Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review - Ironheart Artisans KoW Token Set

I love my gaming aids and so when I switched to KoW I knew that I needed to get the appropriate tokens to "enhance" my gaming enjoyment.

From my first game it was clear that you need clear wound counters - we used dice and as there are no spaces on trays (because you don't remove casualties) I was constantly picking up "wound" dice.

Using a horde army I also am likely to need a full range of numbers to reflect the larger unit size.

My first port of call was Mantic but there were no tokens in stock. I didn't particularly like the set available with the Kickstarter although it has a great price point.

In my search I found a set produced by Ironheart Artisans. These are made from 2mm acrylic plastic and are generally two coloured. This set cost USD50.00 so not cheap but I thought I'm only ever going to need one so I'd make the investment. You can get a set made from mdf which is cheaper.

Here you can see what you get.

  • Wounds 1-10 x3
  • Wounds 11-20 x2
  • Wounds 21-25 x1
  • Wavered Markers x10
  • Disordered Markers x10
  • Eight numbered objective markers

To give you an idea of size the objective markers are similar in size to NZ $2 coin (a bit bigger than Oz $1 coin) and bigger than a US quarter.

The service turnaround from Ironheart was very good. The delivery took a week by tracked USPS post.

And as an added bonus when I opened my box they had included a LoS arc free.

Certainly recommend the company both for its product and its service.

You can access them on


FOB Blog Housekeeping

With change in the Fantasy Battles gaming scene and with the change in focus to this blog, I took the opportunity to tidy up some content.

Firstly, the FOB - Lite Comp has been taken down. Fantasy gaming is deviating away from the 8th ruleset and I am unlikely to run an 8th Ed event again. I believe that the system has been a good servant to the local community - allowing people to bring their toys but knocking the most egregious lists. I have left the four page Warhammer v8.1 game sheet as I believe for those who do still want to play 8th it addresses much of the outstanding rules queries.

The Calendar has also been changed to allow different types of events to be added - so Warhammer, KoW, 9th Age and Age of Sigmar. All you have to do is let me knock the details as per the Calendar and I am happy to publicise.

The tournament year ends 31 October. From 1 November rankings for Kings of War will be posted. This is in addition to Warhammer 8th rankings. I intend to continue these on the assumption that there is ongoing demand. If there isn't then I will revisit their continuation. I do not intend to post rankings for 9th Age or AoS until I see that there is sufficient critical mass. FOW and 40k will continue as normal.

The 2016 Fantasy Masters invites will be based on the new Kings of War rankings and that will be he gaming system used for the event. It is not my intention to run Warhammer Fantasy Masters in 2016 but I will revisit that if there is sufficient critical mass in the 8th gaming scene throughout 2016. That means that there would need to be 12+ ranking events (as a guide).

Hope that clarifies some of the changes made and upcoming changes.

New Unit for my Ratkin - Hackpaws

One thing the Ratkin list has that wasn't in my Skaven was a Fast Cavalry unit. Now. Can see that such a unit would be very useful in a predominantly infantry horde list so decided to build a couple.

Unfortunately Mantic don't really have a suitable unit off the shelf. I suspect that the Fleabag Cavalry in the Gobbo list could be converted but until I saw the unit in the "flesh" I wouldn't know how much work it would entail.

Thankfully Forgeworld have a ready made proxy that can be used straight out of the box. The Skaven Wolf Rats.

I've used these before - as Sabretusks in my Ogre army - so know that they will fit straight in.

Like all FW non monsters it comes in a Clampack, all nicely sealed. There are however these strange oval bases included.

And here are the little blighters. Nicely detailed resin models totally in keeping with the scrawny, vicious aesthetic of the Ratkin. They are a multipart model and as you see from the feet you'll likely need to build up your base (far safer than trying to cut around toes).

So I have 10 Hackpaws. This is enough to have 2x Troops or one Regiment. I'll get them painted over the next week.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Runefang Kings of War Tournament - January 2016

Pleased to announce the first Fields of Blood event of 2016.

Runefang Kings of War Tournament will be held on the weekend of 16/17 January at Cashmere Ave School, Khandallah Wellington.

A Players Pack will be issued in the next month but at a headline level it will be six rounds with 2000 point armies - KoW rulebook and "Uncharted Empires" (or beta lists if not released prior to 31 December 2015)

More details to follow.

Magnetic Basing Material - NZ Supplier

In the past I have used Gale Force Nine for the rubberised steel sheet I use to line movement trays. However all local suppliers seem to be out and the Battlefront webstore has none in stock.

So I went looking for another source and had Magnets NZ recommended to me.

After making email enquiry on Friday I was sent a catalogue and found what I was looking for. I needed self adhesive magnetic sheet and non-magnetic rubberised receptor.

The two codes are:

SHTADH85 (Self Adhesive Magnetic Sheet)
SHTMAGRECEPTIVE (Non Magnetic Sheet)

You can buy them by the metre, the first costing $27.50 + GST and the second, $24.50 + GST. On top of this you need to pay freight. Be aware this is bloody heavy. I bought four metres of each (myself and three locals) and I reckon the tube weighted at least 20kgs. The freight charge was a very reasonable $20.

The sheets are 0.62m wide so a metre length will likely do 2-3 armies. Pricing is great - it worked out at $65 each for a metre each of magnetic/receptor.

Fast service too. Ordered Friday afternoon, here Monday morning.

Monday, October 5, 2015

KoW - A Rat's Tail

I really enjoyed playing with my Ratkin on the weekend. The really felt like a relentless Horde.

They actually played a lot like Skaven were portrayed in the End Times books - particularly Thanquol. Wave after wave of rats dashing themselves against the enemy. Over the past few years I have played with Slave heavy WHFB list but these units have been used far more as a defensive "blocking" force rather than as an offensive tool. This is because they then bought the necessary time for the Skaven "toys" to work.

The list I used on Saturday was different. As per my previous post it was:
  • Tunnel Slaves - 1x Horde, 1x Legion
  • Spear Warriors - 1x Horde
  • Shock Troops - 1x Horde, 1x Regiment
  • Blight - 1x Horde
  • Vermintide - 1x Horde
  • Brute - 1x Horde
  • Artillery - 1
  • Enforcer - 1
  • Army Standard Bearer - 2
The key to the list was making the most of the Ratkin special rules - Rallying! and Pack Mentality.

"Friendly non-allied units within 6" have +n to their Waver and Rout Nerve values. This is cumulative, with a maximum total of +2 if multiple units with Rallying! are in range."

When you build your tactics around a special rule it pays to know how it works! I wasn't sure so only added a max of +1 to Nerve and only to the Hordes od SW, ST and Blight. After the game I checked on the Mantic Forum and clarified the rule.

Aside: Isn't it nice to be able to get feedback on rules from someone "official". I asked a question and within two hours I had a reply from Mantic's "Rule Committee". I'm still waiting for GW to rule on Predatory Fighter for Supporting Attacks.

So given the game would I make changes to my list? I'm not sure is the answer. I am considering dropping the Shock Troop Regiment to add in some Hackpaws (Cavalry). This would give me a fast flanking force. I'm also not sure on the Artillery. Artillery is very hit or miss. Rat artillery hits on 5+. I get the feeling you either take a lot or none. The fact that enhancements to Nerve move away from it is another consideration.

Obviously I am basking a bit in the warm glow of a new game but I can only say my first experiences with both Kings of War and Ratkin were very positive.

2016 ETC Team New Zealand Captain - Applications Open

The following is an announcement from Chris Willcox (2015 New Zealand ETC Captain):

The 2016 ETC will be held in Athens Greece on 5th to 7th August or 12 to 14 (most likely the 5/7)
Playing 9th Age

The first stage to putting together a team is selection of a Captain. This is undertaken by last years team who review applications and make their selection

The new Captain then runs the team selection process ie convene a selection panel and seek nominations from interested players

So to start can those interested in the 2016 captaincy please email me at
The deadline for applications being 7pm NZT on the 14 October

I do not intend to apply for the Captains role.

Chris Willcox (2015 Team NZ Captain)

A big thanks to Chris for all his work this and last year with the team. You did us proud!

New Zealand Teams Championship 2016

The NZ Teams Championship will again be held in 2016.

The Khandallah Town Hall in Wellington (venue for 2014 & 2015) will again host the event on 18th and 19th June 2016.

The slightly later date is to accommodate the change to Kings of War as game system. The New Zealand community seems to be increasingly embracing Kings of War as the game of choice and the lead in time will allow more people switching, the opportunity to find their feet.

Again the event will be for teams of four gamers playing as a team. It will be limited to 16 teams (constraints of venue).

More details will emerge over the coming months and a Players Pack will be available early November. Tickets will be available from 1 December on a first come, first served basis.

Keep an eye here for further details

Sunday, October 4, 2015

KoW - First Battle = Achievement Unlocked

I managed to get my first game of Kings of War down at the Warlords yesterday.

Rob and I played 2000 points a side Dwarfs versus my Ratkin. I think this was Rob's third or fourth game so it was good to have someone who had played to talk me through the rules.

My list was the Ratkin I posted on the blog the other day. Here's a series of pics to give you an idea of how it looked.

This was my battleline coming forward. Unsure of what I was doing I focussed on full court press.

The Legion of Tunnel Slaves saw off two units of Berzerkers. Unfortunately the Mutant Rat-Fiend died to a "12" nerve test. Early lesson on keeping your army within Inspiring range.

The Badgers in the bottom saw off my Death Engine - when I forgot I had bought upgrade of CS(2) and Vicious - then took out my depleted Shock Troop Horde. I finally got them last turn with an Artillery shot.

In the end the game was a small win to Rob.

I had great fun with the game. It was always going to be an easy sell as I went into it wanting a positive experience and got it. I came away buzzing with the tactical potential - this may just be newbie afterglow - but as an Ancients player it really felt the game I was looking for.

Keen to get more under my belt as I learn the game.


Friday, October 2, 2015

KoW - In The Deep End

So tomorrow is my first game of Kings of War and I needed to come up with a 2000 point list. I wanted to use the Ratkin - mainly cos they are small, cuddly have silky coats and the best whiskers.

Here's what I have come up with:
  • Enforcer
  • Swarm-Crier
  • Swarm-Crier
  • Tunnel Slaves [Legion]
  • Tunnel Slaves [Horde]
  • Spear Warriors [Horde]
  • Shock Troops [Horde]
  • Shock Troops [Regiment]
  • The Blight [Horde]
  • Brutes [Horde]
  • Vermintide [Horde]
  • Artillery [1]
  • Mutant Rat-Fiend [1]
  • Death Engine [1] - Bloody Carnage
You will see that I have no Magic and only onr Ranged Attack. This is by design as I want to concentrate on learning the game piece by piece. This setup allows me to concentrate on Movement, Combat and Nerve before adding in the extra complexity of Magic and Shooting.

I'm told that 14 units is about normal for 2000 points. My model count is 258.