Friday, February 12, 2016

NZ Team Championships - Commitment of Interest

The 4th Annual NZ Team Championships are scheduled for June 18/19 at Khandallah Town Hall in Wellington. The past three years have been great Warhammer Fantasy events but this year it will be a Kings of War event.

NZTC is not a cheap event to run and has a number of logistical hurdles - being NZ's single largest gaming tournament. It requires an even of teams for a start and if a single person drops out then it impacts 7 others.

What I require now is a firm commitment from teams that they intend to participate. For me that means a Team Captain has firm commitments from three other people that they will play (barring death or debilitating illness). Last year I had a team drop in the week before (requiring another team to drop out) and a player cry off the night before which meant I had to find another player or seven people's weekends would have been impacted. That is not an easy task.

On top of this I have interest from at least two Australian teams to attend the event. Before they go and purchase airfares and accommodation I want to be able to commit to them that I have at least 10 local teams participating.

The headline details for the event are:
  • Teams of Four
  • 2000 point armies
  • No duplication of races in the same team of four
  • No Allies
  • Each Magical Artefact may only be taken once by each team of four e.g. each team may only have one Caterpillar Potion, one set of Ensorcelled Armour etc
  • Rulebook Missions
  • Scoring W/D/L and recorded VPs
So if you are keen to participate please let me know by email by February 19. At that point I'll make a call as to whether the declared level of interest means I can confirm the event. If individual players are keen to play but have no team let me know at the same email and I'll run a KOW-Tinder service

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