will be January 18 & 19 at Cashmere Avenue School in Khandallah.

Armies must be painted but as I have most armies I am happy to supply 1500-2500 points of painted forces to those that don't have the requisite figures. In some cases I can provide a full 4000 point force.

So get planning now. As far as I'm aware this points size is unique for Warhammer in New Zealand. If you've ever wanted that opportunity to try Warhammer on a truly massive scale this is it. The focus of the event is clearly aimed at fun.

Watch out for the Players Pack which will be out in the next 10 days.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dwarf Machinations

A few weeks ago Tane posted on what needs to be down to the Dwarf book. I was listening to Pointhammered today and they had two suggestions that bear consideration:

1. Give Dwarfs Hatred - they are grumpy buggers and the re-roll to hit with a single attack wouldn't br game-breaking but would give them a combat boost.

2. Let them march after Swift Reform and let them Force March (3x movement) outside 8" of enemy

I think that these changes would address a number of the probs in the book, letting them participate in movement phase and increasing damage output.

I know, I must be bored when I start talking about Dwarfs.

Horus Heresy Characters Just Keep Getting Better

Forgeworld have released a video from the Designer of the two new Word Bearer models. Rather than the Primarch Lorgar these are the real architects of the Heresy, Erebus and Kor Phaeron.

These models are truly fantastic and I'd struggle to pick one over the other. Both really capture the insidious nature of these two characters.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mail Goodies!!!

I love walking out to the mailbox and finding a parcel addressed to me. I especially like it when it is from Forgeworld. With my Contemptors finished I was down to three models - a Praetor and two Apothecaries - so new supplies needed.

So here I have a new Legion Tactical Squad which will satisfy my Troop requirements. After this my next purchase will be a Landraider for my Deathshroud.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Painting Checklist - The Reality

Lots of good discussion re the painting checklist

Here for me is the reality. If you want full painting points you don't need to be a master painter, you can choose to check just the following boxes:

This gets full points. 

For each point you miss full marks by you lose 0.71 Tournament Points. Each Battle Point is worth 0.6 Tournament Points. Therefore if you got only 30 out of 35 for painting you would need to make up 6 Battle Points.

In the lead up to the event you could spend an hour a night and get the extra 5 Painting Points e.g. Flock and and paint movement trays (2 points), make a Display Base (1 point) [and you can carry your models on it] - it doesn't have to be elaborate, apply a wash or highlight to parts of your models (2 points).

And you're there.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Painting Checklist

This is the painting checklist referred to in the Skitterleap Players' Pack.

Sam Whitt, the Umpire will be using this to grade painting. As you can see it is possible to get up to 45 points. However only 35 points is required to get a full painting score.

If you sit down with your army then you should be able to objectively determine your own score by marking it against the sheet. Realistically you should be able to get within one or two points.

I'd suggest using it as a checklist when planning your army for the event if you want to maximise your painting score.

When Sam comes to mark your army you should be able to have a discussion with him pointing to the various factors.

FOB NZ Rankings - Warhammer Fantasy Updated For Warpfire

The FOB NZ Warhammer Fantasy Rankings have been updated to include yesterday's Warpfire event.

And this inclusion has seen the winner, Peter Williamson surge into the Top 10.

Joel van de Ven-Long and Hamish Gordon are other members of the Top 20 to improve their rankings.

On the Icons front Glen Burfield grabs the Vampire icon while Hugh Dixon gets the High Elf one.

The next event is Guardcon next weekend where I believe James Brown is the only player in the Top 20 competing.

Warpfire 2013 Results

Warpfire, a 1000 point one day event was held in New Zealand yesterday. Umpired by Locky Reid it attracted 26 gamers. Unfortunately one withdrew the night before the event so 24 started.

We used Adepticon 2013 scenarios and they met with approval as something different by those that competed. The illness of one player during the event meant that 23 finished (and I got to play the last two rounds as the gumby).

Here are the results:

Congratulations to Peter Williamson for taking out event with another list that flew below the radar. He went 5-0 while both Tom Dunn and Hamish Gordon went 4-1.

It was nice to see two new (or returning) players at the event.

First Overall: Peter Williamson (Bretonnians)
Second Overall: Tom Dunn (Daemons of Chaos)
Third Overall: Glen Burfield (Vampire Counts)

Best Sport: Sam Whitt

Best Presented: Lincoln Hely (Ogre Kingdoms)

A big thanks to all that participated and to Locky Reid for umpiring.

Friday, September 13, 2013

ETC 2014 Team New Zealand Announced

After a record number of applications and considerable deliberations by the Selection Panel, I am pleased to announce Team New Zealand for ETC 2014.

We received sixteen applications in total. Two of these were withdrawn once the dates of the event became known leaving fourteen people vying for 8 places. The Selection Panel of Chris Wilcox (Team NZ 2013 Captain), Mal Patel and myself then began the difficult task of whittling them down. There were a number of criteria that we looked at. Obviously playing ability and experience are a prime consideration however race coverage and also the availability for team interaction were also important.

As we settled on the team the task became more difficult as there was little to choose in playing ability between the candidates. In the end race coverage and specific race experience was a deciding factor.

So the team that we have settled on is:

  • Pete Dunn (C)
  • Dan Butler
  • Rory Finnemore
  • David Grant
  • Tim Joss
  • David Meachen
  • Mal Patel
  • Thomas van Roekel
This gives us a team made up of five NZ residents and three people offshore. The team has six people with previous ETC experience. All are "graduates" of the NZ domestic tournament Warhammer scene. This is a testimony to how much it has grown over the past 5-6 years.

I am also pleased to announce that James Milner and Henry Poor have been appointed coaches and will be accompanying the team to ETC 2014. Jack Dunn has volunteered (as much as any son can) to work on providing match up software for the team.

I would like to thank Chris and Mal for their efforts in this selection process (and especially Chris for his efforts with the team since its inception).

Finally I would like the thank the unsuccessful applicants for the grace and mature way that they accepted the decision. They were contacted prior to this team announcement and while disappointed each has offered to help the team in any way possible. That is the sort of maturity and strength of purpose that makes me confident that this selection and future NZ ETC teams are well grounded.

Winning is Fun! - The Top 5 Lists at Warpfire

It appears that at least some people missed reading the bit about Warpfire being a fun event - or at least defined fun as winning. They are some true shockers at the event and the odd diamond in the rough.

Here's my pick on likely Top 5 placegetters at Warpfire.

5. Hamish Gordon (Empire)

By far the most egregious list here. The lack of podium finish so far kinda irks Hamish and so when he picked up the Players Pack and saw the word "fun" he misread it as "1+ Armour Save". This list will be played the "Kapiti Way" - pushed straight forward and attempt to bludgeon the opponent. If it works then it equals "Teh Skillorz", if not "My opponent's list was broken". Just joking Hamish. Happy Birthday.

4. Joel van de Ven-Long (Empire)

He wanted to do a Hamish but has just a bit too much self-respect. Hence inclusion of his halberdiers. Joel has been "Mr. Disappointment" 2009-13 but I'm not going to give up on him now. Surely this is your time....again.

3. Stuart Robinson (Warriors of Chaos)

But not a Warrior in sight. I said someone would lack the self-respect to do it - I had numerous candidates - but it is Stuart that has proved me right. Not content with the toughest book in the game, he felt the need to include a Special Character to circumvent the Core tax the rest of us have to pay. Bad Stuart.

2. Wil Hoverd (Ogres)

There is a way to have a fun ogre list at 1000 points - check out mine for instance - and then there is Wil's way. Combat potenial? Check. Magic? Check. Shooting? Check. After people play Wil I expect hugs when they see my list.

1. Tom Dunn

You never saw it coming. But you will remember it. A diamond amongst the rough. Makes me proud.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Warpfire Lists Released

Locky has released the lists for the 1000 point Warpfire event this weekend.

You can download them here

Earlybird Registration for Skitterleap Closes Saturday

Just a reminder Skitterleap registration is at the Earlybird Rate of $40 up to Saturday September 15.

After that it reverts to the full entry cost of $50.

Get in now and save some cash.

The Players Pack is here

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ETC 2014 Team New Zealand Update

Applications for the 2014 ETC Team New Zealand closed last night.

I am happy to report that there were 15 applicants, which was reduced to 13 once the dates were announced as mid-August.

Of those 13 people:

  • 6 have previous ETC experience
  • 8 are currently domiciled in NZ
  • 9 are ranked in the Top 25 in NZ
  • 11 have played at NZ Masters (or will in 2013)
  • 2 Masters Winners (well three if you count me this year)
Looking at the applicants, there is a good spread of available armies.

The applications are now with the Selection Panel and I'm very confident that we will get a strong team that does NZ proud. Unfortunately 13 people into 8 positions means that some will have to miss out and I'm sure there will be some disappointment. 

The intention is to finalise selection as soon as practicable so people are left hanging.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Warpfire Ogres

Here is my list for Warpfire. Ogres. No magic, no shooting.

Tyrant - General, Great Weapon, Glittering Scales

5 Ironguts - Standard, Musician, Lookout Gnoblar, Standard of Discipline

3x 2 Mournfang - Heavy Armour, Ironfist, Bellower

2x 1 Sabretusk

I could have included an Ironblaster but that struck me as a bit "taking it too serious". So I'm going to line up and run at you with my 14 models.

Holy Fat Tummy, Batman!

Monday, September 9, 2013

FOB NZ Rankings Updated for Tauranga and Invercargill

The rankings have been updated for both systems following the Tauranga Open (WHFB) and Invercargill Invasion (40k).

Tauranga was won by Ross Hillier-Jones who borrowed back Ol' Yella from Jeff Kent for one last run (or is it). This has pushed him up to 2nd in the rankings with the opportunity to be 1st once Guardcon 2012 drops out. Rory Finnemore demonstrated just how unbroken Skaven are by picking up an Empire list and catapulting into 2nd [I guess we can class the Equinox Experiment "Busted"] and Sam Whitt's Tuck and Cut She-Male Slaaneshi Princess continued his bridesmaid run.

After they contested the event on Twitter, Sam Whitt was the best of the Kiwihammer boys and I look forward to the new layers of comp they suggest the game needs going forward. All I can say is that with SCGT comp at Dandies I'd Like to Forget (DILF) Con in November, I would expect things to radically change. Neuter some races while giving others free rein suggests we shouldn't expect the unexpected.

The next event is this week's Warpfire where Walls of 1+ Saves face Cores of Vomiting Trolls.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Final Call For ETC 2014 Team New Zealand Applicants

Applicants Will Close on 10th September at 23:59PM NZT

The initial application blurb can be found here

The additional information concerns availability for different locations/venues. There are three bids:

 Athens, Greece – 8th-10th August

Novi-Sad, Serbia – 15th-17th August or 22nd-24th August

Salamanca, Spain – 15th-17th August

The final details will be known in a fortnight but I am keen to know if any of those locations/dates would preclude potential applicants.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dark Elves Out Oct/Nov

Heads up from Warpmaster who saw this on a Facebook page:

NEW RUMORS for Warhammer Fantasy! My "source" has sent me pictures of the new Dark Elf release. The Dark Elves will be out in October with a slew of new models:

1) NEW Plastic Dark Elf Warrior Box(Makes Spearmen, swordsmen, & crossbowmen)
2) NEW PLastic Dark Riders/Warlocks
3) NEW Plastic Blackguard/Executioners
4) NEW Plastic Coldone Chariot/Scroungerunner(Pulled by horses)
5) NEW Plastic Cauldron of Blood/Blood Throne(This model is AMAZING)
6) NEW Plastic Hydra/Kraken 
7) NEW Plastic Witch Elf box

I suspect it might be November as October was meant to be Mystery Box. But either way this is great news

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vermintide 2013

The Wellington Warlords and Masterton Marauders are pleased to announce the 5th Vermintide to be held on Saturday November 16th.

Growing on the success of last year's event, this tournament is a collaboration between the two clubs with the intention to further grow Warhammer Fantasy in the region. Aimed at both the experienced and the novice, there is something here for everyone.

The Players Pack can be downloaded here

Control of the event is Packmaster Neil Williamson

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

NZTC - Community Chest & Forbidden Lore

One idea that I've been considering for NZTC is including "Community Chest" and "Forbidden Lore".

These concepts came up in a discussion re Team Comp for the ETC on The Warhammer Forum. The Europeans immediately through their hands up in the air and said they were ill-suited for serious Warhammer but I do think that they have legs for the NZTC. James Millington reminded me about them again today so I thought I would float the ideas for the NZTC and seek comment.

Community Chest

Each team of four can only have one of each Common Magic Item - except for the Dispel Scroll where you may have two.

Dwarves may only have one of each Rune and only one of Spelleater & Spell Breaker.

Forbidden Lore

Each team of four may only have one Level 3 or 4 with each Battle Magic Lore.

Each team of four may only have one Level 1 or 2 with each Battle Magic Lore

So this means only one Charmed Shield in your team, only one Dragonhelm etc. It also means across your team you can only have one Level 3/4 Light and one Level 1/2 Light Wizard.

What do people think?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Know Your Enemy!

My Skaven Army Will Destroy You!

Daemonic Beast of Nurgle Unleashing Power of the Warp

ETC Selection Process

Once the bids are in - September 5 - we will have venues and potential dates. 

At that time I will ask for nominations to be in by the 13th September. 

Each candidate will be asked whether their selection is predicated on a certain date or location. 

At present I have 13 candidates plus I am aware that three or four more may also be interested in putting their name forward. 

Once we have a final field of candidates Chris, Mal and myself will then go through the process of formulating the team. I would hope that we can have a team of 8 finalised within a 7-10 day period. 

This will mean the team can be announced late September and initial team discussions begin.

Pete Lite Comp - Should the Beast Be Shackled?

Around the world grumbles are being heard about the rapidly replicating Beast of Nurgle. They are becoming a staple in most Daemon armies.

We are now six months into the Daemon book and it is possibly worth having a discussion.

I am considering the following constraint in PLC (2400 points):

Unless the Daemon of Chaos army is entirely marked Nurgle, Beasts of Nurgle are limited to a maximum of eight (8) models.

To me this isn't particularly heavy comp but knocks out the more extreme builds unless you limit yourself to a Nurgle-only force.



Following on from discussion in comments perhaps the better restriction is:

"If Epidemius is in your list Beasts of Nurgle are restricted to a maximum of six (6)"

Tauranga Open This Weekend

This weekend the Tauranga Open will be contested in, not surprisingly, Tauranga.

The event has grown over the past few years and this year has attracted a field of 20 participants from around the North Island. A lot of people are viewing the event as an opportunity to post their ranking as they make a run for the Masters in December. Jeff Kent, John Willenbruch, Paul Dalton and grizzled veteran Ant Kitson are all outside qualifying spots so will be doing their darnedest to secure the 80 points on offer. UK Netlisters James Brown and Ross Hillier-Jones as well as tournament whore Sam Whitt will be doing their best to stop them.

Here is a list of participants:

Blair Garratt Empires
Antony Kitson Ogres
Jeffrey Kent O & G
James Brown Lizards
John Willenbruch Vampire
Andy Hudson Ogres
Colin Philbrick Bretonians
Damien McFettridge High Elves
William McBurney Lizards
Marlin Fisher Wood Elves
Paul Dalton Tomb Kings
Stefan Hastings Dwarves
Ross Hillier-Jones Warriors
Sam Campbell Daemons
Fern Campbell O & G
Sam Whitt Warriors
Rory Finnemore Empires
Henry Poor O & G
Logan Harris Ogres
Kelly Gragg Warriors

Special shout out to Nerdyman Rory. Let's hope he finds his mojo!


So after the disaster that was Saturday's Apocalyptic Doom I got the Daemons out for a game against Wil Hoverd's Ogres yesterday. Fatties vs. Fatties.

Wil had Slaughtermaster, Stubborn BSS, Firebelly and Butcher, two Gutblocks, three Mournfang pairs, two tusks, three Maneaters and an Ironblaster. We played B&G with both of us having Fortitude of 5.

I was a little worried re his Ironblaster but my Skullcannon got it first turn. I think Wil was a little surprised with how aggressive I was with the DoC as I pushed it up in his grill Turn 1. The game then centred on two combats. Wil charged my Plaguebearers with 2x2 Mournfang and began a grind. He also charged his SM/BSB guts into my Beast block. I managed to survive the initial impact and hold him up until my Drones hit the flank.

Tub thumping then started in earnest. My Skullcannon charged in to help the depleted Plaguebearers and eventually - with Herald plus 5 bearers left - I destroyed one unit of Mournfang and the others fled and were caught. Over four rounds of combat I wore down the Gutblock and when a space in the front rank opened up in went Big Poppa Pump. He killed the BSB and when the unit broke - the gut standard died - I broke Wil's Fortitude. The last 2-3 turns were mopping up. Wil got both units of Horrors and the Skullcannon with his Maneaters while I Purple Sunned his other guts.

At the end Wil had a Mournfang left while I had lost a unit of Furies, two blocks of Horrors, a lone Beast and the Skullcannon. On paper it was a big win but the result belied how hard fought the battle was.

After the game we had a chat about our own mistakes and where we thought the other could have taken better options. In my case I stuffed up my challenge selection while for Wil we agreed his deployment should have been modified slightly for better effect.

Enjoyable game versus a great opponent.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Death Guard Contemptor Dreadnaught

The Death Guard are known for their love of walkers. And so when building my Heresy army it was important that I recognised this in my composition. Therefore I have two Contemptor Dreadnaughts in the list and here are some pictures of the first one.

Thanks to Charlie for working me through the oil wash. The model is based on a Dark Arts base.

Once the Oil Wash was finished, I went to work with some weathering powders which gave the model the rust effects and the muddy feet.

Like the majority of Heresy-era Death Guard dreads, this model is outfitted with PowerFist/Claw and Multi-melta.

I'm really happy with how it has come out. Fits in perfectly with my other HH units and reflects the plates in the Betrayal book.

Warpfire - Regos Close This Week, List Due 5th Sept

Warpfire is fast approaching. Here is a list of registrations so far:

Pete Dunn
Tom Dunn
James Millington
Rex Foote
Hugh Dixon
Alistair Allen
Jeff Kent
Mike King
Tane Woodley
Neil Williamson
Wil Hoverd
John Murrie
Sam Whitt
Joel van de Ven-Long
Peter Williamson
Ryan Lister
Stuart Robinson
Hamish Gordon
Leon Colman
Adam Richards
John Tailby
Hagen Kerr
Glen Burfield
Simon Switzer
Lincoln Hely
Caleb Rouse

That is 26 participants. We'll still take registrations but they will need to be admitted in pairs so as to ensure even numbers.

Lists are due with Locky by 5th September. If they arrive late then they will incur a 5% tournament penalty - No Exceptions! So get them in early and sleep easy.

I'm Not Paranoid But.....

So for the third time in 2013 my Screaming Bell suffered Apocalyptic Doom. This is when you pick up your dice at the start of the magic phase and for no good reason roll 6...6...6

The result looks something like this:

It is particularly nasty when you determine the radius of the blast and roll 18 on 4D6. It is even worse when you are facing Lizardmen who prior to the explosion had four or five units of Skinks.

This is what the Earth looked liked prior to when a skink or small furry mammal looked into the sky 65 million years ago and said "Oh, shiney.....oh fu..."

At the end of the turn when the dust settled there were less than 20 models left on the table.

Now I want to know why....

2009 - Nil

2010 - Nil

2011 - Nil

2012 - Nil

2013 - Three (in the first 8 months)

Obviously there is a problem in Seerlord Morskitta's happy horde.