Friday, December 1, 2017

NZ Masters on this Weekend

The 10th Annual New Zealand Masters are on this weekend in Khandallah, Wellington.

Gamers will contest supremacy in Warhammer 40k, Kings of War and Flames of War.

And besides bragging rights they will have the opportunity to win these fine trophies.

I am umpiring the Warhammer 40k and Kings of War events. Looking at the lists and checking the players' records over the year, here are my predictions.


3. Sam Whitt 

Honed Tzeentch Daemon list with the ability to bring a lot of Smite to the table. I think that he will just hold out for 3rd from Ben Clarke's Daemons.

2. Sean Sullivan

Trying to do a three-peat. His Ynnari have been hurt by the recent FAQ changes but his list has more mobility than anyone else at the event. Looking forward to following his matchups.

1. Dave Hodgetts

Dave has the strongest list at the event and strong reason form. I think his firepower may just see him through though I think he should be worried by his relative mobility. Based on Chapter Approved, he and his AM mates are playing a few points up on the field.


2. Tane Woodley - I'd have him as favourite except our local Green candidate has had his priorities wrong over the past 6 months. He's bringing a Wall-of-De 6 and I'm not sure all his oppoents will be able to deal with it.

1. Robert Higgins - Mr. Pay to Win recently bought a Goblin army off me and has it honed and ready to go. It is a step up from his Orcs and I think it will be just too big for other players to handle. 

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  1. Are the KOW lists posted anywhere? Look forward to some pictures!