Saturday, March 28, 2015

Adepticon - WHFB Championships

In between three classes on the Saturday, I visited the WHFB hall to see the armies contesting the Championships. This year it was only 2000 points which, with the ET factor, made for some very small armies.

Throgg and Friends

My favourite army was Mike Butcher's Nurgle Legion of Chaos. To me it was head and shoulders above anything else on show.

Nurgle DP rather than Maggoth Lord.

Lots of fantastic conversions. It was as good as any army I've seen in WHFB at the two Adepticons I've been too.

This Chaotic Steam army was another stand out.

And then you get the Host of the Eternity King armies or as I like to say "Malekith plus Friends".

Some very nice Chaos Dwarf warmachines

The Malekith/Karl Franz/Imrik armies just scream "I want to win". They just seem to veer to far to the "trying too hard" with the new, biggest, broken-est tool. In 2000 points it all becomes a little silly.


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