Tuesday, December 26, 2017

40k - Rankings Revamp & 2017 Best Army Icon Holders

Over the past week we have done a revamp of the Fields of Blood 40k Rankings. This is most obvious for Warhammer 40k where the the armies players used has been rationalised to make results more meaningful.

Counting up the Best Army icons they had blown out to 61 😮 This was all kinds of ridiculous. I have cut them back to 20 and have retro-fitted the results to reflect that. The simple rule I applied was that they had to have one of the ten codexes released in 8th Ed so far, be an established army with multi-edition back history of standalone codex, or some other arbitrary decision.

So there are no White Scars, no Valhallans, no Eldar Corsairs etc. As Codexes are added we will add icons but the data will not be refitted.

What this does do is give us an opportunity to publish a list of the Iconholders for Best in Race for the 2017 Tournament Season (ended 31 October).

  • Eldar - Glen Burfield (56)
  • Chaos Daemons - Haydn Korach (24)
  • Space Marines - Dave Hodgetts (58)
  • Astra Militarum - Dave Hodgetts (24)
  • Chaos Space Marines - Vinnie Purcell (36)
  • Space Wolves - Glen Tibbles (12)
  • Blood Angels - Pascal Roggen (16)
  • Tau - Connor Gosnell (28)
  • Tyranids - Adam Thornton (19)
  • Imperium - Ben Foster (14)
  • Necrons - Cody Parlato (22)
  • Genestealer Cult - Aidan Corlett (9)
  • Adeptus Mechanicus - James Stott (14)
  • Orks - Glen Heaphy (13)
  • Dark Eldar - Sean Sullivan (9)
  • Dark Angels - Scott Nicholl (13)
  • Imperial Knights - Chris Ward (7)
  • Grey Kinghts - Chris Ward (15)
So well done to the players that rose supreme in their race. The number in brackets is the number of times each army was used during the year - Space Marines seeing off Eldar followed by Chaos Space Marines.

The new season has started and you can see how well you are doing for the tournament year by setting the filter to "Season starting 1 November 2017". This is where the battle for icons in 2018 begins.

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