Friday, March 6, 2015

NZTC Race Performance

I was a bit reluctant to put up a breakdown by performance for individual races as the statistical same is very small - 48 split over thirteen armies.

They range from one (O&G) to eight (Dark Elves). Given such small samples player skill impacts dramatically on the analysis.

However here is a breakdown:

Over time - and with a big enough sample - you would hope if the game was balanced then all armies would revert to 60 points. Realistically I think you would see all armies fall in the 55-65 point range given time.

Looking at the results I'm actually surprised how many fall into the 55-65 point range. Notably these are the armies that were most represented at the event.

Really though there is not much you can say as the results are not statistically significant (I'm sure Jack will correct me if I'm wrong).


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