Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Amended WHFB Rulebook FAQ Released

You can access it here

Includes Power Scroll errata and some proof reading they missed last week.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Maelstrom Games Supply Issues

Happy to report that part of my order from Maelstrom Games turned up on Saturday - Scibor Games "Great Unclean One" equivalent. This is very nice model and ideal size for tournament play (ie equivalent to GW GUO). I picked this up for GBP 19, 50% off RRP.

However I was happy that it appears that my order has been split into two packages. Hopefully I'll see the second parcel in the next 48 hours, otherwise I'll be getting a little concerned.

In other news, MG sent out another voucher yesterday, FINAL-FINAL-STOCKTAKE-SALE offering 60-80% on remaining stock. Fantastic discount but very limited stock and not without a little risk.

If you are willing to bear that risk there are bargains to be had but you have to be aware that you may not have a seat when the music stops!

EDIT: My Bane Legions Bloodthirster arrived today....very naice!

Monday, October 29, 2012

5th Annual Masters - 40k Invitees (Provisional)

And for the 40k players, here is my provisional calculation of invites. Again this will be confirmed 1st November.

Jack Dunn has auto-invite as defending champion but - as he'll be in Sydney - won't be taking this up. That means his invite drops down to Daniel Hayden.

Those in Green (plus Daniel) should now decide whether they wish to take up their invites and let me know. Official invites will be issued once RHQ updates.

Event is on 1/2 December in Wellington. It will be 1500 points with Allies but no fortifications. Six rounds using rulebook missions.

Acceptences: David Wilson, Mark Buttle, Daniel Hayden, Pascal Roggen, Ivan Soo, Charlie St. Clair, Haydn Korach

Waiting for Confirmations from: Robert Power, Henare Akari


Simon Farrell has declined his invitation so it has passed to David Foster

Doug Sainsbury has declined his invitation so it passes to Henare Akari

David Foster has declined and so Matthew Robinson gets the invite

Chris Ward and Adam Thornton have declined invites and theses pass to Dean Oldham and PJ Smith

Matt Robinson has declined his invite which passes to James Woodward

PJ Smith has declined and so his invite goes to Frank Redmond who also declined.

5th Annual Masters - WHFB Invites (Provisional)

With Skitterleap run and won, I have worked out the provisional final rankings for 2012. These will be confirmed when RHQ run the October update later this week.

Antony Kitson - the current Master - gets automatic entry. The next eleven invites go to the Top 11 ranked players in the country:

That covers those marked in Orange and Green. Should any of those invited not wish to take up their invite then these will go to the next highest ranked player down to a minium of #20.

If you are Antony or one of the players in green can you please drop me an email letting me know if you will be accepting your invite. From November 5th, I'll be cascading them down. A Player's Pack is being prepared but as a heads-up the Comp will be as per Skitterleap (but with no Special Characters) with 2400 point armies. There will be six games - all scenarios bar Battle for the Pass, with Battleline played twice - three on each day.


Acceptances: Tim Joss, Sam Whitt, Rory Finnemore, Antony Kitson, Mike King, Peter Williamson, Joel van de Ven-Long, Tom Dunn, Raymond Dick, Pete Dunn

Daniel Butler has declined his invite which has passed to Hamish Forbes

Hamish Forbes has declined invite so it passes to Rory Finnemore (who has accepted)

John Wilenbruch had declined his invite which has passed to Darren Urquhart

Darren Urquhart has declined as has James Brown so it passes to Joel van de Ven-Long (who has accepted)

Mal Patel has declined his invitation and it has passed to Thomas van Roekel who has also declined

Ross Hillier-Jones has also declined. Phil Wu and Locky Reid receive the final invites.

Phil Wu has declined, while Locky Reid has accepted.

Skitterleap 2012 Results

So this weekend saw the last event of the New Zealand tournament season, Skitterleap 2012 here in Wellington. This represented an opportunity for those in Masters contention to consolidate their places.

Here are the results:

Best Sport was Bo Patterson, followed by Sam Whitt. They won their respective tie-breakers.

Best Painted was Sam Whitt followed by John Tailby (both Dark Elves).

Apart from Joe who cleared out from the field in the last round, it was very very close. For instance, if Tom had won his last game 20-0 - which looked likely until some major heroics from a unit of Demigrphs holding up Bloodletters and the Bloodthirster - then he would have finished 2nd. So it was an event where over half the field were competing for the podium in the last round.

Special mention to Joe who has only had limited play this year and Wil Hoverd in his first event.

Thanks also to Locky Reid who filled in at last minute.

Friday, October 26, 2012

New 40k Trench System

Lost in the hoo-hah around the new Warriors of Chaos releases is the release of some new 40k terrain.

GW are releasing a series of trenchline fortifications. Pictures were there (for the eagle-eyed) in the new Chaos Renegade Codex and there is a spread in the new White Dwarf.

Initially it will be released as a "For Limited Time" bundle deal comprising 1 Bunker, 2 Encampments and 3 Defense Lines. However like previous releases you've got to expect individual sets will be released.

My understanding is the NZ RRP 240 (Oz RRP 205).

This looks a good set but I'm not sure about the price until the full contents of the bundle are laid out. Certainly I think it makes a fine addition to the table but $240 is not small biccies either (USD 180). The other concern is - although it is hard to see in the pictures - that piled up in front of the fortifications are piles of dead Cadians. This makes the terrain very army/theatre specific. You can - I suppose - treat them as Cadians/traitor guard assaulting/defending the positions but what if you typically play Ork vs. Eldar/ perhaps they are innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire. Seems a strange decision to include them as integral part of the piece.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Juggernaut Commeth - Skitterleap Predictions

This weekend sees Skitterleap here in Wellington. This is the final event of the tournament year and the last opportunity for gamers to make the NZ Masters coming up the first weekend of December.

I have previous posted up the lists and you can check them out in this post.

So who is going to win?

Well there are quite a few Masters contenders on show and you’d expect them to do well. And some of them will – those that are using either Lizards of Daemons.

My prediction for the weekend is that the top three will comprise two Daemons (Mike King and Tom Dunn) and a Lizard (Mal Patel). Both Mike and Tom are on the Bloodletter Horde backed up by Big Brother Billy. That is one large Pain Train….and in this case, the train has no brakes.
Mr. Billy Bloodthirster, Come On Down!!!!

I fully expect both to spend their weekends with a high pressure hose trying to remove the aftermath of opponents from under their hooves.

Mal is bringing the most annoying type of Lizard list intent on inflicting the death of 1000 paper cuts on his opponents. He’ll shoot and flee, then shoot and flee and finally shoot and flee some more.

In fact it could be a fun weekend watching the wealth of non-engagement lists – Lizards, Dark Elves, Wood Elves and High Elves – compete to see who can flee the most.

Of the other participants, I’m sure that Sam Whitt, James Milner, Peter Williamson and Joel van de Ven-Long will all fancy their chances. A word from the wise – if you want to go home with any loot, concentrate on picking up Best Sporting Opponent votes.

Skitterleap 2012 will be the time of the Daemon Juggernaut!!!!!

Update on Maelstrom Games' Situation

Following comment on Wyrd forum via Dakka may be of interest for those contemplating future orders:

SMG , the uk's biggest wargames distributor (Malifaux, Hordes/WM, Infinity, etc) have cut dies with Maelstrom due to the debt and sold on the debt to a debt collection company.

Maelstrom won't be getting any more Malifaux from us as he's been cut off due to his massive debt, which has now been sold via a debt purchase company who will be pursuing the debt and legal action.

MG is running his final sales (several of them) and there is nothing much left. No further stock will be sent from us.

Looks like the end game is upon us.

"Gents, it'll be emotional"

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Higher Quality Warriors of Chaos Pictures

Tracked down some better photos from this month's White Dwarf. There is also a picture of the new 40k Trench System

Tournament Clarifications v1.1

In light of the latest round of WHFB FAQs, a number of clarifications can be dropped. The following list will be used at Skitterleap and my events beyond.


• If a unit is more than its base movement value from a building it cannot enter the building in that phase [Rules Change].

• True line of sight will be used unless mutually agreed. Figures height should be considered generally representative of their type regardless of conversions etc [Clarification].

• Only one character may charge out of a unit in a turn [Clarification].

• If a unit with the Impact Hits special rules charges a unit and is counter charged before impact hits have occurred then unit will still benefit from the Impact Hits special rule [Clarification].

• An infantry character mounted on an infantry mount can gain a look out sir from infantry troops. However, he still counts as being mounted, and so gains +1 armour save but cannot parry, cannot enter buildings or use items restricted to "models on foot only" [Clarification].

Race Specific

• Beastmen Herdstone must be mounted on either small or large round template i.e. either 3” or 5” diameter. It counts as Impassable Terrain and counts TLOS for Line of Sight purposes [Clarification].

• Night Goblin Mushroom do not count as "power dice" (as per their Army book), in their case 1in6 times the mushroom forces the spell to fail, and 1in12 times it will also cause a wound so it has its own in built penalties [Clarification].

• Vampiric Magic Lore Attribute can heal characters [Clarification].

Magic Specific

• Timewarp cannot increase a unit’s movement value above 10. So maximum march would be 20 inches [Clarification].

• Open Ground does count as a type of terrain for the spell Curse of Anraheir [Clarification].

New Warriors of Chaos Unit Details


60 points per model
Unit Size 3+
Can take Lances
Magic Standard up to 50 pts
Same weapons rules as Chaos Knights
Cause Fear
Monstrous Cavalry
Will of Chaos
Mark of Khorne

Rider           WS5 S4 T4 W1 I5 A2 Ld8
Mount         WS5 S5 T5 W2 I2 A2 Ld7


19 points per model
Shields and Spear
Fast Cavalry
ASF first combat round - 1 pt
Mark of Slaanesh


Destroy unit
1+ Devastating charge
2+ Stubborn
3+ 4+ Wd

New Warriors of Chaos Pictures - November White Dwarf

Okay pictures of the new minis and supplement have surfaced but they are of pretty poor quality. I'm posting the best of them - leaving out the Special Characters, whose pics are specially poor.

November's White Dwarf with Skullcrushers on Cover

The Update - Similar Format to Daemons of Chaos

The Warshrine

Marauders on Hellsteeds and the Skullcrusher

I'm guessing the first thing I'll say will echo the thoughts of the rest of you - how unsurprising? There is nothing there that I couldn't have guessed at.

The Warshrine is pretty much as I expected GW to do it  - and I am totally underwhelmed. It is one ugly model that seems to fuse Engine of the Gods with the Mortis Engine. Blah.

Ok, I've relented. Here are the poor quality photos of the Special Characters:

Valkya, Festus and Scyla

Detail is very hard to see (I'll post better resolution as they come available). The Scyla model in particular looks awful - it is very reminiscent of one of the fugly Warmahordes Trollbloods. What a bloody awful pose.

Keen to see better res pics of the other two!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Post-Conquest 40k Masters Update

A quick look at the Conquest 40k results indicates that it is unlikely that there will be much change to the current Top 15 ranked players in the RHQ 40k rankings.

On that basis I believe that all players down to #13 can expect to receive invites over the coming month (Jack Dunn is overseas for the event). Noting that Wes has uploaded the results, this will be confirmed once RHQ run the update (month end).

What The @#$% Was That? - Standing In Front Of A Steamroller

On Saturday I had a great game of Warhammer with Mike King. Recently back from the USA, he was trying his Skitterleap list that was the result of Theoryhammer rather than road trial.

Tzeentch Herald (Life)
3x 28 Bloodletters, each with Herald
4 Flamers

So about as subtle as a knee to the groin. From an opposition viewpoint, I imagined it would be like trying to catch an anvil dropped from a plane.

I used the Night Goblins (plus two Orcs) but I replaced the Spider with a Pump Wagon, a Rock Lobber, three single Trolls and a Wolf Chariot. So how did it go?

Early on I realised that the Life Herald had to die… He was parked in with the Flamers but the concern was that any wounds dealt to the BT would be “Regrown” back. I managed to kill him with a couple of Doom Diver shots which meant he didn’t get to see the end of Turn One. Unfortunately this meant that I couldn’t direct those shoots onto the BT so I took the next best option (IMO) and charged him with a Squig Herd. These, coupled with 3 Fanatics through him, managed to get him down to a single wound before they exploded.

On the one flank I engineered a multiple charge of dual pump wagons and goblin chariot into a Bloodletter block that had stepped on the Mangler. Unfortunately for me this only resulted in four wounds from the impacts…I had worked out that I should have got about 10 kills. These guys were able to regroup and took out my warmachines later in the game. The other flank saw another Boodletter unit walk onto 3 Fanatics taking 17 hits. They ended up taking around 10 wounds leaving them a little depleted. When they later charged through a fanatic to contact my second Squig Herd they had insufficient strength and over two rounds of combat fell to the herd.

However the key combat was in the centre. Here the BT charged my character bunker first killing the champ and then the BSB. He was joined by third Bloodletter block who were challenged out by the BO Warboss. In the ongoing combat the Warboss survived unscathed versus the Herald doing one wound in return. I lost the combat due to damage on the unit from the BT and hat to make a Ld 9 test. I failed and ran taking my army with me.

In retrospect I should have thrown my Level 4 Shaman under the bus (BT) before the BSB with Standard of Discipline. That would have bought me one more turn. It wasn’t helped by two Fanatics doing a total of 2 hits on the BT as they went through him while he was fighting. Neither could get that elusive last wound.

Mike managed to kill all but 100 points of my army while I picked up just over 1100 points of his. Although this doesn’t look close on paper it came down to a few critical rolls and a poor decision by me. His army is a steamroller and I was reasonably happy that the tactics I employed were geared to a win on another day. Certainly was a fun contest.

Summoning of a Greater Daemon

One of the hazards of playing a game at Chez Dunn is the potential for the sudden (but not unexpected) appearence of our cat Nurgle.

Nurgle shows his flank to an Empire Knight Bus confident in his ability to destroy it if required

Nurgle has apparently determined that sundry wargamers are not a natural enemy nor do they hold much challenge as prey. He therefore allows them to "visit" his space in exchange for neckrubs.

Hat tip: Thanks to joel at Brush of Doom for the photo

Warriors of Chaos Confirmed for November

Games Workshop have released another one of their uninspiring youtube teasers. For those unable to join the dots - I'm guessing that that population is three people in Peru and a hamster named Julian - it appears that next month's White Dwarf will have an update for Warriors of Chaos.

There will also be releases of the following:

Sigvald, Valkya, Wulfrik, Scyla, Festus [All in Finecast]

Warshrine [Plastic]   Skull Crushers - Knights on Juggernauts [Plastic]   Hell Striders - Marauders on Steeds of Slaanesh [Plastic]   The cynical among us would suggest that it is to provide parts for Chaos Space Marine conversions.   No idea on rule changes though with recent FAQ giving Monstrous Cavalry Toughness of Mount then the Skull Crushers are certain to be tasty......interesting timing.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


New FAQs out for Fantasy, including Vampires and Empire, as well as BRB. Here are some highlights:

Q: If a unit charges into combat and, on the turn it charges, the last
of the enemy unit it is fighting are removed as casualties due to
Daemonic Instability, the Unstable special rule, Cornered Rats or as
a result of a War Machine failing its Break test, does the charging
unit get to make an Overrun move? (p58).
A: No.

So no Overrun after Crumble

Page 83 – Monstrous Cavalry.
In the second paragraph, replace “All the cavalry rules…with
one exception – monstrous cavalry always use the highest
Wounds characteristic…” with “All the cavalry rules…with
two exceptions – monstrous cavalry always use the highest
Toughness and Wounds characteristics…” 

Pegasus and Eagle Riders get a boost as do Demigryphs

Scouts don't count in the who finished deploying first.

BSBs that refuse a challenge can't provide re-rollls (!).

Lone characters can now get look out sir vs impact hits if within 3 inches of another unit.

VC Screamers can do so into a combat they aren't involved in.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Heresy Releases

My Heresy army is pretty much decided with news of the release schedule for Forgeworld. This information is through well-known and reliable source, stickmonkey:

October - early November:
Centurian Shabran Darr (World Eaters)
Rampager Squads upgrade kit  (World Eaters)
Abaddon (Sons of Horus)

The FW guys are very keen on getting this special treatment out for all the featured legions in Betrayal. 
I don't know the exact order of release for the legions, but DG are supposed to be nearing reveal after the finished Abaddon is ready. 

Mortarion (Death Guard)
Deathshroud (Death Guard)
Death Guard upgrade kits for Mk.II - MK.IV (Death Guard)
Death Guard upgrade kits for Cataphracti Terminators (Death Guard)
Crysos Morturg (Death Guard)
Durak Rask (Death Guard)
Legion Vindicator 

A DG contemptor body is in the works along the lines of the relic body. Pretty much just the same as the relic, but has DG iconography.

So come November I'll be buying Death Guard as they are released. Death Guard are my first Chaos love and I have two NZGT-winning Best Painted Army award-wing Death Guard armies ("Not sure if they are well painted or just messy"). So it seems right to build a Heresy era force over the coming months.

- Got in first, Charlie - Go World Eaters

Thursday, October 18, 2012

5th Annual NZ Masters Invitations

Just a reminder than invitations for the 2012 New Zealand Masters for Fantasy, 40k and Flames of War will be going out in just over a fortnight.

The last events of the tournament season are Conquest (all three systems) this weekend in Christchurch and Skitterleap (Fantasy) the following weekend.

Russell Briant (FoW) and James "Kenny" Milner (Fantasy/40k) are all onboard to either run or assist with the running of the three competitions.

In each genre, the participants will be competing for "guardianship" of the perpetual cups kindly donated to the Masters tournament by the Wellington Warlords.

The current holders of these trophies are Jack Dunn (40k), Antony Kitson (Fantasy) and Daniel Macguire (FOW).

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Taking A Punt

Having been peppered by Maelstrom Games over the past week as they seek to raise cash prior to warehouse move, this morning I took a punt and made an order.

Not being overly brave I restricted my purchase to something I know that they have access to, one of their own Banebeasts. Yes, I'm aware that Maelstrom have shifted the Banebeast/Bane Legions product to another Maelstrom-controlled entity, Mierce but I felt that they are unlikely to encounter problems with securing the model (especially as two (2) were showing as In-Stock).

Here's what I ordered:

Krull - The "Bloodthirster" Option

I have always admired this model and was very impressed with my Flint-Fang model so took the punt. The sheer size of the model is staggering and I am looking forward to painting him up - well as much as you can when you've spent the past few weeks painting 60 Bloodletters.

Back Box Art

I'll keep you posted on developments with supply and of course when it arrives there will be photos before and after painting.

EDIT: Just switched from Processing to Packing......yay! (22 Oct)

EDIT: Received email overnight saying it hat been Shipped (23 Oct)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Review: Horus Heresy Vol. 1 - Betrayal

Yesterday I received my copy of Horus Heresy Volume1: Betrayal from Forgeworld.

It's A Book - But Sooo Much More

I’m sure when it was released a number of people baulked at the price of GBP70.00 plus postage (no, it’s not cheap) so here are my initial thoughts on the book.

First of all the production quality of this tome is light years ahead of any GW printed product I have owned. It is a 289 page leatherbond bound book in full colour. It is between A3 and A4 in size, heavy quality paper all edged in silver. Metal protectors are on the corners of the front cover. No chance of this falling apart.
Angron - More Angry Than Bad!
Second, the contents are staggering. For someone who devours Black Library’s Horus Heresy novels this is THE sourcebook that collects all the information contained in the stories and reproduces it in a “historical” reference work. I have only browsed the contents – not even scratched the surface of the information – but already I’ve learned things about the Unification Wars on Terra that were new to me. There is literally hours and hours of reading here on the general background through the Unification Wars, the Crusade, Elevation of the Warmaster right up to the Betrayal. The development of the Legio Astartes is tracked through this timeline. The book then focuses on events at Isstvaan III and the four Legions involved.

Fulgrim's Finest

Each of the Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus, Dusk Raiders/Death Guard, War Hounds/World Eaters and Emperor’s Children get their own section – comprising 15-18 pages. This includes history, personalities as well as full colour art.

The book then contains a general Heresy era Legion list with modifiers for the four Legions at Isstvaan III. There are also new missions included so that you can play specific events that occurred on that planet. These lists and scenarios are written for Warhammer 6th Edition.

Overall, I’m absolutely blown away by what’s included in the book – and the promise of more to come. For someone who was becoming increasingly bleh about 40k, I can see myself using this book to act as the basis for games going forward. Does it mean I’ll build a Heresy army – perhaps. However as the series develops I can see it being used as the basis for my Traitor Legion armies rather than the recently released Codex:CSM.
It Even Covers Mechanicum

I am totally pumped for the next volume “Massacre” which covers the Dropsite on Isstvaan V – and where we start to see the divergence of the Legions in terms of weaponry, allies and some characteristics.

If you are at all interested in the Heresy then this book should be on your Xmas list.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Weekend's Gaming

Yesterday Ryan and Joel came over for a couple of games with Tom and myself. Those three were giving their Skitterleap armies a run while I was continuing in my quest for world domination with my Two Orcs & Night Goblin army.

General Advance of the Vamps Towards The Goblin Lines

My first game against Ryan was a close fought affair ending up pretty much a 10-10 draw. There were limited models left on the VC side but they represented a lot of points – Characters plus Terrorghiest. I missed out on Foot of Gork so that took a major tool out of my armoury but was able to whittle down the Black Knight bus with a mix of Fanatics and Squigs. The early part of the game was characterised by wayward Doom Divers that failed to hit anything for first three turns. In the end it was a really hard fought game and draw was fair result.

Sucks To Be Dire Wolves

The second game was against Joel’s Empire. When I checked this list for Skitterleap I thought it was an excellent list so was very interested to play against it. I lost Foot of Gork early as my Level 4 became a Level 2 but it did enough damage to the Demigryphs to take them out of play. These were finished off by Fanatics that were released in front of my line. In the end we finished up with a big battle in the middle where Steam Tank and Knight Bus worked their way through NG block. This allowed Squigs to get in flank and kill BSB. I suspect it was 13-7 or 12-8 to me when we finished.

Joel’s army wasn’t quite as good as I thought it was. I’m not sure the Stank adds much and it would benefit from another unit of Demigryphs or more knight units instead.

The Spider Earns 40 Points Before The Terrorghiest Lurking Behind Clears Its Throat

Both games confirmed to me what I knew at the outset. The Big Spider is an over pointed piece of poo. There are far better way to spend 290 points in the army and I’ll be looking to drop it in future. I’ll replace it with another Pump Wagon, a lobber, Chariots and some wolves, I think.

Hattip: Stole the photos off Ryan's blog

Rumoured 2013 Release Schedule - The Xenos Edition

So the final part of the rumoured 2013 40k releaves covers Xenos armies:

208263530941100 The Avatar of Khaine

208284511450206 Eldar Wraithguard / Cataphracts
208284711550201 Eldar Sky Chariots / Shining Spears
208285011450208 Eldar Warpspiders / Everguard
208285230150200 Eldar Black Warden
208297830180402 Phoenix Lord Kyme'doc, The Planetwister
208281811450202 Eldar Eldritch Raiders
208282112050207 Eldar Webway Gate
208283411250206 Eldar Phoenix Lord Nuadhu, The Fireheart / Alean Vyper
208283512050200 Eldar Spirit Warrior
208283911550202 Eldar Dragon Riders
208286130150208 Eldar Fire Dragon Xentarch
208286230150207 Eldar Dire Avenger Xentarch
208286330150206 Eldar Howling Banshee Xentarch
208286430150205 Eldar Striking Scorpion Xentarch
208286530150204 The Avatar of the Young King
208281612050205 Eldar Lamia Strike Fighter / Moon Siren Bomber
208283611550205 Eldar Jetbikes
208287930150207 Eldar Warlock with Force Staff
208288530950204 Eldar Swooping Hawks
288023030140207 Harlequin Solitaire
283041230710209 Cabal Tarellian Cotor with Dragontongue
283041530110204 Cabal Alpha Psyker

284054630110202 Kroot Kroothawks
256145512010301 Tau Empire Nautilus Defence Platform
256146011840307 Tau Empire Mako
256145730740301 Commander Farsight
256146211440307 Tau Empire Vespid Stingwings / Vespid Spinewings

201278911240205 Ork Warbuggy / Deff Racer
201281911240205 Ork Wartrakk Skorcha / Flakk Trakk
201279011540202 Ork Deff Koptas
201286730140200 Wazzdakka Gutsmek
201281712010205 Ork Flying Fortress / Rokk Launcha
201279412010205 Ork Gun Fortress / Mega Tellyporta
201283811440204 Ork Flash Gitz / Tellyporta Nobz
201279911440206 Ork Meganobz / Painboy Cyborks
201285130140209 Ork Warphead
201283912010207 Ork Klan Fort
201284130740204 Ork Boar Squigs
201284430940212 Ork Squiggotaur
201283611540203 Ork Big Guns / Pulsa Launchas
201285230140208 Ork Painboy with Cleava Harness
201285630140204 Ork Grot Nurses
201286930140208 Gorbuzz ThreeEye
201287430140200 Gritlegg Maksmesh
201288330140208 Boss-Kommissa Grotzki
287018930140205 Freebooters Ogreen Kaptain

So this looks like Tau, Eldar and Orks. The Tau has been rumoured Orks and Eldar, not so much.   Hopefully Phil Kelly writes Eldar and brings back the Craftworlds

Skitterleap 2012 Lists

You can see the Skitterleap 2012 lists here

Interesting mix - with two outstanding - there appears to be an influx of the forces of Dark into our realm.

The breakdown is:

3 - Daemons of Chaos, Lizardmen
2 - Warriors of Chaos, High Elves, Dark Elves, Vampire Counts
1 - Empire, Wood Elves, Orcs & Goblins, Ogres, Beastmen, Skaven, Chaos Dwarfs, Dwarfs

So 14 out of 16 of the Warhammer races in the 22 armies. The only armies missing are Tomb Kings and Bretonnians. Speaks volumes for the balance to see such diversity.

The only thing I would question; the wisdom of the Darker Powers to leave the Plaguebearers to look after the Warp while the rest of the warpspawn venture forth. I'm guessing there will be more than a little mess to clean up afterwards - I can't see Papa Nurgle's children being the best housekeepers.

It's also hard to believe that there are any skinks left in Lustria!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Why I Don't Play Warmachine

Over at Dakka Dakka they are having their monthly thread on who is better Privateer Press or games Workshop. This month’s particular twist is entry cost and between Warmahordes and 40k. It’s out to 11 pages and 300 posts…..and has started to turn into the usual pissing contest.

Now there is nothing particularly new in the arguments – and it could just as easily be rules quality/Warmahordes vs. Fantasy/production quality etc. However it got me thinking about the topic.

I have never played either Warmachine or Hordes and to be brutally honest I can’t see that I ever will. People have offered me the chance to try it and I read threads on it but I have a mental block. I was trying to determine why that was and it dawned on me.

I just don’t like the aesthetics of the game. The models don’t appeal to me in the slightest. It not that they are different from GW – I like Malifaux and have heaps of historicals – I just don’t see them as great or unique models. IMO the design shares a lot in common with Confrontation models from Rackham and I really didn’t like them either. And I guess that’s what makes us human – we have different likes and dislikes.

Given that I don’t like the models, I would never invest the time into building and painting them. That remains an insurmountable hurdle to entry to the game for me. Normally you will see one race/species you like in a game and that draws you in. But the Warmahordes game lacks that entry door in my eyes.

Different folks, different strokes.

Weekend Gaming & Lists for Skitterleap Due

On Sunday Ryan Lister (from Wrythold) and Joel van de Ven-Long (The Brush of Doom) are coming around for some games ahead of Skitterleap.

I'm hoping to get 60 Bloodletters finished so Tom can give them a run while I'll be using the 2 Orcs & Night Goblins again. To ensure I don't forget my Animosity rules I've made a sign to remind me.

Lists for Skitterleap are due in tomorrow. I have received and checked around 4 so far so I'm expecting my Inbox to be inundated in the next 12 hours. Once I've received them I will package them up and post them here for people to view.

Imperial Lackeys - Rumoured 2013 Release Schedule

Following on from yesterday's Chaos releases, here are the rumoured releases for Imperials over the next year. Interesting that there are no Dark Angels (bar Cypher) on this schedule - I'm making the assumption that Dark Angels release fall before these releases.

286011130110208 Patriarch Dumas, The Veiled Fiend

280002330140207 Sisters of Battle Canoness with Power Axe
280000211440200 Sisters of Battle Seraphim / Patronica Squad
280000111440201 Sisters of Battle Battle Sisters
280000411840206 Sisters of Battle Exorcist / Catafalque of Sins
280002430140206 Sisters of Battle Prioress Lazarea Verata
280002230140208 Sisters of Battle Sister Superior Magdalenia
280000330740205 Sisters of Battle Repentia Squad

281047530110208 Imperial Agents Obsideo Assassin
281049111440209 Imperial Agents Deathwatch Kill Team
281049230140202 Imperial Agents Deathwatch Librarian
281041230110209 Imperial Agents Enforcer with Heavy Stubber
02 282021211440203 Mechanicus Battle-Servitors

200470512040203 Space Marine Land Avenger
200468512010203 Space Marine Praetor Warmachine
200465411540206 Space Marine Bike Squadron / Crusader Bike Squadron
200467830740205 Space Marine Skyshatter Cannon
200469630140209 Space Marine Terminator First Hand
200469230140203 Space Marine Librarian with Jump Pack
200462811440204 Space Marine Neophytes
200461211440203 Space Marine Scouts with Astartes Grenade Launchers
200467911540205 Space Marine Gale Claw Supremacy Fighter
200465011440203 Space Marine Space Marine Tactical Squad
200465512010202 Space Marine Land Raider Medusa
200470612040202 Space Marine Land Avenger Vulkan / Land Avenger Invictus
200470331080275 Space Marine Bionics Upgrade Pack
200470231080276 Space Marine Defender Upgrade Pack

200464511440201 Space Marine Techmarine with Artificer Squad
200468011440204 Space Marine Sword Brethren / Nightflame Veteran Squad
200472230140203 Space Marine Librarian Epistolary
200475630110203 Paladin Marshall Sieghelm
200471330110208 Iron Father Maalthun
200471730110204 Chapter Master Tu’Shan
200480130110202 Severus Agemman, Regent of Ultramar
200480630110207 Helveticus the Ancient, Bearer of Honour
285000030110204 Cypher

202321411411107 Imperial Guard Storm Troopers / Iron Cloak Veterans
202342311811101 Imperial Guard Hydra

The list looks quite credible to my eyes and would suggest that there is a Sisters/Witch Hunters release and a Space Marine codex on the table. Not sure that we'll see Black Templars next year based on this and obviously IG is more than 12 months away.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rumoured Chaos Second Wave Releases

Again taken from the leaked release schedule, here are the 40k second wave Chaos releases:

286010311080200 Cult Hybrid Upgrade Pack

282021211440203 Khorne Caedes Engines

206304711540308 Chaos Bike Squadron

206305211440303 Chaos Noise Marines

206304811440300 Chaos Thousand Sons

271074511840390 Bloodthirster

271074611840399 Lord of Change

271081411840399 Great Unclean One

271081511840398 Keeper of Secrets

271074811440399 Chaos Daemons Warp Stalkers / Chaos Furies

This covers both CSM and Chaos Daemons.

To me it doesn't appear exhaustive as there are very strong rumours from other sources pointing to Khorne, Nurgle and Tzeentch chariots. However it does encompass new Greater Daemons (as expected) plus CSM releases that seem plausible.

Over the next couple of days I'll post the Imperial and Xenos releases.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Impact of Embargo?

This morning, like a lot of you, I got an email from Maelstrom Games. I have reproduced part of it below:

Here at Maelstrom Games we have decided to clear as much of our hard-earned stock as we possibly can over the next few days - and therefore generate some much-needed cashflow - in order to ensure we can fulfil the orders that you, our valued customers, have placed over the last few weeks. To that end, we have decided - in consultation with our trading partners - to sell our remaining stock of Battlefront Miniatures (at 25% off), Perry Miniatures, Victrix, Plastic Soldier Company, Artizan Designs, Gripping Beast and Great War Miniatures (all at 30% off). All other ranges' stock will now be sold at 40% off UK RRP - we hold good stocks of Gamezone Miniatures, Dark Age, Cool Mini or Not and Scibor Miniatures, and there's a fair bit of Privateer Press and Malifaux left too. As well as that, from this moment onwards we have decided to stop any customer from placing orders for items that are not in stock, simply so that we can clear the orders that have already been placed.


We have not made this decision lightly, and please note that we have absolutely no issues with any of the above manufacturers or suppliers; we are simply trying to sell off stock in order to clear older orders and ease any worries our customers may have regarding the speculation that is currently rife on the internet. As well as that, we believe that our retailing model must now change to selling products that are in stock at the time of purchase, and as such that will continue to be in place in the future, once our orders are cleared and our stock is sold.

I would ask all of our customers to remain as patient as they can with Maelstrom Games and, indeed, our staff, for we will use the money generated by the sale of our stock to ensure all of your orders are fulfilled in their entirety as quickly as possible. We remain committed to servicing our customers first and foremost and will continue to do so in the future.

These kind of sales do not occur very often and we would hope that you take advantage - and remember, our stock will be sold on a first come, first served basis so you will have to decide what you want very quickly as we suspect it will sell very quickly!

I wasn't aware of any internet speculation (can anyone elaborate?) but I know that the "Eye of the Storm" gaming centre model is now being replicated across the UK so an essential point of difference has been lost. We are now 16 months into GW's embargo on sales to the rest of the world and I wouldn't need to be Einstein to know that it must have impacted on Maelstrom's revenue, profitability and growth prospects. Whereas prior to the embargo I would have done at least GBP1000 a year with them now I do none. If that degree of loss revenue was replicated (to a greater or lesser extent) outside of Europe then their business model must now be dramatically different.

Cashflow is everything in that business.

Edit: There is an ongoing thread on Dakka Dakka here

The Eye of the Storm seems to be its own separate business - games centre and website - while Bane Legions have been shifted to a new company.

Personally I would be very wary of making any new orders with Maelstrom

Fantasy Composition - The Swedish System

Continuing the look at different comp systems, one that has been getting more press recently is the so-called "Swedish Comp" system.

Details on it can be found here

There are a few points to note:

1. This is a comp system rather than a series of restrictions like SCGT

2. It is designed purely with "Battleline" in mind

3. It alters game result after the fact

Personally I'm not convinced that it offers sufficiently more over the hard cap system to justify added complexity and loss of scenarios

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Warhammer Army Power Level

A few weeks ago the Bad Dice Daily Podcast did its run through of the Top Five armies in a SCGT comp environment. The order that Ben Curry came up with was:

5. Vampire Counts

4. Ogre Kingdoms

3. Dark Elves

2. Skaven

1. Lizardmen

I think his Top 5 are pretty close to the mark though I would have definitely included Daemons (most likely at the expense of VC) but to be honest there is nothing really between the tough builds of these six.

Of the other armies I believe that their general power level is below this sextet but not to any extent like the power disparity we saw in 7th. Tim Joss has had a lot of success with his Tomb Kings – double casket, double catapult- and last year with O&G. So all armies can be competitive.

The paper, scissors, rock nature of the game means that every army has an Achilles heel. For instance Ogres will generally struggle vs. Warriors of Chaos. Armies such as Beasts can be very competitive with the addition of items like the Shard of the Herdstone. High Elves with a solid block of White Lions and smart combos of magic items are very dangerous in the hands of a good general (or even James) while UK tournament results have shown Empire can go toe to toe with the Top 6.

Emperor's Children Frustration

Apart from the absence of Cult Troops outside Noise Marines (thereby unlocking weapon options), the major frustration of EC players who have fought the Long War is twofold:

1. Restriction on Blastmasters

Back in the day (v3.0-v3.5), Noise Marine squads could upgrade one weapon per 6 Noise Marines (remember sacred numbers) to a Blastmaster. This resulted in a typical 6 man squad being a Champ, 4 Sonics and a Blastmaster. This was replicated across the army.

The new rules have one BM once you get to 10 Noise Marines meaning that all those six man squads are now five man squads. When this is coupled with the erradication of Noise Havocs, most long time EC players are now sitting on a swathe of useless blastmaster-totting marines. Frustrating.

"We Should Have Bought Apple Shares"
Quartermaster Alwyk Considers Telling Noise Lord Challis Drant About Losses Suffered As A Result Of The Legion's Investment In Blastmasters.

2. Change to Sonics

Sonics used to be Assault 2 weapons or Heavy 3. This made them extremely mobile and it also supported their Mark Attribute +1 Initiative. With the change to Salvo they are effectively one of the most immobile units in the game with a Mark Attribute entirely at odds with how the rules change will see them used. It doesn't appear as if a lot of thought has gone into this.

For me, it wouldn't have taken much in terms of the new codex to make existing armies more useable. This likely would have driven new Noise Marine sales. As it stands I don't see too many people rushing to build a full Noise Marine army given how it will play.


Monday, October 8, 2012

Leak in the Warpstorm [Digital Codex:Chaos Space Marines]

On Sunday morning I visited the Games Workshop website and noted that the electronic version of the new Chaos Codex had been released. As regular readers know this is not a product offered to New Zealand customers (or those in Finland). Due to copyright laws iTunes NZ is not allowed to sell GW Digital Products.

Access to the UK iTunes store allows you to purchase the digital codex and download it directly to your iPad. This is quick and painless process. Interesting is the cost of the product. The physical codex is NZD 98.00 while in the UK it is GBP30.00 [This illustrates that GW operates in a parallel financial universe where a Kiwi Dollar is worth 31 pence rather than reality world where it is currently 51 pence]. The digital version costs GBP29.99 - for all intents and purposes the same cost as the physical.

Much has been made offshore as to the lack of price advantage of the digital, given that there are no printing, transport and retail space costs. What the digital copy is purported to offer is electronic updates as FAQs etc are released. So a certain amount of the cost is for the seamless future-proofing of the product you download. This is yet to be really tested, though the current Space Marine Codex has been updated for 6th. GW has a history of poor post-sale support for products e.g. Expamsions, Army List software etc.

What I will say is that this is clearly the way of the future. Colour me impressed by the standard of the product delivered. Especially given Apple's superior Retina display, the images are high definition. There are 360 degree views of all the recent models.

However the best feature is the referencing. Click on Noise Marines and it tells me it has the Special Rule Champion of Chaos. I can then click on that and I get all the rules associated with the special rule. It also has two buttons - one takes me to the Army List entry while the other to the Bestiary. Other links tell me what Ranged or Melee Weapons my Noise Champion can take. It really is an interactive document.

Certainly I see it as the equal of the physical book especially for travellers. When you combine that with a 40% price advantage over the local product, I am sold.

Edit: A nice little Easter Egg. There are embedded videos within the digital codex that I wasn't aware of but stumbled across last evening.

Never Let the Squigs Off the Leash in a Building

James and I had a game on Saturday afternoon - my Two Orcs & Many Goblins versus his Book of Hoeth High Elves. We played "Watchtower" and James was the incumbent.

At the outset I need to say that my 5 Night Goblin units that needed to make Animosity checks never made one check all afternoon. Both of us forgot I had to roll them. My fault [Cheater] - and I am making a big sign to remind me that I need to make them.

The most stunning part of this game was when my Squig Herd destroyed a unit of High Elf archers to take the Tower. In response James charged the Tower with a horde of White Lions that I had cast "Gork Will Fix It" on. When we chose the assault party - I selected the nine remaining NG Herders and a Squig. James killed the Herders and the Squig but it gave me 20 WS4 Str 5 attacks back. I rolled up - 16/20 hits and killed 14 of the White Lions, winning the combat.

However with the Herders now gone the Squigs exploded doing D6 Str 6 hits to all units within 11". This cleaned out a lot of my now loose Fanatics plus a significant number of additional elves!

Friday, October 5, 2012

NZTC Venue Confirmed

After struggling for a while to tie down a venue for the event, I am now happy to confirm that the New Zealand Team Championships will be held at the Ngaio Town Hall in Wellington on the 16/17 February 2013.

The venue is next to a railway station 5 minutes travel from the Wellington CBD and has off street parking. As the venue is normally used for a variety of social functions, I’m in the throes of organising the okay for alcohol consumption on site for Saturday afternoon and evening.

Codex: Chaos Space Marines - First Impressions

So I sat down last night and had a good read through the new Chaos codex.

The set up is exactly the same as other recent codexes and army books - fluff, bestilary, hobby list. It is full colour so very pretty with a mix of old art and new art. Don't see any Easter Eggs in the model shots but I'll give it a closer look this weekend.

There is nothing too inspiring in the fluff but that's to be expected given the wealth of Horus Heresy background we now have. It seems they went through with a storyboard and made sure each of the Legions gets a post-Heresy mention in their timeline.

Obviously for most the meat is in the list. For me the list is a conduit to me playing 40k again (forseeable future in meaningful way). Certainly I can make armies from my model collection with the list included. I think it is an improvement on GTBC edition. I suspect the easiest Traitor Legion to make is probably the Iron Warriors and I think that there is considerable opportunity to build a themed list. One thing that has helped this is the move of Dreadnaughts (Hellbrutes) to Elites. This takes some pressure off the Heavy Support that was there in the last codex. The three HS slots are still at a premium with Havocs, Oblits, Daemon Engines, Vindicators and Predators fighting for the three spots.

Death Guard and Emperor's Children are more problematic given the dearth of Cult Troops apart from the Plague Marines and Noise Marines. The second hand market for Blastmasters fell faster than Facebook shares. The Death Guard list is more doable as you don't have the weapons issues that you have with EC.I can muddle through with MoN but I suspect long term it will be as satisfying as 99% Fat Free Milk.

For the Emperor's Children my guess is if I want to play them then I'll steer towards a messy hybrid Chaos with Daemon Allies list (or vice versa). I still hold that a Grey Knights list may still be the best approximation of EC.

Is the book likely to get me playing 40k more regularly? Probably not. It seems to be all a little bit harder and a little bit less satisfying than what I'd want. With limited hobby and playing time I guess I'm selfish enough to resent having to make do. I wanted the Chaos release to really rark me up and enthuse me to going out to play the game again. It hasn't, so far. Still I'm keen to see some 6th Ed games and see if that reignites the flame.

As it stands it's unlikely I buy the electronic version of the codex or any new models. And I'm a little bit sad about that

Thursday, October 4, 2012

New 40k Terrain Scheduuled

Recently I received a file purporting to be Games Workshop's upcoming 40k release schedule. On it most armies received some love so it may or may not be genuine.

However the releases that interested me were terrain releases and they did seem to fit the new rules in offering race specific fortifications.

Here are the terrain features on the list:

256145512010301 Tau Empire Nautilus Defence Platform

208282112050207 Eldar Webway Gate

200462312010203 Space Marine Astartes Battle Fortress Defence Wall

200462412010202 Space Marine Astartes Battle Fortress Tower / Pillar of Heroes

200462512340209 Space Marine Astartes Battle Fortress Monastery

201279412010205 Ork Gun Fortress / Mega Tellyporta

All of these bar the Webway Gate would seem to be able to use as fortifications.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Warriors of Chaos Coalesce

More details about the Warriors of Chaos releases:

Release Date:

Coming in a number of waves.

First wave without the book. (WD update)

First wave (as predicted) November.

Next wave February/March.



Skull crushers


2 Finecast characters - one new one and one old favorite.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tournament Clarifications

I am looking to put together a set of general clarifications for events that I organise. It is not supposed to be an exhaustive list of FAQs but represents a compilation of grey areas in the rules that I have been asked to rule on in the past 12 months.

There is only one instance of a rule change - and this has been included because we play rulebook scenarios - the rest being a decision where there are multiple interpretations.

I'd love to get feedback on these and any key questions I've missed. Happy to listen to counter arguments. Obviously these would be amended in light of any official GW FAQs.


• You cannot swift reform and enter a building in the same movement phase [Rules Change]

• Scouts do not give up the +1 for finishing deploying first [Clarification].

• True line of sight will be used unless mutually agreed. Figures height should be considered generally representative of their type regardless of conversions etc [Clarification].

• Only one character may charge out of a unit in a turn [Clarification].

• A unit may overrun if they manage to crumble a unit through combat resolution if they meet the normal criteria for overrunning. Same situation for Cornered Slaves, Exploding Squigs and their ilk [Clarification Interpretation].

• If a unit with the Impact Hits special rules charges a unit and is counter charged before impact hits have occurred then unit will still benefit from the Impact Hits special rule [Clarification].

• An infantry character mounted on an infantry mount can gain a look out sir from infantry troops. However, he still counts as being mounted, and so gains +1 armour save but cannot parry, cannot enter buildings or use items restricted to "models on foot only" [Clarification].

Race Specific

• Beastmen Herdstone must be mounted on either small or large round template i.e. either 3” or 5” diameter. It counts as Impassable Terrain and counts TLOS for Line of Sight purposes [Clarification].

• Night Goblin Mushroom do not count as "power dice" (as per their Army book), in their case 1in6 times the mushroom forces the spell to fail, and 1in12 times it will also cause a wound so it has its own in built penalties [Clarification].

• Vampiric Magic Lore Attribute can heal characters [Clarification].

Magic Specific

• Timewarp cannot increase a unit’s movement value above 10. So maximum march would be 20 inches [Clarification].

• Open Ground does not counts as a type of terrain for the spell Curse of Anraheir [Clarification].

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hobby Time

Yesterday morning - after watching Scum lose to Spurs and Luis Suarez win at Norwich - I settled in for a fruitful day of hobby related activities.

Firstly, when Sam came to play on Saturday he brought with him 30 newly painted Lothern Seaguard. I broke open the resin bases and tidied them up ready for spraying. I also removed the tabs from their feet to allow me to pin the figures. I then build resin movement trays for them, a horde of Swordmasters and some Reavers. These were Iron Halo trays in keeping with the rest of my High Elves.

While I was doing this I listened to "Butchers Nails" the Black Library audiodrama centred on Angron of the World Eaters. I'm not a big fan of audiodramas, prefering the audiobooks, but it was an okay listen. Later I started listening to the most recent Horus Heresy audiobook "Fear to Tread". I'm a little confused - Magnus is not to be trusted because he only has one eye and his Legion's marines regularly turn inside-out. Yet Sanguinius has avian wings growing from his back and his troops each flesh and thirst for blood and they are okay. I'm not seeing a lot of difference.

My second job was to build the rest of the Sarissa movement trays I purchased last week. I finished them, including their metal sheeting, and got the first coat of paint on them. Unfortunately I ran out of black paint before I could finish the secod coat....means a trip to GW today. I have been painting the trays matt black after seeing Ben Johnson's army in White Dwarf this month. his Skaven looked very smart with textured bases in black trays. It also means that they are useable across a number of armies if needed.

I also managed to strip some metal models I had sitting in Simple Green. A ninth Screamer, nine more Camo Skinks and a Doom Diver. I've chucked them back in to release the last residue of undercoats but expect them to be finished tonight. Pulled out a big box of Mordheim figures and now have 6-7 "character" models to put into my Empire units and 10-15 more Sisters of Sigmar for the horde unit I am building.

The final job, while watching the Storm win the Grand Final, was to build the first of my Lawnmowers of Slaanesh. These are really nice kits, though very delicate (not great with broken finger). I made this one up as the standard chariot and I'll look to do the second one as the sideways combinre harvester.

All in all a productive day.

Goblining - First Tentative Steps

On Saturday, nine of us got together at my place for a day of gaming. The other eight have all signed up for Skitterleap and were trying out their army lists prior to submission in a couple of weeks, while I was trying Orcs & Goblins for the first time.

In the morning I played Neil Williamson's Warriors of Chaos and managed a losing draw. Later in the day, I matched up against John Tailby's Dark Elves and was pretty substantially beaten.

So what did I learn about the O&G?

The key thing was that I had my setup wrong. I had made some predetermined decisions as to in which units I was going to deploy my characters and this led to a sub-optimal deployment. I had placed my General and BSB in the large units when they would have been better in my archers. This is easily changed for the future and I believe I now have a far better handle on both the set up, deployment and character placement.

Little Waagh wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but it is a pretty passive lore. I can see myself switching my Level 4 to an Orc Shaman to unlock access to the BigWaagh. This is a simple 1:1 swap with the Level 2 losing his Ruby Ring.

Other than that I was happy with my list - for the next few games anyway. I'm sure it will be a work in progress. I would like to persevere with the Spider but can see that it is probably not the best/most efficient use of points. It is however quite fun to use and the venom surge provides some additional threat.

Next time too I'll remember to make my Animosity rolls!!!