Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pointhammered's Call to Glory Campaign

Over the past month Rog at Pointhammered has been posting and discussing rules for a narrative campaign based around infighting in the Chaos Wastes.

It starts with small Chaos Warbands and builds of various turns where characters and their armies move to become the Everchosen. What is appealing is the small scale start point and the narrative nature.

All the material backing the campaign including cards, rules, scenarios etc can be found on The Magnificent Bastards blog.

I'm sufficiently interesting in trying this out that come April I will look to run one here in Wellington.

If there are any locals that are interested then check out the material on the TMB site and have a list to the Pointhammered "Call to Glory" to get further info (should you want it). The beauty is that entry barrier is pretty low as in the early stages armies are no more than 500 points.

Should you be interested in being part of it then lmk in the Comments section. Ideally we would have a campaign day once a month. That would allow opportunity for building and painting characters and units. The commitment is therefore light and hopefully over 6-12 months it would develop its own life.

Ideally want about six people participating. Preference would be given to those who have demonstrated reliability.


  1. This could fit in very well with my NG project. Count me interested!

  2. I could be keen. I have some chaos in need of paint.