Thursday, October 2, 2014

Chaos on 18th October

Saturday's White Dwarf confirms upcoming Chaos on its inside back cover with the rejoinder "Beware the Scions of Chaos".

This is the start of 4-5 weeks of Chaos so as noted in previous posts expect some daemon crossover kits to keep the 40k registers churning.

The next End Times book is less than a month away!

ETC 2015 - Call for Applications for the New Zealand Team

Here is an announcement from 2015 NZ ETC Captain Chris Willcox.
Applications for the New Zealand WHFB team for ETC 2015 are now open and will close off on Friday 24 October 2014
The event for 2015 is being held at:

PVA Letnany
Czech Republic
 Time frame players are required for:
  • Wednesday 5 August 2015 meet at hotel
  • Thursday 6 practice game with Singapore
  • Friday 7 to Sunday 9 ETC 2 games each day
The selectors for 2015 are:
  • Chris Willcox 2015 captain
  • Pete Dunn 2014 captain
  • Mal Patel ETC player 2011-2014
We are looking for good warhammer players that will:

A/ represent New Zealand in the friendly & fair manner of all our teams since 2010
B/ fit into a team environment no one should think they won't be sacrificed for the good of the team
C/ be competent with at least two armies we can't all play Dark Elves for example
D/Play your allocated army to death for the next nine months

All applications can be sent to Chris Willcox with name and two armies you would like to play.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Comp Comparison

I saw the other day that a new version of Swedish had been released so I downloaded it and had a read. It is very hard to get a view on it without some context so I thought I'd compare it to a known benchmark.

In this case I chose the 2014 ETC Army Restrictions as my point of reference. The aim with the ETC comp is to get the strongest possible army within the agreed restrictions. Yes, you need to be aware that ETC is primarily aimed at a team competition while Swedish is for singles play but at least some context.

To make the comparison I took the 2014 NZ ETC lists and worked out the Swedish score for each. Here are my results:

As you can see there is very wide variation - far more than I expected.

It reinforces the general view that Dark Elves had very light comp on them at the ETC. However try to run an ETC list in Swedish and you get murdered. The Dwarfs look like they got harshly treated at the ETC - and that may be because of the role that they play in teams' competition - but are treated very leniently in the Swedish environment.

What is really interesting is the breadth of variation that exists between what I'd guess are the two primary European comp systems. If both are aimed at balancing the game I would expect more common ground. Rule differences e.g. line of sight interpretation may explain some of variation but I don't think it adequately explains the spread we are seeing.

Can't offer much more than that - as we already knew - this ain't an exact science.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Zealand ETC 2015 Captain

I'm please to announce that as its last duty the 2014 NZ ETC Team has selected the 2015 Captain. There were two applications and the team considered the merits of both before voting.

<< Drum Roll >>

Congratulations to Chris Wilcox.

Chris has been to four ETCs and was Captain of the 2013 team. He certainly has the necessary experienced to ensure that New Zealand continues to do itself proud at next year's event.

All the best to Chris and the eventual 2015 team.

That brings to an end the duties of the 2014 team and my reign of terror tenure as captain.

As David Cunliffe says "Skipper feeling good"

FOB NZ Rankings - WHFB Updated For Tauranga Open

The rankings have been updated for last weekend's Tauranga Open.

The update sees Rory Finnemore jump into the Top 5 after his win at the event.

GW Shuts Another Door

One of 2014's most frequent sources of early GW pictures has been closed down.

Throughout the year "Grot Orderley" has been the most frequent source of good quality pictures of upcoming releases. These are usually been lifted from the next weekend's White Dwarf.

Well it appears GW have had enough. Apparently he recently received correspondence from GW indicating that they would prefer that he no longer post their material.

Another finger in the dyke, albeit a particularly big hole.

Monday, September 29, 2014

FOB NZ Rankings - WHFB updated for Crack's Call

Over the weekend the inaugural Crack's Call was held in Masterton.

The event was won by Sam Whitt using his Dark Elves. Strangely, his opponents didn't realise you could get 350 free points by shooting the Hydra and Shrine.

The results are now in the rankings and Sam has jumped up to 4th. McCrae Lounden, who finished 2nd, is the other big mover. He is now up to 3rd in the rankings.

Greg Greenfield has leapt to 15th and picked up the Dark Elf icon while Neil Williamson is now the proud owner of the Bretonnian icon.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tomb Kings Touch Up

Last weekend I got my Tomb Kings back from Sam who had used them earlier in the year. The last couple of days have seen a cold southerly blast Wellington so I took the opportunity to get the army out and make some repairs for minor breakages that it has suffered over the years.

So here it is spread over the floor in our front lounge. The tray in the middle has two blocks of 25 Sword & Board Skeletons and three blocks of 20 Skeleton Archers. Behind it are 40 Tomb Guard and two Catapults.

Earlier this year I painted 15 Skeleton Light Horse and they are in the bottom left. On the far left is my Casket - the Priest is missing but I have hiss two arms ..... Bizarre. On the table are 8 Necropolis Knights - I have another four unpainted but I think I'll flick those.

Looking to finish the army off this morning I ordered sufficient Sarissa trays to cover those that haven't got them. That will be a project at some time in the next month.

There are a few characters to paint - including the Limited Edition BSB who came with the TK box set over a decade ago.

All up there is well over 4000 points once I add in the Warsphinx and Necrosphinx I have downstairs.


Miniature Monday - Hexwraiths

Since I've come back from the ETC I have taken the opportunity to paint some units from a variety of armies that have been sitting as bare metal or grey plastic nakedness on my shelf.

Over the last week it has been the turn of five Hexwraiths.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Miniature (Almost) Monday - Sisters of the Thorn

Finished up painting some Sisters of the Thorn. Bloody fiddly models to put together. Tried to match them to my existing army.

Especially happy with how the bases came out.