Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Warriors of Chaos Unit Details


60 points per model
Unit Size 3+
Can take Lances
Magic Standard up to 50 pts
Same weapons rules as Chaos Knights
Cause Fear
Monstrous Cavalry
Will of Chaos
Mark of Khorne

Rider           WS5 S4 T4 W1 I5 A2 Ld8
Mount         WS5 S5 T5 W2 I2 A2 Ld7


19 points per model
Shields and Spear
Fast Cavalry
ASF first combat round - 1 pt
Mark of Slaanesh


Destroy unit
1+ Devastating charge
2+ Stubborn
3+ 4+ Wd


  1. Wow, I thought the Skull crushers would break the game being Chaos, but at 60 points for a 2w model its not that bad compared to the others. Mournfang are still clearly in the lead although these guys do have T5...

  2. I'm a little stumped on this. The info I got said the rider had 2 W and Jugger 1W. I inverted it as it didn't look right.

    Personally I thought they'd be 3W but normal jugger is only two, yes?

  3. I can't wait till they upgrade the BloodCurushers to T5 and lower their points cost.

  4. Sam - I think it is the special rule

    You get these benefits for each unit they destroy

  5. So yeah, as expected Juggers are looking like a good choice. Expect to see me using alot of them next year.

    Like the rules for the Hellstriders, expensive but I like the idea of M10 Fast Cav that can't panic, hopefully they are core so I can take 600pts of them and spend the rest on Juggers and Warshrines (Juggers with a 4+ Ward.... MMmmmmm...)

  6. Wouldn't Juggers only be 5+ ward? Still, T5, W2 5+ ward, 1+ save and frenzy for 60p.... Maybe these will take the crown of nastiest monstrous cav

  7. Without doing the maths I think a two wound T5 1+ AS 5+ Wd that can be boosted to 4+ is pretty much superior in all cases than the Mournfang.

    The only thing place where it is likely to be inferior is when confronted with Killing Blow

    1. How regularly will they achieve 4+ ward though. Don't forget all the impact hits caused by Mournfang. Its not fun to be on the receiving end there.
      I thought you needed HKB for a monstrous Cav unit?

    2. I think the lack of Impact hits will hurt them a bit, and Frenzy will definitely be a mixed blessing, obviously attacks and ITP are great but forced overrun lands you in nasty situations...

      Still, continuing the trend of MC being awesome, 2 big units of these possibly backed up by Jugger Characters (Although considering how nails the Knights themselves are this might not be necessary) and dual Warshrine will be the first thing I try out.

      Not sure which Magic to try though, leaning towards Death recently, I'm not sure they need much in the way of Magical Buffs with Warshrines, but time will tell.

    3. Why would they be getting a 5+ Ward? Normal Jugger heroes don't get that, and none of the rumours make mention of them being Daemonic...

      4+ ward they can get though...

      It'll have to be all about getting them out of position with Frenzy and hitting them in the flank, or just ignoring them

  8. True James...I was giving them a free Daemonic Ward.

    Please please please let this update solve the ludicrous re-rolling of EotG rolls.

  9. More Jezzails, we need MOAR JEZZAILS!

  10. The skullcrushers are at T4, monsterous cavalry use the same rules as cavalry except the W value so you'll have to use the riders T wich is 4 just check the rulebook