Monday, November 20, 2017

Adepticon 2018 - Courses Booked

On the weekend tickets for Adepticon 2018 went on sale.

I decided that rather than play in any events I would focus on the hobby seminars and take the opportunity to learn from the professionals. To that end I have booked a series of courses over the four days:

  • The Nurgle Effect
  • How to YouTube
  • Level Up Your Painting
  • Airbrushing 101
  • Blood, Pus, Guts & Gore
  • Hands on Weathering with an Airbrush
  • Liber Metallica
  • Art of Airbrushing - Getting Started
  • Realistic Weathered Stone and Dirt
  • NMM for Beginners
  • Photographing Miniatures
  • The Ultimate Army Speed Painting 101
  • Art of Airbrushing - Finishing Techniques
  • Art of Airbrushing - Large Figures
Most courses are around 2 hours with a few being four hour blocks.

We don't get a lot of hobby courses down here in New Zealand so I think this will be a great opportunity to learn some skills, correct some mistakes etc.

Weekly Hobby Update

Managed to get a bit of hobby done in the past week.

First I finished my sonic dread which I posted pictures on the blog. I've now started on some Daemonettes to summon in support of my EC. These are the Juan Diaz metal models and while a bitch to put together look really nice when painted. Aiming to have 25 painted by the end of the month.

On Wednesday night I had a game of KoW with my Varrangur against Higgins' Greenskins. We battled out a hard fought draw over 6 turns. A rematch is planned for this week.

Saturday saw a game down the club with my Emperor's Children vs. Thomas's Guard. When I say game I mean that I bitched about dice for 2.5 hours.....mine and Thomas's. I managed to pull a totally undeserved draw out of it but Thomas achieved First Blood when he vaporised my Cultists.  Really loving the new 40k worst it gives me a chance to moan about dice rather than my own lack of prowess.

Ordered the trophies for the Masters and they should look very nice.

Yesterday I sat down and wrote up the Mission Pack for the 40k Masters. I've had them checked and they are all consistent so that is a good start. The system and missions are brutal in that it is true W-D-L so no hoping to sneak through on a mix of big wins and draws. The winner will be a true Champion.

Also started checking the lists. I have three in so far (two checked). After some initial probs with Battlescribe I'm starting to get my head around it.

So a busy week with another busy one on the horizon.

Monday, November 13, 2017

40k - Sonic the Dreadnaught

For over 12 years a half painted Emperor's Children Sonic Dread has sat in my cupboard. With new Warhammer, I am working to finish armies I have and "Sonic" now has his moment in the sun.

Originally he was a darker purple but with two GW Citadel Paint ranges since he was started he has now got a lighter hue.

These Dreads are quite hard to get hold of theses days. I was lucky in that I picked up a couple before they were discontinued. "Sonic" has a Blastmaster arm and the FW Chaos Dread CC weapon arm.

The Chaos FAQ gives rules for these vehicles whereby they count as having a twin linked Blastmaster. That gives them plenty of dakka on a mobile firing platform.

I've never been a big fan of Dreads - I had an experience when I lost a tournament game when a Nurgle dread chased off after a gretchin on the last turn of the game rather than sit on an objective - and as a result they were always the last item I painted.

The base is home made - a mix of bark, Vallejo texture and some barbed wire - and finished with some Army Builder tufts.

Nice to have it finished.

Monday, November 6, 2017

40k - A Hard Day's Knight

On Saturday I wandered down to the Warlords with my Emperor's Children warband to try out the "Open War" missions I am looking to use for the NZ Masters next month. I have created a cut down deck using Deployment, Objective and Twist cards to use for the event. The deck removes the asymmetric deployments, some of the objectives and those Twist cards that mess the fundamental underlying characteristics of an army.

I managed to key up John for a game and battle ensued. I had the first turn and by the end of my second turn John only had four models left - unfortunately three of them were Questor Knights! By the end of his second turn, I had lost both my characters, my Terminators, my CC Noise Marines and my Warp Talons. We called it there!

It was a really fun game and I enjoyed the challenge of trying to combat three Knights. I had a plan that on another may have worked. However I also made a lot of mistakes - both tactical and rules wise.

  • John was Imperium - Death to False Emperor applies
  • My CC Noise Marines also have Music of the Apocalypse so make an extra attack (in their case grenade) when they die.
  • Death Hex should be in my Psychic Power arsenal
  • Work on using the Cultists for screening
This was the first time I had ever played a Knight. I'm looking forward to testing my mettle against them again soon.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Xth Annual New Zealand Masters - 40K Version

The Fields of Blood NZ Rankings season ends today and all the qualifying results have been uploaded to the system (Thanks Jack).

As a result it is possible to make the invites for the Xth NZ Masters which will be held on December 2nd & 3rd.

This year invites have been extended to the Top 20 ranked players in the FOB Rankings. This is to provide reasonable time for the players to determine if they want to participate. In the past we have built to a field of 12 but this year the field will be expanded past that if we get more acceptances.

Already eight of the invitees have accepted their place which is good for the first 24 hours. I'll be keeping invites open until 7th November and then finalising the field.

A Players Pack will go out this weekend detailing the event. There will be six rounds and armies will be 1750 points.

In the next week Jack and I will be looking at collapsing the burgeoning army classifications in FOB and then announced Best in Race winners for the year.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

40K - Warband of Noise Lord Challis Drant

My Emperor’s Children 1500 point list has been slightly adjusted to include some older units (Chaos Cultists) and some new additions (Warp Talons).
  • Daemon Prince of Slaanesh with Wings – Intoxicating Elixir, Unholy Fortitude [Prescience]
  • Sorcerer with Jump Pack – Force Sword, Combi Plasma [Warptime; Prescience]
  • 8x Terminators – all with Lightning Claw and Combi Plasma
  • 8x Noise Marines – 7x Chainsword; Champ with Power Sword
  • Rhino – Combi Bolter
  • 6x Noise Marines – 5x Sonic Blaster, Blastmaster
  • 6x Noise Marines – 5x Sonic Blaster, Blastmaster
  • 6x Noise Marines – 5x Sonic Blaster, Blastmaster
  • 10x Chaos Cultists
  • 10x Chaos Cultists
  • 5x Warp Talons

All Mark of Slaanesh, all Emperor’s Children.

I have 6 points to spend (most likely Cultist plus second Combi Bolter for Rhino).

Over the various iterations it has grown from around 40 models to 60+.

From here I will look to build an extra 250/500 points into the list. I have some character models, 2x Sonic Dreads, another Noise Marine squad, Daemonettes and a second Rhino to add.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

40K - Combi Plasma - Single Shot or Whole Hog?

Over the weekend I was playing around with the Mathhammer app on this site trying to determine what was the most efficient way to use a Combi Plasma.

EDIT: This is a Fake Combi Plasma. Sad!

Lucky Somebody Out There Is A Combi Scientist!

You have two options. Firstly you can shot either weapon alone or secondly you can fire them both together. If you choose the second option then if you are a MEQ you hit on a 4+ rather than a 3+.

Now I knew that one of the two options would be better than the other. My gut feel that hitting on a 3+ with the Plasma was probably better than hitting on 4+ with both the Plasma and the Bolter. And I guessed that this would also be target-dependent.

Well I was part right. I ran the maths for all combos from T3 to T8 and from 2+ Save to No Save. I also worked the numbers for things like Prescience which give you +1 to your To Hit rolls.

Rather than go through the maths, I'll jump to the useful part.....the outcome!

Normal Situation:

Unless your target has an Armour Save of  3+ or less or is T 5/6 with a 4+ Armour Save then you are better to shoot with both the Plasma and Boltgun.


Unless your target has an Armour Save of 2+ or is T 5/6 with a 3+ Armour Save then you are better to shoot with both the Plasma and Boltgun.

So a reliance on Plasma-alone only works best for heavily armoured targets, particularly if your To Hit roll is enhanced.

Remember this is purely in terms of D 1 shots and doesn't take into account Invulnerable Saves.

I'm pretty sure if you are looking at multiwound models and you do get Prescience off then your best option will definitely be single shooting Overcharged Plasma.

Weekly Hobby Update

Again it has been a relatively busy week regarding the hobby.

First up, I have been finishing a few figures for my KoW Goblin army. I've painted two Wizards and also a Forgeworld Colossal Squig (I picked up at Call to Arms). The Squig is a proxy for a Giant.

I'm happy with how it has come out given the investment of time.

I also spent some time re-basing more Noise Marine squads. I now have 4x 6 man Squads each with 5 Sonic Blasters and a Blastmaster. In addition I have a 9 man Noise Marine Close Combat squad.

The Emperor's Children hit the table on Saturday in a game versus Kent's Eldar. I had made a few changes to my list adding in a Sorcerer with Jump Pack and 2 squads of Chaos Cultists. The game was a lot of fun with my Daemon Prince surviving on one wound as it tried to hunt down the remaining Wave Serpent in Kent's army.

Now finishing off the Warp Talons before moving onto some Daemonettes and the two Sonic Dreads.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

40k - So That's Why They Are A Dying Race

The Warhammer Community page has some early sighters of the Ulthwe rules.

At first glance they seem very underwhelming but that needs to be couched with the fact that we haven't seen points values yet or the extent of psychic powers/stratagems/artifacts.

The Ulthwe "Special Rule" is a watered-down Disgustingly Resilient.

This works against Mortal Wounds as well but I'm not sure a 16% probability boost to a save is something worth leaving home for.

The unique Ulthwe Stratagem is also not that wonderful at first glance.

A +1 to all Hit rolls is nice but I think I would prefer a constant +1 to BS or WS as per previous iteration of Black Guardians. Given the CP cost to generating the +1 to Hit I think it is a bit underwhelming.

They also showed another Stratagem but this is not Ulthwe specific so while you might take more Guardians with Ulthwe it is available to all Craftworlds. It will start to burn through CPs fast too. Where there might be some utility is where you can marry it to Fortune.

Again not Ulthwe specific, but it will work well with Eldrad. Still it carries a lot of uncertainty but think of the instance where you take those last four wounds away.

So at first glance I am not jumping out of my skin. Yes, I can see the synergies but they come with a lot of caveats and not a small cost in CPs. A lot depends on unit costs. However I'm guessing we are more likely to see Eldrad having "away days' with other craftworlds.

Time to dust of Eldrad's Alaitoc Clown Party!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

40k - Return of the Thin White Dukes

Back in the day (that's how us olden folks say longer than the current solar cycle) Phil Kelly was a very young member of the GW Design Studio.

He wrote the third edition "Codex: Eldar" and then created something special. "Codex: Craftworld Eldar" was the first of the third ed mini-dexes and it contained rules for five of the Eldar Craftworlds. This was the start of a blossoming of variant lists that gave 3rd and 4th Edition, its real flavour.

In 2006 I built my first Eldar army. I had previously despised the PEGs and their stupid Starcannons, their silly Phoenix Lords that destroyed MEQs etc. But with the Ulthwe I could build a themed army that was sufficiently different to Codex Eldar.

The two unique Ulthwe units were the Black Guardians and the Seer Council. Black Guardians were the citizen army of the Craftworld and they had higher a higher Ballistic Skill or a higher Weapon Skill than regular Guardians. However unlike other Craftworlds (and indeed Eldar armies) two units were compulsory in your force. I had 80 in my army split into four units of 20.

The second unique unit was the Seer Council. Here you bought at least two Farseers and three Warlocks but you could add to the unit. My Council was made up of 3 Farseers and 8 Warlocks – dubbed by locals as the “Seer Village”. Armed with Witchblades they were the bane of any vehicle they ran into generally able to dispatch even a Land Raider in a single assault.

I used my Ulthwe at Liber Animus in Melboure in 2006 where I picked up the BloodThirster (Best General) award [I lost out on Best Overall to White Dwarf Editor Bryan Cook’s Vostroyan army by 0.5 point].

So the Ulthwe hold a special spot in my heart. I also had an Iyanden army and can honestly say I was probably the main reason why the Craftworld teetered on the edge of oblivion. Locally Wraithlords had an aura of invulnerability before I played Iyanden….afterwards not so much. I was responsible for the death of so many Wraithlords due to my general incompetence in keeping them alive.

GW has announced that Craftworld Eldar is the next codex. I couldn’t be happier. The return of the thin white dukes as the Village rides again.