Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Warriors of Chaos Pictures - November White Dwarf

Okay pictures of the new minis and supplement have surfaced but they are of pretty poor quality. I'm posting the best of them - leaving out the Special Characters, whose pics are specially poor.

November's White Dwarf with Skullcrushers on Cover

The Update - Similar Format to Daemons of Chaos

The Warshrine

Marauders on Hellsteeds and the Skullcrusher

I'm guessing the first thing I'll say will echo the thoughts of the rest of you - how unsurprising? There is nothing there that I couldn't have guessed at.

The Warshrine is pretty much as I expected GW to do it  - and I am totally underwhelmed. It is one ugly model that seems to fuse Engine of the Gods with the Mortis Engine. Blah.

Ok, I've relented. Here are the poor quality photos of the Special Characters:

Valkya, Festus and Scyla

Detail is very hard to see (I'll post better resolution as they come available). The Scyla model in particular looks awful - it is very reminiscent of one of the fugly Warmahordes Trollbloods. What a bloody awful pose.

Keen to see better res pics of the other two!


  1. This is what i feared would happen after seeing the crapping CSM models.The Crap has split over onto the WoC :(

    Juggers are ok but nothing special

    Slanessh riders look alright but a tad clumsy

    Warshrine ............*%$#@ terrible but has some interesting parts in it

  2. Man oh man oh man.... GW, "Ok guys we need a new unit type, hey, lets stick these marauders on those slaanesh steeds. Yeah thats easy to do, now I can go to lunch early". I'm sorry, but they just scream laziness to me. After the last release where the Marauder horsmen are one of the best kits out there, they come up with this!! Yup, just threw up a little.....NOT EVERY ARMY NEEDS MONSTROUS CAV!!!!!!!

    1. Its ok Sam. Your Orcs and Goblins and Chaos Dawi dont =)

    2. especially as they could have just promoted a bit of "hobby" with a kit bash step by step.
      Step 1 purchase a box of marauder horsemen
      step 2 purchase a box of the DoC slaneesh fast calv
      step 3 put the marauders on the slaneesh steeds
      step 4 profit.

      Joel v

    3. If anything should have monstrous cavalry though, it's chaos.

  3. Valkia is pretty. Festus is cool. I do like Scylla, and the juggerknights are as expected. The marauders are ok, not sure about the chaos Shrine.

  4. thanks for sharing pete! i think ill stick with my own warshrine though

  5. There's better res pics from a mysterious source on /tg/. Still not great, though.

  6. Would really like to see the new stuff in person. From personal experience the models in person sometimes can be better than leaked photo's. This of course will not be the case for the warshrine as its just chronic. I'm glad that all these new models will open up a swarth of possible converted alternates for me . Guess I'll be building another WoC army soon with some represents from companies other than GW.

  7. i dont mind the warshrine looks cool the scyla is awful but i love it funny thing is i probably wont wants its in the flesh

  8. My god!

    Valkya looks alright, the new cavalry models look exactly how they would look if you just kit bashed. Festus look wank compared to the old one. Skyla.... i think i need to see it up close, the new size looks nice but i feel its a bit goofy looking.

    War shire........ wtf happened to that? 0_O The champion on the front looks pretty cool, i could see him making an awesome marauder exalted hero and the body of the shrine it self looks a little flimsy, though out of everything, what is with thous 'mutated tools' on the bottom!!! They look DIRE!!!

    I was hoping this wave of models would have filed me with confidence of the changing of my main army... now im not sure :(