Friday, October 31, 2014

Quit Warhammer?

Over on The Warhammer Forum a thread started overnight regarding the End Times release.

Titled "Does Endtimes make you want to quit (serious)?" It is getting quite a bit of traffic.

My contribution was the following:

It doesn't make me want to quit....but I do think that from a tournament pov things are much harder to balance.

This becomes more of an issue where you move from the more hobby event (variable sports, variable presentation taking a high percentage) to one where trinkets are given out largely based on game score.

I worry that we are moving to "End of 7th Times" where success in uncomped tournaments was unduly influenced by race selection

And that is my concern...purely towards the tournament game. I think things are going to be very hard in the next 12 months until we get to a final state. In the interim there is going to be flux.

However outside the tournament game I couldn't be more excited. Change, new models, new rules, new narrative. It really is the best of times from a hobby point of view. Suddenly everything is possible - not in a silly Warhammer 40k sixth edition way - but in a structured narrative driven story.

So quit Warhammer? Not likely.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

They Think It's All Over.....Well It Is Now

I suspect that the internet will blow up in the next couple of hours.

Won't someone please thing of the children!!!

Hordes of Chaos march again.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tablescapes - Kickstarter Delivered

So a year after its original delivery date , Secret Weapons Miniatures' Tablescapes have finally arrived.

I arrived home from work last evening and parcelled up were these two boxes. Each contains sixteen tiles 1' x 1'. I had backed the two Urban Streets set and so have a box of 16 Damaged tiles and 16 Clean tiles.

This is one of the damaged plaza tiles and you can see the nice crisp detail that has been captured.

This tile shows the elevated sidewalks. There is nice attention to detail with grates and manhole covers moulded into the tile.

Here are four of the damaged tiles together. They can be connected using a set of connector widgets that comes with them.

Just to continue the illustration, here are six tiles showing the construction of intersecting road. They are again just pushed together rather than connected.

The detail is very crisp and I can see them painting up extremely well. I am looking forward to see the video tutorials that SWM is promising.

So while it is a year late, I am very happy with the delivered product. I can't wait to put together a 40k table using the tiles. Getting a mix of damaged and clean tiles means I can customise to my heart's content.

The tiles are due to be released to the public once the Kickstarter pledges are filled.

Check back after Xmas when I'll hopefully have them painted.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Characters and Combat Reform

Umpiring events you are always learning.

I have always seen it played that in Combat you could not move a character out of contact with another character. However on the weekend, study of the Rulebook showed that was not the case.

At the end of Combat - and assuming not fighting enemy on two facings - either party can Combat Reform. As long as models are not taken out of combat, there is no restriction on moving around in the fighting rank.

So if your Mage is fighting a Chaos Lord you can move the model as long as it remains fighting. This can get quite interesting.

The order in which Combat Reforms is decided is by "roll-off". If you win the roll-off and go second then conceivably you can move the Mage to a safer position.

All covered under "Combat Reform".

I had always thought you Mage was stuck if a hitty character got into base to base with him - he is, but only for the first round of combat. If he survives, he can slip away - albeit to be snotted by rank and file or another character.

Always learning.

End Times Over For Another Couple Of Months

The Glottkin model coupled with the second End Times book release this coming weekend sees the end of new WHFB stuff until January.

We are being told the releases for November are a new wave of Tyranids including a dual Monster kit. This is likely to be supported with a new "codex" especially as this year's main Tyranid book was derided as dull in the extreme.

And this seems to be the model going forward for 40k. An initial release of a blandish codex then followed with all the embellishments in a themed second book with condiments in DLC format.

From a sales point of view it makes sense. It transforms what used to be a soft back codex costing $55-60 - and included special characters and variant lists etc - into a full package costing between $150-200.

It will be interesting to see whether it is transposed to WHFB. At the moment we have the different Campaign route for refresh. Similar costing though.

In both cases I'd like to see more after sales support in the form of frequent FAQs (if needed - they currently are).

Nurgle Daemons Get A Run

On Saturday - while umpiring Skitterleap - I took the opportunity to get a game in against John Tailby and his Dark Elves.

We decided to play 3000 points. John's list had four big infantry blocks - Witch Elves, Executioners, Corsairs and Spearmen - a bunch of Warlocks, two units of Harpies, Shades and a selection of characters. His general was a Dreadlord on a steed with kit and Chillblade (Warlocks), a BSB in Execs, Pegasus Master, Level 2 Dark Mage (also in Execs) and Level 4 Fire in Spears. It was rounded out by two RBTs.

I had GUO Level 3 Nurgle, Nurgle Herald BSB and Epidemius as character selections. Rest of the army was 2x mid 20s blocks of Plaguebearers, two units of Nurgle Furies, 6 Beasts and two single Beasts, two 3x Drones and a Soulgrinder with MoN. So the whole 3000 points was Nurgle.

We rolled up Battle for the Pass. Looking at John's army I thought he had the tools to take me apart. This would be a lot easier if he removed Epi early. Both his Pegasus Master and Dreadlord had the tools to do it, so I was happy when he deployed them on one flank - all my characters went on the other.

The Drones are fighting the remnants of the Executioner block

I managed to get the tally to 5-6 on Turn 1 but in Turn 2 it went to max as the Executioners (magic, shooting then combat vs Drones) started to take damage. The Beasts had charged the Witch Elves Turn 1 and started to rip them apart - especially when they lost Frenzy and had to fight the Beasts with tally up Turn 2.

John got unlucky when his Level 2 cascaded and killed 6 Executioners that had charged the Drones. This was compounded when his Master with the Cloak of Twilight fluffed his attacks into the flank of the Drones. From here, a second unit of Drones was able to countercharge the flank of the Executioners, killing them and the BSB.

On my left, Big Poppa Nurgle charged the Horde of Corsairs and though he only did 4 wounds he broke them in combat, running them down.

Yum Yum - Dark Elf, the other white meat

Fully tallied now, the Beasts finished off the Witches, running them down and falling on the RBTs. This left the Spearmen - now ensconced in the tower - as the only infantry block left.

The Warlocks and Dreadlord had cleaned out my chaff and were now in my back field but with the three infantry blocks gone, John's options were limited.

Nurgle in control of the middle of the battlefield

What is good in Life? Baleful Torrent!

In the wrap-up it was a solid victory for the Forces of Good. The key need to get Epi early. Once the tally is up and running the combination of +1 St, +1 T, Killing Blow and Re-roll Wards is......unpleasant.

Somehow I missed getting any pics of John's army which is looking very very nice. Nice to see Dark Elves with solid infantry blocks.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Armies On Parade - Death Guard Legion

I put my Death Guard into the local Games Workshop "Amies on Parade" which was held on Saturday.

It was the first time out of its case since Adepticon - so no new units were added.

Looking forward to getting onto the new Tablescapes tiles when they arrive.

Managed to snag 3rd Place behind a Death Korps of Krieg army and a Necron flying force.


This Picture Deserved Its Own Post

James Brown calls himself DILF (Google it if you need more info). Pretty strange monicker, not least because he isn't actually a father.

I'm only guessing that Sam is confused and trying to work out "WTF?"

Either that or it's his best "Dom Hook" impression.

You can write your own caption in the comments section - but keep it seemly please!

Skitterleap Photo Album

Here's some photos from the weekend at Skitterleap.

Sam Whitt enjoying the two Ironblaster experience
Ryan Lister took a couple of games to find the Wood Elf auto-pilot switch

FOB NZ Rankings - Warhammer Fantasy updated for Skitterleap

The rankings have been updated for Skitterleap. This is the last event of the tournament year and if you click on Masters mode you can see the final season breakdown.

What is really interesting is I think this is the first time that every member of the Top 10 has simultaneously held an icon.

Congrats to Peter Williamson for Squeezing into Masters contention with his win at Skitterleap.