Friday, April 24, 2015

Badger Minitaire Paints Arrive

Got home from a shitty day at work yesterday (and I very rarely have them), sitting on the porch was a parcel.

Inside were the full set of Badger airbrush paints I ordered last week from Amazon USA (fantastic service).

Roll on the weekend.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Yay......I'm a Collector

My April purchases from Games Workshop

Tick tock.

The sense of entitlement is strong in this one.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Kickstarter Malaise?

Jump back two years and the Kickstarter revolution in Wargaming is in full swing. Like the Stockmarket in the 80's , anything can get funded. You've just got to have an idea.

Back now to today and reality bites. We are facing a totally different market. The air has gone out of the tyres...and some. Rather than its purpose funding small producers that can't get traditional funding to bring their product to market, the Wargaming Kickstarters are dominated by established players using the avenue as a pre-order mechanism.

So what caused this "evolution"?

Well generally you can isolate the problems into the following areas:

  • Hobbyists not businessmen or manufacturers
  • Unrealistic stretch goals which overinflated projects
  • Access to cost-effective producers which sometimes meant international (think China), something they were ill-equiped to undertake
  • Over-optimistic timelines
  • Capability to deal with financial inflow appropriately
  • Scale - usually too big for their expertise.

For some it has been learning experience that has seem them emerge stronger. For others I expect a death knell - if not actually, then certainly reputationally or because they are now exhausted - in terms of future manufacturing.


Personally I've been lucky in terms of the projects I've backed:

  • Tablescapes (SWM) - delivered 12 months late but a superior product. Eighteen months on I'm still waiting display board
  • Darklands (Mierce) - involved in first project and one of later ones. Good delivery. However now use it as pre-order tool
  • Creature Caster - now approaching a year late. Will deliver but case book study for being seduced by stretch goals.
  • Games & Gears - brushes. On time no drama.
  • Dead zone (Mantic) - terrain package on time. Like Mierce use KS for pre-orders
  • Miniature Terrain Scenery - just finished. June 2015 deadline. I'm optimistic given scale.
The one I've been burnt on is Custom Dice Lab which was going to create bespoke dice. Guy raised $70,000 and bought laser cutter and dice but hasn't been heard of for three months. Now 9 months overdue....I'm not expecting to see much for my $37.

The key lesson is to look at the "success" of the campaign. You don't want them to fall victim to that success. For me something like Miniature Terrain Scenery is what I'm looking for in a new venture. Sufficient money to deliver but not too much that they have to rework scale.


As always, Caveat Emptor.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Panzer Corps - iPad Game

Over the past few weeks I have spent an enormous amount of time having fun playing "Panzer Corps" for the iPad.

The game is produced by Slitherine (makers of the Field of Glory tabletop Wargames rules) and cost NZD 24.

When I say the game is produced by Slitherine it is really just a faithful reproduction of the game mechanics, engine and playability of the 1990s PC game Panzer General II. And if you played and loved that game then you will absolutely love this one.

You fight as an Axis General over one of five campaigns - full war, early war, Barbarossa, post Stalingrad and late war or you can pick individual battles/scenarios. There are five difficulty settings so it contains an enormous replayability.

I tend to throw my resources into winning the air war and back this up with mobile pioneer units to take cities. This seems to work well but you can't afford to ignore artillery or tanks.

Can certainly see this whiling away a number of wintry afternoons and fully recommend it if you have an iPad.


My Current Games Workshop Purchase List

Pot of Screaming Skull paint.
Pot of Reikland Flesh wash.

That is all

Monday, April 20, 2015

Call to Arms in August

The next local event here in Wellington (as far as I'm aware) is Call to Arms in August.

This is the annual convention of the Wellington Warlords and is being held at St. Pat's, Kilbirnie. Generally it is a multi-system convention and I expect that in addition to the two Games Workshop games there will also be Historicals (Ancients, Flames of War, Napoleonics). Hopefully this year we will see some of the newer games such as Malifaux, X-Wing, Bolt Action etc - either as competitions or demo games.

It would also be great if the Warmachine competition returned. Apparently last year there was a falling out over prize support that saw the Warmahordes guys not attend. Hopefully the Warlords and local Warmachine players can settle any differences as it is a shame not to be able to see all the different games on offer.

Weekend Hobby - Skarsnik

Taking advantage of my new hobby setup, I spent some time on the weekend finishing Skarsnik and Gobbla.

Loved the "Skarsnik" novel and the material on the Night Goblin Overtyrant is some of my favourite in the End Times.

My only disappointment was after I started painting Gobbla I realised there were two tusks missing. I fix that with GS over next couple of days.



Sunday, April 19, 2015

Assassins Boxed Game

Apparently this week's White Dwarf teaser "Can You Save The Galaxy?" refers to a new release next weekend.

GW are releasing a limited edition 40k boxed game featuring Assassins. It is a standalone game but contains four Assassin models - one from each of the temples - and various non-Imperial prey. The game will be available for a couple of months or until sold out.

Sounds interesting and reinforces last week's "An Unfortunate Experiment" post which highlighted GW's return to their roots.

My New Hobby Set-Up

While I was away at Adepticon - and partly inspired by seeing Jack's desk - I decided to "refurbish" my hobby area.

This involved some negotiation as Lynne had part of the area I coveted as a dumping ground for her work material. I gave up my desk in the lounge and Lynne has happily moved her stuff in there, freeing up some space.

I now have a galley area about 10 foot by 4 foot that I can utilise. To this end I have dumped my old wooden desk and roller top cabinet and picked up two glass desks off Trade Me (NZ's local eBay equivalent). The best thing is I'm currently $60 to the good doing this. Still after a third one but isn't the interim using an old wooden desk for airbrush set up.

So here's what I've now got.

The area on the left is for assembly, cutting and other non-painting hobby. The central part is where I do my painting and on the right is my airbrushing set up. One of the best things is the lighting. There are three ceiling lights above and my two lamps can be swung to where they are needed.

There is so much more room than I am used to. This means I can have my ultrasound cleaner, Dremel and paint shaker all in easy reach. The organisers on the left have my tools while those in the centre are painting focussed.

I have some exhaust hose on order so my spray booth will vent out the back door.

This is the type of setup I have been looking for and hopefully it will see my hobby hours getting more productive. The ability to switch task within the area should mean that the setup and take down time is avoided.

And I have a happy wife because now everything is in one area and I'm not turning the kitchen bench into a de facto hobby area.


FOB Army Rankings

Well three months have rolled around again and here is the latest update of the Army Rankings. As always these are drawn from the three jurisdictions that use the FOB system - UK, Australia and New Zealand.

I've gone through the methodology in the past so you can go back and check those posts rather than me go through it again.

Two key trends are present across all three countries - the retreat of Warriors of Chaos and the rise of Wood Elves. The first of these surprises me a bit because I thought WoC would be a significant beneficiary of the relaxing of character restrictions. Perhaps we are seeing a couple of things - the lack of a super character in ET context and some siphoning into Legion of Chaos. However you'd expect to see similar in Wood Elves and that's not the case. I think it is just a confirmation of how good Trueflight Arrows are and how good Wild Riders are for their points.

The other key point is the entry of Elven Legions into the UK list. It reinforces the Elfpocalypse blighting the Warhammer World. "Save us Everchosen, you're our only hope!"

The combined rankings reinforces this trend:

Six months ago Wood Elves had a combined score of 6/30. Now it is 21. In the same time WoC have fallen from 24 or 25 to their current 18. The Elfpocalypse is in full advance.

The Daemons have maintained their ranking and I think this reinforces how good a counter they are to elves.

Interestingly, we now have a definite two tier game. The top seven armies are head and shoulders above the rest in terms of results. We have only seen one army force its way into the top tier in the past year and that is the Wood Elves.