Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Giant Rat Spotted in NYC

.....and a blow up animal!

Walking down a street in Midtown yesterday came across this giant blow up rat on the back of a ute. Had to get a picture.

My concern isn't from the rat but the fact I'm standing in the middle of a NY street facing impending doom from the oncoming traffic!


FOB NZ Rankings - 40k Updated for Equinox

Adam Thornton has sent through the results for the recent Equinox event held at Freeman's Bay in Auckland. These results have been put into the 40k rankings.

The next event is this weekend's Natcon in Auckland. There are competitions for WHFB, 40k and FOW. Good luck to all participants.

Adepticon - GMM Studios "Golden Throne"

Last year at Adepticon I sae the brilliant work Brandon Palmer from GMM Studios did with the Sea Chest Kraken, the Throne of the Worm King and the "Egg". Through the year I have been following his blog as he created a 2015 entry.

For Adepticon this year Brandon created the Emperor's Golden Throne - and what a spectacular piece of work it was.


For the 40k Teams event an army was put on it and that secured the Best Display prize. TBH he could have put one of Little Timmy's armies on and it probably would have won.

Fantastic work as always Brandon!


Monday, March 30, 2015

Adepticon - 40k Teams Tournament Armies

Here are some pics from the winners of Best Display for the 40k Teams event. These were displayed on the Saturday evening in one of the hotel foyers.

The winner was Brandon Palmer's Golden Throne. This clearly was a wonderful display piece but I'm pretty sure they could have put any army on it and it would have won. I'll have some separate pictures of it in another post.

Eldar feature pretty heavily in the winners.

Nice Titan

Dwarfs in Space

The Ulthwe army I liked


Iyanden Craftworld

Last year's Nids

Chaos Incursion

The Necrons seen earlier in the day. The Display Board detracted rather than added to the army IMO.

Most of the nice larger models were below ground and couldn't be seen clearly.

See what I mean?

What you could see was very nice.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

It's X-Wing Jim, but not as we know it

We have started an X-Wing campaign down at the Warlords. This one has 6 players arranged into two teams of three (Imperials vs Rebels).

This campaign uses the exploring map approach we used in out Full Trust campaigns. This puts as much emphasis on what happens exploring the map and moving your ships around as it does playing the games. The game so far has produced many ship configurations you don't normally see in standard x-wing tournaments and people have already suggested I have shared in Fantasy Flight or Cerebus games due to people wanting to buy additional ships.
This is the map after turn 3, the Red areas are battles and the Orange areas are potential conflict, read battles waiting to happen. If people are interested in played in the next campaign let me know.
X-Wing has some similarities to Warhammer in that you win by victory points, there is only one mission that people play and critically you only give up points when a ship is dead. It is therefore common to see people packing all their points into two ships. (they don't call them Death Stars in X-wing funnily enough).
There is even a ship design called the Fat Han. This is the Millenium Falcon piloted by Han Solo with all the trimmings.
Over in the Warhammer Youtuber community people are bemoaning about how narrow the game is when you only play battle line or variants there of. and the prevalence of Death Star units designed not to give up any points.
Many games seem to be suffering from player burn out due to the narrowness of the scenario and scoring systems. My hope is that 9th edition Warhammer brings in scenarios that are not only about line up and score points of each other. I would like to see different ways of winning the game and scenarios that don't involve winning by victory points.
So will Warhammer rise from the ashes of the end times like the Phoenix or will it fly more like an entry into the Birdman competition?

Adepticon - WHFB Championships

In between three classes on the Saturday, I visited the WHFB hall to see the armies contesting the Championships. This year it was only 2000 points which, with the ET factor, made for some very small armies.

Throgg and Friends

My favourite army was Mike Butcher's Nurgle Legion of Chaos. To me it was head and shoulders above anything else on show.

Nurgle DP rather than Maggoth Lord.

Lots of fantastic conversions. It was as good as any army I've seen in WHFB at the two Adepticons I've been too.

This Chaotic Steam army was another stand out.

And then you get the Host of the Eternity King armies or as I like to say "Malekith plus Friends".

Some very nice Chaos Dwarf warmachines

The Malekith/Karl Franz/Imrik armies just scream "I want to win". They just seem to veer to far to the "trying too hard" with the new, biggest, broken-est tool. In 2000 points it all becomes a little silly.