Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Maelstrom Games Supply Issues

Happy to report that part of my order from Maelstrom Games turned up on Saturday - Scibor Games "Great Unclean One" equivalent. This is very nice model and ideal size for tournament play (ie equivalent to GW GUO). I picked this up for GBP 19, 50% off RRP.

However I was happy that it appears that my order has been split into two packages. Hopefully I'll see the second parcel in the next 48 hours, otherwise I'll be getting a little concerned.

In other news, MG sent out another voucher yesterday, FINAL-FINAL-STOCKTAKE-SALE offering 60-80% on remaining stock. Fantastic discount but very limited stock and not without a little risk.

If you are willing to bear that risk there are bargains to be had but you have to be aware that you may not have a seat when the music stops!

EDIT: My Bane Legions Bloodthirster arrived today....very naice!


  1. Nearly everything is out of stock now :(

  2. I cleaned out a tonne of the army painter stuff when the discount on it was 40% and everything arrived safe and sound. I wasn't willing to risk more expensive products than that, though...