Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Summoning of a Greater Daemon

One of the hazards of playing a game at Chez Dunn is the potential for the sudden (but not unexpected) appearence of our cat Nurgle.

Nurgle shows his flank to an Empire Knight Bus confident in his ability to destroy it if required

Nurgle has apparently determined that sundry wargamers are not a natural enemy nor do they hold much challenge as prey. He therefore allows them to "visit" his space in exchange for neckrubs.

Hat tip: Thanks to joel at Brush of Doom for the photo


  1. Is this the only way for you to win, hahahaha.
    Very funny to see, thanks!

  2. As someone who's felt the toe of Pete's large boot on too many occasions to count, I can vouch that he doesn't need a cat to help him win. Even a daemonic cat with the Mark of Nurgle.

    Pete does well enough with his weaselly cunning, ruthless execution and his ability to spot a quarter of a chance at 3 miles. Playing broken armies, I mean Ogres and Skaven, also helps....

  3. I must add that Nurgle, thoroughly unimpressed with the lack of representation in Tom's DOC, didnt bother to intervene in any of his games.

    Joel v

  4. Nurgle - that is just the coolest name for a cat!