Thursday, October 4, 2012

New 40k Terrain Scheduuled

Recently I received a file purporting to be Games Workshop's upcoming 40k release schedule. On it most armies received some love so it may or may not be genuine.

However the releases that interested me were terrain releases and they did seem to fit the new rules in offering race specific fortifications.

Here are the terrain features on the list:

256145512010301 Tau Empire Nautilus Defence Platform

208282112050207 Eldar Webway Gate

200462312010203 Space Marine Astartes Battle Fortress Defence Wall

200462412010202 Space Marine Astartes Battle Fortress Tower / Pillar of Heroes

200462512340209 Space Marine Astartes Battle Fortress Monastery

201279412010205 Ork Gun Fortress / Mega Tellyporta

All of these bar the Webway Gate would seem to be able to use as fortifications.

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  1. Apparently they have fortifications for Nids in the works as well. Its the Xenos ones I'm interested in tbh, the Fort rules are fine its just annoying seeing stuff like Eldar or Nids hiding behind Guard defence lines all the time.

    Btw apparently the list in question is a list of product packing codes describing the type of boxes/blisters they will be packed in. It in no way reflects what is going to be release when, some of that stuff could be a year away still. However its hard to judge as some of it (like these fortifications and the Cult Genestealer stuff) doesn't really fit into any predicted large scale releases (i.e a codex release) so will probably end up as WD releases or mini expansions.