Friday, May 22, 2015

Tabletop World - Bridge

Last week Tabletop World released their latest terrain piece.

I really like this piece and one is currently winging its way from sunny Croatia for my gaming table.

The Tabletop World sculpts are fantastic quality and beautifully detailed both inside and out.

You can see that this is another multi piece kit but like all their buildings it is really functional.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

FOB NZ Rankings - Warhammer 40k Updated for NatCon and Auckland Open

Amazing what updating the rankings does.

Results for NatCon and Auckland Open 40k have come to light and have been entered in the rankings.

Looks like the "Bring Your Imperial Knight to School" tactic isn't only limited to Wellington, based on Auckland Open results

Creature Caster Kickstarter Near Delivery

Although the Creature Caster Kickstarter is almost nine months late they are rapidly approaching delivery.

Here is a pic of the finished Emperor Dragon - check out the detail!

Now be amazed when I tell you that is a "dry fit" - no glue holding it together. It comes with alternate heads and with and without howdah - all in same kit.

I have the Maggot Daemon, Plague Angel and Vulture Daemon coming for myself and the Treewoman for Peter Williamson.

Once Kickstarter is delivered they will be on general release.


HomeCon V This Weekend

This weekend HomeCon V is on at Chez Dunn.

There are twelve participants playing five round using the SCGT tournament pack.

Comp ranges from "0" (James Brown using ETC High Elves) to "8" (McCrae Louden's 4 Treeman Wood Elves, Alix Barclay's Night Goblins and Greg Greenfield's Malekith-led Dark Elves).

In between there are a mix of "3" to "6" armies.

BBQ both days and local curry house on Saturday night.

I'll post pics after the weekend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

GW Price Increases Sighted

Some pretty significant price rises on the horizon from GW.

Warhammer World Re-Opening: Clear As Mud

Warhammer World re-opened on Saturday after extensive re-modelling and they held an Open Day to celebrate.

As well as some stunning dioramas they also re-introduced their Studio armies and the message was mixed.

If you look at the following photos - snatched from Ben Curry's Twitter feed - you'll see the lie of the lane is........puzzling.

As you can see the Fantasy geography is in a state of flux. There is more than a smattering of these "round" bases between the traditional straight edges.

Are we seeing a re-basing process beginning which will see all Fantasy models rebased. Or is this part of the rumoured "two ways to play" game where there is a Skirmish game and a large Battles game.

It's all as clear as mud.

One thing I do believe is that the whole "Kumbaya" concept of base whichever way you want is long term a crock of shit. If GW say round bases for the skirmish game and whatever you want for WHFB then I have real doubts for the longevity of the bigger game. My pick is that the possibility for retaining squares is just a fop for existing customers but you better believe it is a transitory state. In future that option will disappear.

Little Timmy is not going to be told to put is Legion of Chaos on round bases for skirmish and if he wants to play big boy hammer switch to square bases. Over time GW will see round bases replace.

As far as resale value goes - Square bases now equal demolition costs (hindering rather than enhancing value). YMMV.


New Citadel Brushes

A couple of weeks ago Citadel released an updated set of brushes for the hobby.

After Hagen Kerr waxed lyrical about them on the weekend I popped into my Hobby Centre and bought a Medium Base brush. Now I don't know whether Hagen has actually used one of just drinking the GW Kool-Aid but apparently "this medium brush, ideal for basecoating features a flat shape with a curved top, entirely synthetic bristles for extended durability".

The thing that struck me first about the brush is the price. NZD $15 for a synthetic brush is not a small outlay. It puts the cost at what I can get a good sable brush for via the net.

So I intend using this brush over the next thirty days to see how fit for purpose it is. I'll let you know how I get on.


Mordheim - Black Lotus to the Rescue

The Black Lotus Triad rolled out of their layer into the section of Mordheim known as “The Rock”. Sylitch thought life would be so much easier if they had some sort of jacked up Urban Assault Vehicle – he must talk to Clan Skyre.

Word had come that some rich merchant’s son had got himself lost while out for a night on the town “looking for a bit of rough”. His father had offered a handsome reward for his safe return. As the Triad moved into the city they saw the usual gangs out there looking for the lost boy.

Spotting some minor clan leader, Sylitch twitched his tail sending a signal marking his territory and warning the skab-rats not to encroach. Unfortunately the rat was too stupid to understand – either that or he had a death wish. In the centre the dead-things had found the boy and were trying to withdraw with him in tow.

Sling shots whistled past as Skiffle tried to retrieve a piece of warpstone nestled next to a building. These vermin were stupid. As they moved throw the Black Lotus territory, Slylitch signalled to the Verminkin and his surprisingly green sorcerer, Riktus, to open up. Thirty seconds later the encroachers were on the ground or had withdrawn.

The boy had escaped from the Dead-Things that were withdrawing from the square. Sylitch could now safely move in and secure the merchant’s son.


The boy’s head exploded and he collapsed in a pool of blood.

“I hate spoilt rich pricks” smiled Slylitch as he put his sling away.


It was another good day for the Black Lotus. No members were injured (in fact none were taken out of action) and all advanced an Experience Level. Slylitch increased his Initiative and three members increased to two wounds – I’m putting it down to the strange mushrooms Riktus has been cooking.

Two shards of warpstone were secured (and a third one purchased). Slylitch managed to find a merchant selling a pair of Warplock Pistols while supplies of Lucky Charms were accumulated. Finally all the Heroes were outfitted with a Rope and Hook.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

No More "The Watchtower" Podcast

About once a fortnight I drift over to WargamerAu to check out any WHFB threads. Generally there is not much new or exciting but it does give a flavour for what is happening in the Australian gaming scene.

This weekend I noted that "The Watchtower" podcast - which IMO has been the best of the Aussie podcasts over the past five years - had pulled the pin.

The podcast was put out by three of Australia's 2014 ETC team - Mick Ferraro, Nick Legrand and Alex Treble - who were/are successful players in the NSW/ACT scene.

By my reckoning they put out 15-20 episodes over the past couple of years - but nothing in 2015 - and I found that the content was generally sensible and well reasoned (and certainly a lot less "shouty" than some of their compatriots). The reason cited was a combination of hosting renewal, far harder logistics and what I sense is a dose of the malaise that hangs over the Warhammer world at the moment.

Also I suspect that recording and particularly producing a podcast is a big time commitment and after awhile that becomes a chore. There is a high incidence of burnout and that looks like it is evident here.

Anyway a big thanks to Mick, Nick and Alex for their efforts over the past couple of years. Who knows? We may see you back bigger and better in 9th.


FOB NZ Rankings - 40k Updated For Tempest

What proved to be the country's biggest 40k event of the past 12 months was held over the weekend.

The results have been uploaded to the rankings and as you would expect have shaken things up.

The South truly is rising!