Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Warriors of Chaos Confirmed for November

Games Workshop have released another one of their uninspiring youtube teasers. For those unable to join the dots - I'm guessing that that population is three people in Peru and a hamster named Julian - it appears that next month's White Dwarf will have an update for Warriors of Chaos.

There will also be releases of the following:

Sigvald, Valkya, Wulfrik, Scyla, Festus [All in Finecast]

Warshrine [Plastic]   Skull Crushers - Knights on Juggernauts [Plastic]   Hell Striders - Marauders on Steeds of Slaanesh [Plastic]   The cynical among us would suggest that it is to provide parts for Chaos Space Marine conversions.   No idea on rule changes though with recent FAQ giving Monstrous Cavalry Toughness of Mount then the Skull Crushers are certain to be tasty......interesting timing.


  1. Neil will be pleased.

    Dwarfs shall be next hmmm!!!???

  2. Replies
    1. Come on Pete, you never know, GW could give us cavalry, magic, non-shooty stuff and maybe even a more combat centered book!

      Hope not. Ill just stick with five warmachines. :D

  3. After reading the three Sigmar books back to back, kinda makes me wanna collect Dwarfs when they get a new book....

    1. Hey man, Always willing to have swapzies if your ever keen! Good Dwarfs for bad Dwarfs.

    2. It's his beard, its always the beard...

  4. I just like the fluff. Would prob use the AOW models.

  5. Closet Dwarf!!!!!

    Your parents must be so proud.

  6. Haha. I am sure I will get over it.