Friday, February 26, 2016

Plastic Horus Heresy As Standalone

There are a few rumours flying around that the plastic HH models in the Calth game are to be released as standalones.

This makes a lot of sense. They have the sprues already and so repackaging as a new offer would bring the dollars in.

The interesting thing is where would they price a Tactical Legion Squad? The Tactical Marines are in Mark IV armour. A unit of ten will set you back GBP48 from Forgeworld. I'd expected the plastics to be in the order of GBP25-30. At that price point there is quite a nice saving vs. the resin option - and I'll bet they will sell bucket loads. However I'm not so sure that they will be good value for us Antipodeans.

A FW ten man squad costs GBP48 plus 12.5% making a total of NZD111. However applying the Deathwatch coefficient to a GBP30 price for 10 plastics would give a NZRRP of $99. A 40k Tactical Space Marine Squad is $75 so I expect that $99 isn't out of the realms of possibility. I expect a price between $85-100.

If it's towards the top end of that range, I'll be likely staying full resin but I'd consider plastic if they were fully compatible and around the $75 price point. What would be interesting would be if GW took the opportunity to price the TLS to drive Horus Heresy sales given they are trying to create a new "third line". I don't think it will happen but it certainly would be an interesting marketing move. Unfortunately I think they are firmly in cash grab mode and therefore $100 isn't out of the question.



  1. $115.00 in line with the Age of Sigmar sets of 10 guys I'd be 95% confident.

  2. Don't forget the FW ones have no guns, whereas the plastics do, so you will need to take that into account.
    £24x2 + £12 for a set of 10 guns, +15% shipping is approximately $153NZD.
    The Calth ones also get a heavy weapon, ammo pouches and a veteran sergeant head so some other additional value there.

    1. Yep I did miss the bolters.

      Still a price point around that for a Tactical Squad ($75) shouldn't be unexpected. I think I'd struggle to see $115 as justified.

      We'll see.