Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Fields of Blood NZ Rankings Updated for 40k and KoW

The New Zealand Rankings for 40k and Kings of War have been updated for the first events of the new tournament year.

Conquest in Christchurch attracted 47 participant and saw visiting Wellingtonian, Dave Hodgetts continue his winning ways with his Imperial "Soup". Four of the top seven lists were based around Astra Militarum.

The 40k rankings are about to undergo a bit of a tidy up around army classification. At present the number of armies has blown out to around 50. This will be rationalised back to those armies that have their own codex (8th or 7th).

In KoW, Rumble in the Jungle was hosted by Mighty Ape. It was taken out by Chris Burnett using the bane of low De armies, Forces of the Abyss.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the tournament year shapes up over the coming months.

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