Saturday, October 20, 2012


New FAQs out for Fantasy, including Vampires and Empire, as well as BRB. Here are some highlights:

Q: If a unit charges into combat and, on the turn it charges, the last
of the enemy unit it is fighting are removed as casualties due to
Daemonic Instability, the Unstable special rule, Cornered Rats or as
a result of a War Machine failing its Break test, does the charging
unit get to make an Overrun move? (p58).
A: No.

So no Overrun after Crumble

Page 83 – Monstrous Cavalry.
In the second paragraph, replace “All the cavalry rules…with
one exception – monstrous cavalry always use the highest
Wounds characteristic…” with “All the cavalry rules…with
two exceptions – monstrous cavalry always use the highest
Toughness and Wounds characteristics…” 

Pegasus and Eagle Riders get a boost as do Demigryphs

Scouts don't count in the who finished deploying first.

BSBs that refuse a challenge can't provide re-rollls (!).

Lone characters can now get look out sir vs impact hits if within 3 inches of another unit.

VC Screamers can do so into a combat they aren't involved in.


  1. What a great day for the Empire!

    T4 Demigriffs (as if their sales were suffering...), more durable warmachines, Core infantry is now useful due to deatchment steadfast rule (and I'm sure next year's ETC 'banned tactics' article will be 5 pages of evil detachment traps), hatred runefang from waralter, KBlow MMissiles from witchhunter..ahhh what a great day.

    Only 2 sad faces are warriorpriests not giving mounts hatred (back to lore of light + dgriffs it is then), and captains dont get hold the line! when solo.

    My flying circus High Elves just got even cooler too!

    1. Still no answer to healing characters with the VC lore attribute though.

  2. T5 Warlord with 5S5 and 4S4 and 4 wounds and stomp all for 155 points. yum yum :)

  3. and a question:

    Given we have submitted our lists for skitterleap without knowledge of the new faqs, will the new faqs be used?

    I'd like to hope the answer is no for consistency's sake.


    1. We will be using them James. Appreciate your point but better to have the clarity of these FAQs rather than not.

      I'll send out a note to that effect tonight.

  4. Good to see GW have finally clarified overrun after crumble.
    I find the terrorgiest ruling very strange. It apparently can scream into combat its not involved in...
    Empire players must be happy with T4 demigryf cav now
    These FAQs have been a long time coming

  5. Adding war machines to the FAQ re crumbling etc. is a big unexpected change. So we charge into the first war machine only to sit there and get blasted by the second. Dwarfs and Chaos Dwarfs will love this one, it requires quite a commitment to kill all the crew in one go.
    Sadly, my fast cavalry won't love this.
    Still, I'm sure GW are preparing a special rule for Marauder Horsemen to get around this.

    1. I think you still get to over run (warmachines) if you wipe them all out with your attacks, not so if they flee from not that great.
      Pretty much played all the empire faqs anyway, as they pretty much stated as much but didn't make it particularly clear.

    2. It's unlikely to affect Dwarves much, as Stubborn Ld9 means that Dwarf crews rarely flee. Empire and other armies are more likely to benefit from this though. Kill two cannon crew, have the other flee on a Ld4 breaktest and then look at the Hellblaster crew cackling evilly from 10" away....

  6. Love the first one, everything else is, meh... :D

  7. I have always thought of Crumbling as the undead version of fleeing.

    Taking the rule change a step further, is fleeing no longer part of combat ?