Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Basing Timmy the Terrorgheist

Finally got around to basing Little Timmy. Do you think I can claim hard cover?


Jack's Dark Elf Painting

Jack has been painting more Dark Elves recently and has sent me some photos of models he has finished.

The lighting is not the best but you can see he's done some pretty nice work.

Yes, that's a Medusa! Mal Patel tells me that they are well broken. I wouldn't know. From what I've seen they don't sell them in New Zealand.

Now that's more like it. Here's something I'm used to - Repeater Bolt Thrower crew.

A Sorceress on Dark Steed ready to take her place in the Warlocks.

An another rare model - a Dreadlord on foot. I'd heard they existed but it's great to see one in the wild.

Jack's done a very nice job on these. Now he just needs to get them on the table and ruin someone's hobby.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Adepticon Here We Come

Tickets for Adepticon 2015 went on sale this afternoon.

I was very nervous as last year was an absolute nightmare in getting it all done - the system freezing two or three times. This year however it was a breeze.

Having experienced the Con this year I had a much better idea of what I wanted to do and so had a list of events I wanted to do.

Jack and I have signed up for the Teams Tournament and also for the first of the 1000 point events. I also had a list of seminars I wanted to attend and managed to get all my choices:

  • Painting Skin and Flesh Tones (Mark Soley)
  • Weathering Techniques ( Mr Justin - SWM)
  • Hands on with Weathering Pigments (Mr Justin)
  • Liber Metallica (Dave Taylor)
  • Airbrushing Minis (Mr Justin)
  • Battlefield Terrain (Dave Dresch)

This should leave plenty of time to take in the whole Con experience.


Really pumped after this year. Four solid days of Wargaming nirvana.

Where Are The PEGs?

Reading a few of the news sites it appears that next week's releases - as shadowed by White Dwarf - is back to 40k.

Given that, it appears End Times:Khaine was a one-week wonder.

This really surprises me. I would have thought that there would have been at least some models supporting the release of what looks like a landmark book. However apart from the two book versions, the only other release is the cards.

For a long time there had been rumoured a new model representing the physical manifestation of Khaine. But this doesn't appear to have eventuated.

Maybe we'll get something new in a few weeks but that split release schedule would be at odds with what we have seen in the past 12 months.

As it stands we have a release with no new models.

Monday, November 24, 2014

GW & Stock Levels

The rage du jour over the weekend on the intrawebz was the selling out of the upcoming End Times: Khaine release from Games Workshop webstores.

The new books are released next weekend and went up for pre-order on Saturday morning. Games Workshop followed this up with an email announcement. Unfortunately in most countries both the Limited Edition and Hardcover books were sold out before the email hit your inbox.

Cue internet rage.

Depending on your view this "atrocity" was either symptomatic of Games Workshop's incompetence or a part of a masterplan that had them in league with the Illuminati and Montgomery Burns.

They were accused of:

  • trying to force everybody to buy digital versions - and as such were thralled to the evil Apple
  • purposely underproducing so as to limit their profits so the beancounters could have their way and kill Warhammer
  • training people to line up early and buy pr-orders out of fear
  • creating a climate of fear that would force people into GW shops next Saturday where they would have their pockets emptied
  • boosting sales of other items as people were so despondent on missing out they had to console themselves by buying other unrelated items
Now I have no idea at all behind the stock levels we are seeing - but perhaps the fallout is that we are seeing greater demand than GW expected. Personally I'm surprised that they didn't foresee the demand that such a story progression would create.

Interestingly they are now rushing softcovered versions of Nagash and Glottkin to market.

Weekend Hobby Update

With the house empty this weekend I had planned to have a day's gaming yesterday. Unfortunately the End Times struck me down on Friday and I picked up one of the Leechlord's creations requiring a trip to the doctor.

Given this, I cancelled the gaming - not wanting to infect others - and instead devoted myself to some hobby.

And I generally got stuff done. The hobby room had the gaming table cleared as armies went back to their shelves - I have a game against Tane's High Elves Wednesday.

On the hobby table:

  • Shields for all my Vampire Black Knights (now I feel I can claim the AS)
  • Movement tray for Hexwraiths
  • Magnetic basing for Eternal Guard
  • Repainted parts of my Tomb Banshee
  • Finished two Sisters of the Thorn stags and based them
  • Started on the riders for said stags
  • Created a scenic base for Timmy the Terrorgheist (now started painting it)
I also ran through a far few podcasts that had been building up on my iPhone. One of the interesting things was hearing how End Times armies that were great when Nagash was released are suddenly overpowered come Glottkin (yes I'm looking at you, TBS!). I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't swing back with End Times: DarkHighWood Elves.

And between all this I pre-ordered my copy of ET:Khaine (iPad) and the new magic cards.

7th Annual New Zealand Masters - Warhammer Fantasy Lists

The lists for the Fantasy Masters can be found here

The race breakdown is:

  • Dark Elves - 3
  • Warriors of Chaos - 2
  • Dwarfs - 2
  • High Elves - 1
  • Wood Elves - 1
  • Bretonnians - 1
By memory there are five Special Characters - three in one list!

Lots of BS shooting, lots of Warmachines, lots of Fast Cavalry!

Friday, November 21, 2014

What A Ride!!!!

I was sitting here this morning thinking what an amazing last two months we've had in the Warhammer World.

To say everything has changed would be about as big a statement as "Margaret Thatcher was unpopular with Miners".

It has been a real roller coaster ride with twists and turns coming on a weekly, if not daily basis.
And the "scary" thing is that we don't know where it all ends!

Looking back at the last few months let's look at some of these changes.

It all started with rumours of 9th Edition being released in September. We didn't get that and instead got what was termed an "Expansion".
  • The Nagash book hit and nobody really knew how to treat it. We're these new rules? Was it a toolbox? Was the combined list overpowered?
  • Fantastic new models, especially the Mortarchs - but every one - Nagash, Morghasts, Spirit Hosts - were a hit.
  • These brought new rules e.g. the combined profile and what was that a harbinger for as well as the controversial 50% Lords / 50% Heroes rule. Was this just for End Times or all Warhammer.
  • Coming with these was a serious advancement in the storyline - in particular the framing of the conflict being one of Chaos vs. Order. This reset all the old alliances and enmities.
  • Characters could die! Everyone suddenly had their favourite character death - mine was Thorek (though I note we haven't seen the body). Old characters were breathed with new personality. I really liked Arkhan and enjoyed his tormenting of Mannfred.
And just as we were digesting all the Nagash info, Games Workshop dropped the FAQ bomb.
Suddenly it was truly a Brave New World.

Nagash was quickly - even by GW's more recent history - followed by Glottkin and the changes kept coming.
  • More new models - for me the only miss was Gutrot - and another twist of the power level. While a lot of players - especially some vocal TK players - could live with the Undead Legion suddenly for a lot of people a combined Legion of Chaos was a scary thought.
  • Beastmen received marks and suddenly came back into play - I dug out my Pestigors which now sit expectantly on the painting table.
  • The story continued to move on. Characters died and came back and the Empire was truly up shit creek.
  • And if Nagash was scary.....dum, dum, dum.....enter KFC
While we were catching our breath - and much sooner than anybody thought - Khaine is entering the arrival lounge. And what an entrance this appears to be!
  • Everything that we've been told about the Elves is a lie. Malekith has truly been maligned rather than just being a very naughty boy. And Tyrion is the bad guy.
  • The army lists appear to be redrawn so the "guys who really love the aesthetics of the Elves" can add Brolocks to their Frostheart aviary (or vice versa).
  • And then yesterday's revelations that Magic may have indeed gone batshit crazy. New spells, Winds of Magic increased to 4D6 and every wizard a Loremaster.
There's an old Chinese proverb "May you live in interesting times". No-one is ever sure if it is a curse or a blessing.

For Warhammer those lines may be greyer than ever for some people.

For me, well I'm excited.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mordheim Comes to PC

The first GW game I ever played was Mordheim so I was quite excited when I say this:

This is just the Teaser video but there is a 10 minute game walkthrough on Youtube as well.

Can you guess my Warband?

Warhammer Magic Goes Batshit Crazy!

Ok the latest tidbit stalking the net ahead of the End Times: Khaine release:

Magic is now 4d6. No generating spells, you know ALL of the lore, regardless of level. Nagash will know every lore he has access to, for  example. Wizard levels only helps with casting/dispelling now.

Now I'm not sure this is real but if it does, well let's say there is an awful lot of Obsidian about to be mined and turned into charm bracelets.

All I can say is Horrors of Tzeentch look an awfully good buy. Finally :-)