Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Daemons of Chaos -1000 points

So last year I used DoC in the 1000 point doubles (with Ogres) and we did really well until a rather nasty Reign of Chaos in Game 3 (2, 3, 4 and 4). Shit happens but hopefully not twice.

Here is the list I used:

Herald of Tzeentch - Level 2 Tzeentch (General) [125]
Herald of Tzeentch - Level 1 Metal, BSB [115]

10 Pink Horrors - Muso/Std [150]
10 Pink Horrors - Muso/Std [150]
10 Pink Horrors - Std [140]

Beast of Nurgle [60]
Beast of Nurgle [60]
Beast of Nurgle [60]

Skullcannon [135]

I think the list defines "efficiency" however I am looking at a possible change and after thoughts.

Option 1:

Swap third units of Horrors and drop BSB ability for a unit of Ambushing Flesh Hounds

Option 2:

Drop a Beast of Nurgle for 5 Chaos Furies

The first is from a potential efficiency point of view. They would be good at taking out bunker units, warmachines.....generally be a distraction. It does however reduce one banner AND it limits Lore of Tzeentch spells to 4 rather than 5 (and potential Gateway home).

The second is mainly from a modelling/conversion point of view though a flying unit has some utility....but is it better than a Beast?

The final consideration is whether to vary for 1000 point Singles versus Doubles. Potentially more wriggle room in Doubles (partnered with Dark Elves) and the Flesh Hounds might be a good choice.

Have at it.


  1. I think the DE allies can fill the rolls that Furies or Flesh hounds will better.

    1. Yep, tend to agree. The other question is whether there will be too much competition for Magic Dice......Gateway, Warlocks, poss Searing Doom