Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Juggernaut Commeth - Skitterleap Predictions

This weekend sees Skitterleap here in Wellington. This is the final event of the tournament year and the last opportunity for gamers to make the NZ Masters coming up the first weekend of December.

I have previous posted up the lists and you can check them out in this post.

So who is going to win?

Well there are quite a few Masters contenders on show and you’d expect them to do well. And some of them will – those that are using either Lizards of Daemons.

My prediction for the weekend is that the top three will comprise two Daemons (Mike King and Tom Dunn) and a Lizard (Mal Patel). Both Mike and Tom are on the Bloodletter Horde backed up by Big Brother Billy. That is one large Pain Train….and in this case, the train has no brakes.
Mr. Billy Bloodthirster, Come On Down!!!!

I fully expect both to spend their weekends with a high pressure hose trying to remove the aftermath of opponents from under their hooves.

Mal is bringing the most annoying type of Lizard list intent on inflicting the death of 1000 paper cuts on his opponents. He’ll shoot and flee, then shoot and flee and finally shoot and flee some more.

In fact it could be a fun weekend watching the wealth of non-engagement lists – Lizards, Dark Elves, Wood Elves and High Elves – compete to see who can flee the most.

Of the other participants, I’m sure that Sam Whitt, James Milner, Peter Williamson and Joel van de Ven-Long will all fancy their chances. A word from the wise – if you want to go home with any loot, concentrate on picking up Best Sporting Opponent votes.

Skitterleap 2012 will be the time of the Daemon Juggernaut!!!!!


  1. Challenge accepted Mr Dunn. Daemons can't fight what they can't catch.

  2. Please... theres no way I'm getting a best Sports trophy, I'm a gamey twat! Though granted my only Best Sports trophy was while using a LD bomb Daemon army, so maybe I have a chance?

    Otherwise, on paper I agree with your choices, Pete

    1. Come on James, we were not picked for anything. Fight the power!!

    2. Woot woot! Sam and James! Go boys go! May the mighty fall! Huzzah!

  3. Good luck to everyone and I hope that everyone has a fun time.

    That's your guy's queue to start giving me best sports since I got the pre-game pep talk going and all.