Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekly Hobby Update

Been a reasonably busy hobby week over the past seven days.

I got in a couple of games - one versus Empire of Dust, the other versus Undead - with the Ratkin. As noted in earlier post, I got the chance to try out the new Control scenario which was an extremely positive experience.

Finished the 3D printed tower which is now ready to base. Once done I'll choose my next piece to print.

Started Multibasing the Goblins but also have built the bases for my next two Herd units. I have Gargoyles and Giant Eagles to base and will look to get those done prior to the weekend.

Downloaded my copy of KoW Historical and had a quick glance. Love the toolbox aspect of the standard list and how that forms the basis for other lists. Not so keen on some of the themed lists - both Roman and Chinese try to cover too broad a period - but because of the toolbox you can build an alternative.

Finally, bought my first Games Workshop game - "Gorechosen" the Khorne Pitfighting game. I can see this being a useful filler game on tournament weekends.

COK Scenarios - Control

On Saturday Ryan and I were scheduled for a game and decided to try out one of the two new COK scenarios. We rolled up "Control".

The premise of this scenario is that the board is split into six 2' x 2' squares - three on each side. At the end of the game if you have more points in units (not including Individuals) in the square you "Control" it. Each square is worth 1 Contol Point except for your opponent's centre square which is worth 2 Control Ponts TO YOU. The player with the most Control Points wins.

My understanding is that it was developed by the TO of the US-based Lonewolf Tournament.

I can't say just how impressed with this scenario. From a tactical point of view it is fantastic. You are forced to constantly reassess throughout the game as to what the probable endpoint is. IMO it is the best KoW scenario to date. I'll certainly be using it as a staple in future.

In our game, Ratkin vs. Undead, the Rats were able to achieve a solid victory. However, this was largely achieved as a result of an error Ryan made. He had a unit of Wraiths worth 240 points in one square while I had a Horde of Shock Troops (235 points). He charged them over an obstacle, hindering himself in the process. My countercharge wasn't Hindered and I was able to do 9 wounds. Some above average Nerve rolls saw me break the Wraiths and claim the square. In this case Ryan didn't need to charge me as I was worth less points. If he had received the charge instead I would have been Hindered.

Commitment - Bacon & Eggs

There is an old saying that explains commitment in terms of Bacon and Eggs.

"In B&E, a chicken participates while a pig is committed!"

Well in terms of KoW, my Goblin army is following the way of the pig. I say "my", it's actually Jack's goblins. But he is sitting in Boston so I'm feeling pretty safe.

The Night Goblins were based for Warhammer but I suspect that they will see more use in KoW, so after speaking to Jack, I began Multibasing. This is no small task given it requires two Legions (one a Horde plus additional base to convert to bigger unit) and two Hordes to start with. I want to hit the actual model count so that's 200 of the little blighters.

Off come the individual bases, setting the goblins free!

That's two Hordes of archers ready for Multibasing.

The bases from Sarissa, textured and painted waiting for the models.

The start of the Rabble...only 100 still to go!

The good thing is that I can do this while I watch TV so I should get it done by the weekend.

Once complete, the Goblins will be well and truly committed.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

FOB NZ Rankings - 40k Updated for DonkeyCon

Big event in South Island last weekend. The results for DonkeyCon now in the Rankings.

Kings of War - New FAQ Released

Mantic have released an updated FAQ for Kings of War.

You can get it here

Nothing earthshattering, more a quick tidy up.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

NZ KoW Rankings Updated - WSS Spring and Call to Arms

The NZ KoW Rankings have been updated for Warlords Super Series "Spring" and for Call to Arms.

The decision to include Call to Arms was not taken lightly. There were 10 participants but two dropped out on Day 2. Robert Higgins included the two players in his final results and on that basis I have uploaded the results into the rankings.

The rationale behind including them was that the event met the minimum requirement at the outset for a rankings event and a number of people travelled to it on that basis. I'm also keen not to have the situation occur whereby one of more people can withdraw and so affect everybody else.

Terrain - 3D Printed Tower

The last 3D piece I printed was Printable Scenery's Guard Tower and this week I finally got around to painting it.

Here it is with one of the Brothers Grimm (my Herd Shaman) for scale.

This time I used a product I found on the web called XTC-3D which acts as a finishing agent. It is a two part resin product that masks some of the printing striations and imperfections.

You just mix it and brush it on, then leave for 2-3 hours. It certainly provides a much superior finish over the raw product as a painting surface.

The model is six parts. I've glued it together for use - PVA - but it could be easily left unglued and the interior fitted out. I'll do that with my next print.

Very happy with the way the roof painted up. It really benefitted from the resin finisher.

So the plan from here is to base it so it is ready for tabletop action.

For those interested in the economics. The cost of printing materials was approx GBP 2.50 (USD 3.00 or NZD 4.00). The finisher is NZD $25 but I suspect would do 5-6 buildings this size.

Tabletop tower for USD 5-6, not too shabby.


Sunday, September 18, 2016

WIP - Printable Scenery's Tavern

I have had Printable Scenery's Tavern sitting on my desk for the last 3-4 months. It was printed on my 3-D printer earlier in the year.

With the weather shite today, I took the opportunity to paint up the piece ready for the battlefield.

The tavern just needs to be based and I'll try to get it done this week. It needs a little bit of drybrushing as well as some ivy on the outside.

Really happy with how it came up.


WSS Spring - Results

Yesterday was the last of the Warlords' Super Series events. This initiative has attracted 11 new members to the Club with free entry to the four events run through the year. "Spring" managed to attract 10 players to the four round, 2000 point event. COK tournament tweaks were used.

Best Sport: Sam Whitt

Best Army: Luke Forrest's Night Stalkers

From an umpire's point of view it was very straightforward. I even had the chance to have a game with my Ratkin against Rob Higgins' Undead.

WSS "Spring" Photos

The final event of the 2016 Warlords Super Series, "Spring", was held yesterday and attracted ten participants.

Ryan's Undead await the onslaught from Sam's Varangur/Kin.

Undead have swarmed through the village

Peter's Empire of Dust face off against Jayden's Goblins in "Dominate"

The EoD swarmed the centre but were eventually thrown back decisively by the Goblins.

Luke's Night Stalkers taking the fight to Tane's Wall of De 6

Neil's Brotherhood up against Matt's Abyssals

I'll get results up later today.