Thursday, September 18, 2014

Crack's Call - Lists

Crack's Call is being held on the weekend of 27/28 September in Masterton.

This is the Marauders' first event in the wilds of the Waiarapa.

It is 2000 points and the lists can be found here

In addition there will be a steeplechase event on the Saturday night where the participants will try and navigate their Warhammer mount to racing glory.

Reluctant Wood Elf Seeks Older Model

I'm looking to update my Wood Elf army to bring it in line with the new book. That means I need a few extra Wild Riders to add to existing units.

So I am after these:

These are the last edition plastic and metal models.

And I am happy to pay cash or replace them with the bright shiny new stag riding plastics.

Unimportant whether painted or not as they will be stripped to fit existing units' colour scheme.

Drop me an email if you can help out.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kapiti Swap Meet

The Kapiti Wargames Club are having a Swap Meet on SATURDAY 11th October between 10am-4pm.

This is an opportunity to buy, sell and swap all types of Wargaming models/books/games.

The event is open to all - entry is a gold coin donation - so get along and see if you can pick yourself up a bargain or sell excess swag so you can free up space for more.

FOB Rankings - WHFB Updated for Guardcon

The rankings have been updated for last weekend's Guardcon held in Auckland.

This has seen some small changes in the Top 10 - Kelly Gragg has entered the Top 10 for the first time. Rory Finnemore jumps to 13th.

With the end of October signalling the cutoff for the year, the Masters Mode function indicates that you currently need 210 points to be certain of qualification. That is likely to jump to 215 points in coming weeks.

Greg Greenfield has only two events in rankings but is attending two upcoming events. A podium finish at either will put him in the Top 10. Sam Whitt and Peter Williamson also need podium finishes at the same events to force themselves into the reckoning.

Guess we can expect a lot of Elves at upcoming events then.

In related news, Dark Elves have replaced Warriors of Chaos as New Zealand's most effective army. It completes the Cinderella story for the Dark Elves as they have risen from obscurity (9th in June) to their current position as all the power hobby gamers pile into them. Won't somebody please think of the Warriors, Lizards and Brets left behind!

Tournament Turnout

On Monday I made a post "Tournament Turnout" highlighting what I saw as declining numbers locally. Re-reading it yesterday I thought it was a bit disjointed and lacking in detail so I removed it.

Here is a second take, this time backed up by some analysis. Below is a table looking at WHFB events in the Southern North Island over the past three years.

Included in the table is the event, month, number attended, points value and the comp system used.

Generally 2014 has seen less people attend events. This is partly due to attendance at Ruination (expected) and Runefang VII. The rest are in line with previous years.

The area has a limited player pool - population-based, to a certain extent - and that acts as prime determinant.

However I think the numbers also show some other points. In 2012 the Fields of Blood events moved to a standard model - permissive comp, standardised (read default sports) and accommodative painting. Since then there have been two main changes.

The first of these was the introduction in Comp system used. There were a vocal number of local gamers - and yes I remember who you were :-) - that said events were stale and that we needed to explore different comp systems. Now I appreciate that for regulars familiarity can breed contempt - and of course the grass is always greener. However I'd say in retrospect that that was an error.


Firstly, while there are a number of attendees who like to pore over all types of comp system trying to build the ultimate list, there are at least and equal number of gamers who aren't interested in that level of complexity.

Secondly, people like to bring their toys. They therefore want a permissive system. A basic tenet of comp is that "Everybody else's army is broken whereas yours is a model of innocence". People want to be able to bring what they want. The counter is to have a level of comp that allows that but knocks the worst excesses off "everybody else".

Finally, a lot of people like certainty. GW armies aren't cheap. Nor is the time investment small. Not everyone wants to buy and paint 3000+ points of an army to accommodate the vagaries of different comp systems.

I used FOB Lite in 2012 and 2013. This last year I have introduced variety into the events I organise (partly as a result of requests). That has been a failed experiment in my eyes as TO.

I'm sure people will point to the recent Guardcon and say how wonderful Swedish was. That's great and I'm glad people enjoyed it. However it is worth noting that Auckland is a city of 1.5 million.

The other change I made towards the end of 2013 was the introduction of the FOB Painting Checklist. To say this caused some people some angst is an understatement. However I stand behind the decision 100%.


Well firstly because this is a hobby. It is visual. There is nothing better in a tournament than seeing two nicely painted armies battle it out over nice terrain.

The previously permissive army presentation system had been introduced when the local community was growing and people were building their first army. Unfortunately there was no carrot or stick and as such progression stagnated.

The checklist system was designed to give that incentive for people to work on that hobby aspect - it also incidently slowed people bringing the latest net list. I totally stand behind the system and the contention that anybody can achieve the maximum 35 points with a little effort. The system has potential 45 points so you can direct efforts where you feel your time is best spent.

I would point to the efforts a number of people have put into their armies as a result of the system because they don't want to disadvantage themselves. I could also point to people who have made no effort. In the end my goal is to present attractive events. If I spend time (multiple weekends) to build nice terrain for events I don't think it is too much for people to spend a few nights working on their army if they want to maximise their points.

So the FOB checklist is here for keeps.

The final area I'd like to touch on is one or two day events. Now I appreciate that people have different priorities and calls on their time. For a lot of people one day events would be more attractive and convenient. I understand that.

However from a TO point of view they take just as much time and effort to organise as a two day event. They also have most of the financial outlay that a two dayer has. As such they would need to attract significantly more people to make them "worthwhile". I don't see that happening to be honest.

So that my warts and all precise of tournament turnout. If people do have ideas to increase turnout I am very keen to hear them. Yes, I'll likely be cynical - OMG You should run Panel Comp, it Roxxor - but I will at least listen.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dark Eldar Confirmed

Right so it is Dark Eldar next.

So I'm guessing we can expect 3-4 weeks of releases rather than the insipid GK book update. 

The new Haemoculi on the cover looks great. Dark Eldar are by far the nicest model range in 40k. Their figures always make the Eldar look like the fat girl at the high school prom in comparison.  Sure you see some nicely painted Eldar armies but in truth it's lipstick on a pig. 

Looking forward to what we get. 

Miniature Monday - Daemonic Furies

I really dislike the GW metal Fury models. In fact I'd go as far as to say that they are probably the worst models in the range (they were bad in 2003 and are still bad).

So I thought I'd make my own Daemonic Furies.

Charlie had some of the old metal Horrors - 7th Ed, not the earlier big hands models. I bought some Gargoyle wings off a US bits seller and voila.

One thing I noticed is that GW no longer has a good Light Blue. I have ordered a couple of old GW blues from Game Colour to do final highlights. In the interim:

Skitterleap Numbers

When I checked the Skitterleap account last night there have been a number of late regos taking advantage of the Earlybird discount.

There are currently fifteen people paid up with six weeks to go. It therefore looks like the target 28-30 is not unachievable.

This is good news.

Monday, September 15, 2014

NZTC Comp Sandbox

It has been suggested that the use of ETC comp for next year's NZTC may be acting as a deterrent to people signing up.

Interested on people's preference for comp for the event:

1. ETC
2. FOB Lite with/without Special Characters

Personally I'm most interested in getting a full hall as that means more people playing

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pink Horror Musicians Wanted

I'm continuing to clean up things that are sitting on my painting desk...this week it is some Daemon of Chaos figures that have been there forever.

Anyway as I paint up the units I need to add command but I am short of the Muso figure that complements them.

Here is an image of the figure I'm after that I snatched off the net. I need two of them to add to units I've painted. If you could have a look in your bits boxes to see if you have any I'd be really grateful. Happy to pay cash and postage. 

I also need one of the "Antler" standard figures. 

So if you can help it would be greatly appreciated. I'm a bit anal in that I like to paint all the command options for a unit.