Tuesday, September 1, 2015

NZ Warhammer Whats App Group

Last week a Whats App group was created for NZ Warhammer players.

It gets around some of the limitations of Twitter (character count, security etc).

If you are interested in joining the group download the app for your mobile device and drop me a text (email for number if required).

So far it has been pretty freeform but there has been discussion of ongoing tournament scene, gaming alternatives to AoS, some playtest discussions and so on.

Monday, August 31, 2015

New Skaven Book - Wishlist

Just been asked on the NZ Warhammer Whats App group what I would like to see in a new Skaven book....for instance in Furion's project. Here's a grab bag of some things:

  • Seer leadership down to Ld 6
  • (Re) Introduction of Mainstay rule i.e. you must have one Clanrat unit for every unit of Stormvermin or Slaves
  • Drop in points for Jezzails, Poisoned Wind Globadiers and Plague Censer Bearers
  • Drop Night Runners to 5 points
  • Weapons Teams go to two wounds and allow them to Stand & Shoot if parent charged
  • Rat Ogres buffed....even scaly skin would be nice
  • Removal of non-Mage Engineers
  • Fix Packmaster rules
  • Sort out Random Movement for HPA and Doomwheel...it just annoys opponents
  • Give Furnace a 4+ armour save OR preferably a 5+ ward - never see it otherwise
That's just off the top of my head

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Guildball - Any Interest?

One game I have been watching recently is Guildball that was released early 2015.

Effectively it is medieval football based around guilds - for aesthetics think the opening scenes of "Gangs of NewYork".

One of the key attractions is the low model count - typically 6-7 models. Also the rules are downloadable off the Guildball website.

I'm thinking of buying a Guild - "The Butchers" - and wonder if anyone locally is interested in jumping into the game.

The models are resin and seem very nice sculpts.

Anyone played the game? Interested in pursuing?


Warlord Games to Release Dr. Who Miniatures Game

Just saw this on Warlord Games:

Warlord Games is absolutely delighted to have secured the licence to produce a miniatures game based on the BBC's enormously popular TV series, Doctor Who (back on BBC One on September 19th!). So delighted we might just have a celebratory jelly baby.

As lifelong Doctor Who fans ourselves, we are extremely pleased to have the chance to bring this iconic series to the tabletop with a game system you all know and love as well as the official range of miniatures to complement it.

The licence covers not just the latest series of Doctor Who but encompasses all of the Doctors, their companions and their foes. So, expect to see Sea Devils as much as Weeping Angels, Leela as much as Martha Jones, and a long, brightly coloured scarf as much as a fez (fezzes are cool, by the way...).

Really interested to see how this develops.

Can see myself building a Davros-led force of Daleks!!!!


Games Workshop Release Airbrush Paints

This week's White Dwarf will contain an announcement of a new range of airbrush paints from Citadel.

The blurb says these are "specially formulated" airbrush paints but the screen grab offers little detail. There is no indication that these can be used straight from the bottle - like Badger's Minitaire range - for instance.

There are 51 of their most popular colours being released which is great from a colour matching point of view.

My own thoughts are that they are entering what is already a crowded market for airbrush paints. Badger and Vallejo have their own specialist range and Forgeworld have also recently entered the market. They score from a colour match POV - assuming they do in fact match the relevant Citadel colour - but I wonder if they are a true specialist range or just an attempt to further capture the existing customers who shop at Hobby Centres. (I do look forward to the inevitable backtracking from Managers that until this week held that airbrushing wasn't proper painting.)

However there is one inexplicable decision with this release - one so large that I think it will impact its possible success. The paints are not in dropper bottles. Why haven't they gone down this fundamental route?

GW paints already have a tendency to dry out and that is disastrous for an airbrush paint. The wide top bottles makes mixing much harder.

Fully expect to see GW trademark pipettes released soon.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fields of Blood NZ Rankings - Updated for Call to Arms

The rankings have been updated for the results of the recent CTA convention run by the Warlords.

That means that there are new entries for:
  • Warhammer 40k
  • Warhammer Fantasy; and
  • Flames of War
Congratulations to all the winners.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Thousand Sons 40k For Sale

I've got a small Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marine force for sale.

The army is partly painted to a good tabletop standard. It includes:

  • 24 Thousand Sons CSM armed with bolter - metal/plastic (painted)
  • 2 Sorcerors - metal (painted)
  • 2 objectives - metal DE slave girls (painted)
  • 3 Sorcerors - metal (unpainted)
  • Chaos Sorceror Lord - converted metal (unpainted)
  • Chaos Daemon Prince - metal made from DP and Lord of Change
  • Forgeworld Thousand Sons Dreadnaught - unpainted (you need to buy the FW arms) - new in packaging

Bargain price of $300

More pics over the page

Monday, August 24, 2015

Call to Arms WHFB Results - "A Hero Will Rise"

Call to Arms was held two weekends ago and here are the results:

Winning his first ever event was Neil Williamson - and he did it with two Aracknaroks!!!

As you will  see Neil also scored the Highest Battle and was Second in Painting.

Well done!

GW's New Chaos Fortress

I'd hate to think of the number of skulls you'd have to paint!

Unfortunately given the price - NZD2,260 - I'm never likely to see one in the flesh! Though the purchase cost is roughly the same as airfares from NZ to Nottingham to see one at Warhammer World.

The individual triangular Skull Towers are NZD150 each or you can buy a set of three with one-click for........$450.

My biggest concern in buying it would be that it is manufactured in the lower quality "Chinese" plastic that recent AoS have been constructed from. There has been numerous tales of warping and poor fit.

Hobby Update

Over the weekend I continued my hobby "Spring Clean", getting rid of hobby stuff I'm unlikely to use going forward.

On Friday it was excess Tau vehicles, yesterday 40k terrain. All have gone to good homes.

My next painting project - after crew for Luminarch and Hurricanium - is Greatswords and Sisters of Sigmar. I got them out over the weekend in prep.

There are now all on 20mm square bases - special thanks to Higgins who sourced me some at Call to Arms - ready for undercoat. I intend doing the Greatswords in Averland theme to add to the unit I already have. The Sisters will be in bone and red (you can see some in the picture). I'll use them as either halberdiers or flagellants.

This weekend playing some Furionhammer to try out his new army book updates.