Tuesday, December 5, 2017

40k - Chapter Approved Points Changes

I intend writing a more general Chapter Approved review in the next few days but I thought I would comment on some of the impact of points changes.

As you know the Masters were run over the weekend and 12 players battled it out for the crown. When you run the Masters you check lists and when you update Battlescribe data it updates existing lists. So I had a look yesterday at the effect of the Chapter Approved changes.

The Impact of Chapter Approved on the Astra Militarum

Nine of the twelve lists are relatively unchanged by points shifts in Chapter Approved. Their new price is within +/- 20 points of the Masters price. However on the Imperium side not everything is that peachy. While Scott Clough's Eight Model Army only say an increase of 20-25 points, the same can't be said for the rest of the lists that used Astra Militarum as their backbone.

The points increases for these armies was as follows:
  • Craig Stewart's Imperial Soup - approx 100 points
  • Simon Smith's Astra Militarum - approximately 150 points (BS says 146)
  • Dave Hodgetts' Astra Militarum - approximately 150 points (BS says 153)
Happy for someone to check my maths as I'm not a Numbers scientist.

Now this is in no way an attempt to disparage the efforts of Simon and Dave at the Masters. They were clearly the top two players. Importantly they had identified the most efficient items in their codex. They were also unaware of these points increases at the time the lists were submitted. Finally everyone had the same opportunity to bring AM (with a little effort).

However it does reinforce what everyone had probably suspected - that AM is a very good list and parts of it were undercosted.

It will be interesting if we see Conscripts now they are 4 points. Also it will also be interesting to see whether AM are still popular at the Las Vegas Open (I think so as I think they have great tools everywhere).

I'm very glad I didn't allow FW at the Masters as some of the points bumps there are far greater.

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