Friday, October 24, 2014

Skitterleap - This Weekend

Skitterleap is on this weekend (Saturday/Sunday) at Cashmere Avenue School in Khandallah.

Unfortunately I had one withdrawal on Wednesday evening (work commitments) which leaves me with an odd number of participants. I've managed to jack up players to play the bye for all rounds except Round 3 (3pm Saturday afternoon). If anyone would like to help out and play that round for me it would be greatly appreciated - just drop me an email. Otherwise someone will be going under the Vampire bus!

Looking at the field, there are a number of very strong lists there. Here's my picks for the Top 5:

#5 - Wil Hoverd (Empire)

List is nails and Wil has proven in the past that he can perform at Skitterleap

#4 - Ryan Lister (Wood Elves)

Net list Wood Elves. The forests have been stripped of all available Wild Riders, Trueflight arrows and Waywatchers.

#3 - Peter Williamson (Wood Elves)

In danger of missing out on the Masters. Needs a podium here....and probably a win.

#2 - Sam Whitt (Warriors of Chaos)

All the toys.

#1 - Greg Greenfield (Dark Elves)

Retiring and reticent Aussie exile is playing Dark Elves. Nuff said.

However amongst all the sharks, dogfish and little tiddlers, there swims one that I hope rises to the top. It would be bloody fantastic if Neil Williamson can conquer all with his Valkyia Khorne list. Neil, you are the hipsters' hope at this event.

Dark Elf Comp - Bubbling Away

I've been reading a few comp discussions overnight - largely in light of the GW FAQ.

One issue that keeps getting raised (unintentional End Times jape) is a limit on the number of Sea Dragon cloaks in Dark Elf armies.

Are we looking at the impending desolation of the Naggarothi garment industry?

This could get interesting very quickly.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Behold The Glottkin

Here's a much nicer picture

About the size of a Gorkanaut I understand

Optimisation is the New Black

So in the past you when you were limited to 25% Lords and Heroes you were forced to make choices. At 2400 points you had 600 points to spend in any one category which generally precluded the ability to take two optimised Lords or three optimised Heroes.

That's no longer the case. Now you can use your Special and Rare allowance (in reality the spare points in Rare after you take your optimal choice) and devote them to optimising your characters.

A case in point is Ogres. You could not get both an optimised Slaughtermaster and a optimised Tyrant as you ran into your 600 point cap. That's no longer the case and I expect you'll see around 650-700 points spent on the Lord choices. You can still fit in your two Ironblasters so in essence Ogres likely got stronger.

With Dark Elves its the same. You can now get both an optimised Level 4 - or Morathi AND the fully kitted Dreadlord. The extra 50-60 points comes from your Special choices (if you were taking them other than RBTs....Ha Ha) or by dropping your Warlocks to 18.

So overall we are likely to see overall stronger characters where the lifting of the envelope allows you to remove what compromises you previous had to make.

Most armies won't approach the 1000 points for Lords - the obvious exceptions being WoC and High Elves. In most case we'll see increased spamming of an optimal choice eg. CO Scar Vets but Magic Item Deficit Syndrome will eventually make it a game of diminishing returns.

Comp systems are going to become very interesting....and like the failed socialist governments of yore we will see people try to pick winners, boost losers etc. Over time this will see layers and layers of comp added to band-aid the latest abuse.

A serious question is: Given this sea-change in army construction, are existing comp systems even valid anymore?

End Times It Is - FAQ Up

New GW Rulebook FAQ up.....and Little Timmy shrieks with delight!

Page 134 – Lords
Replace both paragraphs with: “You can spend up to 50% of
your points on Lords. Lords are the most powerful characters
in your army, individuals possessed of fearsome martial or
magical might.”
Page 134 – Heroes
Replace both paragraphs with: “You can spend up to 50%
of your points on Heroes. Heroes are lesser characters, not
as intrinsically deadly as Lords, but still worth a score of
ordinary warriors.”
Page 135 – Army Selection Summary Table
Replace “Lords – Up to 25%” with “Lords – Up to 50%”
Replace “Heroes – Up to 25%” with “Heroes – Up to 50%”
Page 162 – Spell Generation
At the end of the second paragraph, add:
“The Lore of Undeath is available to any Wizard.”

So there we go kids. It's End Times or the Highway!

They've also answered a question re Wood Elves, no-one ever asked. But nothing on Pred Fighter, duplication of arrows, re-roll to wound shooting hits with Cauldron etc.

Well done Guys!! Take the rest of the year off!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


So the pricing has been sighted for the new Glottkin model. He will be GBP a touch more than Nagash.

The interesting bit is that the new book Warhammer: Glottkin is "only" GBP 40. The Nagash book was GBP 50.

I think we can take it that this book will not be as lavish as the first one. Possibly we'll only get a single volume with a lot less less than Nagash.

Certainly hope not, as the Nagash book was a truly wonderful sourcebook.

Lack of GW Errata - Causing Problems in the Game

One of the most frustrating aspects of GW's current operating model is the lack of errata and FAQs.

This means that some of the more recent books do not have glaring errors addressed.

Be it "Predatory Fighter" or something else, everyone will have their particular bugbear.

For me the most glaring mistake is the classification of Dark Elves' Warlocks as "Rare". Anybody with a passing interest in the game will tell you that there is no way in hell that these are rare, often outnumbering infantry in DE armies (that assumes you exclude RBT crew as infantry models - the 8 you field are only wound markers afterall).
Generally the number of Warlocks on show will outnumber Dark Riders, but here's a funny thing. They really are a force multiplier as they seem to have an uncanny ability to attract swarms of other Fast Cavalry and characters on Pegasus mounts.

Obviously no self respecting Dreadlord (or Morathi or Level 4 Death Sorceress in lower point games) will be seen with out ten of these - to quote the hipster jibe - "bad boys". But really that's just the door price as 90% of DE armies will shoe-horn in 20 of the cute little donkeys.

So GW has obviously erred here. The playing base are showing "These aren't Rare at all". I look forward to their inevitable shift to "Special", perhaps even "Core".

And aren't they just great looking models!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Hobby

Over the weekend I continued on my current "crusade" on finishing up my existing armies before I make any significant new purchases.

So Saturday saw me base the metal Corsairs that Sam Whitt had painted for use as White Lions in the High Elf army I purchased off Phil Comins. Sam has done a great job matching Phil's original paintjob and it means I now have 33 rather than 14. At the same time I based the Frostheart Phoenix and an Eagle to go with the army. They will see table this weekend as James Brown is borrowing for Skitterleap.

I also finished the bases on my Black Knights and Hexwraiths and built scenic movement trays for them. While looking at my Vampire Counts I saw I had 20 Mantic Skellies, 9 Werewolves and a spare Terrorgheist. A quick tweet later and they have a new home. I'm now working through repainting some GW skeletons to match my army.

Rummaging through the box marked "VC" I found a bunch of the new plastic characters - Wraith, Necromancer and Wight King - which I've moved into the painting queue. I also have the metal Blood Dragon Vampire on foot and the Sartosa Vamp that may see some paint. My final VCs will then be finishing the Terrorgheist which is currently base-coated and then some Gamezone figs to use as Blood Knights.

Once this is done then all my TKs and VCs will be complete.

Summer will be for the Empire - Demis, Stank, Greatswords, Flagellants, 30 Sisters of Sigmar, Hurricanium and the Luminarch. Plus about a zillion characters.

End Times - The Big Question

The big question re the End Times will be answered in the next fortnight.

In End Times: Nagash we were given "The Undead Legions" which allowed people to combine their Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings armies - as part of the campaign ( though this is up for some debate as to whether it extends further).

However that was just "playtime". The real question comes when you consider Chaos. A lot of people have assumed that this "combining" will be extended to other races and has such we will see ET2 giving us a WoC/DoC abhorrence.

However perhaps the models are giving us a lead. Everything is Nurgle. Now apart from Nurgle being the only true God perhaps this signals what we'll see in Book 2.

Combination of DoC and WoC limited to those units with the Mark of Nurgle.

This still gives a strong potential army but would knock some of the more abusive aspects out of the list - no Skullcrushers, no Skullcannons etc.

Not sure what they'd do for Beastmen but perhaps the intro of a Mark of Nurgle to the list (and my 40 Pestigor would welcome this).

Guess all will be revealed in the coming fortnight.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rules - Focus on the New Maggoth Lords

The latest White Dwarf has the rules for the new Maggoth Lords included, so I thought I'd get my initial thoughts up.

Orghotts Daemonspew (430 points)


M6 WS8 BS 3 S6 T5 W9 I7 A8 Ld9

His Chaos Armour gives him a 3+ AS (mounted).  He also has a 6+ Ward.

If he suffers unsaved wound in CC then model that inflicted it must pass I test or take S4 hit.

In addition MoN means he's -1 to hit and he causes Fear. He has a pretty innocuous shooting attack (S4 6" range with KB and Poison - it is Quick to Fire so may have some minor utility).

He has Paired Weapons that are +2 S and are Poisoned.


He's obviously a close combat machine. Nine S8 attacks at I7 with a Thunderstomp....ouch. He doesn't have great protection but those nine Wounds means he is likely to stick around. Statistically it will require 3 cannonballs to get rid of him. Only 6" ground move means he is susceptible to being redirected.

Overall I like him but not sure 430 points isn't better spent on a MoN DP with Wings

Bloab Rotspawned (415 points)


M6 WS5 BS3 S6 T5 W8 I5 A6 Ld8

Again 3+ AS but no Ward. Causes Fear and obligatory MoN -1 to hit.

He is Lvl 3 Nurgle Mage who has +1 to all casting rolls. Enemy mages within 12" subtract 1 from theirs.

At start of Magic Phase all enemy units within 6" suffer D6 S3 magical hits.

He also has the 24" "stonethrower". S3(4) no AS....meh.


Jack of all trades, master of none. He can do a bit of everything - fight, shoot, magic. However I don't think any are done sufficiently well to justify his points cost. Putting him in your army it would be hard to define his exact role. Certainly lacks comparable survivability (and damage output) alongside Orghott. And that Leadership 8 bothers me....a lot.

Morbidex Twiceborn (385 points)


M6 WS 7 BS3 S6 T5 W8 I6 A7 Ld8

This guy has Orghott's 3+/6++ saves. However he adds Regeneration to the mix as well.

He also picks up the old CSM Plague Marine trait of Nurgle's Rot. All enemy in btb take a S1 hit, no AS.

Morbidex has MoN for -1 to hit and Fear. In addition he has a QTF S6 6" range shooting attack.

His special ability is to give Nurglings within 12" Regen but given they have base 5++ that's also a bit meh.


He's okay...ish. By that I mean better than Bloab. Is he worth 385 points? I doubt it. You are paying points here that require you to take Nurglings but the improvement is marginal especially in light of the outlay.


In a competitive list I can only see a place for Orghott. And for me that jury is still out. The standard WoC MoN DP looks better value - Unbreakable, more manoeuvrable - just better.

In narrative driven list construction, all would have a potential place.

Overall, I don't see any breaking the game.