Thursday, March 5, 2015

White Dwarf - End Times: Archaon Pictures

As expected this weekend sees the "final" instalment of End Times up for pre-order. It is also accompanied by two new infantry units.

White Dwarf cover - looks a great paint job. Love the richness of the red.

The final volume. There is also a limited edition as normal.


Interesting in the last photo the Wrathmongers are fighting Dwarfs. I had thought the Skaven had wiped them out last book. Bloody cockroaches and nuclear war syndrome.



  1. Not a fan of that look at all. Horrible looking models.

    Dave Kinsey

  2. why does one have a Nob's power klaw?

  3. Price check. The 5 infantry model box set comes in at $113 (NZ RRP).

    Remember when people used to bitch about Empire "Goldswords" at 10 for $80.

    Conditioning, people. Conditioning.

  4. These remind me of some of the Khador Warmachine models. I don't like the aesthetic of those, and I don't like these either.

    If they wanted to protect their IP, why didn't they look to their own fantastic models of yesteryear, like the Khorne champions of chaos;

    I'd buy those, though maybe not for $22 each.

    1. Yep.....a lot have made that link - don't know the models so hard for me to say.

      Personally I don't dislike the models.

      I'm using my Blightkings as crew in my Nurgle Chariots and think that these would be even better for Khornate chariot crew