Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Hobby Update

Pretty quiet hobby weekend for me. We had people staying so unfortunately no games though I did get some painting done.

I managed to finish 4 Storm Fiends so expect to see "The Verminators" on the table soon. I just need to base them and my Vermin Lord. Hoping to get that done early this week so I can get photos up.

Pre-orders for Archaon were up Saturday morning. I didn't buy any physical product but did purchase the iBook version of End Times: Archaon which will download Friday night. Looking forward to reading it on the plane en route to Adepticon next Tuesday.

Speaking of which Jack and I are currently working on our 1000 point lists for the Singles and Team tournament. At present it looks like a Dark Alliance of Dark Elves and Daemons of Chaos. Aiming to get both armies into a single Battlefoam 432 or 216 + plus.

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