Monday, October 29, 2012

5th Annual Masters - WHFB Invites (Provisional)

With Skitterleap run and won, I have worked out the provisional final rankings for 2012. These will be confirmed when RHQ run the October update later this week.

Antony Kitson - the current Master - gets automatic entry. The next eleven invites go to the Top 11 ranked players in the country:

That covers those marked in Orange and Green. Should any of those invited not wish to take up their invite then these will go to the next highest ranked player down to a minium of #20.

If you are Antony or one of the players in green can you please drop me an email letting me know if you will be accepting your invite. From November 5th, I'll be cascading them down. A Player's Pack is being prepared but as a heads-up the Comp will be as per Skitterleap (but with no Special Characters) with 2400 point armies. There will be six games - all scenarios bar Battle for the Pass, with Battleline played twice - three on each day.


Acceptances: Tim Joss, Sam Whitt, Rory Finnemore, Antony Kitson, Mike King, Peter Williamson, Joel van de Ven-Long, Tom Dunn, Raymond Dick, Pete Dunn

Daniel Butler has declined his invite which has passed to Hamish Forbes

Hamish Forbes has declined invite so it passes to Rory Finnemore (who has accepted)

John Wilenbruch had declined his invite which has passed to Darren Urquhart

Darren Urquhart has declined as has James Brown so it passes to Joel van de Ven-Long (who has accepted)

Mal Patel has declined his invitation and it has passed to Thomas van Roekel who has also declined

Ross Hillier-Jones has also declined. Phil Wu and Locky Reid receive the final invites.

Phil Wu has declined, while Locky Reid has accepted.


  1. Is there only going to be 10 participants Pete?

  2. Waiting to hear from Ross Hillier-Jones?

    Then the next two invites go to Phil Wu and Locky Reid.

    I'm looking to maintain even numbers so there may be 10 participants as the criteria I issued said that invitations won't go past #20