Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Terrain - Merchant's Townhouse

With me having free time in the evening - due to getting through household duties during the day - I'm finally getting a number of projects finished.

Over the weekend I was bugging Sam as I've finished basing all The Herd I've got back and was told that good things take time. So out came some terrain I had partly based and I've moved onto that.

The first of these is the Merchant's Townhouse from Tabletop World. Regular readers will know that I have a lot of these pieces and that I love working with them. I use them as gaming pieces and they are ideal for KoW.

The house has been mounted on mdf, fenced and landscaped.

The walls at the front were printed on my 3-D printer.

The fences are by Renadra while the trees are old ones from Citadel.

Base measures 8" square which is great for some Height 4 impassable terrain.


Monday, August 22, 2016

Australian KOW Rankings Launched

Over the past few weeks I've been working with a group of Australian TOs to get an Australian KOW rankings system established.

That is now up and running (thanks to the efforts of Jack to create the interface).

The three countries now using the FOB rankings methodology for KOW are now all grouped on this site under a single button. This is still listed as UK KOW Rankings (below the main banner) but in fact it has widened its scope and will be amended in the next few days.

As always the rankings have an opt-out option and for the UK you just need to advise Darren Parkes, for Australia Nick Legrand and NZ myself.

Over time - with more events - it will be possible to track how different armies are doing in different countries (though of course the sample size is statistically insignificant).

Friday, August 19, 2016

Warlords Super Series "Spring" KOW Tournament

As foreshadowed earlier in the week, the final Warlords Super Series KOW tournament "Spring" has been brought forward to 17th September.

The Players Pack for the event can be found here

Event registrations will be tracked and can be accessed by clicking on the button below the banner.

Kings of War Historical out in September

I've been waiting for this all year - KOW Historical. And it is out in September!

These are full rules and 30+ army lists for Ancient/Medieval wargaming. I love the KOW mechanics so I've no doubt that the rules will work for Ancients making a fun and enjoyable game.

Mighty Ape will have them....and they will be available digitally.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Paint Pot - iPhone App

While looking through the Apple App Store this morning I found this really useful little app - Paint Pot.

Effectively it is a database of hobby paints which can be used to create lists from. It covers all the major paint manufacturers - Citadel, Vallejo, Privateer Press etc - and appears to be up to date and current.

I was looking at it to create a shopping list so that I can know what paints I need to buy when I go to the hobby shop or make an Internet order.

However you can also use it as a record of colours you used on specific models or armies. This is illustrated in the next screenshot.

You can create a paint log for the model including a breakdown of specific mixes.

And best of all - it is free!


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fields of Blood Event Calendar Updated

I've updated the FOB Event Calendar for Kings of War and Ninth Age events that I have been advised are coming up.

Crack's Call in Masterton has its registrations closing soon so download the Players Pack and send Neil a registration.

The next Warlords Super Series was down for 29 October but I've checked and there is no Warlords meeting that day so I'll need to reschedule. With October filling up I may look at 17 September as the month is free.

Tournament Result - Kings of Shore

Last weekend Rob Sadler ran a one day KoW event in Auckland. It was three rounds at 2000 points. Here are the results:

The tie breaker was Attrition.

The results will be uploaded to the Rankings this week.

Great to see another event in Auckland.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

LOVE Multibasing - Tribal Warriors/Hunters

Following on from yesterday Stampede post, here are my Tribal Warriors/Hunters.

These are Troop sized units using OOP metal Ungors with current edition plastic shields. Again they are painted by Sam (well 20 of them are - the other four I had to do to meet MMC) and based by me.

I've used a broken ground theme for the basing.

They can be grouped together for row Regiments.

Or for one Horde.

Next to base are two Infantry characters.


Monday, August 15, 2016

LOVE Multibasing - Herd Stampede

Over the weekend I based some of the latest Herd models I picked up from Sam the Painter.

Continuing the "Broken Ground" basing theme, I wanted to create a base where forest animals were being herded into the fight.

The Herder is from Mierce while the wild boars are from Wyrd's Malifaux "Outcasts".

Thanks to Sam for the job he did on the models.

I have similar figures to do a second Stampede (waiting for three more boars from UK to arrive).

Currently I am basing some OOP metal Ungors which will be multi-purpose. They are being based as Troop units but together can build a Horde.


Friday, August 12, 2016

The Hobby Corner - A Local Friendly Game Stockist

Yesterday I went up to Kapiti (40 miles north of Wellington) to see my mum. I know what you readers are thinking "what a wonderful and dutiful son Pete is! He never S fails to amaze us".

On the way home I stopped at Paraparumu Beach to check our The Hobby Corner which is part of the local pharmacy. Local business owner (and wargamer) Scott Bowman has combined his two loves to bring another hobby outlet to the area.

I became aware of The Hobby Corner at Call to Arms last weekend. Scott was there supporting the convention as one of the trade stands.

The shop stocks products from a wide number of manufacturers - Mantic, Warlord, Games Workshop, Army Painter, Vallejo, Perry Miniatures, Fantasy Flight Games, Woodland Scenics and I'm sure many others.

I can see it being an important hub for the local gamers and I know I'll drop in there regularly given my familial visits.

Good luck to Scott and thanks for taking the plunge.