Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stone Walls Completed

The walls I purchased from Mighty Ape last week have now been finished. These are Warlord Games walls sourced from Italian company Italaeri.



I followed a fairly standard approach to getting them table ready. Primed black, then sprayed Charred Stone. I then drybrushed Mechanicum Grey, Dawnstone and Administratum Grey before washing with Agrax Earthshade.

Strips of 3mm hardboard were cut and I used Liquid Nails to glue the walls down. A coat of PVA was sprinkled with Army Painter sand and a watered down PVA coat to seal. This was painted with Resene Creole before dry brushing with Tallarn Sand and Karak Stone.

From there static grass, some grass tufts and finally a sprinkling of clump foliage.....and done!

I purchased two boxes of the walls and this gives me over 100" of walls for my tables. A warning in that the fit between pieces is not the best and you have to clean up mold lines. I wasn't too happy with them initially but the final drybrush and wash followed by the vegetation made them look a lot better.

So for future events I have around 18-20 feet of obstacles....Caterpillar that!!!


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