Friday, February 27, 2015

NZTC - One Sleep To Go

NZTC is on tomorrow and I hope I've negotiated the last player drop out. A big thanks to Locky Reid for stepping into the Legion of Doom after they had a player withdraw overnight (due to illness).

For those attending games start at 8:30am with an Umpire's briefing 10 minute before. Please be there and ready to go at 8:15am - that means ready (not army in case) :-)

Looking forward to seeing you all along.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Warhammer Visions - Subscription Rates

I received my resubscription notice for Warhammer Visions earlier this week. They told me that my subscription ran out with Issue 14 and that to continue to receive it, I would need to give them some more money.

Now I'm wondering how many people have received these since the move to Visions and more importantly how many have provided their credit card details. My sub has been a legacy of the old White Dwarf subscription that was then extended for an additional two years because I complained about the change in product offering, terms and conditions with the re-boot before this. So it's far to say that I'm now at the stage where White Dwarf and I owe each other nothing.

The question then becomes whether I resubscribe. Given the last six issues are sitting unread beside my bed, you don't have to be Einstein to guess it's likely to be "no".

I used to love "White Dwarf". From 2003-2008 I had both the UK and Asia-Pacific versions via sub. When they rationalised the product I became less enthusiastic and then with each subsequent re-boot - 2012 (new size - good initially then rapidly declined) and the 2014 move to WD Weekly and Visions - ultimately disinterested. I purchased the first 40 odd WDW but gave it away after ET:Khaine and since then have only bought the Thanquol ones.

The reason is that there is little "thought content" in either of the current iterations. Rather they are very visual and reinforce the line GW now sees its customers as "collectors" rather than gamers. This is particularly true with Visions. It has beautiful pictures of armies, new releases and Golden Daemon entries in it but being realistic these are only one click away on the interwebz thingy. I'm not sure it is a sustainable business model for a magazine long term and that where my interest in the process lies. I wondering how many people have resubscribed to Visions?

I'd guess it is significantly less than 100% and that new subscribers are not making up the slack. Sure it is only supposition on my part but I'd like to think I've read this right.

If I am correct then where do we go from here? I always had the view that Visions was just a vehicle to fulfil existing WD subscription obligations and once they roll off then it will fold. But what if it's not? What if it is reflective of GW's New World View of "collectors" versus "gamers"? I guess subscription numbers will give them a clue to how correct they are.

Watch this space.

NZTC This Weekend

This weekend is the New Zealand Teams Championship for WHFB. With over 50 people attending this will likely be the largest Fantasy event of the year here in NZ.

As it stands there are twelve teams competing for the Championship - down on the 16 teams who attended last year. The drop in numbers is a little disappointing but reflects a number of last year's attendees rage-quitting in response to the End Times, rumours of 9th Ed, GW's pricing policies - take your pick.

Even with a lower attendance I'm picking that the participants will have a lot of fun. The teams concept is a great vehicle for the social aspect of the hobby - and of course there is always someone else to blame for poor performance.

I want to give a big thanks to Tim Joss not only for giving up his weekend but also for flying up from Invercargill to umpire the event. Every event needs an umpire and because of Tim's efforts 50+ gamers get to have some fun.

Given this meeting of gamers, I've taken the opportunity to organise a Bring & Buy and any locals are welcome to come and check it out and also have a look at the games at the same time.

Looking forward to a great weekend

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Surplus Gaming Materials

If any locals are interested I am selling some 6' x 4' MDF tabletops and some wargaming basecloths.

The boards are good quality while the cloths are a lightweight material, hemmed and in a variety of colours (two greens, desert, brown and grey).

You can check out threads here:

White Dwarf Bloodthirster

As noted earlier in the week this Saturday sees the first releases associated with End Times V.

The White Dwarf has been spotted and you can get a good look at the new plastic Billy.

He's a friendly looking chap...sports the requisite number of skulls etc.

There are three variants in the kit that will be released on March 6th.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The von Trapp Invitational Trophy

Due to an odd number of teams at the NZTC the von Trapp Family stepped out to ensure that there was no bye.

Instead the members of the von Trapps will compete for the von Trapp Invitational Trophy. This comprises a round robin, a game of Doubles and a Triumph & Treachery game.

And what are they playing for?

Behold the von Trapp Invitational Trophy in all its glory!!!!!

Who will get their name on the trophy?

Tom Dunn von Trapp the 2012 Master and King of Final Transformation? Dan Butler von Trapp, two time ETC player and 2014 #1 Ranked Player? Peter Williamson von Trapp, second twice at the NZ Masters? Or Peter Dunn von Trapp, 2014 Master and #1 ranked player for 4 of the last six years?

It's going to be huge!


FOB NZ Rankings - Fantasy Updated for Inepticon

I've received the results for Inepticon that was held the same weekend as last year's Masters and they have been included in the rankings.

The results see the winner Alan Hughes move up to 11th.

The Big Rats have their eyes on this pretender!

The Doldrums

The past month has been characterised by a period of the doldrums as the release of Thanquol and rumours of the upcoming 9th Edition Armageddon receded into the mire.

This week starts the next upwave as we get the plastic Bloodthirster announced in White Dwarf - along with its rules. There is no mention of End Times V so it looks like that release will be announced in the first March White Dwarf.

It's at this point the gnashing of teeth will start again as the End Times "ends" and the rumour mill for 9th grinds into full production.

This week rumours have started to circulate regarding the contents of what has been called the 9th Edition box set. However in the next breath the rumours say that this is a standalone skirmish game set in the new Warhammer presumably post End Times world.

Expect the next two-three months to be filled with claim and counterclaim, portents of doom, anticipatory rage-quitting, proposed boycotts etc.

The rest of us will get on enjoying the game.

Monday, February 23, 2015

NZTC First Round Draw

Last evening NZTC Umpire Tim Joss did the First Round Draw on Twitter.

The Matchups are as follows:
  • Legion of Doom v DILF
  • Pete's Pot Luck v Stonefalls Massive
  • Bucketheads v Nice Team
  • Weekend Warriors v Artful Dodgers
  • Not Afraid To Use Comp v Grumpy Old Men
  • Shirts Off v Pants Off
Running alongside the event will be the inaugural von Trapp Invitational where the four members of the von Trapp team will play a round-robin versus each other, a two player a side game and finish it off with a Triumph & Treachery bout.

It should be a great weekend.

Winning List From US Masters - Tomb Kings

The US Masters were run over the weekend using Swedish Comp (not sure range).

The winning list was:

Liche High Priest, L4 Nehekhara, Dispel Scroll
Liche High Priest, L4 Undeath, Scroll of Shielding
Tomb King, GW, Dragonhelm, Ironcurse

Tomb Herald BSB, Charmed Shield, MR3 Token

18 Archers, Command
18 Archers, Command
16 Archers, Armour, Command
5 Horse Archers
5 Horse Archers
5 Horse Archers

40 Tomb Guard, Command, Halberds, Razor Standard


Apparently the play method was to summon Ethereals using the Lore of Undeath to block up the enemy and then shoot them off.

Good on the guy for winning with an unfashionable but OMG what is Joe Sleboda going to say now?

Cue the Comphammer now hitting the Lore of Undeath