Monday, October 1, 2012

Hobby Time

Yesterday morning - after watching Scum lose to Spurs and Luis Suarez win at Norwich - I settled in for a fruitful day of hobby related activities.

Firstly, when Sam came to play on Saturday he brought with him 30 newly painted Lothern Seaguard. I broke open the resin bases and tidied them up ready for spraying. I also removed the tabs from their feet to allow me to pin the figures. I then build resin movement trays for them, a horde of Swordmasters and some Reavers. These were Iron Halo trays in keeping with the rest of my High Elves.

While I was doing this I listened to "Butchers Nails" the Black Library audiodrama centred on Angron of the World Eaters. I'm not a big fan of audiodramas, prefering the audiobooks, but it was an okay listen. Later I started listening to the most recent Horus Heresy audiobook "Fear to Tread". I'm a little confused - Magnus is not to be trusted because he only has one eye and his Legion's marines regularly turn inside-out. Yet Sanguinius has avian wings growing from his back and his troops each flesh and thirst for blood and they are okay. I'm not seeing a lot of difference.

My second job was to build the rest of the Sarissa movement trays I purchased last week. I finished them, including their metal sheeting, and got the first coat of paint on them. Unfortunately I ran out of black paint before I could finish the secod coat....means a trip to GW today. I have been painting the trays matt black after seeing Ben Johnson's army in White Dwarf this month. his Skaven looked very smart with textured bases in black trays. It also means that they are useable across a number of armies if needed.

I also managed to strip some metal models I had sitting in Simple Green. A ninth Screamer, nine more Camo Skinks and a Doom Diver. I've chucked them back in to release the last residue of undercoats but expect them to be finished tonight. Pulled out a big box of Mordheim figures and now have 6-7 "character" models to put into my Empire units and 10-15 more Sisters of Sigmar for the horde unit I am building.

The final job, while watching the Storm win the Grand Final, was to build the first of my Lawnmowers of Slaanesh. These are really nice kits, though very delicate (not great with broken finger). I made this one up as the standard chariot and I'll look to do the second one as the sideways combinre harvester.

All in all a productive day.

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