Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Taking A Punt

Having been peppered by Maelstrom Games over the past week as they seek to raise cash prior to warehouse move, this morning I took a punt and made an order.

Not being overly brave I restricted my purchase to something I know that they have access to, one of their own Banebeasts. Yes, I'm aware that Maelstrom have shifted the Banebeast/Bane Legions product to another Maelstrom-controlled entity, Mierce but I felt that they are unlikely to encounter problems with securing the model (especially as two (2) were showing as In-Stock).

Here's what I ordered:

Krull - The "Bloodthirster" Option

I have always admired this model and was very impressed with my Flint-Fang model so took the punt. The sheer size of the model is staggering and I am looking forward to painting him up - well as much as you can when you've spent the past few weeks painting 60 Bloodletters.

Back Box Art

I'll keep you posted on developments with supply and of course when it arrives there will be photos before and after painting.

EDIT: Just switched from Processing to Packing......yay! (22 Oct)

EDIT: Received email overnight saying it hat been Shipped (23 Oct)


  1. I'v sent 6 emails to Maelstrom over the last 2 weeks inquiring about 2 orders i made months ago that haven't been sent yet and have had zero response from them.

    Hope you have better luck

  2. I too thought that with 50% off it would be worthwhile to order from them, but I couldn't find a single item I needed that they had in stock. I understand they are shifting warehouses (if that's actually true) but to have let stocks go so low on items that are quite popular (hobby materials like magnets, vallejo paints) seems to me like they are getting ready to pack up shop.

  3. I decided to try my luck in light of the sale, and ordered a couple of Scibor bears and a pile of paints. My order got split (I think someone else must have tried to grab a paint or two at the same time and they didn't have the stock), however I got an email on Monday telling me the bulk of the order had been dispatched. So it seems at least some things are still getting where they're meant to.

  4. I've spent the past 2 weeks sending emails as well over an order I had placed that was outstanding. It has shown as despatched for 2 weeks now with the date 30.11.-1. Yup. It was sent a year before Jesus. No doubt its still on Noahs ark or something. But 2013 years for delivery is a little too long.
    Interestingly enough their phone number no longer works.
    Otherwise I would have liked to buy a Krul as well.
    Hope you have better luck than me Pete.

    1. To my surprise my order turned up last night.

  5. Well my stock order from Maelstrom arrived inside of 2 weeks and the banebeaste chimera is massive the thin comes with individual claws for the lion paws.

    What base size does a mountain chimera go on anyway?

  6. I'd guess whatever you can fit it on John....100mm x 150mm I'd guess

  7. Glad your stuff arrived Tim.

    Mine is still sitting in "Processing" but that's not unexpected