Monday, November 13, 2017

40k - Sonic the Dreadnaught

For over 12 years a half painted Emperor's Children Sonic Dread has sat in my cupboard. With new Warhammer, I am working to finish armies I have and "Sonic" now has his moment in the sun.

Originally he was a darker purple but with two GW Citadel Paint ranges since he was started he has now got a lighter hue.

These Dreads are quite hard to get hold of theses days. I was lucky in that I picked up a couple before they were discontinued. "Sonic" has a Blastmaster arm and the FW Chaos Dread CC weapon arm.

The Chaos FAQ gives rules for these vehicles whereby they count as having a twin linked Blastmaster. That gives them plenty of dakka on a mobile firing platform.

I've never been a big fan of Dreads - I had an experience when I lost a tournament game when a Nurgle dread chased off after a gretchin on the last turn of the game rather than sit on an objective - and as a result they were always the last item I painted.

The base is home made - a mix of bark, Vallejo texture and some barbed wire - and finished with some Army Builder tufts.

Nice to have it finished.

Monday, November 6, 2017

40k - A Hard Day's Knight

On Saturday I wandered down to the Warlords with my Emperor's Children warband to try out the "Open War" missions I am looking to use for the NZ Masters next month. I have created a cut down deck using Deployment, Objective and Twist cards to use for the event. The deck removes the asymmetric deployments, some of the objectives and those Twist cards that mess the fundamental underlying characteristics of an army.

I managed to key up John for a game and battle ensued. I had the first turn and by the end of my second turn John only had four models left - unfortunately three of them were Questor Knights! By the end of his second turn, I had lost both my characters, my Terminators, my CC Noise Marines and my Warp Talons. We called it there!

It was a really fun game and I enjoyed the challenge of trying to combat three Knights. I had a plan that on another may have worked. However I also made a lot of mistakes - both tactical and rules wise.

  • John was Imperium - Death to False Emperor applies
  • My CC Noise Marines also have Music of the Apocalypse so make an extra attack (in their case grenade) when they die.
  • Death Hex should be in my Psychic Power arsenal
  • Work on using the Cultists for screening
This was the first time I had ever played a Knight. I'm looking forward to testing my mettle against them again soon.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Xth Annual New Zealand Masters - 40K Version

The Fields of Blood NZ Rankings season ends today and all the qualifying results have been uploaded to the system (Thanks Jack).

As a result it is possible to make the invites for the Xth NZ Masters which will be held on December 2nd & 3rd.

This year invites have been extended to the Top 20 ranked players in the FOB Rankings. This is to provide reasonable time for the players to determine if they want to participate. In the past we have built to a field of 12 but this year the field will be expanded past that if we get more acceptances.

Already eight of the invitees have accepted their place which is good for the first 24 hours. I'll be keeping invites open until 7th November and then finalising the field.

A Players Pack will go out this weekend detailing the event. There will be six rounds and armies will be 1750 points.

In the next week Jack and I will be looking at collapsing the burgeoning army classifications in FOB and then announced Best in Race winners for the year.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

40K - Warband of Noise Lord Challis Drant

My Emperor’s Children 1500 point list has been slightly adjusted to include some older units (Chaos Cultists) and some new additions (Warp Talons).
  • Daemon Prince of Slaanesh with Wings – Intoxicating Elixir, Unholy Fortitude [Prescience]
  • Sorcerer with Jump Pack – Force Sword, Combi Plasma [Warptime; Prescience]
  • 8x Terminators – all with Lightning Claw and Combi Plasma
  • 8x Noise Marines – 7x Chainsword; Champ with Power Sword
  • Rhino – Combi Bolter
  • 6x Noise Marines – 5x Sonic Blaster, Blastmaster
  • 6x Noise Marines – 5x Sonic Blaster, Blastmaster
  • 6x Noise Marines – 5x Sonic Blaster, Blastmaster
  • 10x Chaos Cultists
  • 10x Chaos Cultists
  • 5x Warp Talons

All Mark of Slaanesh, all Emperor’s Children.

I have 6 points to spend (most likely Cultist plus second Combi Bolter for Rhino).

Over the various iterations it has grown from around 40 models to 60+.

From here I will look to build an extra 250/500 points into the list. I have some character models, 2x Sonic Dreads, another Noise Marine squad, Daemonettes and a second Rhino to add.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

40K - Combi Plasma - Single Shot or Whole Hog?

Over the weekend I was playing around with the Mathhammer app on this site trying to determine what was the most efficient way to use a Combi Plasma.

EDIT: This is a Fake Combi Plasma. Sad!

Lucky Somebody Out There Is A Combi Scientist!

You have two options. Firstly you can shot either weapon alone or secondly you can fire them both together. If you choose the second option then if you are a MEQ you hit on a 4+ rather than a 3+.

Now I knew that one of the two options would be better than the other. My gut feel that hitting on a 3+ with the Plasma was probably better than hitting on 4+ with both the Plasma and the Bolter. And I guessed that this would also be target-dependent.

Well I was part right. I ran the maths for all combos from T3 to T8 and from 2+ Save to No Save. I also worked the numbers for things like Prescience which give you +1 to your To Hit rolls.

Rather than go through the maths, I'll jump to the useful part.....the outcome!

Normal Situation:

Unless your target has an Armour Save of  3+ or less or is T 5/6 with a 4+ Armour Save then you are better to shoot with both the Plasma and Boltgun.


Unless your target has an Armour Save of 2+ or is T 5/6 with a 3+ Armour Save then you are better to shoot with both the Plasma and Boltgun.

So a reliance on Plasma-alone only works best for heavily armoured targets, particularly if your To Hit roll is enhanced.

Remember this is purely in terms of D 1 shots and doesn't take into account Invulnerable Saves.

I'm pretty sure if you are looking at multiwound models and you do get Prescience off then your best option will definitely be single shooting Overcharged Plasma.

Weekly Hobby Update

Again it has been a relatively busy week regarding the hobby.

First up, I have been finishing a few figures for my KoW Goblin army. I've painted two Wizards and also a Forgeworld Colossal Squig (I picked up at Call to Arms). The Squig is a proxy for a Giant.

I'm happy with how it has come out given the investment of time.

I also spent some time re-basing more Noise Marine squads. I now have 4x 6 man Squads each with 5 Sonic Blasters and a Blastmaster. In addition I have a 9 man Noise Marine Close Combat squad.

The Emperor's Children hit the table on Saturday in a game versus Kent's Eldar. I had made a few changes to my list adding in a Sorcerer with Jump Pack and 2 squads of Chaos Cultists. The game was a lot of fun with my Daemon Prince surviving on one wound as it tried to hunt down the remaining Wave Serpent in Kent's army.

Now finishing off the Warp Talons before moving onto some Daemonettes and the two Sonic Dreads.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

40k - So That's Why They Are A Dying Race

The Warhammer Community page has some early sighters of the Ulthwe rules.

At first glance they seem very underwhelming but that needs to be couched with the fact that we haven't seen points values yet or the extent of psychic powers/stratagems/artifacts.

The Ulthwe "Special Rule" is a watered-down Disgustingly Resilient.

This works against Mortal Wounds as well but I'm not sure a 16% probability boost to a save is something worth leaving home for.

The unique Ulthwe Stratagem is also not that wonderful at first glance.

A +1 to all Hit rolls is nice but I think I would prefer a constant +1 to BS or WS as per previous iteration of Black Guardians. Given the CP cost to generating the +1 to Hit I think it is a bit underwhelming.

They also showed another Stratagem but this is not Ulthwe specific so while you might take more Guardians with Ulthwe it is available to all Craftworlds. It will start to burn through CPs fast too. Where there might be some utility is where you can marry it to Fortune.

Again not Ulthwe specific, but it will work well with Eldrad. Still it carries a lot of uncertainty but think of the instance where you take those last four wounds away.

So at first glance I am not jumping out of my skin. Yes, I can see the synergies but they come with a lot of caveats and not a small cost in CPs. A lot depends on unit costs. However I'm guessing we are more likely to see Eldrad having "away days' with other craftworlds.

Time to dust of Eldrad's Alaitoc Clown Party!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

40k - Return of the Thin White Dukes

Back in the day (that's how us olden folks say longer than the current solar cycle) Phil Kelly was a very young member of the GW Design Studio.

He wrote the third edition "Codex: Eldar" and then created something special. "Codex: Craftworld Eldar" was the first of the third ed mini-dexes and it contained rules for five of the Eldar Craftworlds. This was the start of a blossoming of variant lists that gave 3rd and 4th Edition, its real flavour.

In 2006 I built my first Eldar army. I had previously despised the PEGs and their stupid Starcannons, their silly Phoenix Lords that destroyed MEQs etc. But with the Ulthwe I could build a themed army that was sufficiently different to Codex Eldar.

The two unique Ulthwe units were the Black Guardians and the Seer Council. Black Guardians were the citizen army of the Craftworld and they had higher a higher Ballistic Skill or a higher Weapon Skill than regular Guardians. However unlike other Craftworlds (and indeed Eldar armies) two units were compulsory in your force. I had 80 in my army split into four units of 20.

The second unique unit was the Seer Council. Here you bought at least two Farseers and three Warlocks but you could add to the unit. My Council was made up of 3 Farseers and 8 Warlocks – dubbed by locals as the “Seer Village”. Armed with Witchblades they were the bane of any vehicle they ran into generally able to dispatch even a Land Raider in a single assault.

I used my Ulthwe at Liber Animus in Melboure in 2006 where I picked up the BloodThirster (Best General) award [I lost out on Best Overall to White Dwarf Editor Bryan Cook’s Vostroyan army by 0.5 point].

So the Ulthwe hold a special spot in my heart. I also had an Iyanden army and can honestly say I was probably the main reason why the Craftworld teetered on the edge of oblivion. Locally Wraithlords had an aura of invulnerability before I played Iyanden….afterwards not so much. I was responsible for the death of so many Wraithlords due to my general incompetence in keeping them alive.

GW has announced that Craftworld Eldar is the next codex. I couldn’t be happier. The return of the thin white dukes as the Village rides again.

Monday, October 16, 2017

NZ Masters Looming

Just a reminder that the 10th Annual New Zealand Masters will be played over the weekend of 2nd & 3rd of December at Cashmere Avenue School Hall in Khandallah, Wellington.

There will be three competitions:

Warhammer 40k 

  • 1750 points
  • 6 rounds
  • Umpire: Pete Dunn
  • 12 participants - Sean Sullivan (Current Master) plus 11 highest ranked invities
  • Players Pack available 31 October
Flames of War
  • Flames of War 4th Edition
  • 6 Rounds
  • Umpire: Russell Briant
  • 12 Participants - Stephen Falconer (Current Master) plus 11 highest ranked invities
  • Players Pack with all details available 31 October
Kings of War
  • 2000 Points
  • 7 rounds
  • Umpire: Pete Dunn
  • 8 participants - highest ranked invities
  • Clash of Kings rules 
  • Players Pack available 31 October

Weekly Hobby Update

Another week and more progress.

I've been battling cold-like symptoms now for what seems like three months - and no amount of "combat drugs" seem to be able to kill it. I've an idea that it may be really bad hayfever and so am looking forward to this week as we have a silver birch tree removed from the drive.

this is all a longwinded way of saying that I haven't played any games. I was due to play Ryan Saturday but instead did some painting.

In the last week I have finished and based a Sorcerer with Jump Pack and three out of five Warp Talons. I'm halfway through the last two Talons and then have three Noise Marine Sonic Blaster to do before my two Sonic Dreads.

I've switched out the Havocs for more Noise Marines to make it even more EC. This means my 1500 point list has six Troop choices giving me flexibility when I go to 1750/2000 points.

Last night while watching TV I started putting together my War of the Roses Infantry. These arrived Friday and look quite nice figures. I'm not expecting that they will take long to paint up.

Finally, I started reading the Horus Heresy novel "The Master of Mankind". The first three chapters have been quite hard going so hopefully it will improve from here.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Yorkist War of the Roses Army for DBA

The Warlords are looking to run a series of War of the Roses DBA events in 2018 so I have purchased figures to build an army.

Towton 1464 - The Bloodiest Battle Fought On British Soil

The DBA War of the Roses army 1455-64AD is as follows:

  • 1x 3Kn or 4Bd (General)
  • 1x 3Kn or 3Cav  or 4Bd
  • 3x 4Bd
  • 6x 4Bw
  • 1x Art or 4Sp
My army is going to be based on Warwick's Yorkists at Towton.

The first is the Command element. I will build both the Foot and Mounted options. The second element are your Nobles/Men at Arms. As most of these fought on foot at Towton I'll go that route. The 4Bd are the Billmen while the 4Bw are the Longbowmen. These I'll use the plastic Perry WotR infantrymen. Finally I'll add the Art element using the Perry artillery piece.

Nice little painting project and the opportunity to use some snow basing.

Weekly Hobby Update

On Saturday I had my first two games of 8th using my Emperor's Children.

In the first game I got slaughtered as I played very poorly against the Spite and shooting of Thomas' Thousand Sons. The second was against Tau and after having a very bad first couple of turns I pulled it back to a winning draw.

I had the +1 to go first in both games and I think my set-up reflected this. In both cases I didn't win the roll-off so I went second. This really hurt me. In future I need to consider whether it is worth burning a Command Point.

During the second game, a Tau flyer was streaking away after a bombing run. It was on 2 wounds after being mauled in the air by my DPoS. Two remaining Noise Marines shot at it with their Sonic Blasters and brought it down. The numbers say that they had a 4% chance of doing that, but never underestimate the power of the Wall of Sound (tm).

Yesterday I read up on the Charge and Fight phase and now have a much clearer understanding of the nuances and tips/tricks associated with both 😈

On the painting side I finished my first Warp Talon and I am happy with the final product. I kit-bashed myself a Sorcerer with a Jump Pack using a mix of 30k plastic bits, FW Horus Heresy Emperor's Children bits, old metal EC bitz and a pair of wings from the Possessed kit (thanks Liam Miskelly 👍).

I also received my Slaaneshi Shoulder Pads from Shapeways. These give me some options to add complementary Shoulder Pads to my EC as I paint them up.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

40K - Emperor's Children New Additions

Finished some Emperor's Children over the past week. Grabbed a Terminator and a Noise Marine to show the colour scheme I went with.

The Terminator was kitbashed using a variety of parts - 30k Terminator, old CSM bolter and add ons, SM plasma gun, Chaos Rhino parts, Harlequin bits, Ogre bits etc. So a real mish-mash.

Here you can see the combiplasma I built. I'm happy with glow and heat effects. The side of Eldar is there to attract Daemonettes.

He has a Harlequin head hanging from his belt plus he has decided he quite likes their face mask as a fashion accessory.

The second is a CCW Noise Marine. All my existing Noise Marines are fitted with sonic weapons so I've built a squad of close combat specialists. For these I used the Forgeworld Palatine Blades, in this case with a simple head swap from a 2nd Edition Noise Marine.

I love this head and scrounch them up whenever possible.

Still got some highlight work to do on this guy.

Really like the shoulder pads they give you with these figures. Screaming angels.....what's not to like!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Wargaming the War of the Roses

Starting in February/March 2018, my local club the Wellington Warlords is looking to wargame the WotR.

This is the dynastic battle between York and Lancaster at the end of the 15th Century. It was characterised by changing alliances between the English nobles to manoeuvre their favourite into kingship.

The idea is to use the DBA rules to run some multiplayer games. These are simple easy to use rules that battle with armies of 12 elements (3-4 figures on each base). The lists are 80% set with some customisation around the edges.

Last night I purchased my army from Perry Miniatures. It was one box of plastic billmen/archers, mounted General, artillery piece and foot knights. Cost me NZD 90 including post from UK.

Looking forward to stabbing friends and family in the back.

Weekly Hobby Update

A highly productive week, the last seven days.

I finished my EC Terminators. There is an opportunity to add more detail but they are mostly complete. What was really nice was trying some new techniques on them. They have lacquered armour while the plasma guns have both lighting effects and heat effects on them. I'm really happy with how the combi-plasmas came out both modelling wise - no two are the same - and painting wise. The unit provided me the opportunity to use some of the Secret Weapon Miniatures paints and washes. They give some great finishes.... I was also able to do some power weapons on other squads with the airbrush and got some nice transitions. So all in all a lot of new hobby techniques tried and the finished force looks pretty cool IMO.

The whole army has been based now and is ready to hit the table. 

Next unit is my Warp Talon squad....primed and I've started painting.

Finished the Lucius book and Chaos CSM Codex. Will start on the Death Guard book next.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

40K - Warpstorm X Registrations

I have added the registrations for Warpstorm X to the "Events Registration" tab below the banner.

You can see a list of who is signed up for the event.

Appears that there are a few washed out old has-beens (in some cases never-were) trying to recapture past glories).

If you are keen to attend you better be quick, there's only two places left.

40K - The Importance of Fluff

The last few months have reinforced to me just how important "fluff" is for my wargaming.

What is "fluff"? Effectively, it is the backstory to the game you are playing. It is the reason your army gets up in the morning and goes to battle. While it has no impact once you start playing the game, for me at least it influence everything up to there.

This is some Grade A Fluff 


While I started in Historicals, much of my wargaming has been in the science fiction and fantasy genres. I played 40k exclusively for 5 or so years until the release of the Thorpe Betrayal. At that time I jumped across to Fantasy and played WHFB until GW blew up the world in 2015. After that I played Kings of War until mid this year when "new" 40k dropped.

And this has been as much a "fluff" journey as a gaming journey. I initially walked away from playing 40k because GW wound back the backstory for a lot of armies to a generic "one size fits all". This was most evident in Chaos (where the Legions disappeared to be replaced by Renegades) but also occurred for Eldar (no Craftworlds) and Orks (no Clans). Yes you could make armies but they were watered down versions of what we had had and weren't supported by the rules (specialisation in list construction and diversity based on established fluff).

For the next 8 years I played WHFB and developed a swathe of armies supported by the rich backstory. In particular, the Skaven captured my imagination and Seerlord Morskitta hit the battlefield. I loved the background and really enjoyed the End Times story - well the first four books anyway. The last book was a "Super Friends" X-Men type comic which ended with them blowing up the Old World.

The last couple of years I have been playing Mantic's Kings of War. We have Mantica and 21 factions/races but it is chronically underdeveloped. Now this is only to be expected - GW has had 30 years plus to develop their worlds - but generally Mantic have ignored this aspect of their game. They are currently running a global campaign but I think it is too little, too late.

As it stands, I love KoW the game but have no investment in the Mantic world. Therefore my rats are not really Ratkin but Skaven in an inferior world. I have no investment in the story and I know a lot of people globally feel the same.

Games like The Ninth Age suffer the same problem as to my mind does Age of Sigmar (where a new setting is being developed). However while AoS has the resources of GW to build their new setting, other games will struggle like KoW has struggled.

Back to 40K

The last few months have been an eye-openner for me. I have stayed in touch with the 40k world through the Horus Heresy novels but picking up first Traitor Legions then new 40k has been fantastic. 

I can read well developed sourcebooks backed up with 40k novels. And rather than generic these can be very specific. So I have devoured the Night Lords Omnibus, Fabius Bile and Lucius novels and these have inspired me while I build and paint my armies. Suddenly I'm invested again.

I'm constantly finding little nuggets where the established backstory is being fleshed out and this is driving how I am looking at my army and what units I want to bring to the table. Currently I'm reading the Codex:CSM and the content is making me excited for the upcoming Eldar Craftworld codex and that of the Tyranids.

Now fluff doesn't mean much to a lot of people but for me it is a key plank of the hobby. Nobody does it better than GW and encoutering it again is like catching up with an old friend.

Monday, September 25, 2017

40K - Warpstorm X Places Available

My understanding is that an extra two tables have been added for Warpstorm X and that there are two places available after the waiting list is satisfied.

If you are interested in playing at Warpstorm then you need to contact the TO Hagen Kerr asap. He can be contacted here

40K - Line of Sight

One of the rules that I have found the most contentious in the newest Warhammer 40k edition is Line of Sight - or to put it more accurately Target Visibility.

Over the years Games Workshop have used many different line of sight rules, depending on how they wanted terrain played. We have had True Line of Sight, Area Terrain etc. Also there have been qualifiers in the rules, most importantly that wings, claws, swords etc don't count.

This set of rules is the most permissive yet. They are True Line of Sight with no qualifiers.

You find the targeting rules under the "Shooting Phase" rules, "2. Choose Targets":

"In order to target a enemy unit, a model from that unit must be within the range of the weapon being used and be visible to the shooting model. If unsure, stoop down and get a look from behind the shooting model to see if any part of the target is visible."

There are no qualifiers, no exclusions, nada. If you can see a claw, a weapon, a sniper scope then the model is visible.

Obviously this is different from the past and requires a shift in mindset for players....especially those of us returning from older versions (anything from v1 to v7). This is a massive can of worms.

Firstly, there will be different interpretations of what is visible. However by the rules 1% is enough. This will lead to some awkward conversations. Not just at tournaments but also in casual games. I intend asking opponents before a casual game if they intend playing RAW (Rules as Written) and then playing as per their choice. In tournaments, unless the TO makes a ruling, the safest line is to play RAW. This means that if you have a rifle barrel poking out I can see your infantryman, if you have a tank track poking out you can fire all weapons etc.

Personally I think this is poor and lazy rules writing and an awful mechanic but if you want short, concise rules you get abstraction.

The second set of worms, is known as "Modelling for Advantage" e.g. the crawling/kneeling close combat Wraithlord, superstructures on shooty vehicles etc. I'm hoping TOs will stop any silliness that develops around this. However there is another downside. In tournament play you'll see less cool centrepiece models. For example I have a cool FW Great Unclean One that I'm very proud of. However he is three times the size of the GW GUO model. As such, in competitive play, I known I'm hamstringing myself taking him. I do, well because of the "Rule-of-Cool" but it is a major disadvantage.

I'm hoping GW revisits their LoS/Target Visibility rules but in the interim we just have to play with what we've got!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

40K - Miramar Freebooters on Warhammer Community Page

I was looking at the Warhammer Community page the other day and there was an article on setting up a games club. When I delved into it the article was written by one of the people (james) who set up the Miramar Freebooters.

Great to see a local club getting some exposure.

Looks like they have a great venue and it's filling a real niche within the community. Nice to see a club in Wellington's south-eastern suburbs.

You can see the article here

Saturday, September 23, 2017

40K - Emperor’s Children Dice

Given my homecoming to 40k and more importantly, the removal of the taint of the Thorpe Failure, I thought that I would get some dice for my Emperor’s Children.

Recently Ex-KoW RC Supremo blogged about a company that he had been using to produce custom dice. I found the necessary non-copyrighted image on the net and send it off to the die-maker, Counterattack Bases in the UK.

Today my bag of 30 dice arrived.

The dice are 16mm purple pearlescent with gold pips. As with all civilised people know, the symbol is on the "6". In fact you'd have to be a hedgehog with breasts to put symbols on the "1".

The symbol is the EC Legion symbol from the time of the Cthonian Failure. From order to delivery was a month and the cost worked out at USD 1.90 per die including postage.

Here are the details of Counterattack Bases if you want to get your own army dice made.

FOB Rankings - NZ 40K Rankings Updated for DonkeyCon

The Fields of Blood 40k Rankings have been updated for the recent DonkeyCon event. This was a three round tournament and was won by Vinnie Purcell using Chaos Space Marines. Vinnie is now firmly established in the Top 12 and looms odds on for a Masters berth.

It looks like you'll need at least 200 points to make the Top 12 (automatic Masters invites) so the next few events are crucial.

Warpstorm, for instance, has 92 points on offer for the winner so we can expect some movement in the ratings post that event. There are four of the Top 12 participating and 5-6 more of the Top 25 on the hunt for points.

The 10th NZ Masters are on the first weekend in December in Wellington. The "season" closes on October 31 with invites going out the first week of November.

Any TOs out there get your results in!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Hobby Update

The last couple of weeks have seen me working on my Emperor’s Children army, getting it 8th Ed compliant.

 I’ve signed up for a local tournament at the end of next month to give me the impetus to get the army finished. The event is now full which shows the demand that the new Warhammer 40k has engendered. This, despite a mission and scoring structure that looks like a demonstration for the dangers of dyslexia. The truism “KISS” is a truism for a reason.

For me this has meant I am trying to build my 2000-2500 point army and then I’ll select 1500 points from it. I’ve finished a unit of Close Combat Noise Marines and I am about halfway through painting my Terminator unit. After reading the Fabius Bile and Lucius books I bought a box of Raptor/Warp talons and have assembled those. They will be my next painting chore.

I also had to rebase all my power armoured infantry to the correct bases. They were on 40mm resins mainly for balance reasons. I’ve had to make some new bases as I couldn’t source suitable resin bases in the right size.

The final things to do will be to finish my Sonic Dreadnaughts and some Daemonettes.

Looking forward to trying it out on the table.

KOW - Vermintide on November 4

Neil Williamson is running Vermintide, a one day KOW event at Warlords on the first weekend in November.

It is a five round affair using 1400 point armies. However it has a novel twist. You only use your own army once. After the first round you will use an opponent's army.

This let's you prove just how good you are!

You can download the Players Pack here

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

KOW - NZ Rankings Updated

The NZ KOW Rankings have been updated to reflect the results of the last Warlords Super Series events.

The next event is the Auckland event being run on the North Shore in late October.y understanding is that will be the final event of the tournament season.

Remember the NZ Masters are being held on the first weekend of December here in Wellington.

Monday, September 18, 2017

KOW - WSS Spring Photos

On Saturday we had the last of the Warlords Super Series here in Wellington.

I managed to snap some pics of the early action.

Neil Williamson's Trident Realms Up Against Josh Barton's Orcs

Seth Cook's Orcs had a narrow loss to Ian Dixon's Ogres

The Orc Fightwagons spent most of the early game back in their own corner.

On the other flank the Ogres pushed aggressively into the Orcs.

Neil's Kraken in amongst the Orc lines. He got into the flank of the Ax Horde here

Ryan Lister's Undead take on Kent Jackson's newly finished Trident Realms

The Lower Abyssals of Lliam Munro are assisted by a Chroneas as they advance towards the Elf lines. Lliam lost this game but went on to win the event.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

KOW - WSS Spring Results

Yesterday we had the final of the four event Warlords Super Series, Spring at Khandallah in Wellington.

The event attracted 8 participant including new arrival in the country, Seth Cook from Atlanta, USA. Seth travelled down 2 hours hours for the event which was greatly appreciated.

Here are the results:

This was Lliam's first event win so congratulations. He and Josh played in the last round with Lliam prevailing. What was interesting is that every player won and lost at least one game - so hardly fought.

The other standout was Seth winning Best Sport by achieving best opponent votes from each of his four games. Fantastic effort and great reflection on the man.

So the series is now finished for 2017 and the winners of the four events were:

Summer - Pete Dunn (The Herd)

Autumn - Pete Dunn (The Herd)

Winter - Rob Higgins (Orcs)

Spring - Lliam Munro (Forces of the Abyss)

Thanks to all that participated through the year.

Monday, September 11, 2017

KOW - Warlords Super Series "Spring" Lists

This weekend is the last of the 2017 WSS events. It has attracted 8 players with Orcs and Trident Realms proving popular.

You can see the list here

This is the first appearance on the local tournament scene of recent import from the USA, Seth Cook. Looking forward to welcoming him to New Zealand and hearing his thoughts on different playstyles.

Weekly Hobby Update

The past week has been very stop-start. I have been looking at the Emperor's Children models that I've wanted to finish and have procrastinated until Friday evening. I managed to get a start on them....about my fourth start....which meant I lightly airbrushed over what I had done. Spent Saturday afternoon and then bits of Sunday and they weren't progressing. Finally got over the hump last evening and they are starting to come right.

I expect to finish them this week and then I can (re)start my Terminators. They also got new airbrush coats as I wasn't happy with the colour.

Next weekend is Warlords Super Series - Spring and I am umpiring. This is the last event I am running this year (apart from Masters). I have received all but one list and will post later today.

I have also been reading Black Library books. Finished Fabius Bile and now working my way through Lucius. Picking up snippets of new EC lore as I read them (e.g. how the Emperor's Children got their name).

Finally, I pre-ordered my Death Guard purchases at GW Lower Hutt on Saturday. Congratulations to Luke on the store's 7th Birthday.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Bigger than Wargaming - Brave Hugo

Most Wellington 40k tournament players know Aaron Twose. He has been attending events for over 10 years and is always a great and fun opponent.

Aaron's three year old son, Hugo suffers from cerebral palsy. I personally can't think just how bad that must be for his parents, as well as himself. You can read a recent article that appeared in The Dominion Post here.

At the recent Maelstrom event run by Hagen Kerr, the attendees were able to raise money to go towards getting treatment for Hugo. This was a wonderful initiative and I know was greatly appreciated by Aaron.

Coming up over the next few months will be more fundraising events aiming to raise the necessary money to get Hugo the further treatment to make his life easier.

One of these is something that all 40kers can get behind....a fundraiser featuring the new Star Wars movie. It would be great if the Wellington wargaming community could get behind this en masse.

I'll post details nearer the time but as they say in politics "Let's Do This"

EDIT: Aaron has provided the two dates for movie nights - 17th & 19th December.

Please mark these in your diaries wargamers. I'll let you know when tickets are available.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

40K - Death Guard Out 9 September

Old news now but Death Guard officially released on 9 September.

Only three releases:

  • Mortarion
  • Plague Brethren
  • Codex
I suspect the rest - two types of Terminator, new vehicle and more Plague Marines are later in month.

When I saw the prices I must admit to a strong case of Sticker Shock.

Mortarion is NZD 280 - for those of you overseas that is - USD 202 or GBP 157. The USD list price is $140 while UK RRP is GBP85.

The Plague Brethren is a webstore exclusive and is NZD 83 for three models though they are accompanied by an 8 page booklet and 3 art cards.

Guessing the delay in releases is to let your wallet recover.

Monday, August 28, 2017

40K - My "Come At Me, Bro" Emperor's Children Terminator Squad

Listening to various podcasts, I hear that Terminators are not very good. I thought I'd put that to the test with my Emperor's Children warband.

By the 41st Millenium there is little, if any, Legion structure left in the Emperor's Children. Reading the Black Library background novels - Fabius Bile, Lucius etc - it seems that the past 10,000 years haven't been good for the Phoenician's Finest and they have descended into a bunch of personality-led warbands. That has always been the basis for my EC armies which eschew heavy vehicles for Infantry-based solutions.

On that basis I made up a unit of Termies to support my power armoured marines.

They are made out of a mix of Tartaros and Catafracti armour from 30k. I've then added in various Emperor's Children, Chaos Terminator, imperial Terminator and Chaos Mutation bits. The Noise Casters are from the Chaos Vehicle sprue.

I managed too grab 3-4 Combi-plasmas from my bitz box but the rest have been made from plasma guns, boltguns and plasma pistols.

They are also carrying their "kit" with them so I have flayed skin, bags and tools on their belts. I salvaged some pieces of meat from the Ogre box and they use these to feed the daemonettes that follow them.

Next job is to clean up all the mold lines and plastic tags before filling gaps and priming