Thursday, May 16, 2019

40K - Scatter Terrain Painted (Titan Terrain/GW)

With May being my terrain month I have completed some industrial scatter terrain to go on my tables.

First is the container hauler from Titan Terrain. This should work well with my warehouse.

I had three dumpsters thrown in my Titan Terrain order so here they are painted up. Averland Sunset is great colour for things you intend to "weather".

Games Workshop have their galvanic server which is in effect an industrial crane.

It comes with two tractors. These small vehicles can act as obstructions on the battlefield. I like them because they look cool and give some character to any industrial zone.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

40k - Titan Terrain Done

If you remember a couple of weeks ago I posted regarding some MDF terrain I had purchased from Titan Terrain in Dunedin.

The last post showed that I had employed the rattlecan to prime them. Well now the 4 main buildings are finished. These are the Workshop, Shop + Apartment, Dispensary and Warehouse plus the bridges to link them together.

Here are some pictures of the near-finished product (they need weathering but I wanted to use them today):

On the left is Shop + Apartment linked to the Dispensary and the Workshop.

Close up on the Shop + Apartment

The Warehouse is great in that it really does block line of site. It is about 14" x 6" and at least 16" high. I can see myself picking up 1-2 more.

Here you can see the airbridge across to the Workshop. This has a dumpster out the back for all your old Ynnari Indexes.

I made up the canopy on the Dispensary incorrectly - it is upside down. However works well as a firing parapet for 40k. 

Another view of the Warehouse. It really is a wonderful building in game terms.

The modular nature of the buildings means you could create a fantastic table for Necromunda or Kill Team. It fits in well with my Industrial Terrain as well.

To give it a 40k feel I downloaded a series of posters off the net and printed them off. This breaks up some of the grey walls.

In the foreground is one of Kim Styles 3-D printed pieces. Again it is complemented by these Titan Terrain pieces.

Here's a shot down the table. Combing the various pieces creates a nice "industrial" feel.

It also provides the necessary cover to make for an interesting game.

Fully recommend Titan Terrain...great quality at a great price. And NZ-designed and made.

Monday, May 6, 2019

40k - Gamecow's Guide To Getting Started With Kill Team

Recently I was contacted by a couple of gamers who asked if I would post a link to a guide to Kill Team that they have written.

I know a few of the locals play Kill Team and enjoy it and thought it might be of interest to others looking to get into the game.

You can find the guide here

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Adeptus Titanicus

While I'm not a fan of super-heavies or Lords of War in Matched Play games of 40k, I am intrigued by the battles between the so-called Gods of War.

Last year GW released Adeptus Titanicus an update on their old Titan Legions game. Set during the Horus Heresy, the background really appeals.

Recently I picked up a set of the "Grand Master Edition" which has all the rules, terrain, counters plus two Warhound Titans and six Imperial Knights.

This arrived this morning and gives me the entry into the game I was looking for.

I'll be painting my models up as Legio Mortis.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

40K - The Long War: Planetfall Results

The second of The Long War series "Planetfall" was held today in Wellington.

The results were as follows:

Rank Player Army WDL BPs
1 Simon Smith Imperial Knights 3-0-0 90
2 Tom Dunn Tyranids 3-0-0 84
3 Sean Sullivan Dark Eldar 2-0-1 83
4 Louis Thomson-Gregg Dark Eldar 2-0-1 83
5 Dave Hodgetts Astra Militarum 2-0-1 72
6 Cody Parlato Necrons 2-0-1 72
7 Luke Archbold Adeptus Custodes 1-1-1 71
8 Aaron Wilson Adeptus Mechanicus 1-1-1 56
9 Ryan Stuart Tyranids 1-0-2 70
10 Jordan Green Chaos 1-0-2 49
11 Paul Knieriem Imperium 1-0-2 48
12 Carson Turnbull Necrons 1-0-2 36
13 Alastair Helm Tau 0-0-3 63
14 Chris Sims Space Marines 0-0-3 51

Best Sport: Ryan Stuart (clean sweep of Best Opponent votes)

Best Army: Luke Archbold

Congratulations to Simon Smith on following up his Natcon win with this result.

The results will be uploaded to the FOB NZ Rankings.

Friday, May 3, 2019

40K - Long War 2: "Planetfall" Lists

The lists for tomorrow's The Long War: PLANETFALL can be found here

Three rounds, 1500 points, ITC Missions

We are using the new FAQ and 2019 Mission Pack.

Should be interesting:

  • 2x Necrons
  • 2x Tyranids
  • 2x Dark Eldar
  • Tau
  • Ad Mech
  • Deathwatch/Grey Knights/Guard
  • Imperial Guard
  • Custodes
  • Space Marines/Guard
  • Imperial Knights
  • Daemons/Death Guard
Unfortunately had 5 dropouts this week 😞

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

40K - April FAQ: GW Hits It Out Of The Park

In all reality GW could have named this the "DON'T BE A DOUCHE" FAQ.....because this is where they came down hard against perceived unintended consequences.


GW have clarified wording to remove rules "abuses" that didn't fit their view of how the game should be played. In doing so, they haven't been afraid to admit they have been wrong in the past and readjust the landscape.

Things you should be aware of:
  • Changes to units with the "Fly" keyword regarding the Charge phase
  • Creation of a new "Aircraft" keyword designed to address issues with the current Eldar Flyer Spam army (suspect this will only prove partially successful)
  • Changes to Eldar Psychic Powers (affect allies)
  • Significant changes to Orks - Mob Up restrictions, Characteristic rolls
  • Limitations on Datasheets...or a mortar is a mortar is a mortar
  • Restrictions on Bolter Discipline
  • Point changes to Castellan
  • Limitations on improvements to Invulnerable Saves (IK and GK)
  • Increase CP for the 85 point Assassin reservoir
  • Mental Onslaught defanged
  • No orders for Brood Brothers
  • Vexator Mask "Fight Last" effect depowered
The one thing they didn't "fix" was the stacking of -1 to Hit. IMO GW hit things they saw as "unfun". There is nothing IMO more unfun than a -3 to Hit especially if that makes it impossible to hit a Flyer. I would have liked to see a cap at -2 to Hit (at least).

Still very happy GW addressed the main sore points. 

Well done!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

40k - New Zealand Team - ETC 2020

A few weeks ago I registered my intention with the ETC Chairmen to enter a New Zealand Team in ETC 2020.

We are now at the stage where we are looking for candidates for the team. The event is being held in Luxembourg in early August 2020. I require eight players for the team.

Ideally we would draw on NZ domestic resources in the first instant. It is not a cheap exercise to attend ETC so prospective candidates should be budgeting on an all up cost of between $2500-3000. That would cover the cost of flights, accommodation, entry fee, shirts, dice, food and beers. This covers the five day period of the ETC (Wednesday to Sunday).

Obviously it also provides an opportunity to take a longer holiday in Europe.

Finalisation of the team would take place over the next two months to allow people to plan their 2020. As you can imagine with 1000+ people involved in the event, accomodation gets tight so we will be looking to book early. This will require a non-refundable deposit from the candidates selected.

It is my suspicion that we will have places for all interested so selection criteria won’t be required. However if demand exceeds capacity these will be transparent.

I have set up a Facebook group for this venture. If you are interested in being involved drop me an email or PM and I’ll sign you up.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Community Call for Help

Here's a call out from myself and James Brown.

 One our friends Glen Tibbles is going through a bit of a shit time with cancer.  He is currently not able to work and while he fights this prick of a disease. It would be great to give him a financial boost to take the stress off. 

Glen has been active in the Ancient wargaming, Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K tournament scenes over the past 20+ years.   

Those of you who know Glen will know he is a humble guy and would never ask for it but this is an opportunity to show what an awesome community we have and how much he has been a part of it. (sorry Tibs you can blame James!)

We’ve seen this done in the USA and think we can nail it here.     


For us as the community to donate models or time* (*Paint a unit) to make a fully painted/competitive above table top standard  2000+ point Death Watch army that will either be sold through Trademe or raffled off and the $ given to Glen to help him out. 

How you can help –

Please contact James at  or myself (pete@thefieldsofblood.comif you wish to donate Space Marine models on sprue (come on we all have Space Marine models in boxes!) We're after veterans, terminators, primaris, bikes etc. storm bolters, storm shields  (all the competitive stuff) or you wish to put your hand up to paint a unit or two.  

Once we have collected the models they will be assembled (with shoulder pads & realm of battle bases which we’ll provide) and sent to people to paint with a detailed quick guide on how we’ll paint the  army cohesively and then sell it.  

James will lead the initiative and coordinate the Auckland end while I'll act as a hub for the Welly collections.
Show a mate what a great community we have. 

James & Pete

EDIT: Here is the painting recipe we are following.

We have a store of extra Deathwatch bits if anyone needs them.

The whole army is to be based using Realm of Battle bases.

40k - Hivefleet Cerebane: Malenthrope

Next model for painting is a Malentrope I've had for a few years. I put him together Wednesday evening and he'll be part of their next expansion which will include Lictors and additional gaunts.

Hopefully I'll hit him with primer and basecoats tonight.