Monday, March 23, 2015

Adepticon WHFB "How You Use It" Armies

On Thursday we had the "How You Use It" Tournament for 1000 point armies. It was full End Times rules and I think Jack and I were probably the only guys in the room who took a Chaos, Elf or Undead army that wasn't from the End Times' books. IMO this had a major effect on the presentation of the armies playing and was going to be a reoccurring theme over the week.

Jack's Dark Elves. Obviously I'm biased but I felt they were the best "technically" painted army on show

Empire armies were Knight core, minimal characters and Demi's. This one also squeezed in a Steam Tank.

Bretonnians - lost amongst a sea of filth

Dwarfs with Swiss Army Warmachines

And the ubiquitous two Organ Gun standard Dwarfs

Smashy Orges.

Real High Elves? Watch out "It's a trap!"

These are real Elves! Steve from Northern Defense had a HotEK list - Loremaster, Peg Master, Wild Riders, TF Glade Guard and Boltthrowers. They apparently all met in the wood. Check out the Miniature Tabletop Scenery pit on the display base.

More Elves.

Yay Skaven. Looks like two units of Clanrats.

The Wood Elf army that won Best Presented.

Vampire Counts - but possibly Undead Legion

And a typical Legion of Chaos entrant. Typically WoC based. In this case with Horrors and Skullcrushers but a lot were chariots plus Skullcannon.

As I said, overall I was disappointed with the standard of presentation compared to last year. I think this was due primarily to the inclusion of End Times which meant that the army meta was never settled before Xmas leaving people only limited time to prepare armies. That meant that this year's theme was more "Smashing Face" than hobby focus.


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