Thursday, January 31, 2019

40K - Fields of Blood Warhammer 40k New Zealand Grand Tournament Tickets

Tickets for the 2019 FoB NZGT go on sale tomorrow 1 February at 8.00am

The event is limited to 64 participants due to the size of the venue.

You can download the Players Pack here

This event sold out in 48 hours last year and I expect that there will be good demand again.

Monday, January 21, 2019

40k - New Year, New Gaming Room

Just before Xmas Tom moved into a flat closer to his work. This seemingly innocent move put in place a train of events that involved some sensitive discussion as interested parties maneuvered to mutually beneficial outcomes.

As a result of these negotiations, the garage has returned to its role as a place to park a car, the outside shed a place for garden tools (rather than boxes of terrain) and my wargaming room  (off the garage) to a general storage room [95% wargaming stuff 😀). To offset that I have a room up in the main part of the house purely for gaming.

I called up Hagen one afternoon and he came around to help me move my gaming table. Easier said than done! The table sits on an old Games Workshop table and this was too large to get through our doorways (as well as weighing a tonne). So it had to be dismantled and reassembled once inside the room. The cabinet holds my armies and there is space at either end for 8x 92L boxes of terrain.

The room has built in cupboards for further wargaming storage. It is really well lit and you can get 360 degree access meaning that it is now easier to play Hammer & Anvil deployments.

The last two weeks higgins has been around and spanked tmy Harlequins both evenings.

Looking forward to have more locals over for games during the coming years.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

40K Harlequin List - 1000 Points

At the end of March I am going to Adepticon in Chicago and have signed up to play in The Long War Doubles. Jack will be using his Dark Eldar so I need to have 1000 point list to complement them. I've decided to use Harlequins.

The list I am working towards painting is as follows:

1000 Point Harlequin Battalion - Masque TBC


Troupe Master - Fusion Pistol, Relic + Warlord Trait
Shadowseer - 2x Spells TBC


3x Troupe - 2x Caress, 2x Fusion Pistols

Fast Attack

Skyweaver Unit - 4x Glaive & Haywire

Dedicated Transport

3x Skyweaver - 2x Shuriken Cannon

That comes in at 989 points. I'd appreciate any C&C on makeup, loadout, possible, Masque, Relic, Traits and Psychic Powers.

Monday, January 14, 2019

40k - Harlequin Vehicles

Over the break I painted up the vehicles for my initial Harlequin list so that I could get them on the table and start playing.

I have painted up 4 dual-Shuriken Cannon Starweavers and 8 Skyweaver jetbikes with Haywire. 

The crews haven't been done yet as I can add them as I paint them and still play in the interim. Also the placement of the crew will allow me to more efficient paint the highlights on the vehicle (no point highlighting then covering with riders 😀)

I wanted to be more muted in my Harlequins and not have the vehicles too garish or ostentatious.

Looking through my hobby drawers I found some of the magnetic flight stands Jack had bought from Litko. Using the same Secret Weapon bases used for Jack's Dark Eldar, I created magnetised bases for these flyers. The army's basing has been painted to match that of Jack's and my Dark Eldar.

I'll get some final pictures up once the riders are completed. In the interim I am painting Troupes to go in the Starweavers.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

40K - The Return of The Long War

In 2019 I'll be running The Long War 40k Tournament series at the Warlords.

These are three round one day events held at regular Warlords meetings. The tournaments are open to all but are free if you are a Warlords member. This incentivises people to join the Club and builds the community by having a regular group of people playing 40k at the Warlords.

The cost of each event is $25. However, as I said, if you are a full Warlords member (annual sub currently $50) then there is a substantial saving should you attend all of them. In addition, you can attend a further 20+ fortnightly meetings.

In 2018 there were four The Long War events. But 2019 will see that grow to FIVE!!!!!!

The dates and points levels are as follows:

  • 16 March - 1750 points
  • 4 May - 1500 points
  • 6 July - 1500 points
  • 7 September  - 1500 points
  • 19 October - 1750 points
The events have been loaded up into the "Events Calendar" - just push the button on the banner. A players pack for the first event will will be up in the next couple of weeks. If you want details on how to join the Warlords then just drop me a message.