Monday, December 5, 2016

New Zealand ETC 2017 Team

I received an email from Dave Meachen today in which he provided the New Zealand 2017 ETC team selected over the weekend.

The team is:

  • David Meachen (Cap)
  • Tom Cochrane
  • Mal Patel
  • Mark Skilton
  • Simon Turner
  • Ben Wadsworth
  • Sam Whitt 
  • Simon Wood

  • Four of the team have been to the ETC before, while six have competed in domestic competitions over the past five or so years.

    All the best to the team! Do us proud and have fun!

    First Look at Traitor Legions

    The first leaks from the new Traitor Legions supplement are up courtesy of VeteranNoob at Dakka. You can check them out here nicely formatted into a Google doc.

    As expected it is a halfway house. Yes, we get our Legions back but just like Xmas you don't get everything you want - e.g. No Legion Termies except 1K Sons.

    This very much follows the latest GW modus operandi - "If we don't have an off the shelf model then its not in the book".

    So I don't get Death Guard specific termies, no power scythes etc and no Emperor's Children Noise Bikers, Termies. My biggest disappointment is the lack of Noise Havoks but I expect that I'll be able to create "counts as" at a pinch.

    Looking forward to picking it up this weekend.

    Friday, December 2, 2016

    The Vagaries of the Postal Service and Living at the Ends of the Earth

    In my email inbox I have a folder called "Expectant Mail" where I put all the shipping confirmation from internet purchases. This lets me keep a handle on what orders are "live" and where there is tracking follow progress across the globe.

    For the last ten days I've been expecting any one of seven outstanding orders to arrive in my mailbox and - nada! It's driving me nuts. You offshore readers don't know how lucky you are to be close to retailers/manufacturers while down here in Paradise we are at the end of a very long logistics process.

    And we aren't even in the Xmas shipping period yet!

    One of these was a pre-order from Games Workshop and it is currently a week late from release day. I should have taken the option to have it delivered to the local store and then I could have picked it up last Friday. Can't help think that the slow service is there to get me to frequent the store. Paranoid, much?

    Still one day in (hopefully) the near future I'm going to open the mailbox and it will be bursting with hobby goodness. I can only hope.

    Thursday, December 1, 2016

    Stairwell to the Dunn-geon

    Last weekend I finally got around to painting the stairwell down to my wargaming room. Previously it had been painted in a cheery lemon colour (urrggghhh) and was beginning to show its age.

    The facing wall is something like 15 feet - so much ladder fun was had balancing on a staircase - which gives a great wall for artwork.

    And I had just the right pieces for it!

    In 2005 I won both the New Zealand (three-Pete) and the Sydney Warhammer 40k Grand Tournaments put on by Games Workshop. The trophies that year were framed prints from John Blanche with boilerplate for the event.

    For the last few years they have been sitting behind the door in my games room but this space was ideal for them.

    The NZGT Overall Champion Trophy

    At that event I won First Overall with my Emperor's Children and finished highest on Battle Points beating Steve Davis's Tau on Table One Round Six. As I remember it came down to a dice roll at the end of the game where a melta weapon rolled "1" to wound. This pushed it from narrow to major victory.

    The Sydney GT First Place Trophy

    Again I used the Emperor's Children and finished First Overall and highest in Battle Points. The win was especially sweet as I overcame the dreaded "Double Torpedo" - zero for Sports and Composition - from one of my opponents who felt it was silly I had a Squad of Noise Marines with Stealth and who got upset when I insisted he couldn't jump units with Daemonic Speed (should've paid the extra points for Daemonic Flight). Ahhh, fun times!


    Monday, November 28, 2016

    Weekend Hobby Update

    The weekend has come and gone and for me it was one of snatched Hobby time where I could.

    On Saturday I picked up a Skaven Blood Bowl team from GW and put them together that afternoon, then primed them.

    You get two identical sprues - 3x Lineman, Blitzer, Thrower and Gutter Runner. No Kicker, no Rat Ogre. I suspect these may be released in the future. I've got a second team on the way as I want to have four Gutter Runners and extra fodder - sorry, linesmen.

    Going through my bits box I found and old Boneripper model which will do well as my Rat Ogre. I painted him up and he should fit in well.

    I need to decide on the basing scheme but I expect I'll go with non-descript sand, grass and tufts.

    Looking forward to working on the team over the next few evenings.


    Saturday, November 26, 2016

    Onwards and Upwards - The Rise and Rise of White Dwarf

    After the five years of non-descript content followed by two years of the weekly WD advertising pamphlet, White Dwarf is back.

    Re-launched in September as a monthly magazine, the "new" White Dwarf is now four issues old. The initial signs were very good but let's say I had a healthy dose of scepticism that the launch level would be maintained.

    Happy to report that I haven't been disappointed. Speaking as someone who plays none of GW's three core games, I still see the magazine as great value. There is enough "hobby" in there for me every month that the magazine solidly fills in 2+ hours of reading time with content that both informs and inspires.

    The painting articles are very good as are the general hobby technique guides. There is full about games I care about (although I don't play) as well as the work of fellow hobbyists.

    The only downside is "Army of the Month". Surely they have run out of Stormcast Eternal armies to show us. There is one positive to that though - no matter how well painted the aesthetics of the Sigmarines (and their silly flightless dragons) confirm to me that Age of Sigmar isn't something that I'm likely to ever investigate. We mis you Old World.

    Friday, November 25, 2016

    The Malevolent Seven

    I've managed to finish my "Gorechosen" models and they are now ready to take to the fighting pits.

    As well as the four that come with the game, I've got the White Dwarf giveaway and the two Age of Sigmar characters that have had rules provided for them.

    It was quite enjoyable painting the Khorne models. I'm not sure I'd want to do a full army but the seven were varied enough and detailed enough to maintain my interest.

    This type of product appeals to me - a standalone game using a limited number of GW figures. I suspect if the number got too big it would be a bit of a chore. For instance the two Horus Heresy games probably have too many figures in them to be painted just as a board game.

    GW have informed me that they have dispatched my Skaven Blood Bowl team and I'm hoping that will arrive shortly. Pretty certain that I can get that painted reasonably quickly - I've had a lot of practice painting Rats.

    That will get me through to the release of "Traitor Legions" which will let me know if I'm going to give 40K another go or whether I crack into the assembled 30K models.


    Wednesday, November 23, 2016

    Fixing "The Great Betrayal"

    Games Workshop have one chance to put right the wrongs that have existed for a decade. The period 2002-2006 were glory days for the "Illuminated" as they had, first, the Index Astartes articles that appeared in White Dwarf and then, second, Codex: Chaos Space Marines v3 (four printings over its life).

    The author of the Codex, Pete Haines "got" Chaos. Over 3rd and 4th Edition, Codex:CSM rivalled Codex:SM in terms of armies. Sure some people could go over the top with the "Turning to" armies - and to a lesser extent Iron Warriors but the actual Traitor Legions themselves brought variety to the Power Armoured/MEQ game.

    In this house we had Death Guard (x2), World Eaters (x2), Word Bearers, Thousand Sons and Emperors Children armies - as well as Iron Warriors that never got finished. I always wanted to do Night Lords but struggled with the bat helms.

    When the 4th Edition Codex hit, all those armies were invalidated with whole parts of each unusable.

    That largely killed 40k me and I went from Plague Lord/Noise Lord to Seer Lord Morskitta.

    So given the door has been opened what do I want to see in "Traitor Legions". It can pretty much be summed up in two words - "Variety" and "Individuality".

    If we accept that summoning Daemons won't be there in the form it was, here's what I'd like for each Legion.


    The die is cast but the early signs are good

    • Rubric Marines
    • Cult Terminators
    • Warp inspired weapons
    • Slow and Purposeful
    • Arhiman


    They have their own book and to be honest given Abaddon is 0-13 he doesn't deserve much love from the Chaos Gods.

    • Generic List
    • Abaddon as a Special Character
    • Ability to take a kickass retinue


    • Army wide infiltration for a start
    • Previously got cultists but I believe they are more appropriate in Word Bearers. It would be nice if they got some units inspired by Genestealer Cult, more operatives than fodder.


    • Ability to take one Raptor or Bike unit as Troops
    • Army wide Stealth
    • Negative modifier to enemy morale to reflect their "Terror" rep, perhaps a cumulative Psychic Power

    • Dark Apostle restricted to Word Bearers
    • Cultists restricted to them as well
    • Enhanced access to Possessed, Lesser Daemons and Daemon Engines

    • Warpsmith restricted to IW
    • Siege specialist so Tank Hunter
    • Daemon Engines
    • Basilisk


    • Kickass Daemon Prince
    • Kharn
    • Cult Terminators
    • Army wide Mark of Khorne/Frenzy
    • No Havoc Squads
    • Only long range firepower should be that based on Daemon Engines

    • Typhus
    • Cult Terminators - MoN, FNP
    • Plague Marines
    • Blight Grenades/Manreapers
    • Restricted access to Transport/Tracked vehicles
    • Typhus
    • Cult Terminators
    • Army wide MoS
    • Army wide access to Noise Weapons so that Lords, Terminators, Troop Squads, Bikes and Havocs can all be "Noise Marines"
    • No Oblits, Raptors or other cult troops
    I think this would achieve the variety and individuality that Legion players crave.

    Tuesday, November 22, 2016

    Weekend Hobby Update

    Reasonably quiet weekend for me on the hobby front.

    Finished cleaning up hobby room - I'm so messy - and painted the sixth "Gorechosen" model. One left and he'll be finished this week.

    I also finished listening to "Path of Heaven" audiobook where the motley remains of the White Scars see off the combined Death Guard and Emperor's Children Legions. This is getting to be a theme?

    Ordered Blood Bowl minus figures from UK Bits seller and hopefully that will arrive soon. Also ordered new Tabletop World release.

    Jacked up a couple of Kings of War games over the coming fortnight. The Herd will Bray!

    Monday, November 21, 2016

    Curiouser and Curiouser

    One thing that is very interesting about the upcoming Traitor Legion supplement is exactly what is it a sopplement to.

    The description in the post below says it is a supplement to Codex:CSM but this may not be the case.

    The original source description indicates it is a supplement for Codex:Space Marines - note the missing "Chaos". This was assumed by a lot of reposters to be a typo.....but what if it isn't?

    Now that would be interesting.

    I'm sure we'll get more info but perhaps GW is maintaining the original command structure - using Space Marines as the base - and then providing a fix to reflect the Long War.

    Roll on Dec 3!


    Definitely a supplement for Codex:Chaos Space Marines so perhaps an opportunity lost