Monday, July 16, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update

With the Grotesques finished, my attention can turn to other projects. There are two that have a degree of urgency.

First, is finishing my Nurgle army. For this I have Sloppity Bilepiper, Spoilpox Scrivenor, two Plague Burst Crawlers, a zillion metal Plaguebearers and Nurglings.

Second is the ITC mdf terrain. I've got to assemble this and then paint it. The first look at the assembly instructions wasn't particularly helpful so I expect it will take a few evenings.

Hopefully I'll get a few games in over the next week. I had one lined up last week but had to cancel due to a sick wife.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

40K - Prophets of Flesh Grotesques (Kitbash)

GW has done the dirty on me.....well about 10 years ago they did anyway. Grotesque in 3rd/4th Ed have been re-named as Wracks, while actual Grotesques are now new models on 40mm bases.

With my new Dark Eldar list I needed seven Grotesques for the Prophets of Flesh Detachment. Checking the GW webstore I see the models are NZD48 so the unit would set me back the princely sum of NZD336.....ouch.

Checking out downstairs I saw I had a big unit of Crypt Horrors from my Vampire Counts army that is sitting on the shelf. So I went out to GW Lower Hutt and grabbed a Talos box (NZD87) and sat down and kitbashed.

Happy with how they have come up. They are suitably grotesque and fit in with my existing Coven figures.

They are also unique and should tick the necessary boxes for conversions.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update

Right, let's get back in the groove.

The first thing I did in the past week was finish some chemical tanks from Promethium Forge. These work really well to block line of sight and I wanted them in time for the weekend's "The Long War" event. I got them base coated and this week I'll weather and customise them.

On Saturday we had "The Long War - Dropsite". Thanks to the Warlords for hosting this. We attracted a small but strong field (including the Top 3 from last year's Masters) and it provided some strong gaming ahead of Call to Arms. I used Dark Eldar and found that they had a really good box of tools. They are fast, surprisingly resilient and can dish out a high rate of fire with potential for good AP. They certainly felt a step up from my Emperor's Children.

One memorable moment - for me at least - was when Josh's Leman Russ shot its Battlecannon at a Ravager. He rolled double six for shots and eventually did 5 wounds (each being D3). I made 5 5++ save, emerging unscathed. He then shot lascannon and wound - another 5++. Oh how we laughed!!! This was then followed by two more 5++ saves before I finally failed one. It's great when you are on top of your game 😁. It came back to bite me in my last gme vs. Michael's Custodes where he went two turns without failing a Storm Shield 3++ save. I need to "Git Gud".

The hobby work this week is to finished the tanks and then to do some work on my Grotesques. I have grabbed my VC Crypt Horrors and put them on round bases. Yesterday I bought a Talos from Luke at GW Lower Hutt and I intend junking it for parts to pimp out the Grotesques. There seems to be a wealth of injectors, face masks, ccw etc to suitably 40k them. Urien and his "wife" will have fun times modifying them.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

40K - The Long War "Dropsite" Results

Yesterday we had the three round 1750 point The Long War "Dropsite". This was the second of the Warlords 2018 40k Super Series - four events open to all gamers but especially designed to get more 40k played at the Warlords.

Event attracted 14 players but there were a couple of drop-outs giving us a field of 12. The missions used were all Eternal War from BRB and CA.

Results were as follows:

Place Player Army Battle Sports Total
1 Pete Dunn Dark Eldar 38 15 53
2 Dave Hodgetts Imperial Knights 37 15 52
3 Sean Sullivan Necrons 36 15 51
4 Michael Stewart Imperium 34 15 49
5 Mark Ternent Chaos Space Marines 30 15 45
6 Alastair Helm Tau 29 15 44
6 Ross Brewster Eldar 29 15 44
8 Josh Barton Astra Militarum 27 15 42
9 Sam Nightingale Space Marines 24 15 39
10 Simon Smith Necrons 20 15 35
11 Jordan Green Chaos Space Marines 17 15 32
12 Ryan Stuart Tyranids 16 15 31

Best Sport - Ryan Stuart (3/3 Best Opponent Votes)

Best Army - Josh Barton (Guard)

No-one won all three of their games. You can see how tight the Battle Scores were through the field. A win was worth 12, draw 8 and loss 4 points with Bonus Points for First Strike, Linebreaker and Slay the Warlord.

From a personal point of view I found that the Dark Eldar seem a step up in table strength from my Emperor's Children. They seem to be both more resilient and harder hitting. However I've only played a handful of games with them so I'm sure there is plenty to learn.

Monday, July 2, 2018

The Long War Lists

This weekend The Long War - Dropsite is being held at the Warlords, KPC Hall in Khandallah.

You can see copies of the lists here

The breakdown of lists is as follows:

  • Necrons x2
  • Chaos Space Marines x2
  • Imperium
  • Space Marines
  • Tyranids
  • Tau
  • Eldar
  • Imperial Guard
  • Imperial Knights
  • Dark Eldar
Expect to see the Necrons and Imperial Knights fight it out.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

40K - 1750 Point Dark Eldar

I am playing at The Long War - Dropsite on 7th July and thought I would post my list. It is Dark Eldar and as yet untested but hopefully it will get a run on the weekend.

TLW-D is 1750 points and limited to two Detachments.

Kabal of the Black Heart Battalion
Archon - Blaster, Huskblade, Relic - Writ of Living Muse, Trait - Labyrinthine Cunning [Warlord]
Archon – Blaster, Venom Blade
5 Kabalite Warriors - Blaster
5 Kabalite Warriors - Blaster
5 Kabalite Warriors - Blaster
7 Mandrakes
Ravager- 3 Disintegrators
Ravager- 3 Disintegrators
Ravager- 3 Disintegrators
Razorwing Jetfighter – 2 Dark Lances, Twin Splinter Rifle
Raider – Dark Lance
Venom – Twin Splinter Cannon
Venom – Twin Splinter Cannon
Prophets of Flesh Coven Battalion
Urien Rakarth
Haemonculus - Electrocorrosive Whip, Hex Rifle
6 Wracks
5 Wracks
5 Wracks
7 Grotesques

Interested in any comments.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Adepticon 2019

The dates for 2019 Adepticon have been announced and it will be held over 27-31 March at the Renaissance Schaumberg in Chicago.

I've been three times now and I'm going back again next year. It is now easier to get to as Air New Zealand flies Auckland Chicago direct.

This year I spent my time doing painting classes but next year I am looking to play some 40k. There is The Long War Doubles (one day event) and the Adepticon Team Tournament (1.5 days).

If anyone is interested in going or finding out more about it I am happy to answer questions. Jack is coming in from Boston so there may be a chance to get the von Trapp Family to have an outing in the Teams.

Monday, June 11, 2018

40K - Maelstrom 2018 Results

Hagen Kerr ran Maelstrom over the weekend attracting 40 players to CAS Hall in Khandallah.

The event was 1750 points over 5 rounds and was won by the current NZ Masters Champion, Dave Hodgetts (Who knew three Riptides was a thing? 😉).

Best Presented:
  1. Glen Burfield
  2. Liam Miskelly
Best Sport:  Simon Smith

Best General: Dave Hodgetts

The results have been uploaded into the FOB NZ Rankings where it qualified as a max. score event (40+ participants).

The next Wellington based event is The Long War: Dropsite on July7.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Best Photobomb Ever!!!

Today's MIT News can be found here

Click through the photos for a great antipodean photobomb!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

FOB NZGT - A Hobby Event (What That Means)

Since I posted indicative scoring on the Maelstrom lists, I've received some enquiries about what sort of lists would score well for the FOB Theme/Selection criteria.

In the first instance, I think it is that I am trying to achieve with the event. Fields of Blood NZGT has from the beginning been billed as a hobby event.There are plenty of "Highest Battle Scores = Winner", indeed I pioneered them in the NZ 40k community with the NZ Masters starting in 2008. Before then pretty much all NZ events had a significant hobby proportion - including list selection.

So when I said FoB NZGT was "Bringing the Hobby Back", I meant it would be different from the current "norm".

 The Type of Pitfight I'm Looking For

The idea for FOB is to play cool games on great tables with fair armies. I don't want people being tabled Turn 2 by the latest internet beatstick so I am trying to incentivise/encourage more balanced armies than the current tournament norm.

My aim is to have people turn up and have six tightly contested games....

The two key criteria here are Theme and Balance and they go hand in hand. The armies that score well at FOB will be "in Theme" and they will be balanced. Some things that will score you well:

  1. Single Book selection - dragging things from multiple books generally is done for efficiency rather than theme e.g. a CP battery to power a beatstick
  2. Selection reflects theme. Read your codex e.g. if you are Ulthwe then I want to see Guardians, Warlock Conclave, not Reapers and Spears. Same with Alaiaoc - Rangers, Autarch, War Walkers not just Eldar with +1 to Hit. This works for every codex....Hivefleet is not just a trait etc
  3. Leadership options - I'm going to give anything overly invested in HQs a second glance. I don't think Mortarion comes out to solve a dispute over lunch money.
  4. Combined arms...Not just Characters, Troop Tax and Heavy Support for example. If you have a variety of Force Org slots then great.
  5. Lack of Cliches - same relics, choosing a Army Trait so you can access a certain stratagem - Vect has stopped taking recruits for Kabal of the Black Heart
The limit on Detachments will help this somewhat. The players are the additional step.

You will be incentivised for following the above. And conversely, you don't have to but then don't moan if your score is at the lower end. I calculated that the difference between top and bottom of range is just over a "win". It is a risky strategy in a field of 64. So are you feeling "lucky"?😀

And no I am not going to put out a mathematical rubric. Books aren't even and any system can be gamed. 

So when you put your list together, rather than three Riptides you might want greater variety.

Maelstrom Lists - Putting Them Thru The FOB Lens

Maelstrom is on this week and the lists have been released. You can find them here

There are a few difference between MaElstrom and Fields of Blood NZ Grand Tournament. Firstly, no Forgeworld and secondly, only two Detachments.

Reviewing the lists I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting the worse but got something nearer to this:

I scored them for Theme (how they fit in my view of the 40k world) and in List Selection. If you took a List that spammed the best stuff then you weren't going to do well.

Score was effectively 0-10 and the average was 6.24 out of the 42 lists. This was slightly generous as I was scoring effectively 2-10 because I was in a slightly happy mood just having departed on holiday.

The scores ranged from 3 (some people just can't help themselves 😀) to 10 on the "Pete" scale. The difference between the top score and the bottom score would equate to a "win" at Fields of Blood so there is an incentive to rein in your bloodlust if you want to win other than "Bloodthirster" for Best Gameplay score.

But that's what a hobby event is all about!

  # High Low Average
Astra Militarum 3 5 4 4.33
Chaos Daemons 3 9 6 8.00
Dark Eldar 4 8 5 5.75
Death Guard 4 10 4 6.50
Deathwatch 3 10 6 8.67
Eldar 5 6 4 4.80
Tau 4 10 5 8.00
Tyranids 6 6 4 5.17
Above is the breakdown for those races that had 3 or more lists. It covers 32/40 of the lists. It gives you an "idea" of how things will be scored at FOB....but it is only a guide. In this instance it is one set of eyes and I have only been through the lists twice. Expect a more thorough interrogation at FOB with stronger focus on external and internal balance.

It's not science....but it is magic!

I'm Back!!

So the last two months have been busy...really busy.

Work has been crazy busy with me taking over the responsibilities for assurance and governance as well as risk. Of course they didn't fill my role but, hey, that's what stale, male and pale is good for...getting shit done!

We've also get work done on the house....started in December, 6 week job....finished yet? No.

Fields of Blood NZ Grand Tournament coming up in September and I've been building terrain for the event. Still have lots to do but I'll get there.

So something had to give and that was the blog.

But, no worries....

I have three weeks leave. Currently in Boston for Jack's graduation. So lot's of downtime to post.

Monday, April 16, 2018

40K - FOB NZ Rankings updated for Tempest

Received the results for Tempest from Scott Clough this morning. These have now been uploaded into the Rankings.

The four round event attracted 42 people and was won by Julien Lestat with Tau. Two Eldar, a Chaos Daemon and a Tyranid rounded out the Top 5.

Four people - Dave Hodgetts, Simon Smith, Aidan Corlett and Scott Paterson - have broken the 200 point barrier which I expect is the minimum that will get you a Masters invite.

Are These The Most Annoying Dice Ever?

Just saying!

Even worse than Deathwatch dice

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Hobby Update

The last two weeks have seen me try to get the two unfinished units in my Emperor's Children done.

I have managed to finish the unit of Oblits in a pink and black scheme that complements the rest of the army. I'm now working on six metal Witch Elves to fill out the third Cultist unit. Previously I had been playing a Cultist horde but recently stepped back to three smaller units. They should be finished in the next couple of evenings and then it is onto WotR and some terrain.

Last weekend I got a game in against Tau and was able to isolate their units and remove them systematically. The Warp Talons proved fantastic in that they were able to contact 5 units when they charged. This allowed me to cut off the Ghost Keels and Commanders from the rest of the army and deal with them.

Yesterday I played Death Guard for the first time in 8th. We were playing Relic. After a poor first turn shooting Plague Burst Crawlers I concentrated on removing infantry and got rid of my opponent's Pox Walker units. This left just 10 Plague Marines and Typhus who could claim the Relic. I continued to remove Plague Marines while Cultists ran off with the Relic. This was then picked up by my Sorcerer who could not be targeted.

Been watching more Battle Reports and also listening to podcasts. Really keen on trying out the Dark Eldar Homuclueli Coven at some stage. I have Troy Forster's army that featured in a 4 page article in White Dwarf around 15 years ago. Might be time to get it out.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update

Made it back from Adepticon after a whistlestop 5 days in the US. I think I'm getting better at international travel as I survived the two 23 hour journeys without jet lag.

Of those five days in Chicago, 40 hours were spent doing hobby courses and I came away with a lot of learnings:

  • I was holding my airbrush wrong
  • I wasn't getting close enough to models when I was spraying
  • Now have a much more efficient airbrush cleaning process
  • Learned a new alcohol/paint technique for Nurgle
  • Discovered how to do NMN properly but prefer real metallics
  • Learned great realistic stone weathering process
  • Know how to use my smartphone to take better photos
  • Compared "salt" weathering with "hairspray" and prefer salt
  • Learned the technical requirements for making Youtube videos - and decided that it is too much effort
  • Decided I really want to paint more Death Guard
I did manage to pick up some loot will I was there:
  • Magna Tray system from Battlefoam
  • More Secret Weapon paints
  • Some P3 paints
  • Airbrush stand and spare needle/noozle
  • Game Gear brushes
  • New dice tray
  • Some MDF terrain plus other scatter terrain
  • 40k Measuring Template
  • Airbrush Stencils 
So another great Adepticon. I'm already looking to go next year and I'll probably look to play something like the Long War Doubles (single day) and look for further classes. Air New Zealand is starting an Auckland-Chicago flight soon which will cut 6-7 hours off the journey.

Unfortunately the Frontline Gaming terrain I ordered arrived at Jack's the day after we arrived at Adepticon so I need to wait until later this month to get it. However when I got home I had a big parcel of mdf terrain from 4Ground waiting for me. There is enough to built a new industrial plant table. I have spent the weekend evenings putting it together and it is a dream. The fact that it comes prepainted is fantastic.

Finally I spent Saturday down at the Warlords and managed to get two games in. The first was against the new Tau and it was certainly hardfought. While I managed to win 8-6, the undoubted highlight was me losing both Daemon Princes to the same Ghost Keel in Overwatch. In the end that Ghost Keel and a Broadside were the only Tau models left allowing me to claim two objectives to one.

In the second game I played Thousand Sons and was able to launch an Alpha Strike that removed a Defiler, Ahriman, a Rhino and most of a Rubric Marine Squad first turn. From there I was able to dictate the battle and by Turn 4 the Thousand Sons were reduced to a Rhino and an Exalted Sorcerer. 

Both games were characterised by "Seize the Initiative". This is always interesting as it can be a two edged sword in my experience (especially if the player who is "Seized On" has a lot of units off the table. The player now going first needs to be absolutely sure that they don't set up a crippling beta strike by showing their hand. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

40k - Six Spots Left for The Long War #1

There are only six spots left for the first of the Long War events being held at the Warlords on 19 May.

If you are keen to play in a three round one day event then you can download the Players Pack from the Event Calendar under the banner.

Gives a chance to run your army in a "safe space" 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

40k - FOB 40k NZ Rankings Updated For Equinox

The results from Equinox held in Auckland at the beginning of the month have been uploaded into the Rankings.

Scot Paterson won with his Index Tau while the incursion of the various Hivefleets into the sector was evident.

Since the event both the Tau and Necron codexes have been released. Following that we have Harlequins, Deathwatch and Imperial Knights to be released.

Next event is NatCon being umpired by Haydn Korach in the 'tron.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update

This week I got the Players Pack for The Long War finished and posted. As of this morning half of the available places have been filled with eight still open.

I managed to get a couple of games of 40k in over the course of the week. In the first I played Sean's Adeptus Mechanicus (and managed to kill my first ever Imperial Knight). The second I played Josh's Imperial Guard where I got to walk down the table into the teeth of his fire. Both games saw me eke out narrow wins getting me back to a 4-4 record with the Emperor's Children.

This Wednesday I'm off to Adepticon for the weekend. I get to fly 26 hours each way for the four days of the convention. This is the third Adepticon I've been to and I'll be spending most of my time doing hobby classes. I'll try and get photos from the various events. Taking an empty suitcase which I'll look to fill at the various vendor stalls.

40k - Game Tracker - Fear This! Kustoms

I'm a sucker for game aids and I have been trying to get myself something to help with in-game tracking.

Recently I was reading the Spiky Bits blog and saw the following game tracker. It was cast in resin having been 3D printed. Dimension wise it is approximately 6" x 3" and 10mm thick.Costs USD15 and tracked postage was USD8.

Arrived in NZ in approximately 5 days though NZ Post took 7 days to get it from Auckland to Wellington. Well packaged in layers of bubble wrap. The tracker is very crisply cast.

I sprayed mine with black primer and then a purple spray to match my Emperor's Children. Then I painted the dice wells (fit 12mm dice) black and filled in the lettering. To complete the finish - and ensure I don't scratch my wooden table surround - I glued felt to the bottom.

Happy with how it turned out and having used it now in my last two games it certainly helps me stay focused on the prize.

Friday, March 16, 2018

40K - The Long War #1

HERE  is the Players Pack for the first of the Warlords "The Long War" series.

To sign up to "The Long War" you need to be a full member of the Warlords or pay the $25 entry fee.

Email me your interest and I register you for the event. At the same time let me know whether you whether you are a Warlords member, wish to become one or just want to pay the $25 event fee. Warlords membership is $50 for the full 2018 year so you effectively get 50% entry if you attend four events plus membership that entitles you to free attendance at fortnightly meetings.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

40K - Speeding Up Play - Skirmish Trays

For those that use Horde armies it can take an awful long time to move models.....especially in the first few turns of the game.

Recently I have been using a large unit of Chaos Cultists and can see how a big unit can slow down your play. Early on I like to string them out for board control or screening whereas late in the game their role may switch to more offensive.

To allow me to do this and still play with reasonable speed, I recently purchased a series of skirmish trays from local firm, Battlekiwi. I bought a five model "LINE" tray comprising two pieces of 3mm MDF. They were very economical....I got 12 for around $20....and they were in my hands in just over 24 hours. You put them together using PVA and I had them all constructed in 10 minutes.

I intend to have 3 models per tray in the early game.....this gives me separation of approximately 1.5 inches between models so I meet coherency requirements.

Over the weekend I will flock them to match my Cultist bases.

I see this as speeding up a lot of movement helping the game progress.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

40K - Assault Dice App

For those of you looking to speed up your play, I can recommend the GW "Assault Dice" App.

This is an iPhone/Android dice rolling app. It is powered by a Vegas-approved physics engine that allows you to roll up to 120 dice at one time.

The app lets you do re-rolls of certain results (e.g. 1s; Misses etc). You can also set up specific tables for certain units. For example I have my Sonic Blaster table where I roll 24 dice for 8 Sonic Blasters.

For those of you using Horde armies or weapons with extreme Rates of Fire this app is a godsend.

The one thing that you have to do is read the "Tutorial". It shows you how to do re-rolls without it affecting existing dice. Done properly existing dice are unaffected.

I am going to allow the app to be used at the FOB NZGT as I think it allows Horde players to speed up their play. Personally I would only use it when I needed to roll more than 30 dice and would have those units set up as a separate table.

And the best thing? It's less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update

The past week has seen an allround hobby effort.

First, I finished painting my extra Warp Talons. They made it out to the field on Saturday for a couple of games. I also received the game tracker I purchased from Fear This! Kustom. This has now been painted to match my EC - I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Planning for the FOB NZGT continues and I purchased two sets of terrain - one from Frontline Gaming, the other from The intention here is to ensure that there is a series of high quality tables for the event. I'll also have my eye out at Adepticon for any further potential purchases.

Also have agreed with the Warlords details of THE LONG WAR 40k series. This is an initiative to provide regular gaming events at the Warlords with a view to driving both attendance and membership.

Finally, I got two games in down at the Warlords. The first was against a new member Chris's Thousand Sons. We tried out a Maelstrom mission from the book and it ended in a tight 13-12 win to Chris. I then played John's AdMech andthough the scores were tied when we called it, I believe it would be again a narrow win to John. That means my Emperor's Children are currently 2-4 for the year.

40k - The Long War Super Series

This year I am organising a series of 40K tournaments for the Wellington Warlords. This builds on the Warlords Super Series I ran for Kings of War for the past two years (now being picked up by Josh Barton).

THE LONG WAR will be four one day 1750 point three round tournaments run at the Warlords venue in Ganges Road, Khandallah. The dates are:

  • 19 May
  • 7 July
  • 1 September
  • 20 October
Each of the tournaments will be limited to 16 participants. Entry is open to all, whether you are a Warlords member or not.

The cost for each event is $20 but free if you have a full Warlords membership. Given that membership is $50 for the year there is no reason not to sign up to the Warlords. Not only do you get four one-day events, you also can attend 26 meetings a year at no additional cost.

The tournaments have been put in the Events Calendar below the Fields of Blood banner. I'll be posting up a Players pack in the next few days and will open registrations for the first event next Monday 12th March. If you'd like to know how to become a Warlords member then drop me an email here 

Become a Veteran of the Long War!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past week - real life has got in the way.

Last week I managed to get a game in against Sean Sullivan which ended in a 10-6 win to him. I tried out a couple of changes to my list and this necessitated a couple of purchases. The Warp Talons I used have expanded to 8 and the extra three are now on the painting table. I also picked up a couple of metal Obliterators from Jordan Green and they have been undercoated ready for next spot on the painting table.

The intervening real life was my mother died on Sunday morning. She got up out of bed, was having a cup of tea and had a massive heart attack, Apparently she was unconscious before she hit the floor. Mum had led a long life and she would have loved that she went out so quickly and without a protracted illness. Over the years she met a lot of my wargaming mates who came around for a game or a chat. Our family (including the cats) will all miss her but I'm glad she went out without any suffering.

Next few weeks will see me prepping for the trip to Adepticon. Really looking forward to this. Keen to attend the various classes that Jack and I have signed up to but also to see some of the amazing armies that are always on show.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update

There hasn't been a lot of creative hobby for me in the past week. A lot of my time has been spent on working on planning for the FOB NZ Grand Tournament and listening both to podcasts and battle reports.

On Saturday was the first of the Warlords' Super Series for Kings of War. I had said that I would provide the terrain so got up nice and early so that I could be at the Club at 8.00am. By all account the event went well, being won by Hugh Dixon with Forces of the Abyss in a very tight finish - four players within a single point. The results have been uploaded and rankings updated to capture the event.

I took the opportunity to have a couple of games of 40k. I've been working on my Emperor's Children 1750 point list and so took that. In the first game I played Alistair's Tau, deployed poorly and suffered an alpha strike which meant I was always behind. At the end of the game we shared the four objectives, both had Linebreaker but he had Slay the Warlord and First Blood. So a small loss but overall a very fun game against a great opponent.

The second game was against Thomas' Wraith Eldar army. It was pretty much 3 big Wraith units, a Wraithseer, two Wraithlords plus Bonesinger and Spiritseer. Here I played much better both tactically and also mechanically. As it was a progressive mission, my greater mobility and number of units allowed me to always be ahead on the scoresheet. I worked at isolating one unit and dealing with it. There was one scary moment where Thomas got the Wraith blades into my Noise Marines and because I was Slaanesh he got 30 re-rolling attacks. There was nothing left of the Noise Marines but they did inflict damage on the Wraithseer on the way out. In the end I had a very solid win due to points bicked up on objectives and kills plus Slay the Warlord, first Blood and Linebreaker.

My EC start with 7 Command Points and in both games had used them all turn one. Unfortunately Chaos don't have a way to regain CPs so I suspect it is something I'll need to get used to.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

NZGT has Sold Out!!!!

Twelve days after tickets went on sale and including the release of a further ten spots, the Fields of Blood NZ Grand Tournament has sold out. Really appreciate all the support.
Sixty gamers have signed up and paid their registration securing their tickets. They now have 7+ months to plan and build their army and in some cases terrain.

The hall has no further capacity to expand so no further places will be available. I am starting a wait-list in case there are any drops.

Speaking of support, I'd like to welcome Mighty Ape onboard as a sponsor for the event. We are working with them now to provide participants with some discounts etc to help them in the lead-up to the event. They will also be providing some prize support. Appreciate the efforts of David Grieg and the team at Mighty Ape.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update

Finished up the Cathedral which I posted pictures of last week.

I ordered a Fabius Bile model from GW Direct which turned up last week and started painting that. It is quite interesting that in the game, while Heretic Astartes, Fabius may not belong to a Legion (even Emperor's Children). This will limit how much table time he sees - I'll use him in narrative games - as he needs a separate Detachment for you to maintain your Legion Traits.

Here are a few early WIP shots of the Clonelord:

The base colours are laid down and I'm starting to tidy up all the errors.

Once he's finished I need to do work on my WotR models and I have some existing terrain to tidy up.

Fields of Blood NZ Grand Tournament hit its 50 participants on Saturday. I released the last 10 tickets yesterday and there are only two remaining. Once gone that is it.

Next time.......

Saturday, February 10, 2018

40k - NZ Grand Tournament Hits 50!!!!

The fifty tickets for the FOB NZ Grand Tournament have been sold. A big thank you to all of you that have supported the event by buying a ticket.

The capacity of the hall is limited and player comfort is paramount. That being said, I am going to check out the hall again today - armed with a tape measure and notebook. At the NZ Team Championships I have fitted in 33 gaming tables but that was very very tight.  I am going to check dimensions with a view to adding 4-5 tables which would mean an additional 8-10 tickets (total 29-30 tables).
Unfortunately that is the upper limit of the venue with no further opportunity to increase this year.

Therefore these extra 8-10 tickets represent your last chance to participate in what will be NZ's premier 40k event. If you want in, now is your last chance.

And aside of all this is that at capacity the event qualifies as an ITC "Major".

FOB NZGT - The Lucky Last

Down to ONE ticket left for FOB NZ Grand Tournament.

Forty-nine have signed up and paid which just leaves the one.

Who will be the Lucky Last?

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Hobby - Ruined Cathedral Terrain Piece

Last year I purchased the Ruined Cathedral from Puppet Wars. Over the past view days I constructed the building and painted it.

The various parts are cast in resin and needed to have mold lines removed. They were also far from perfectly flat and trying to rectify this with hairdryer and hot water was only partially successful.

I mounted the building on some 5mm MDF. The base board is 20" long and 10" wide. I used Gorilla glue to stick it down - and together and then filled the gaps with Green Stuff. I then glued sand over the GS.

Rather than go for a grey stone I decided that this would be a golden sandstone - think some of the British cathedrals e.g. York. I worked this up through 5-6 colours and washes.

 The internal floor is grey tiles with an inset black pattern. It has fallen masonry, wood etc scattered across the floor.

Outside I built up the surrounds with filler then covered it with mix of river sand and stones. These were then washed and drybrushed.

The final touch was to make yo some water effects to give some added colour. I mixed in some SWM Algae wash and then laid down a couple of coats.

I'm happy with how it has come up. It fits a lot of game systems and should make a centre piece for my table.

Monday, February 5, 2018

40k - Practice That Play

Yesterday Hagen and I had a game at 1750 points with him using his Deathwatch against my Emperor's Children. He used the list he had used in our last game which meant it was his usual soup of, in his words, "cool" units. From my viewpoint that just means every model is armed differently "just in case" - cue story of Skink Priest with Biting Blade/ Scout Champ with Power Fist etc back over 20 years.

I used a newer version of my Emperor's Children incorporating those models I have recently painted. This included a single unit of Obliterators, the "Three Amigos" - Sparkle, Primrose & Moonbeam - and the Masque (which was found in Tom's wardrobe).

Cultist "Blob" Moving Up Table Under Watchful Eye OF DPoC

We used my Chess Clock to time our moves.

The game got through three turns in the 2.5 hours - but by that stage Hagen only had his Land Raider (on 10W), a Drop Pod and Inquisitor left. My turns took 30 minutes, 39 minutes and 18 minutes.

This is too slow!!!

Hagen's turns took 24 minutes, 29 minutes and probably 7 minutes - so  he was far more on point.

My "New" Emperor's Children Obliterators With Their Sorcerer Friend

So what did I learn?

  • Know your unit's stats
  • If you don't know your unit's stats then have a hard copy of them available to reference
  • Don't rely on an army list on your iPad
  • Don't rely on a Codex on an iPad
  • Don't rely on both your Codex and army list on your iPad 😕
  • Have FAQs in hard copy
  • Ignore Hagen's questions such as "Are you sure your Rhino moves 12", can you show me"
  • Be mindful that your turn includes your opponent's fight phase 
Overall these were "Pete" problems and I'll address them from here on out.

Hagen's Drop Pod Squad Drop Down To Deal With My Rhino Bound Noise Marines

As for my play. I saw real benefit from the time I have spent watching battle reports, reading blogs and viewing games on Twitch. My placement was far stronger, my tactical acumen better and my application of rules nuances important. I was helped in that I got first turn in this game but I also felt that I made good choices.

I've just got to make them faster.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

FOB NZGT Ticket Update

Tickets when on sale on Thursday.

As of this morning there are  3 left!!!!

Those that are coming can be seen in the "Event Registration" tab under the FOB banner.

If you are wanting to attend the event you need to contact me and pay for your ticket.

A Facebook Group has been set up for those coming to the event. You can access it here

If you want to come to what is sure to be a premier event. Don't delay!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update

Three things taken up most of my time this week.

Firstly, getting ready for FOB NZGT tickets to go on sale on Thursday. visited both GW shops with posters and flyers and then visited Valleycon and gave out flyers. There seemed to be very good level of interest so we'll see come Thursday.

Secondly, watched the Las Vegas Open. There were a few excellent games over the weekend and I learned a lot looking at figure placement in particular. Also saw a few of the "dark arts" in play.

Finally, while watching I built and painted three Obliterators for my Emperor's Children. I was really happy with the way they came up - they were the old metal 3rd Edition models which way a ton. I then re-based three of my WHFB Fiends of Slaanesh - "Moonbeam", "Primrose" and "Sparkles" - and gave them an additional highlight ready for my 40k Slaaneshi Daemon contingent.

The one annoying thing from the weekend was looking out the Masque of Slaanesh model Charlie St. Clair painted for me and not being able to find it. Both it and some metal Flamers of Tzeentch were missing 😕 If I have lent it to any of you locals I'd love it back. In the interim I've ordered a new Masque plus Fabius Bile from Games Workshop.

40K - A Blight On The Game

After saying that wargaming is not a spectator sport it is time to fess up. I spent a large part of my weekend watching 40k live from the Las Vegas Open up on the big screen.

Billed as the world's biggest 40k singles event - which it is with 500 players - the tournament goes through six rounds before splitting into a knockout Top 8. To make the Top 8 you needed to go 6-0-0 to guarantee a spot or worse case 5-1-0 (even a couple of those missed out). So no room for slip ups.

In the end the Top 3 lists were essentially the same Ynnari/Aliatoic list with the variance between them less than 100 points. This in itself is a potential problem - maths would say it is unlikely that out of a field of that size you would get three identical lists at the top unless there were some significant inherent advantages - but not the subject of this diatribe.

As we moved into the Top 8 games there was some very questionable sportsmanship on show. And there was a certain karmic satisfaction that those who "lived by the sword, died by the sword". However the most blatant "crime" was slow play.

Cyril the Snail is Usain Bolt compared to some players

Prior to the Final Game, I understand that the player who finished 2nd had not had a game go to Turn Three throughout the event. Certainly in his Semi-Final his 1st Turn took over an hour and his 2nd Turn around 30 minutes. In a game with 2.5 hours allocated this is unacceptable to most people watching. The Judges obviously thought so because they but in place a 20 minute limit per player turn in the Final. This meant that they at least got through three turns.

Slow Play wasn't restricted to a single player though he seemed particularly plagued by it. The player inquestion, is a Team USA player at the ETC, Captain of the ATC Team champions, had led the ITC Championship all year until the final game at obviously a very good and experienced player. Yet throughout the semi final, in particular, he was plagued by tactical indecision, needed to look up reasonably simple rules on his own army and continually questioning his opponent's rules. I appreciate he was playing under pressure but the impression portrayed was that it wasn't all innocent.

My view is that Slow Play whether innocent or deliberate is a blight on the game. I also believe that players who attend events should have a reasonable expectation that they will play their games to a natural conclusion. I am also determined that the Fields of Blood NZGT should not experience problems related to games not ending "organically".

To that end, participants should bear the following in mind when preparing/playing at the event:

  • Army List - it is a reasonable expectation that in a 2.5 hour game that players should split the time equally. To that end, just because you bring a high model count army e.g. Astra Militarum, Orcs, Tyranids, etc. you shouldn't be expecting to take up more than 50% of the available time. The onus is on you to play at a speed that guarantees at least 5 turns or cut your cloth differently. Practice prior to the event, time your turns, know your tactics and your rules.
  • Player Turn - to ensure that the game reaches a conclusion then no Player Turn should really be taking more than 20 minutes. Players should be monitoring time between themselves and self-regulating. If issues arise then calling an Umpire over early in the game is probably the best course.
In the end I'm sure that most players want games decided by tactics and die rolls rather than running out of time. The onus is on the players to work together to achieve this in the first instance. Players should attend with that expectation. However Umpires will get involved if the players can't work it out.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Wargaming - It's Not A Spectator Sport

Over the weekend - as Liverpool got bundled out of the F.A. Cup in the 4th Round.....again - I was thinking about the various futility inherent in hobbies.

If you follow a sports team you literally have no ability to influence its success. Nothing you will do will impact on whether it wins or loses. And the only payoff is reflected glory and being part of an equally futile community.

The Last Time I Smiled

Dark? Probably. Deep? A bit, I suppose.

I then thought about it in context of wargaming.

So often you hear people bitching about either dice or an opponent's list, as though the outcome was inevitable and more importantly A SITUATION YOU COULD DO NOTHING ABOUT.

That sort of approach really puts you in the position of the sports spectator. You are saying you have no influence. Stepping back I thought that if that was the case then why bother (assuming your motivation is to win). Give up the game and watch sports on the couch.

But I suspect that isn't the reality rather a distorted view of the situation which absolves you from blame. Far better to ignore the dice - sunk costs in effect - take a breath and start again. If you perceive that your loss is due to list disparity then you also have options there.

The thing you can't do is say you don't have options.

As a smarter man than me once said......

Rankings Update

The Rankings were updated over the weekend and had the results from the 2017 NZ Masters added. While these events don’t accrue points you’ll see the winners now have a shiny gold icon next to their name and for the upcoming year will have their mere presence signified by a gold band.

Congrats to:

  • Lee Reygate (Flames of War)
  • Ryan Lister (Kings of War)
  • Dave Hodgetts (Warhammer 40k)
FoW and 40k events were held at Valleycon over the weekend and I’m waiting for umpires Bede and Alex to forward the results. 

If TOs also tell me who won Best Sport and Best Painted at their events I will attach the necessary icons.

Thousand Sons and Custodes will receive their own 40k icons given GW Codex love. The release schedule confirmed at LVO means we now know that Tau, Dark Eldar, Necrons, Orcs and Harlequins will continue with their own books.