Tuesday, June 30, 2015

AoS - The Floodgates Open

Here some excerpts of what is coming out over the net.

From the Warhammer Forum:

This is pre order week for the Age of Sigmar.. Newest Version of Warhammer!!!!.
Out with the Old and In with the New...

Get a new hobbyist into the game with 1 miniature.. (their favorite box set)..

That simple.. War scrolls come in the boxes. The Rules are only 4 pages long and they are available from the web.(downloadable).. No more heavy rulebooks and army books. All a person would need is their miniatures war scroll.. Now you can get into the hobby and play a game with your favorite miniature or miniatures. If you already have an army. Start Playing as early as July 4th, when the rules and war scrolls are posted. Play games as small or as big as you want. There are no points.. Bases don't mean anything, modular trays don't mean anything. Measure from the tip end of the model.. Base your guys any way you would like too.

The Age of Sigmar allows you to get some one started with a minimum of $10-40 after that they just purchase miniatures as they want to increase their experience and as the game brings in new characters and armies. There will be new enemies, old enemies, new friends and old friends coming back. You can play with your favorite miniatures, you don't have to be tied down to one particular army. You may like other Units in other armies, well that;s okay..


Games Workshop is proud to introduce you to Warhammer – The Age of Sigmar. The old Warhammer World is gone. It exploded and now we can only look ahead at what is to come – The Age of Sigmar. Together we are about to explore new realms. Exciting new adventures lay ahead, with brand new miniatures and new scenarios, set in brand new landscapes. We are opening new realms. Let’s embark on the very first battle of this new era.

The old Warhammer World is gone, and so is Warhammer Fantasy. Forget what you know about Warhammer Fantasy, as Warhammer – the Age of Sigmar is nothing like it. We are going to introduce you to a whole new experience. A brand new game with brand loads of new miniatures and brand new rules.

It is different to what you will expect. It is different to what we have done, but it will amaze you and all your customers. Don’t worry. Warhammer Fantasy miniatures stay relevant. Old miniatures can still be used, however how you will play them has changed. Size doesn’t matter anymore. Whether you want to play with 10 or 100 miniatures, it is all possible in Warhammer – The Age of Sigmar.

The change is big, but you and your customers can still use the existing miniatures. On the 4th of July all the new rules will be available digitally on our website for FREE – It will explain to you how the new game works, and how you can use your old miniatures. The rules will be available in many languages (including Dutch). The new rules for each miniature will also be in the newly rebranded boxes.

Square bases and movement trays are gone. The new and rebranded products will now come with oval and round bases. However don’t worry, as you can play the game with any base shape you want. No need to rebase your existing miniatures. Bases are now only used to stand up your miniatures and you can use whatever shape base you like most.

And then from Dakka:

So, just got off the phone with my GW rep.

 Info I was told:

-It's not 9th edition WFB, its a totally different game. There is no 9th edition coming. There is no huge rule book coming. Age of Sigmar is the main product.

-Most of the leaks on the internet are wrong. I'll be able to confirm this Thursday. In particular the bit about different formations is incorrect.

-The 96 page book is a hobby book, painting, history, how to play examples etc. The 4 pages of rules is indeed the rules. Laminated.

-Each unit in the game has a War Scroll that has the rules specific to that unit. So rules for each artillery piece will be on that unit's scroll, each monster will have a scroll, etc.

-The 4 pages of rules and all War Scrolls will be free and online July 4th at midnight. This will be a living document. 

-Cost is 125.00 in the US

-There may be additional books in the near future, hobbyist/collectors items. Not at all needed for the game, and may not even have the rules in the them. Age of Sigmar: The Big Book of pictures and how to paint....etc. There is no HC big rulebook like we had in WFB, no 3 rule books in a slipcover like in 40k. Just the Age of Sigmar box. And the rules for that box are online and free along with rules for all the old models in your army.

-Supposedly doesn't matter how things are based.

-Scales well from skirmish to large battles. Leave your models ranked and on bases if you like.

Monday, June 29, 2015

AOS - Actual Box Contents

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Starter Set
  • The most awesome Starter Set Games Workshop has ever produced!
  • Recreate the first battle in the Age of Sigmar as the Stormcast Eternals battle the Khorne Goretide to open a Realmgate!
  • 47 incredibly detailed plastic miniatures; 18 Stormcast Eternals and 29 Warriors of Khorne.
  • 96 page Warhammer Age of Sigmar book and 4 page rules sheet.
  • 12 dice, 2 range rulers and 2 Transfer Sheets.
  • Totally new beginning for Warhammer miniatures.
  • The new miniatures in the starter box are some of the best we have ever done, some will slot straight into existing collections, while the new Stormcast Eternals are going to inspire customers to start new armies.

So the Sigmarines are called "Stormcast Eternals". Interesting this meantions a 96 page Warhammer AoS book - but not classed as a rulebook.

First Impressions - Age of Sigmar Box

Over the weekend we got the first pictures of the new Warhammer "Age of Sigmar". These confirmed the box contents and resolved a number of the big "what ifs" that have been in play since the conclusion of the End Times.

Here's my initial thoughts on what I saw over the weekend. Bear in mind it is based purely on the pictures and info we got and these impressions may change as more info comes available.

First the models. Really the Khorne stuff they could have dialled in. There is nothing there that is outside the aesthetic we have come to expect. They are very nice models and will fit in with any Khorne/general Chaos army.

Next the Sigmarites. These were immediately dubbed "Sigmarines" and it is not hard to see why? They borrow very heavily from the 40k aesthetic - plate armour, pauldrons etc - and I'm sure that they will find their way into more than a few 40k armies. However I think that they actually pre-date the Space Marines and what we are seeing is the genesis of the 40k Emperor's Thunder Warriors. These look like an early prototype right down to the lightning bolt iconography and suggest that in future the games and background are going to be more closely aligned. I, personally, don't like the models. They are far too 40k for the Warhammer universe as I perceive it - and yes I know that is no more.

This points to a real move away from the "medieval" aspect of the Warhammer world. That has major implications in that a key part of ancient/medieval warfare is massed ranks. The best I can say is that this points to a diminishing of that concept.

And this is reinforced by the confirmation of round bases. Yes, in both cases - models and bases - GW has said you will be able to continue to use your models but in reality this at best is a transitory state and as the game evolves neither will be on the bus IMO. GW wants to sell you new models for your armies/factions (I hate that word - it screams small scale) and they will invalidate existing choices and be round based.

Accompanying the box will be a four page PDF of quick start rules. These have been described as "child friendly" and I guess will be focussed on core concepts. From looking at the models there are no missile troops nor what looks like a Mage. On that basis I think we can safely say the box set will focus heavily on combat. This positions it nicely with the 40k starter sets. 40k = skirmish with guns, AoS = Skirmish with combat.

So all and all I'm not optimistic about the new game fulfilling the space of the game I've been playing the last five years.

  • The aesthetic has changed
  • The core basis has changed
  • The basing has changed

Now this is all predicated on first impressions of the box and things might change when we get the full rules. However all the pointers above are really lines in the sand.

GW is clearly (IMO) going in a new direction and appealing to a different demographic than it has in the past.

From where I'm sitting it is about as bad as it could be.


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Age of Sigmar - More Pictures

Some clearer pictures of the new "hotness"

"We're not in Kansas now, Toto"


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Age of Sigmar-ines

So the list of box contents posted this week was 100% wrong.

Here are the first actual pics:

To say the aesthetic is a bit of a shock is an understatement.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

"Age of Sigmar" Box Contents

The box contents for "Age of Sigmar" are supposedly:

1x Empire General on Griffin
5x Knights of Sigmar
10x State Troops with Spears
10x State Troops with Muskets

1x Lord of Khorne on Daemonsteed
5x Chaos Knights
10x Chaos Warriors
  • No small rulebook
  • Full rules for all models
  • Small intro of the fluff (Humans only)
  • 5 Scenarios to introduce players

Monday, June 22, 2015

FOB NZ Rankings - Warhammer Fantasy updated for Wrath & Ruin II

The FOB Warhammer Fantasy rankings have been updated for this weekend's Wrath & Ruin.

The event, held in Auckland, attracted 18 participants and used the current ETC comp and rules. It was won by NZ ETC member Kelly Gragg using Warriors of Chaos.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

WTS - Terraclips "Sewers of Malifaux"

I have a set of the fantastic Terraclips "Sewers of Malifaux" plus a box of the Connector Clips that I'm looking to sell.

The "Sewers" are printed on high quality card and are double-sided to give a huge variety of potential layouts. Not only are there floor tiles but also walls, gangways, doors, stairs etc to give an infinite number of set ups.

This set is great for any skirmish game e.g. Malifaux, Necromunda, Infinity, Judge Dread, Mordheim, INQ28 etc

The set is "as new", contains all pieces and box ....plus a box of Connector Clips (sold separately).

The USD price new is $70. On top of that you have postage for a box that weighs between 1-2kgs (not cheap).

I'm looking for NZD$80. Lmk if you are interested.


Monday, June 15, 2015

FOB NZ Rankings - 40k Updated for Battle Above the Brynderwyns

Adam Thorton has sent through the results for Northland's annual event "Battle above the Brynderwyns".

These have now been included in the Rankings and we are starting to see a definite Top 10 emerge.

Warhammer is Dead, Long Live Warhammer

For those that haven't seen it, here is the email from GW to North American retailers that Brad (rhellion) Schwandt posted on Twitter Friday:
“Good afternoon,
Games Workshop is launching the Age of Sigmar – a completely new system – on July 11th. You can start promoting the Age of Sigmar in your store today!
What is the Age of Sigmar?
  • The Age of Sigmar is a brand new system that continues the End Times story
  • This system is a great way for new customers to start collecting fantasy miniatures
  • Existing customers will be able to use their current miniature collections and add to them with the Age of Sigmar
 It is a continuation of the story line, but not going back to the old world. 100% of the models available now will continue to be supported. The audience for this launch is not the dwindling number of Fantasy players, but for EVERYONE including the veterans but with the idea that this isn’t “just” 9th edition which will just loose them more players but a whole new mechanic to draw people in.

They are actually doing trade shows and cons this year to drive interest in the game.

This is a continuation of the story of End Times but NOT the old world. If a model is currently for sale by GW it will be usable in some way.

I don’t have confirmation of the horrible “reality bubbles” rumor, but he (HIS GW REP) is going to ask about it.

I’ll be getting significantly more info the week of the 29th, with the idea of doing a build up event the week of the 4th.”

If this is true - and no reason to think it is not then we are looking at a new game rather than incremental move to v8.5.

Looks like GW have decided it is "bite the bullet" time and that current player base is unsustainable.

Disappointing for those of us who liked 8th. Guess we'll have to see what they come up with re AoS.

Interesting next month or so.