Friday, February 26, 2016

Plastic Horus Heresy As Standalone

There are a few rumours flying around that the plastic HH models in the Calth game are to be released as standalones.

This makes a lot of sense. They have the sprues already and so repackaging as a new offer would bring the dollars in.

The interesting thing is where would they price a Tactical Legion Squad? The Tactical Marines are in Mark IV armour. A unit of ten will set you back GBP48 from Forgeworld. I'd expected the plastics to be in the order of GBP25-30. At that price point there is quite a nice saving vs. the resin option - and I'll bet they will sell bucket loads. However I'm not so sure that they will be good value for us Antipodeans.

A FW ten man squad costs GBP48 plus 12.5% making a total of NZD111. However applying the Deathwatch coefficient to a GBP30 price for 10 plastics would give a NZRRP of $99. A 40k Tactical Space Marine Squad is $75 so I expect that $99 isn't out of the realms of possibility. I expect a price between $85-100.

If it's towards the top end of that range, I'll be likely staying full resin but I'd consider plastic if they were fully compatible and around the $75 price point. What would be interesting would be if GW took the opportunity to price the TLS to drive Horus Heresy sales given they are trying to create a new "third line". I don't think it will happen but it certainly would be an interesting marketing move. Unfortunately I think they are firmly in cash grab mode and therefore $100 isn't out of the question.


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Deathwatch...Is GW now forming Shark Pyramids?

Okay, I hate pricing rants....."either buy or not buy, there is no rant".

But sometimes it is interesting as an observer to see the train wreck unfold.

GW are releasing their new Deathwatch game accompanied by what are some pretty impressive miniatures. I got into 40k after the Genestealer Cult had been and gone but remember seeing a local gamer Shane Rongonui"s army. As a TO I used to make dispensations so he could field it in events 10-15 years ago. The new release is a board game with models for a Deathwatch Kill Team and their insidious opponents.

GW have set the price at GBP 100, USD 165, AUD 280 and NZD 330. Let's take that NZD price and convert it into the other currencies:

  • GBP 158
  • USD 220
  • AUD 305

So NZD gamers are paying an enormous premium for GW's corporate tax policies. In this casewe pay approximately 160% of UK price, 133% of the US price and 108% of the AUD price.

If I was looking to purchase this game and didn't need it immediately - and let's be frank, who does? - then I would be going to one of the bulk sellers in the UK like Element Games or Firestorm Games....The Google will give you their website details. They will give you 20% off dropping the price to GBP 80 (or NZD 167 in real rather than GW world).

Of course GW has stopped them from sending to you direct so....again using The Google....go to NZ Post's Youshop site. Here you can sign up for a free address at their depot in the UK and UK sellers will happily send the product. You then pay NZ Post's low international post rates to your home in NZ.

And all done on this crazy new invention called the Internet that GW doesn't seem to think its customers can use. It takes 5 minutes and you can do it from home in your underpants!

I feel for the local retailers that have to try and sell GW products at these prices. However you wonder whether in the long run it is worth their while. Any sort of informed consumer is going to balk at paying such a ludicrous markup. Therefore you customer base is the ignorant or the independently wealthy (Venn diagram says Timmy's Mum). I'd be very interested to see what would happen if independents in Oz and NZ just stopped selling GW until they received a pricing parcel that provided more global parity. I guess this would only happen when local consumers act less like battered wives.

Monday, February 22, 2016

My Foray Into 40k Hobby

Interesting. I think I've become one of GW's mythical collectors that none of us know.

Over the past few weeks I've been watching quite a few hobby videos on YouTube, most of them aimed at painting 40k models. These are generally airbrush tutorials, but not exclusively so. They have really enthused me to start painting the bare metal/plastic 40k models I have downstairs in the Dunn-geon.

So out have come the 40k Iron Warriors and I'm currently building them, ready to paint.

But the really interesting thing is that I have absolutely no interest in playing 40k - just in finishing the army!

The reason for this may be a diminished attention span but really it is the perception that the game is a complete dog's breakfast.

A lot of this seems to be driven by the introduction of complication for no discernible purpose. Notice I don't say complexity. None of the added material is necessarily complex, rather just veneers of added rules. The last two 40k competitions I've viewed - Call to Arms and Maelstrom had people nose deep in their rule books trying to decipher some unnecessarily elaborate rule.

The second thing that sticks out is the introduction of allies into the mix. This "unbound" nature has created forces that have no semblance of a reasonable basis - Tau armies with allied Space Marines, an Imperial Knight and maybe an assassin or Inquistor. I'm sure you can tell me a story how they all got together but in my eyes "Cool Story Bro, it doesn't look like an army". Maelstrom last year looked like "Bring Your Imperial Knight to School" day.

The final thing is the power creep introduced by GW's release schedule. So you've had two Tau releases (and one on the way) since the last Chaos Space Marines. Because GW has to sell models these releases have to see some sort of power creep as by their own admission GW gave up any thoughts of balancing their games at least as long ago as 2013. This was evidenced in WHFB with the release of Doomfire Warlocks, the Host of the Eternity King and no FAQs in the last 30 months of the game. They followed this with Age of Sigmar where you just "bring your collections" because balanced points are so last decade. Roll on Q4 when GW throws out any

I'm sure some TO will tell me I'm wrong and the game is great and I should give it a chance. However just like I know I wouldn't enjoy being subjected to prison rape although I haven't experienced it , I don't have to play 40k to know I wouldn't enjoy it.

Thanks made me into a Collector!

Dice Etiquette

Particularly in tournaments, dice etiquette is very important. It is one of the key things that can lead to charges of bad sportsmanship but is one of the easiest things to ensure you get right.

Below is a list of things that I've picked up over the past decade or so of playing tournament games:

1. Always say what you are rolling for first - pretty self explanatory but absolutely vital. Rolling a dice and then saying "Oh that was for my ward save/lascannon etc is guaranteed to rile your opponent. The easiest thing is to be open with what rolls are for before you roll.

2. Always roll your dice where you opponent has a clear view of the results - regardless of which game you are playing, it is a social contract. You owe it to your opponent that they can see the outcome of any role. I don't want the uncertainty of dice rolls behind terrain etc.

3. Be consistent - nobody likes an opponent who is inconsistent in their application - taking any benefit but rejecting any negatives. Therefore it is important to establish any conventions you use upfront - and then consistently apply them. For instance, if I roll too many dice I will pick them all up and re-roll them regardless of the result. Whereas if I roll too few then I will pick up the extra required dice and roll them. Similarly, establish a convention for "cocked dice". I reroll any die that is not "flat on the green". That means it needs to be on the table flat - not on terrain, not on a movement tray, not on a book, piece of paper, cards or army list. The key is to be totally consistent in the application of that convention.

4. Pick up "Misses/Fails", leaving "Hits" - there is a reason for leaves no uncertainty. If you pick up hits then there is the chance of mistakes whereas if you leave hits and remove misses, that uncertainty is removed. I always leave the resultant hits and ask my opponent "Looks Good?" Before I move on.

5. Symbols on one face only - with the rise of customised - or "club" dice - there is an opportunity for confusion if the markings are not consistent. Using Skaven dice with symbols on the "6" for some whereas they are on the "1" for others is sure to rile your opponent. Stick to symbols on a single face to ensure there is no confusion.

6. Dice Use - the default is that you bring and use your own dice. You should never touch your opponent's dice without their permission. This is just general politeness.

7. "Special " Dice - wargamers are a superstitious lot - as well as being strange. One gamer at our club used to identify non-performing dice, then line up his other dice to watch as he smashed the non-performers with a hammer. I have a set of "Strawberry" Chessex dice and I swear that they roll unbelievably well or unbelievably badly - never consistently average. They are just too "scary" to use.

8. Opponent's Rights - sometimes dice may get on a "hot" run. In a tournament situation your opponent always has the right to ask to ask to either use the same dice as you or that you use a different set of dice. As a tournament organiser I never want to get to the stage whether table dice are required but that means that players must be willing to accommodate opponents when asked.

9. "Hot" Dice - it goes without saying that if you suspect that a certain set of dice or an individual dice roll consistently well then you should definitely not use them. Dice are a vehicle to introduce chance into a game and if you suspect that your dice are skewed to a particular set of outcomes then it is clearly unacceptable to use them. This is particularly true in a game like KoW where it is always desirable to roll high.

So it general boils down to three key planks - consistency, openness and fairness. Most issues can be resolved by discussion or by both players using the same dice if there is any suspicion of dice being skewed.

From a TO's POV the last thing he wants with his event is controversy and once a player has aspersions raised around their dice etiquette it can haunt them for a long time. To this end the best solution when playing any wargame is to be both flexible and accommodating.


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hobbying Away

Given I was spending the day umpiring WSS on Saturday, I thought I should spend the time wisely. So I took down some hobby to do. Just as well as I think I may have been asked two questions over the course of the day.

The first thing I did was put together an Iron Warriors Legion Dreadnaught. Interesting though, looking on Army Builder they don't seem to have Dreadnaughts any more - rather something called a Hellbrute...bloody kids!

Worked away through the morning, removing the resin and filing the surfaces. There wasn't much flash but the usual Forgeworld mold lines. I had two right arms for it - twin linked auto cannon and twin linked lascannon. Not sure which will see more use but nice to have a choice. For the left arm I had the siege assault arm with the drill bit on it. Seems in keeping with the Iron Warriors' role as assault specialists.

You can see what a GW fanboy I am with my Citadel tools. Anyway it all went together easy.
In the afternoon I pulled out my Obliterators. These are the old metal ones from 3rd Ed and - seriously - they must be the worse ever kit to put together. Fiddly and metal, each of the arms is made up of the main limb and 5-6 add ons. These all need to be pinned as they are heavy and super glue did a poor job holding things together.
Still all done now....and something I never have to do again! Three sets done for a full Obliterator unit.
I also managed to talk the local bitz magpie to open his warehouse of bitz and provide me with the backpacks and ccw I wanted to finish the IW. This was a major coup as I don't believe anybody has ever prised a GW model component from his taloned claw!

Bare Metal 1980s/early 1990s Skaven and Ratmen Models

One of our locals had a box of bare metal never painted Skaven/Ratmen models on the club bring and buy table yesterday.

There is a real mix of figures there - primarily from the days of 3rd Edition WHFB. Included are a couple of Rat Ogres, Warpfire Teams, Marauders, Plague Monks, Pack Masters and clan rats.

Keen for them to go to a good home and hopefully round out holes in someone's collection. Preference is to sell them as a group but will look at job lots - as I said really want them to go to someone who'll use them.

Happy to provide any higher res pics.

Just drop me an email at

Warlords Super Series - Summer

The first of the Warlords Super Series was held yesterday at the Warlords venue in Khandallah.
The event attracted 8 gamers - which was a bit disappointing but there were competing priorities for others on the day.
At the end of the day - and after 16 games - to the victors the spoils.
Jayden won all four of his games and beat the 2nd, 3rd and 4th placegetters. Higgins lost his first game but game through the field to be runner up.
Luke Forrest - in his first event - was Best Sport and Greg Greenfield's Twilight Kin won Best Presented Army.
The four tables they competed over are shown below:
Thanks to all players for attending the event and a big thanks to the Warlords for running this series designed to build the local KoW community.

Masterton Kings of War Event

Neil Williamson is running a Kings of War event on the 16/17 April in Masterton.

The event is a five round event for 2000 point armies using the Rulebook scenarios.  You can download the Players Pack from the Event Calendar above.

This is the next event in this region however remember NatCon is on in Dunedin at Easter

Friday, February 19, 2016

NZTC On Hold For 2016

Last week I asked for commitments from teams for the NZTC scheduled for June. I booked the Khandallah Town Hall (for the third year in a row) but the economics of this require attendance of 14-16 teams. In 2015 I had a number of teams pull out after committing as well as individual players. As I explained last week this creates a lot of extra work for a Tournament Organiser and creates financial problems.

There had been some interest from Australia where two-three people had indicated that they might have formed teams to attend. Given the expense both financially and in time for these teams, I did not want to signal that the event would go ahead only to later disappoint them. Therefore I sought firm commitments from locals before I confirm the event was definite.

Over the week since I asked for team commitments I got five replies flagging the involvement of six teams. Unfortunately this level of participation is insufficient to consider staging the event. I'm obviously disappointed with this as I consider the NZTC as one of the highlights of the NZ gaming year. Hopefully we'll see sufficient interest next year to consider hosting the event.

In part this is not an entirely unexpected outcome. The NZ Fantasy scene has become increasingly fragmented over the past 24 months. This started with 8th Edition "End Times", was followed by GW's attempted euthanasia of WHFB and its replacement by Age of Sigmar. This has been followed by the local community looking at other games - Kings of War and 9th Age - continuance of WHFB or forsaking fantasy gaming all together.

With KOW this currently appears to be played mainly in the Wellington region and Auckland but it is fair to say it hasn't secured the playing numbers seen in WHFB two years ago. I'm hopeful that over time the community will grow as I personally enjoy the game and think it offers a lot in a tournament format. Good numbers were seen for Runefang but numbers for Battlecry in Auckland and WSS Summer here in Wellington were less than envisaged.

So overall disappointing in the short term but I didn't want to compromise what I see as a marquee event.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Next Level Painting Blog/YouTube Channel

One of my favourite sites on the web is the Next Level Painting YouTube channel.

This site is run by Kenny Bouchier a professional commission painter who paints primarily 40k. Kenny is part of "The Long War" team that recently had a Kickstarter programme for their site which features a podcast, YouTube battle reports as well as the Next Level Painting content.

The Next Level contributions are video tutorials on hobby painting. They cover general tips as well as full model painting walkthroughs. Recent tutorials have focused on weathering techniques for army painting.

The delivery is an acquired taste. Kenny speaks as though he is shooting a wrestling promo so everything is "Yo Dawg", "Gangsta", Beast etc. After awhile you get used to it and I now find the whole delivery rather cute. But the key thing to draw you to the site is the content and here Kenny excels. Good filming, great sound quality and production values as well as excellent graphics.

All the material is free - with some delay for non-supporters - but I generally learn something every show. Kenny is not tied to any one manufacturer so uses the best product for the job. I'm currently learning a lot about the use of GW Technical Paints and have gained exposure to a new series of washes.

Well worth checking out - it has inspired me to get the Iron Warriors finished.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Warlords Super Series "Summer" - Lists

The first of the WSS, "Summer" is on this weekend in Wellington.

After Runefang I was very optimistic regarding numbers for this event but unfortunately it has only attracted eight participants. Not sure why such a low turnout - especially given the one day nature of the event. I had expected to get 20-25 but that hasn't transpired.

The lists for the participants at the event can be downloaded here

We have:
  • Dwarfs x2
  • Elves
  • Basileans
  • Undead
  • Abyssal Dwarfs (with Undead Ally)
  • Kingdoms of Men
  • Twilight Kin
Interestingly all the lists are existing pre-Uncharted Empires armies.

I'm looking forward to the event and will post pictures and results on Sunday.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Games Workshop's Output

Games Workshop has its problems - and from my viewpoint they are currently legion - but one thing they can not be faulted on is their weight of output.

The sheer volume of models that they have brought to market in the past 12-18 months is, again in my view, staggering. From an outsider's stance they really seem to be doubling down - more numerous product releases and inevitable price rises/creep - in trying to kickstart their revenue. That there is no evidence in their financials would suggest alarms might be raised - but that is not the point of this missive.

What I want to focus on here is the number of releases for 40k and AoS which make it a good time to be a modeller. In 40k, in short order we've had Marines, Tau, Skitarii, Mechanicus, some Daemons and now we are getting Orks and more Tau. The Design Studio is really cranking the models out at the moment. Coupled with this has been the AoS releases for Stormcasts, Chaos and Dwarfs and the release of the Horus Heresy plastics.

While you might not agree with all the aesthetics and you might balk at the prices the productivity of their sculptors is impressive.

Monday, February 15, 2016

KOW Showcase - #4 Todd Warren's Zombies

Local reader Dan Street sent me some pictures of a very effective looking Zombie Horde he found on the net.

The Zombie Horde was constructed by Todd Warren and shows how you can tell a very effective story on a diorama base. The scenario will be very familiar to anybody who's watched "The Walking Dead" or similar.

The Zombies bursting thru the rotten fence convey the overwhelming nature of the Zombie Horde.

Great work Todd (and thanks Dan)


Weekend Update

Hobby wise this weekend was largely non-eventful. No building, no painting, no nothing really. The only thing that happened was that the lists for "Summer" the first of the Warlords Super Series came in. This event is on this Saturday and, annoyingly, it has attracted an odd number of participants. If there is anybody who can help me out by evening up the field it would be greatly appreciated.

The news on the Tomb Kings got me thinking about my army and sent me straight to eBay (probably not what GW intended). After meandering around I started looking at Forge World and Black Library items before purchasing the new 30k Army List Summary Book. As noted last week I have some FW Horus Heresy to paint - a Death Guard Vindicator, Emperor's Children and a Heresy Landspeeder (probably EC).

While down in the Dunn-geon I found a box with a lot of my Iron Warriors in it. There're were three painted rhinos and I know there is at least one Dreadnaught as well as multiple infantry squads, Havocs and Obliterators (the 3rd/4th Ed metal ones). While I do not have the least desire to play the current 40k edition (and I don't own an Imperial Knight) I do have a strange calling to paint some Chaos Space Marines so I may try some airbrushing on them over the next few weeks.

Speaking of 40k, apparently there is a rumour floating around that GW is going to drop points and instead you play with formations. This sounds familiar....What could go wrong?

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tomb Kings "Squatted"

And so the cull has begun.

GW this week announced their latest faction book for Age of Sigmar - "Death" - and there was no mention of the team from Khemri.

This got tongues wagging and a number of enquiries to GW. Doing the rounds on Twitter was a copy of an email from GW indicating that they were moving TKs to the "Last Chance to Buy" section of their website - this is where models go to die - and you better buy while you still can.

If this is indeed true and not just a temporary measure while they re-package into a more easily trademarked form then it is a sad day.

Tomb Kings were my first Fantasy army. I bought a partly painted full army from Charles Black in 2003. He had won the figures as part of a GT price when they were released in 2002. I remember taking possession of it in Melbourne in August 2003 when attending the Games Workshop Melbourne Grand Tournament. This was the first time I used my Emperor's Children and signalled the start of six GW GT wins over the next two years. What a different company GW was then when it cared about its community.

Over the years I finished painting my TKs and in 2006 I used a dip on them which turned out really well. Units have been added as new releases were made - Sphinxes, Snakes etc - and a couple of years ago I picked up 20+ metal Tomb Guard at Adepticon. The last units I added was three units of Skeleton Horse Archers. And the whole army had its bases tarted up last year. So they've been with me since the beginning.

So let this be a heads up that the models may be about to disappear and if so this is the chance to snap up any gaps you have - preferably second hand so as not to reward the Evil Empire!.

I'm after Ushabti - both the originals and bows - if anyone has them. I suspect that both KoW Empire of Dust and 9th Age TK replacement players will be after then (I know a local who has a fully painted TK army he is looking to sell complete btw).

And finally GW, remember:

when you kill the Tomb King, you suffer the Curse!

Friday, February 12, 2016

KOW Showcase - #3 David Grieg's Ogres

The third in this series is from another local, Auckland gamer David Grieg.

Rather than posting photos, this is a slideshow via Youtube.

David has used the Mantic Ogre models for his army and used diorama basing throughout. The final effect is one very nice army.

Thanks to David for providing the link.

Keen to get any further pictures/links for other armies that demonstrate what you can do with KoW.

NZ Team Championships - Commitment of Interest

The 4th Annual NZ Team Championships are scheduled for June 18/19 at Khandallah Town Hall in Wellington. The past three years have been great Warhammer Fantasy events but this year it will be a Kings of War event.

NZTC is not a cheap event to run and has a number of logistical hurdles - being NZ's single largest gaming tournament. It requires an even of teams for a start and if a single person drops out then it impacts 7 others.

What I require now is a firm commitment from teams that they intend to participate. For me that means a Team Captain has firm commitments from three other people that they will play (barring death or debilitating illness). Last year I had a team drop in the week before (requiring another team to drop out) and a player cry off the night before which meant I had to find another player or seven people's weekends would have been impacted. That is not an easy task.

On top of this I have interest from at least two Australian teams to attend the event. Before they go and purchase airfares and accommodation I want to be able to commit to them that I have at least 10 local teams participating.

The headline details for the event are:
  • Teams of Four
  • 2000 point armies
  • No duplication of races in the same team of four
  • No Allies
  • Each Magical Artefact may only be taken once by each team of four e.g. each team may only have one Caterpillar Potion, one set of Ensorcelled Armour etc
  • Rulebook Missions
  • Scoring W/D/L and recorded VPs
So if you are keen to participate please let me know by email by February 19. At that point I'll make a call as to whether the declared level of interest means I can confirm the event. If individual players are keen to play but have no team let me know at the same email and I'll run a KOW-Tinder service

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stone Walls Completed

The walls I purchased from Mighty Ape last week have now been finished. These are Warlord Games walls sourced from Italian company Italaeri.



I followed a fairly standard approach to getting them table ready. Primed black, then sprayed Charred Stone. I then drybrushed Mechanicum Grey, Dawnstone and Administratum Grey before washing with Agrax Earthshade.

Strips of 3mm hardboard were cut and I used Liquid Nails to glue the walls down. A coat of PVA was sprinkled with Army Painter sand and a watered down PVA coat to seal. This was painted with Resene Creole before dry brushing with Tallarn Sand and Karak Stone.

From there static grass, some grass tufts and finally a sprinkling of clump foliage.....and done!

I purchased two boxes of the walls and this gives me over 100" of walls for my tables. A warning in that the fit between pieces is not the best and you have to clean up mold lines. I wasn't too happy with them initially but the final drybrush and wash followed by the vegetation made them look a lot better.

So for future events I have around 18-20 feet of obstacles....Caterpillar that!!!


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

KOW Showcase - #2 Chris Walsh's Forces of Nature

A European reader of the blog has sent me some photos of a phenomenal KOW army from the UK. I understand it is the work of a gentleman named Chris Walsh and it graced the tables of the U.K. Clash of Kings in 2015.

What a beautiful army and it really captures the potential that KOW has to showcase great figures.

There is the Ultraforge Treewoman of course but there are a lot of figures I don't realise. Who makes the stone golems? They seem to have the air of Confrontation about them...very Rackham-esque.

What a talent Chris is!


Kickstarter Progress

Aaaaah....Kickstarter. The place dreams go to die.

Over the past three years I've supported about ten or so Kickstarters. Currently I am waiting for four of them still to deliver. In order from oldest to newest:

1. Creature Caster

The brainchild of Ultraforge creator Jeremy Glen. This one is currently 15 months overdue. And in all likelihood I would think this is a year away from delivering. In reality it has been a train wreck since the moment it was funded. Up to that point Jeremy was an ace promoter geeing up the unwashed to support his creative ambitions. Post funding Jeremy suddenly turned into a snowflake that realised at various points he needed to discover himself. That's all fine except when you've taken $350k+ on the basis that the concepts were developed, a lot of sculpting done and that the project needed less than nine months to deliver.

Unfortunately we discovered Jeremy was a true artiste and couldn't project manager a pissup in a brewery. Production has now started but I am absolutely convinced that packaging and shipping are as yet uncharted icebergs on Jeremy's crowd funded journey.

I'm (with local Peter Wialliamson) in for $325

2. Custom Game Dice

My first Kickstarter fraud. John Warren raised $75k to buy a laser and blanks to produce custom dice. Four months into the KS after a failed website and a few proto dice, John discovered that human gestation is 9 months and his wife who was pregnant gave birth. John then unfortunately contracted a mystery illness that left him unable to work and required him to relocate to a different state with no forwarding address. However the Internet is a small place and some backers tracked him down through his reseller business on Amazon and his business mentoring podcasts. But don't despair, John had found his Saviour so everything was OK.

Recently after six months hiatus John has offered "those who want them refunds" though this is "at some point and as circumstances allow". He has steadfastly ignored requests as to what has happened to the assets he purchased and the shipping costs that haven't been incurred. Indeed 3-5 backers have offered to take the assets off him at cost - no reply.

I don't expect this to ever deliver or refund. I'm in for $37 but are getting my money's worth out of his KS comments section.

3. Mierce Miniatures Monstrous Mounts

Again another one well behind schedule. Mierce use KS to fund pre-orders of upcoming models. I am waiting for a flying monster with rider which is 12+ months beyond scheduled delivery. I've no doubt I'll get the model but have come to the conclusion that in future I'll wait until retail release. The upfront discount does not recompense delays and changing circumstances [since ordering we've had End Times, the death of WHFB and 7 months of AoS].

4. Kraken Mat

I only funded this just before Xmas. The mats are similar to Frontline and and are scheduled for delivery in May, originally April. Local Ryan Lister and I are buying one each. As yet no problems have developed other than the delivery creep which is related to the success of the venture (more stretch goals).

I expect delivery this half year.

Other than that the only other recent funding was for "Winterdale" a KS from a local company [headed by blog reader Matt Barker]. This promised 3D printable files for terrain. The files were delivered on time and I look forward to arranging to get some printed in the near future.

"Summer" - Warlords' KOW Super Series - Last Call

Last call for the first of the Warlord' Super Series for KoW. The one day "Summer" event will be held at the Warlords venue at KPC Hall in Khandallah on 20 February.

The event is open to all (free to Warlords members) and is the first of the four events in 2016. It is 2000 points and four rounds.

Lists are due this weekend.

Love to see as many of you along as possible.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

KOW Showcase - #1 ~ Jayden Howell's Samurai

Over the weekend I asked readers that had taken the plunge into building KOW armies to send me photos so I could showcase one of the real attractions of KOW, the ability to "hobby out". KOW's building block unit structure - Troop/Regiment/Horde/Legion - allows you to build single base dioramas as there is no need to remove individual models.

The first army I'm showcasing is Jayden Howell's Samurai. Jayden plays at the Kapiti club, just north of Wellington, and has attended Vermintide, Kapiti CoK and Runefang. At each he has used his Samurai army, first as Kingdoms of Men and more latterly as Basileans.

The figures are Warlord Games and are later period Samurai (15th-16th Century).

Here are some pictures of his army:

What I like he has embraced the single aspect, in that each block is a standalone piece that tells its own story. This to me is one of the real appeals of Kings of War - especially where you have multi pose figures.

Well done Jayden and thanks for sharing.