Saturday, March 28, 2015

It's X-Wing Jim, but not as we know it

We have started an X-Wing campaign down at the Warlords. This one has 6 players arranged into two teams of three (Imperials vs Rebels).

This campaign uses the exploring map approach we used in out Full Trust campaigns. This puts as much emphasis on what happens exploring the map and moving your ships around as it does playing the games. The game so far has produced many ship configurations you don't normally see in standard x-wing tournaments and people have already suggested I have shared in Fantasy Flight or Cerebus games due to people wanting to buy additional ships.
This is the map after turn 3, the Red areas are battles and the Orange areas are potential conflict, read battles waiting to happen. If people are interested in played in the next campaign let me know.
X-Wing has some similarities to Warhammer in that you win by victory points, there is only one mission that people play and critically you only give up points when a ship is dead. It is therefore common to see people packing all their points into two ships. (they don't call them Death Stars in X-wing funnily enough).
There is even a ship design called the Fat Han. This is the Millenium Falcon piloted by Han Solo with all the trimmings.
Over in the Warhammer Youtuber community people are bemoaning about how narrow the game is when you only play battle line or variants there of. and the prevalence of Death Star units designed not to give up any points.
Many games seem to be suffering from player burn out due to the narrowness of the scenario and scoring systems. My hope is that 9th edition Warhammer brings in scenarios that are not only about line up and score points of each other. I would like to see different ways of winning the game and scenarios that don't involve winning by victory points.
So will Warhammer rise from the ashes of the end times like the Phoenix or will it fly more like an entry into the Birdman competition?

Adepticon - WHFB Championships

In between three classes on the Saturday, I visited the WHFB hall to see the armies contesting the Championships. This year it was only 2000 points which, with the ET factor, made for some very small armies.

Throgg and Friends

My favourite army was Mike Butcher's Nurgle Legion of Chaos. To me it was head and shoulders above anything else on show.

Nurgle DP rather than Maggoth Lord.

Lots of fantastic conversions. It was as good as any army I've seen in WHFB at the two Adepticons I've been too.

This Chaotic Steam army was another stand out.

And then you get the Host of the Eternity King armies or as I like to say "Malekith plus Friends".

Some very nice Chaos Dwarf warmachines

The Malekith/Karl Franz/Imrik armies just scream "I want to win". They just seem to veer to far to the "trying too hard" with the new, biggest, broken-est tool. In 2000 points it all becomes a little silly.


Friday, March 27, 2015

Adepticon - 40K Hall

Here some pics from the 40k hall on Saturday morning. I will say the standard of 40k presentation was a level above Fantasy this year.

One of the teams set up an Inquisition data centre.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Adepticon WHFB Teams Tournament - Army Display

For me the highlight of the weekend was always going to be the Teams Event. First, it gave me and Jack a day of gaming together, second it was Teams and third you get to see all the cool army displays.

In this post you'll see some pictures I snapped. A couple of things; firstly the light was shite. Last year there was a lot of natural light in the WHFB room, this year it was all ceiling chandeliers; and secondly, like all the WHFB events it suffered from End Times syndrome - where with the release of ET people waited to use the latest filth. This meant mismatched armies and a general lack of new army activity this year.

So I will post the pics. Generally they are self explanatory but I will post commentary where I have something to add.

The next army were our opponents in the first round. End Times all the way - Undead Legion and Host of Tyrion.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Adepticon "How You Use It" Gaming

On Thursday I played in the HYUI 1000 point event. This was three games, End Times armies and scenarios. I didn't play last year but was keen to try it out this year - mainly as it took up only the majority of one day rather than a day and a half (like the 2400 points).

My list was:

Herald of Tzeentch - General, Level 2 Tzeentch
Herald of Tzeentch - BSB, Level 1 Metal
3x 10 Horrors - 3x Std, 2x Muso
3x Beast of Nurgle

Game 1 - Dave Tiarina (Lizardmen)

Dave had a big block of Saurus, two lots of skink Skirmishers, a salamander, bastilodon and a unit of 6 Jungle Swarms. It was led by a Skink Priest.

I led the Saurus off to one flank while focusing on the Skinks, Salamander and Bastilodon. Eventually the Skullcannon got the big beastie, while the others were either blasted off or in the case of the Sally beaten up by a Beast. All the while the Swarms closed on my main Horror block. Hit it in the flank with another Horror unit who managed to hold out until the end of the game. Saurus never saw combat but I did get Priest when he exited the unit.

Win 20 points

Game 2 - Mike Ballard (Dwarfs)

Scenario here meant you had to get three units to the centre line. Mike had 2 units of Quarellers and a block of Ironbreakers. In support was a cannon and a rock lobber with a Gyro. He had Runesmith and two Thanes.

I used a Beast to take out Gyro then threw him and his mate into the cannon. The other Beast threatened the flanks of the Dwarf blocks. I managed to Gateway off the Ironbreakers over 3 turns leaving only a Thane General and BSB. They split for the two Quarellers units. I had time to Blue Fire/Gateway one unit killing the General.

Win 23 points

Game 3 - Will Paul (Legion of Chaos)

Will's army was led by tooled up Level 4 DP of Slaanesh and backed by two units of MoS Marauders, a unit of Hellstriders and a Skullcannon of Slaanesh.

The Skullcannons went early - Will's blew up, mine died to Reign of Chaos. Will lost a unit of Marauder cav to the Reign of Chaos and I removed the other one with Magic Missiles. It then became very cagey as the three wide Hellstriders charged the flank of a Horror unit and Will chose to put his DP in the middle of my lines rather than support them. I held turned and destroyed them in the following round.

With Will's DP threatening I split my characters out from my Horrors and lined him up for three MMs - Bolt of Change, Gateway and Searing Doom. Unfortunately the phase was a 6-2 split (I channelled twice). Will stopped the Bolt allowing me to cast Searing Doom. I did five wounds and we waited as Will checked his list to see if he had the 2++ Flaming. He didn't and then failed all five 5+ wards.

Win 25 points


Of the forty odd players in the event I finished highest on battle with 68 points. The next highest was Steve from Northern Defense on 67 then a drop to 57 in third. This was enough to give me Best General.

I was very happy with how the list performed. It gave me tools for most jobs if I applied a bit of strategy and showed some patience.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Panzershreck WHFB Players Pack

Panzershreck will be held in sunny Palmerston North on the 11th and 12th of July.

The event will use ETC armies, rules and scenarios.

The Players Pack for this year's Panzershreck can be found here

List submission date in the pack is incorrect - the month should be June not July

Monday, March 23, 2015

Adepticon WHFB "How You Use It" Armies

On Thursday we had the "How You Use It" Tournament for 1000 point armies. It was full End Times rules and I think Jack and I were probably the only guys in the room who took a Chaos, Elf or Undead army that wasn't from the End Times' books. IMO this had a major effect on the presentation of the armies playing and was going to be a reoccurring theme over the week.

Jack's Dark Elves. Obviously I'm biased but I felt they were the best "technically" painted army on show

Empire armies were Knight core, minimal characters and Demi's. This one also squeezed in a Steam Tank.

Bretonnians - lost amongst a sea of filth

Dwarfs with Swiss Army Warmachines

And the ubiquitous two Organ Gun standard Dwarfs

Smashy Orges.

Real High Elves? Watch out "It's a trap!"

These are real Elves! Steve from Northern Defense had a HotEK list - Loremaster, Peg Master, Wild Riders, TF Glade Guard and Boltthrowers. They apparently all met in the wood. Check out the Miniature Tabletop Scenery pit on the display base.

More Elves.

Yay Skaven. Looks like two units of Clanrats.

The Wood Elf army that won Best Presented.

Vampire Counts - but possibly Undead Legion

And a typical Legion of Chaos entrant. Typically WoC based. In this case with Horrors and Skullcrushers but a lot were chariots plus Skullcannon.

As I said, overall I was disappointed with the standard of presentation compared to last year. I think this was due primarily to the inclusion of End Times which meant that the army meta was never settled before Xmas leaving people only limited time to prepare armies. That meant that this year's theme was more "Smashing Face" than hobby focus.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Adepticon 2015

Ok here at Adepticon 2015 and finally will have some time to start giving updates.

The first two days have been busy because of playing. Jack and I played the "How You Use It" event on Thursday and then played the Teams Tournament yesterday. In the Teams we went 1-1-1 playing three great games - including one against ET Elves allied with Goblins that had 13 warmachines.

I was lucky enough to win Best General in the Singles event finishing the highest on battle points. Jack came in 7th in a field of about 40.

The big story here Fantasy wise is the evolution of the armies over the past 12 months. Gone are the big infantry blocks we saw last year and pretty much every pair in the Teams and a lot of players in the Singles were either ET Elves or ET Legion of Chaos. And the "filth" element has been ratcheted up tremendously.

That's had a huge effect of the "calibre" of the armies and the presentation standard of the last two years is not as evident. This was a little disappointing as the Teams army display last year was a real highlight. I get the feeling that the whole End Times thing has killed the commitment as people don't want to spend too much time on an army that may be invalidated in a couple of months. Hence a lot of mismatch Elves and WOC with Skullcannons.

I'll be interested to see how the Champs look today.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kickstarter - Miniature Scenery Terrain

The Wargaming Kickstarter market has taken quite a hit over the last couple of years plagued by delays and non-deliveries. Personally I have been quite lucky in the projects that I have backed in that no monies have yet been lost. Creature Caster are looking like being a year late and the custom dice maker I backed, well who knows. Tablescapes were 8 months late but arrived and product was great. Mierce have always delivered pretty much to schedule.

The latest Kickstarter that I have been tempted into investing is Miniature Scenery Terrain which can be found here

They produce resin terrain, most of which is scatter terrain like walls, fences, columns etc.

The terrain comes unpainted so it is entirely customisable to your current tabletop.

I have pledged at the "Master" level but may yet push it up to "Paragon" depending on how many stretch goals they hit.


Adepticon 2015

So this evening I leave for Adepticon 2015. The journey is approximately 24 hours door to door involving three flight (for those of you unaware how out of the way NZ is).

For me this will be my hobby highlight of 2015. Last year I came away so enthused by the creative aspects of the wargaming hobby I saw on show. New Zealand doesn't do conventions like this. Yes, we have multi-system events with perhaps the FLGS there and a bring and but table but nothing like the scale I say last year.

With this in mind I've only entered two events - 1000 point Singles on Thursday and the 1000 point teams on Friday. Around this I have 6-7 classes/tutorials booked on painting, weathering and terrain making. So four days of geek heaven.

I'll also have a lot of time to take photos of all the activities and armies on show as well as what vendors have got to sell and what demos are being run.

Check back for photos over the next week.