Monday, October 15, 2012

The Weekend's Gaming

Yesterday Ryan and Joel came over for a couple of games with Tom and myself. Those three were giving their Skitterleap armies a run while I was continuing in my quest for world domination with my Two Orcs & Night Goblin army.

General Advance of the Vamps Towards The Goblin Lines

My first game against Ryan was a close fought affair ending up pretty much a 10-10 draw. There were limited models left on the VC side but they represented a lot of points – Characters plus Terrorghiest. I missed out on Foot of Gork so that took a major tool out of my armoury but was able to whittle down the Black Knight bus with a mix of Fanatics and Squigs. The early part of the game was characterised by wayward Doom Divers that failed to hit anything for first three turns. In the end it was a really hard fought game and draw was fair result.

Sucks To Be Dire Wolves

The second game was against Joel’s Empire. When I checked this list for Skitterleap I thought it was an excellent list so was very interested to play against it. I lost Foot of Gork early as my Level 4 became a Level 2 but it did enough damage to the Demigryphs to take them out of play. These were finished off by Fanatics that were released in front of my line. In the end we finished up with a big battle in the middle where Steam Tank and Knight Bus worked their way through NG block. This allowed Squigs to get in flank and kill BSB. I suspect it was 13-7 or 12-8 to me when we finished.

Joel’s army wasn’t quite as good as I thought it was. I’m not sure the Stank adds much and it would benefit from another unit of Demigryphs or more knight units instead.

The Spider Earns 40 Points Before The Terrorghiest Lurking Behind Clears Its Throat

Both games confirmed to me what I knew at the outset. The Big Spider is an over pointed piece of poo. There are far better way to spend 290 points in the army and I’ll be looking to drop it in future. I’ll replace it with another Pump Wagon, a lobber, Chariots and some wolves, I think.

Hattip: Stole the photos off Ryan's blog


  1. Stank 250pts vs 4 Demigriffs with Musician 242pts.

    The Stank adds a "Scare factor", but as I found out (and have been suspecting for a bit) that it doesnt hit as hard as it used to. Until I can finance the 2nd unit of Demigriffs the stank will have to stay for lack of actual alternatives in my colleciton.

    I'm annoyed my Demigriffs didnt get to eat some goblins but I suspect they will get another crack at it!

    I will be putting up the reports this week on my blog.

    Joel v

  2. How were the Animosity tests this game Pete?