Monday, December 11, 2017

40K - Frontline Gaming - Great Customer Service

As you all know, the time around Thanksgiving is an incredibly busy shopping time in the US with all the Black Friday sales.

Recently I took advantage of the Frontline Gaming sale where they had 25% off the price of their neoprene mats. Jack is coming home from Boston over the holiday season so it was a good opportunity for him to be a "mule" and bring back supplies. With 25%, free shipping in the US and no international shipping I was able to land two 6'x4' mats for NZD$80 each rather than the normal $170-200 they cost in New Zealand score.

My only problem was ensuring they were with Jack before he left mid-December. This problem was elevated when FLG indicated via email that there had been enormous demand for the mats and that there may be greater delay than normal in supply and shipping. I contacted Frontline via email and within 30 minutes had a reply from Frankie that they would prioritise the order.

The package arrived via FedEx on Friday last week, in plenty of time for Jack's departure.

I thought that this was excellent service from Frontline (and Frankie) as they didn't have to make the effort. The sale had been completed, credit card charged and I was getting a "deal". their efforts mean that I'll continue to use them as my US supplier of choice for hobby products.

Thanks again guys.

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