Thursday, October 18, 2012

5th Annual NZ Masters Invitations

Just a reminder than invitations for the 2012 New Zealand Masters for Fantasy, 40k and Flames of War will be going out in just over a fortnight.

The last events of the tournament season are Conquest (all three systems) this weekend in Christchurch and Skitterleap (Fantasy) the following weekend.

Russell Briant (FoW) and James "Kenny" Milner (Fantasy/40k) are all onboard to either run or assist with the running of the three competitions.

In each genre, the participants will be competing for "guardianship" of the perpetual cups kindly donated to the Masters tournament by the Wellington Warlords.

The current holders of these trophies are Jack Dunn (40k), Antony Kitson (Fantasy) and Daniel Macguire (FOW).


  1. Nikola "I have to offer to help out so I can blend with the good players because I'm too much of a scrub to get an invite" Jacsic.

    It's a long nickname, but I feel its accuracy will lend it to catch on.

  2. What hurts most is your misspelling of my name.

    As TO for 40k tho, i will spend most at Charlies tables to prevent the infamous over-moving of his units. Its like clockwork.