Saturday, May 28, 2016

Printable Scenery - New Kickstarter "Apocalypse Ruins"

This week Printable Scenery launched their third crowdfunding campaign (this time on Kickstarter).

This one is also likely to be widely successful as it has WW2 and Gothic Sci Fi as well as Fantasy. Included with buildings and ruins are trench systems.

The stretch goals look great as well.

Already it has blown thrown funding goals.

Good luck to Matt and the team.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Warlords Super Series "Winter" - Kings of War Tournament

The third of the the Warlords Super Series KoW tournaments, "WINTER", will be held on 2nd July at Warlords, Ganges Road, Khandallah.

You can find the Players Pack here

Event is $25 or free if you've signed up to be a Warlords member.

Four rounds of 2000 points using rulebook scenarios.

Hope to see you along.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Clash of Kings Pack

So Mantic has released their Clash of Kings Pack which likely foreshadows the Rules Committee's Tournament Pack - and it has a number of rules changes.

Unit Entry Changes

Cursed Pharaoh – This unit has Defence 5 not 6. The points value remains the same.
Ahmunite Pharaoh– This unit has Defence 5 not 6. The points value remains the same.

Special Rules

Note the amendments to the following special rule: Fly

The unit can move over anything (blocking terrain, enemy units, friendly units when charging, etc.), but still cannot land on top of them. The unit does not suffer hindered charges for moving over difficult terrain or obstacles, unless it ends the move within or touching them. The unit also has the Nimble special rule.
While Disordered, units lose Fly. Note that this also means they lose the Nimble that Fly provides too, unless they have it by another means (such as Individuals).

Army Selection

Within your main force, you cannot select the same unit entry of type War Engine, Hero or Monster more than 3 times. For example, in a goblin army, you could take a maximum of 3 War Trombones and a maximum of 3 Wiz heroes. You could still then take up to 3 Biggits of course.


If you include allies, you cannot select the same allied unit entry of type War Engine, Hero (all types) or Monster more than once. For example, in a goblin allied contingent, you could take a maximum of 1 War Trombone and a maximum of 1 Wiz hero.
In addition, magic artefacts cannot be given to any allied units you take.


Invade! and Dominate!
In games using the Invade! and Dominate! scenarios, only count half the points value of units with the Individual special rule and/or War Engines that are in the defined scoring area at the end of the

Loot! and Push!
While carrying one or more loot counters, units cannot use the Fly or Nimble special rules.

War Engines cannot capture/control objectives in this scenario

So what do people think? Are the changes needed? Will they make KoW a better game?

More importantly will you use them in your casual games? Do you want to see them used at events? Some? All?

Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Hobby Update

With the move into wintry weather here I managed to get a few things done over the weekend.

As per my previous blog post I had a game against Night Stalkers down at Warlords on Saturday. It was the first time I had played Luke and the Night Stalkers and was a very enjoyable battle. I have been tossing up building Night Stalkers - post Herd - and having faced them on the table I'm certainly not dissuaded from that.

I also finished building and prepping the Herd figures I have. From there I moved on to priming them. Last night I started painting the Lycanthropes and I'm hopeful that I'll get them done this week.

My final piece of work was to strip down my airbrush and give it a thorough clean. It is amazing how much better it works having all the crap removed and the parts oiled.

The other piece of work slated for this week is to start painting the Winterdale Tavern that I printed recently. Once that is done I can print some more pieces.....discipline Peter, discipline.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

"Herd" Progressing

Over the past week I've put together the Herd figures I had available - removing mold lines and green stuffing gaps. Last evening I primed them all black ready for painting.

Ready for paint are:

  • 2x Stampede
  • 2x Guardian Brutes
  • Brutox
  • Avatar of the Father (Ungor)
  • Totem (Mierce Giant with Obelisk)
  • Horde of Lycantrophes
  • 2x Tribal Hunters
  • Various characters

Still to arrive in the mail are two boxes of Centaur, Centaur Chief and Gargoyles (Mantic), 30 Wolves (China) and MDF bases from Sarissa.


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Battle Report - Ratkin v Night Stalkers in Loot

This morning I wandered down to my local club, the Wellington Warlords, where I had organised a game against Luke Forrest. Luke has a Night Stalkers army and I had not played either them or him before.

The terrain was set up and we rolled up Loot. In the end Luke decided to compress the counters by concentrating them all on the flank with the tower. I was happy with this as I believed he had far more mobility than I had.

I got the first turn and jumped up on the Loot counters. One is with a Horde of Tunnel Slaves beyond the impassable at the top of the picture below. The second is with the Slaves by the Death Engine and the third has been passed to the Brutes in the bottom left.

Luke has got his Nightmares up from behind the tower however they are about to wear two Death Engines, a Weapons Team and a Lightning Bolt. As you'd expect this was fatal. In the bottom of the pic are a Horde of Fiends and behind them a Void Lurker. A unit of Slaves has charged a Troop of Reapers - to try and chip some wounds off.

At this stage my plan is to back away with the counters while dealing with the Night Stalker threat unit by unit.
In the picture below the first unit of Reapers has been shot off. The Void Lurker had charged the Blight doing 4 wounds. This let my Daemonspawn charge his flank and remove him. The Death Engines were largely ineffective with their shooting on the Fiends.
MSlaves are backing off with the Loot Counter while tha Horde in top left corner have passed to Shock Troops. In the bottom the Brutes are backing away from the Fiends with the third counter.

In the centre two Shadow Hulks and a Horde of Butchers have got into the Tunnel Slave Horde. I have been putting wounds onto the rightmost Shadow Hulk from the Weapons Team. The Slaves evaporate leaving the Shock Troops facing the three units.

The Weapons Team finishes off the woundedHulk, while I charge the second with the Shock Troops and Bane Chant them. This is effective in removing him. The Reapers have taken out a Death Engine but the combined Blight, Daemonspawn and second Death Engine have seen off the Fiends with the Blight picking up the Loot Counter. I have also put the Weapons Team between the Slaves and Reapers to buy a turn.


The Butchers charge the Shock Troops who hold but are in return countercharged and bane chanted. This removes them leaving the way free for the Legion of Blood Worms to charge and break the Shock Troops and claim one counter.

My Daemonspawn and Death Engine remove the second Reapers allowing the Slaves and Blight to sneak away with the two other counters securing the win for the Ratkin.

It was a good game and I learned a lot about the Night Stalkers. I felt Luke erred in not spreading the counters out as that allowed me to concentrate my heavy hitters. The other thing I felt would have helped him was putting the Blood Worms nearer the centre. While they got a counter they had minimal influence on the game allowing me to ignore them until I had the game secure.


Hedge Score

Played KoW down at the club this morning and there was a series of boxes from an ex-member.

I managed to pick up a lot of hedges at a cheap price. Love these for the boundaries on my building terrain pieces. I had run out and hadn't been able to find a new source.



Thursday, May 19, 2016

More "Herd" Roll In

Arrived home from work this afternoon and there was a parcel waiting in the letterbox from Arcane Miniatures in the UK.

In the package were three boxes of Malifaux "Wild Boars", a new plastic kit they have released.

They are very nice sculpts and I expect that I will use them as part of my Stampedes.

Just a word about Arcane Miniatures. The service was very fast - less than a week from order to delivery on the other side of the world. They all carried good stock. I certainly wouldn't hesitate using them again.


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Battle Report - Ratkin v. Vampires in Pillage

This morning Ryan brought his Vampires around and we had a game of Pillage.

I made changes to my Ratkin list subbing out a Weapons Team, the Hackpaws and the Murant Rat Fiend to try our some Death Engines. Recently I had found that the MRF had really suffered from his De 4 and so the ability to add some De 5 into the army was attractive.

We sprinkled some terrain around the table and then rolled up 6 objectives.

Here you can see five of the counters - one is behind the wood on the hill. The final counter is in the corner to the right of the photo, past the house.

When we rolled for sides, Ryan won and took the side with three in the deployment zone leaving me with the side with three centre pieces.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Enter The Herd

I've been looking at building a new army for Kings of War. What I want to take advantage of is the capacity for multi-basing.

One of the drivers is also to build something that we don't see in our local community. This directed me towards Night Stalkers, Abyssal Dwarfs, Abyssals or The Herd. In the last few weeks Luke Forrest's Stalkers have taken the table and Lliam Munro has started work on his Abyssals.

I have an unpainted Big Hats army and I'm certainly keen to progress them. However I have decided to build my Herd army first. I've got a lot of Mierce Miniatures that I've purchased through Kickstarters over the past 4-5 years. This therefore is an opportunity to use some of these figures.

Last night I cracked out the box of figures stored down in the Dunn-geon and started putting them together. The Mierce figures are all resin and so I've taken the opportunity to pin where necessary.

There are a lot of bestial infantry as well as boar cavalry and unencumbered boars.

And the backbone. Lots of Minotaurs in evidence. A large Ghorgan - or Brutox in the new parlance.

I've also been buying figures this week to round out the army:

  • 30 resin wolves
  • 9 Malifaux boars
  • Mantic Centaurs and Gargoyles
  • Bulk lot of OOP GW gors.

On top of this I have about 40 metal OOP GW Pestigors that I'll use as Longhorns and/or Spirit Walkers.


I've already been told on our local What's App group that The Herd are broken.....guess I'll find out.