Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Amended WHFB Rulebook FAQ Released

You can access it here

Includes Power Scroll errata and some proof reading they missed last week.


  1. [i]Q: Can a fleeing model dispel spells or use magic items? (p24)

    That's new isn't it? If so, I like it.

  2. Used to be yes, but they flipped it.

    Question now is does this mean no Standard of Discipline while fleeing, no ward saves, no MR items? Seems to read as yes...

    1. I would interpret it as you cannot use dispel scrolls, potions, bound spells in rings and other activated abilities, but as far as armour saves and wards etc, these are passive things that you dont't "use".

      I can't see any reason why your 2+ armour wouldn't work when your legging it, but you wouldn't have time to take a swig of your skalm brew.

      But its irrelevant for me. Dead men don't run like panzies

    2. That's the intelligent answer, Tim, but the FAQ answer sure doesn't read that way... Given certain other silly FAQ answers GW have come up with, who knows what they mean anymore.

  3. What's your view on Runic items Tane?

    1. I would say that Runic items are affected in exactly the same way. I don't have my Army Book to hand, but in nearly every respect a Runic Item is much the same as a magic item. So a fleeing Runesmith couldn't use his Spellbreaker for instance.

      I see that this has provoked a lot of discussion over at TWF. For simplicity's sake, I'd amend the wording to say "Fleeing models cannot dispel spells or choose to use magic items". So any magic item that requires a choice to use, such as a potion, scroll, bound spell or one use item, cannot be used. Those that are in constant use will continue to be, as there is no choice involved in using them. Items that have been activated and are still in effect remain so, as the choice to use them has already been taken (such as Storm Banner0.

      So I guess I'm with Jossy and the others who see an 'active vs passive' demarcation here. I keep my Rune of Resistance armour rerolls (passive) but lose the ability to use the Rune of Spelleating or the Rune of Luck (both active).

      I still like this ruling, but I didn't think that it would require additional refinement.