Thursday, February 18, 2016

Next Level Painting Blog/YouTube Channel

One of my favourite sites on the web is the Next Level Painting YouTube channel.

This site is run by Kenny Bouchier a professional commission painter who paints primarily 40k. Kenny is part of "The Long War" team that recently had a Kickstarter programme for their site which features a podcast, YouTube battle reports as well as the Next Level Painting content.

The Next Level contributions are video tutorials on hobby painting. They cover general tips as well as full model painting walkthroughs. Recent tutorials have focused on weathering techniques for army painting.

The delivery is an acquired taste. Kenny speaks as though he is shooting a wrestling promo so everything is "Yo Dawg", "Gangsta", Beast etc. After awhile you get used to it and I now find the whole delivery rather cute. But the key thing to draw you to the site is the content and here Kenny excels. Good filming, great sound quality and production values as well as excellent graphics.

All the material is free - with some delay for non-supporters - but I generally learn something every show. Kenny is not tied to any one manufacturer so uses the best product for the job. I'm currently learning a lot about the use of GW Technical Paints and have gained exposure to a new series of washes.

Well worth checking out - it has inspired me to get the Iron Warriors finished.


  1. He's awesome and I really like his channel. I agree at first his delivery threw me off a bit but I like it a lot now, as he's very genuine.

    1. Yep...I'm keen to throw him some cash but I'd rather do a lump sum than monthly stipend