Thursday, September 29, 2022

Mordheim - Building Blocks (Cobblestone Wallpaper)

Having the necessary building blocks for my table is absolutely critical for me. I wanted a cobblestone base for my table and investigated all the different ways of going about achieving it.

I could go done the green stuff/modelling clay route but felt that would be prohibitive both in time and cost. Similarly, 3D printing or purchasing cobblestone streets was going to get old very quickly. Searching on YouTube Geek Gaming showed different methodologies for achieving what I wanted but all were very time consuming. 

My 6' x 4' board taking shape after all the cobbled areas were laid down. Total time to do so....<2 hours

My solution was in the Lybbans Minatures video. Fredrik had found and used an embossed wallpaper. I had used wallpaper in the past but had not kept the details. Importantly, he provided enough details for me to track down my own source.

In the photo above, you can get an idea of the texture of the paper - ideal both in form/size for a medieval town. As a bonus, Fredrik had already roadtested it and I knew it was fit for purpose. It could be stuck to polystyrene, it could be easily cut and shaped and it took primer.

The wallpaper is an Italian-made product called "Seriano". It appears to be manufactured by Belgravia Decor and the particular pattern is "Pietra". I have copied the labels so there is a record for others who may have an interest.

Now living in New Zealand, sourcing the paper wasn't going to necessarily be easy. My research indicated that distribution seemed restricted to the UK/EU. Eventually I was able to track it down to a store in Portsmouth, Hampshire in England and made an online order.

The URL for the store is

At the time the wallpaper was GBP18.99 per roll. A couple of hours later I received an email from a salesperson indicating postage to NZ may be higher than I had been quoted. The eventual cost was GBP45.00 for postage which blew out the cost.

My "expensive" roll of wallpaper arrived in about 10 days.

The key thing is that a little goes a long way. I reckon I still have 1/2 to 2/3rds of a roll left after doing the 6' x 4' board you see in the top picture. There is enough for all number of add-on boards so the eventual GBP64 cost doesn't seem so expensive.

A funny aside. When I posted pics on the Mordheim Facebook group there was incredible interest in where I had sourced the paper. I like to think that when Greg at UK Wallpapers arrived at work after a relaxing weekend, he was inundated with enquiries from around the world looking to buy single rolls of wallpaper and have them sent internationally. If so, it would be a real WTF moment.

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  1. Thanks for the write up Pete. I was looking for a cobblestone wallpaper for the same purpose (current project is a modular Mordheim table). I spent hours scrolling through wallpaper websites then found your website and ordered myself a roll. Thankfully I'm in the UK so postage wasn't nearly as expensive!