Thursday, November 26, 2015

Plastic Injection Molding

While check out a couple of sites last night I came across this video on plastic injection molding.

I thought it gave a really good and clear explanation of a process that we all rely on in the hobby.

If you've ever wondered how your figures are made it is well worth a watch.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Leap Chess Clock

Kings of War allows for timed games especially in its most competitive form. To facilitate this you need a chess clock - either a smartphone app or a dedicated clock.

Worried about battery drain and also struggling with the concept of multitasking on the same device, I decided to grab the physical chess clock. Jumping on eBay I quickly found a multitude of sellers out of China, offering what appeared to be the same model.

Branded "Leap", it is a nice compact model in a dark brown-black plastic. The instructions are easy to follow and you can either count up or count down (with an alarm when it times out). It requires one A size battery.

Very economical too. It cost me NZD$25 (USD$16) including post from China.


New "Mutant" Paint Pots From GW

I wandered into GW today to pick up a couple of pots of paint - Dryad Bark because Tabletop World love their wood and Drakenhof Nightshade to wash my stonework.

When I picked up the wash I thought I had picked up a mutant. Apparently GW have decided to double the volume of their Shade pots.

I was told that the new greater capacity pot was a response to customer demand. It seems people were complaining about how fast they went through their washes.

As a style icon, the new pot is not great. Lots of weight concentrated at the top - I expect we'll see more frequent spills. Still collecting paint pots is part of the hobby, yeah?

The pot won't fit in my GW provided Citadel Paint Rack.....grrrr.

I wonder how long before other "types" go this way. 

Survey Reminder - Army Popularity in Kings of War

Just a reminder that Fields of Blood is doing a completely unscientific survey of readers to look at what they are playing and what armies excite them going forward.

I've had a lot of responses so far but I'm still looking for more.

So for those playing KoW (and haven't already done so) can you please answer the following questions - posting your answers in the comments section:

  1. What army are you currently using?
  2. What army have you used the most in KoW?
  3. What will be your next army?
  4. What army would you like to build?
  5. Which army would you never play/build?
I'm going to let this go another fortnight them publish results.

Ratkin - Reacting to the Meta

Here in New Zealand as in the rest of the world, the current meta appears to be focused on placing 1-2 Hordes of Archers with enhancements - you choose....+1 to hit, +1 Piercing or +12" range. This is usually backed by a Bane Chanting Mage and then flyers to provide punch.

Part of the reason for this is that there are a lot of new people to the game and let's say that this setup is very forgiving. The build lets people do something in all phases of the game and while opponents are also learning their armies rewards any hesitancy in enemy play.

In my Ratkin up until now I have been using a lot of Hordes....or in the case of Tunnel Slaves, even a Legion. I've learnt the basic mechanisms and now the time has arrived to start applying tactics. Because the meta is currently so heavily weighted to the shooting horde plus Flyer punch, I've made some changes to my list. Lightning Bolts and piercing breath weapons have been added to keep flyers honest and the Legion of slaves has been dropped.

Instead of the Legion I now have five Regiments of Slaves. These cost only 60 points each and have two key functions. First, they increase the total number of deployment first six represent a grand total of 345 points. This gives me a chance to see where the enemy deploys before I make any significant "tells". Second, they are cheap and fast but still have to be dealt with.

Rallying means that the Nerve is commonly 16 so if I push them aggressively forward then the still have to be dealt with. Yes, they have low Defence but you still need to be doing 10+ wounds to have any certainty that you'll pop them - more if inspired. These guys don't need to do damage they just need to get in the way, be it by absorbing fire, blocking paths or setting up a counter.

So my approach is starting to evoke as I approach my 20th game. Loving the journey.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


So last night my copy of "Uncharted Empires" dropped and I spent the evening devouring the fluff.

Of course the section of most interest to me (and no doubt the majority of the book's readers) was the section on the Ratkin.

Here we were treated to the Ratkin "Creation Story" where the experiments of an evil dwarf (is there really any other kind) saw them emerge from the Petrie dish and into a live of slavery and servitude.

As is the case in such stories, the downtrodden rise up in a glorious revolution and cast of the yoke of the oppressors, building for themselves a bright and bountiful future.


Really the only mystifying part of the whole story was that Mantic had classified them as "Evil". I had hoped that all the typos would have been picked up in the proofreading.

Still a warm and fuzzy furry story for such a Noble and Valiant race.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Kapiti Clash of Kings Lists

This weekend the Kapiti Clash of Kings event is being held.

This is six rounds 2000 points.

You can check out the lists here

Good luck to all those playing.

Night Stalkers - Radical New Design

Yesterday was a day of domestics in the Dunn household, so while I went about some of the jobs I had to do I listened to a couple of Kings of War podcasts.

Both "Four Foot Snake" and "Countercharge" focused on the upcoming release of "Uncharted Empires". Attracting a lot of discussion was one of the new races the Night Stalkers. This race has no direct - or even near - equivalent in the Warhammer world.

Matt Gilbert was on both podcasts. He went through the design philosophy of the army and how that led to the resulting army list. In effect, the Night Stalkers are a bunch of disembodied souls that are trying to rejoin the mortal world. This had led to the creation of units and rules that capture the stuff of nightmares.

The first thing is the largely army wide trait of Stealthy. The -1 to hit from missile troops starts to play with the current meta that promotes large hordes of archers and the like. This stacks with the -1 for Individuals making Night Stalker characters a real nightmare (pun intended) to remove with missile troops.

The army also has no Inspiring. Instead, it uses the Inspiring present in the opponent's army. This creates all sorts of opportunities to play with your opponent's mind. Do they push their Inspiring units forwards to benefit from the trait or hold them back to deprive the Stalkers of Nerve re-rolls.

One of the units in the list is called Doppelgängers. This unit assumes the characteristics of its melee opponents when it fights. So they get Attacks, Melee and benefits. Again this is interesting and novel. Do you throw your elite high impact units in to try and clear them in a single round? Knowing if you fail you'll get the exact same back. Or do you throw shite units in to effectively neutralise the points cost? Great stuff.

I think this sounds a real fun and different army to play with and against. If has some echoes of the Storm of Chaos Clan Eshin list but in reality it is a pretty radical new entrant in massed battle fantasy games.

No doubt it will surprise opponents (again pun intended) the first few times they play it. I expect to see the inevitable calls of "broken" in the first few weeks of release. As is usually the case, extended exposure will result in defensive tactics being developed.

Good on Matt and Mantic for bringing a new challenge to the table.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Kraken Wargames - Gamemat Kickstarter

I keep an eye on Kickstarters and one that has some appeal is the current one for Kraken Mats.

This mats are the photo quality mouse mat cloths made popular by Frontline Gaming and

The Kickstater has 8 days to go and this video gives you an idea of the product:

The killer on all these products for people in this part of the world is shipping. I contacted the creator Tobias and he indicated 100 Euros per 6x4 mat. That makes a purchase pretty prohibitive.

So I was pleasantly surprised when he contacted me yesterday and said he had done some investigation and could ship two mats for 50 Euros. That makes the cost around NZD150 - which is very competitive.

If it appeals then I suggest getting in before it closes. It looks like all themes will be unlocked by the end. I'm intrigued to see what the cobblestone looks like. A word of caution though - NZ buyers need to limit purchase to two mats per package so as not to run foul of Customs charges.

So great customer service from the creators which gives me a great deal of confidence that they will deliver.

Plenty Still To Do!

Last night I rounded up all the Tabletop World pieces that I still need to paint. This mean opening three unopened boxes and trying to find the others pieces I knew I had - they were in a box on top of the laundry cupboards.

I'm now pretty sure I have them all corralled and did a quick count - seven unpainted buildings (yikes!!).

That's five on them! The other two have made it to the spray booth and been primed.

So next up it is OOP Blacksmith's Forge. If anyone can suggest some suitable figures for a forge please let me know.