Sunday, October 28, 2018

Warhammer 40k - NZ Masters Invitations

Warpstorm XI held over the weekend completed the 2018 Tournament Season. The results have been uploaded to the rankings and the final standings are as follows:

  1. Dave Hodgetts
  2. Sean Sullivan
  3. Glen Burfield
  4. Courtney Thompson
  5. Aidan Corlett
  6. Scott Paterson
  7. Shane Rongonui
  8. Chris Parkin
  9. Josh Hill
  10. Sam Whitt
  11. Ryan Stuart
  12. Simon Smith
  13. Liam Miskelly
  14. Adam Thornton
  15. Ryan Pike
  16. Jordan Green
  17. Felix Nesbitt
  18. Ben Clarke
  19. Pete Dunn
  20. Haydn Korach
  21. Dave Lewy
  22. Michael Stewart
  23. Henare Akari
  24. Vinnie Purcell
  25. Bede Bailey
The first sixteen of those will get immediate invites to the Masters. Should any decline their spot they will cascade to the next person in order. As I am umpiring the event I am declining any invitation I might get now. 

Congrats to the Top 25 players out of the 250 people who participated in ranked events this season.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

40k - NZ Rankings Updated for FOB NZGT and Hive Hard

The 40k rankings have been updated to include the Fields of Blood NZ Grand Tournament and the recent Model Citizens: Hive Hard.

With the cutoff for the Masters at the end of the month, the competition is tight. There are at least three events this month to build your score and it looks like a total of 250 will be needed to assure a Top 12 position.

Current Top Ranked Players:

1.   Dave Hodgetts - 295
2.   Glen Burfield - 287
3.   Courtney Thomson - 279
4.   Sean Sullivan - 273
5.   Aidan Corlett - 268
6.   Scott Paterson - 256
7.   Josh Hill - 250 
8.   Ryan Stuart -238
9.   Simon Smith - 237
10. Adam Thornton - 233
11. Jordan Green - 231
12. Felix Nesbitt - 228

Others in the Top Twenty  Ben Clarke (225), Dave Lewy (204), Haydn Korach (211), Henare Akari (200), Vinnie Purcell (198), Ryan Pike (223), Sam Whitt (198) and Liam Miskelly (198).

Five of #13-20 are at Warpstorm where the winner gets 100 points.

Ryan and Liam have a score in the 60s which means a placing in the Top 12 at the event will see them improve their score. Sam has a score in the 40s. A finish in the top third would see Sam hit the Top 10.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Fields of Blood Warhammer 40k New Zealand Grand Tournament - Results

Here are the results for the FOB NZGT held in Wellington on 29/30 September. This was a hobby-focused event with:

  • Battle 40%
  • Selection 10%
  • Presentation 25%
  • Sportsmanship 25%
Players were told that they would be rewarded for all aspects of the hobby and so it proved. Sam Whitt won the event scoring in the top 10% of Sports, Presentation and Selection supported by a top 25% Battle score (4 wins, 2 losses). 

First Last Detachment #1 Battle  Sports Paint Comp Overall
1 Sam Whitt Chaos Daemons 23.33 23 22.00 8 76.33
2 Sean Sullivan Dark Eldar 32.67 18 19.44 5 75.11
3 Courtney Thomson Chaos Daemons 34.00 18 19.44 3 74.44
4 Chris Parkin Dark Eldar 29.33 19 20.00 5 73.33
5 Scott Paterson Tau 34.67 18 18.33 2 73.00
6 Dave Lewy Death Guard 30.00 18 21.00 3 72.00
6 David Hodgetts Tau 30.67 18 18.33 5 72.00
8 Rory Taylor Tyranids 29.33 18 19.44 4 70.78
9 Ryan Stuart Tyranids 29.33 19 20.00 2 70.33
10 Adam Thornton Tyranids 28.00 18 18.89 5 69.89
11 Louis Thomson-Gregg Dark Angels 24.67 20 18.89 6 69.56
12 Ryan Pike Eldar 26.67 19 20.44 3 69.11
13 Alistair Morgan Deathwatch 22.67 19 21.00 6 68.67
14 Josh Hill Eldar 27.33 18 20.00 3 68.33
15 Craig Latta Imperial Knights 24.00 19 21.00 4 68.00
16 Michael Charles Deathwatch 27.33 16.8 16.11 7 67.24
17 Scott Avery Space Marines 19.33 21 19.89 7 67.22
17 Shane  Rongonui Eldar 25.33 18 18.89 5 67.22
19 Luke Forrest Space Marines 14.67 20 25.00 7 66.67
20 Glen Burfield Necrons 19.33 20 20.00 7 66.33
21 Aidan Corlett Tyranids 20.00 20 20.00 6 66.00
22 Michael Stewart Adeptus Custodes 25.33 17.8 16.67 6 65.80
23 Bruce Manning CSM 20.00 20 19.44 6 65.44
24 James Milner Space Marines 18.67 19 19.44 8 65.11
25 Felix  Nesbitt Tyranid 23.33 23 16.67 2 65.00
25 Liam Miskelly Death Guard 22.00 18 22.00 3 65.00
27 Harry Bright CSM 20.67 20 16.11 8 64.78
28 Alistair  Helm Tau 23.33 19 18.33 4 64.67
29 Hagen Kerr SOB 16.00 18 23.00 7 64.00
30 Dean Oldham CSM 23.33 18 18.33 4 63.67
31 Aaron Wilson Ad Mech 20.67 18 17.78 7 63.44
32 Bede Bailey Eldar 20.67 20 15.56 7 63.22
33 David Foster Deathwatch 20.67 19 15.00 8 62.67
34 Craig  Stewart Astra Militarum 20.00 19 18.89 4 61.89
35 Henare Akari Chaos   21.33 19 20.00 1 61.33
36 Cody Parlato Ad Mech 17.33 20 18.33 5 60.67
37 Jordan Green Death Guard 18.00 18 21.00 3 60.00
38 John Murie Harlequins 16.00 19 17.78 7 59.78
39 Paul Knieriem Deathwatch 24.00 20 11.67 4 59.67
40 Ben Foster Dark Eldar 16.00 18 20.44 5 59.44
41 Daniel Hayden Chaos   25.33 18 14.44 1 58.78
42 Bob Pearce Space Marines 14.67 18 20.00 6 58.67
43 Ryan Moran Orks 7.33 20 23.00 8 58.33
44 Matthew Tansley Death Guard 25.33 19 7.78 6 58.11
45 Sam Nightingale Space Marines 18.00 19 16.67 4 57.67
46 Luke Henning Necrons 15.33 19 15.00 8 57.33
47 Kent Jackson Space Marines 16.00 18 12.78 10 56.78
48 Alick  Harris CSM  12.67 21 17.78 5 56.44
48 Daniel Salter Tau 17.33 19 16.11 4 56.44
50 Matthew Hassall Astra Militarum 13.33 20 15.56 7 55.89
51 Stephen Morris Death Guard 20.67 19 9.44 6 55.11
52 Simon  Smith Adeptus Custodes 13.33 19 15.00 7 54.33
53 Mark Ternent CSM 19.33 18 11.67 5 54.00
54 Regan Ridge Astra Militarum 18.67 19 12.22 4 53.89
55 Hayden Prujean Harlequins 12.00 20 14.44 7 53.44
56 Aaron Twose Space Marines 11.33 19 11.67 9 51.00
57 Cameron  Robertson Blood Angels 14.00 18 9.44 4 45.44
58 Mathew Liggett Tyranids 11.33 19 3.33 8 41.67
59 Calvin Spain Ynnari 9.33 18 7.22 6 40.56




TERRAGENITOR (BEST TERRAIN) - Glen Burfield & Cody Parlato

  • Eldar - Chris Parkin
  • Xenos - Dave Hodgetts
  • Tyranids - Rory Taylor
  • Codex Space Marines - Scott Avery
  • Non-Codex Space Marines - Louis Thomson-Gregg
  • Imperium - Craig Latta
  • Chaos Space Marines - Bruce Manning
  • Chaos - Henare Akari
  • Death Guard - Dave Lewy
Thanks to the sponsors Mighty Ape and to Battlekiwi and Kapiti Hobbies for prize support.

Really appreciate the support from the gaming community with people attending from Northland to Dunedin as well as James "Kenny" Milner from Melbourne.

Next year's event will be capped again at 64 people and be held at same venue. It will be scheduled for September 2019 and tickets will go on sale 1 February 2019.

Thanks to those who provided terrain, helped to set up (especially Ben Runciman), Bede for rubbish removal.

And biggest thank you to Tom Dunn who gave up his weekend to input all the scores.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

40K - The Last NZGT Table

And I got one more table finished ahead of the weekend. This one pulls together a series of terrain pieces I've had partly finished.

It is built around an Imperial Palace constructed using the Citifight kits. This is supplemented by pieces put together from the 3rd Ed Box Set Gothic Ruins, a Forgeworld Tank Factory and a cathedral from Puppets Wars.

The complementary battlemat is from Frontline Gaming (City 1).

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

40K - Fields of Blood NZGT - Another Table

Into the home stretch re the FOB NZGT - it is on this weekend - and another table for the event is finished.

This one is an Imperial City in the final stages of destruction. The buildings are all the original Cityfight buildings on a battlemat.

Unfortunately I'm now running out of time to produce more tables. Ideally, I'd like to have three of four more done but there is insufficient time. In the end I will have 10 high quality tables with promises for the balance. I'm pretty sure that it will be the best looking 40k event that's been held in New Zealand and will make sure that I have the camera on hand to capture the action.

Friday, September 14, 2018

40k - Fields of Blood NZ Grand Tournament Trophies

Yesterday afternoon I picked up the trophies for the 2018 FOB NZGT.

One of the things the event has always done is invest in high quality trophies for the winners of the various categories at the event. This year continues that investment. For the major trophy winners, there are A4 sized plaques featuring metal plates on high quality wooden backgrounds. The plaques can be wall mounted or can sit on a table in either your hobby space (or more likely your living room wall!)

Only two weeks away now.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

40K - ETC 2019, Novi-Sad Serbia - Expressions of Interest

Posting this to see whether there is anybody interested in being part of a New Zealand Warhammer 40k team to the ETC in 2019.

Next year it is being held in Novi-Sad (about an hour north of Belgrade) in Serbia.

The ETC is the world's biggest teams competition and it is contested between nations. Teams are comprised of 8 players, of which 4 must be from the country under whose flag they compete. that means to enter a team we must have four players either domiciled in New Zealand or who have NZ passport.

Novi-Sad ETC 2014 - Warhammer Fantasy

New Zealand has sent teams to the ETC before, however involvement has been limited to initially WHFB and now more lately, The Ninth Age and Flames of War.

I am interested in putting together a team to participate in the 2019 Warhammer 40k competition. In doing this I would like to assume the role of Non-Playing Captain. I captained and played in the 2014 WHFB team and I believe it is far better to separate playing from captaining.

So do you have any interest? The event occurs the first week of August and with travel, acclimatisation etc it requires at least 10 days out of New Zealand. It will also cost you approx $3000 for travel, accommodation, food and drink - Serbia is quite cheap to holiday.

The other thing to be aware of is regarding expectations. It is no good going thinking we are going to win. We won't. We'll do well to make the Top 20. What we can do is go, participate and be a great opponent. We can also form a base from which future teams can build. What you will get is a fantastic experience where you can participate in a worldwide event and meet and play against gamers from around the world.

So if you want to be a pioneer for NZ Warhammer 40k have a think about whether you'd like to be involved.

Drop me a line on if you'd like to be involved.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

40K - Fields of Blood NZ Grand Tournament Lists

Just over a fortnight until the FoB NZGT here in Wellington and players have submitted their lists.

I have received 61 of the 62 lists. These have been checked and can be found here

It is 1750 points, limited to two Detachments.

Battle makes up 40% of this hobby event while there is a selection score of up to 10%.

This 10% score can be termed "Crimes Against Pete" or "Whiskers on Kittens" depending on your point of view.

Monday, September 3, 2018

40k: The Long War "Massacre" - Results

The third of the Warlords' The Long War events was held on the weekend.

This was a three round 1750 point event that used the missions for the upcoming Fields of Blood NZ Grand Tournament.

Here are the results:

Rank Player Army Total Battle Sports
1 Ryan Stuart Tyranids 57 42 15
2 Sean Sullivan Dark Eldar 55 40 15
3 Scott Paterson Tau 54 39 15
4 Dave Hodgetts Imperium 50 35 15
5 Hagen Kerr Sister of Battle 46 31 15
6 Sam Nightingale Imperium 45 30 15
7 Alastair Helm Tau 40 25 15
7 Bruce Manning Chaos Space Marines 40 25 15
9 Michael Price Tau 39 24 15
10 Jordan Green Death Guard 37 22 15
11 Paul Knieriem Deathwatch 36 21 15
12 Simon Smith Adeptus Mechanicus 29 14 15

Best Sport - Paul Knieriem

Best Army - Bruce Manning

Congrats to Ryan on his victory. This was a stunning turnaround from the second TLW event where he finished 12th out of 12.

It was great for me as I got to try out missions from FOB NZGT and iron out any quirks.

The final event of The Long War series will be held at the Warlords on 20 October.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

40K - Abandoned Hive City

On the weekend I painted my Abandoned Hive City. This is a destroyed city which has been left to the encroaching jungle. Up until now the Citifight terrain had just been basecoated and drybrushed but I took the opportunity to paint the details and finish the pieces off.

When Sam bailed on our game Sunday - something about being scared of the nasty Dark Eldar - I got to spend the day painting. As well as the Citifight terrain I had some very old resin barricades GW made at the time of release of Citifight (circa 2005) so painted them up. They have the same Manufactorium, Administratum etc pieces incorporated into them.

I've purchased a "Swamp" battlemat which is jungle-themed.

The next table will be an urban ruin table.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

40K - "Hammerhead Down" Table

As part of the prep for FOB NZGT I am working through my terrain collection and getting them ready for the event.

Each of my terrain sets has its own gamemat and comes in its own plastic storage crate. This means I can have a tailored table which has its own narrative. I'm trying to ensure a certain level of terrain coverage which includes LOS-blocking pieces in each set. The final set will be to add matching scatter terrain.

Here is my "Hammerhead Down" table which goes on's Sands of Time Mat. I've had these mdf building from CNC Workshop for 10+ years but decided to revamp them to give them more character. A few hours with the airbrush has achieved this.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

40k - Blooding the Field Base

Blooded the Field Base today in a Maelstrom Mission down at the Warlords. My Dark Eldar took on Alastair's Tau in a rematch from Call to Arms.

The Tau went first and inflicted some damage on the DE forward units. However the DE were able to gain the initiative by focusing on the elimination of Fire Warrior units. The game went into Turn 7 and the Dark Eldar were able to score a lot of late game objectives for a clear victory.

However all did not go their way. The Black Heart #2 Archon was brought down in combat by a combination of Fire Warriors and Darkblade. Oh, the ignominy.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

40k - ITC Field Base Terrain Finished

Finished another table of terrain for the Fields of Blood NZ Grand Tournament. This time it is the Frontline Gaming ITC terrain I built last week.

Here is a table set up - just needs some scatter terrain to break it up. It is sitting on a battlemat.

Pretty happy with the finished result - both attractive and functional.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update

The weekend saw me working on getting the ITC Field Base tabletop-ready.

I use Rustoleum x2 Primer to seal and base coat my MDF buildings. The next stage was an airbrush session where I used one of my old "Master" airbrushes to detail the buildings. I was pretty happy with the colour modulation I achieved. Then yesterday it was onto brush work to do the detailing. I'm at the stage whereby I think I can finish the full set over the next two evenings.

The other thing I have been doing is watching video battle reports. "Tabletop Tactics" and "The Long War" are my two favourites and I'm a supporter of both these channels. I've also bought a subscription to "Deployment Zone" but have a backlog of videos to watch.

Over the next month terrain building will be a key task for me as I seek to get material ready for Fields of Blood NZGT. The key is to build on "a table basis" rather than piece by piece. This allows me to ensure that a table can be themed and that there is sufficient LOS blocking material on each battlefield.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

40K - ITC Terrain Constructed

Earlier this year I purchased a table of Frontline Gaming's Field Base terrain.

This is flat-packed MDF terrain that you construct with PVA glue.

Here is a picture of the full set. It is constructed from 3mm MDF following instructions posted on their website. At the rear is a GW Harlequin Starweaver box by way of size comparison. You can see that they do provide some line of sight blocking cover for all but the largest models.

Here we have the main Field Base Strongholds, Barracks and containers. I have glued the roofs down, mainly for resilience reasons but also for functionality.

The Bunkers and Communication Towers. There is plenty of opportunity to place models in firing positions, cover.

This weekend I intend to paint them. I will use a mix of rattle cans and airbrush with brush for detail work.

This full table worth of very functional 8th Edition terrain cost approximately $300 NZD. I think this is very good value and it should look great on a neoprene mat.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

40k - A Weekend With Drew Carey

Last weekend I played at Call To Arms, a 1750 point event of 5 rounds over two days.

Game One - Alick Harris (Astra Militarum)

This could go one of two ways. Alick had 9 Catachan Hellhounds, a Tank Commander and three units of Scions. I was lucky in that I manage to split the squadrons up and have them attack piecemeal. As in a lot of my games my MVP was Khloe the Haemonculus with her Vexator Mask. She managed to get off 3 charges during the game which saved a lot of dead Eldar. My Archon got into combat for the only time of the weekend, failing his Shadowfield at first attempt.

Win 31 - 9

Game Two - JJ Economu (Custodes)

On paper, Custodes are one of my two worst matchup ups - their silly 3++ Shield Captains and Storm Shield saves. JJ came forward and I removed two Bikes to shooting. He only charged one unit in exploding a Venom. I was able to reduce the second bike unit to one while five units charged the second unit of three, killing them. The next few turns I removed the 3 Custode infantry squads leaving him with only the two Shield Captains.

Win 40-0

Game Three - Alistair Helm (Tau)

My other awful matchup, Tau. And we were playing long ways and he went first. I put four units into the Webway and hid the rest. I didn't come out until Turn 2 and then managed to remove a Ghostkeel. Initially behind on progressive points I attacked the two centre objectives while laying down covering fire. On Turn 5 I went ahead and was able to push on and get Tertiary Objectives.

Win 25-15

So overnight I was lying 5th with three wins and fate smiled kindly on me.

Game Four - Louis Thomson-Gregg (Dark Angels)

Marines! Two wound Marines! T6 Flyers! I was pretty happy going into this. I even won the roll to go first. Louis did STI but I rolled 4++ saves like a 12 year old. I lost a Talos Turn One having but anything mildly unresilient in the Webway or similar dark space. When it came down it did what Dark Eldar do to Marines....Awful match up for Louis.

Win 40-0

Game Five - Dave Hodgetts (Tau)

Great I'm on the Top Table with a chance to win. But I'm playing the NZ Masters' Champion and he's playing Tau. He gave me first turn, it took 40 seconds then back to him. I weathered the storm then brought down the DE Webway force. This combined by Khloe + Grotesque assault put Dave on back foot. I pushed him to his baseline but we ran out of time. Came down to a fight for the centre objective where (with last battle round) Dave could throw everything forward with no Turns 5 or 6. I got a little unlucky with my saves and we contested the objective. However Dave had 4 models to my 3. I had been slack moving my Archon forward thinking I'd survive the storm. Great game. Nice when a tournament comes down to the last die roll and one model. Unfortunately for Dave I did enough damage to him to push him into 2nd Overall.

Loss 10-30

Overall I came 4th. If I could have been bothered to get my display board out of the wardrobe I would have squeaked into 3rd. I was happy with my play as I thought I only had one advantageous matchup.The list is good.....really good. It is very forgiving. Given more practice I reckon I can squeeze a lot more out of it. My biggest gap is the number of games I play. Important to play the full breadth of armies so I know where the threats lie. At the moment I'm still strategising on the fly.

MVP - Khloe the Haemonculus with Electrocorrosive Whip, Hexrifle and Mask

Monday, August 6, 2018

Warhammer 40k - Call to Arms Results

Call to Arms was held over the weekend in Wellington, hosted by the Warlords.

Craig and Carson did a great job running the event.

The results were as follows:

Congrats to all the prizewinners. The results have been uploaded to the rankings.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update

The lists for Call to Arms were released and almost half the field are Imperium. Strangely out of 42 people I'm the only person bringing Dark Eldar....."No time For Fluff Bunnies". It sad as I think the Drukhari have a lot to offer the game.

I have almost finished my Talos with just the last few details and basing to do. Great to get the old metal models done....must nicer than the plastic version.

Did manage to get a game in to try one of the CTA missions. Played Mark's Black Legion. Game hinged on his Daemon Prince making a charge which he failed the first time. When he did make it "Khloe" my Haemonculus added another notch to her belt. She tends to be under estimated as people focus on Uncle Urien.

This week I hope to finally get to the ITC MDF terrain.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

40K - Call to Arms Dark Eldar List

So we have the Warlords annual convention Call to Arms coming up the first weekend in August. At it there is a five round 1750 point 40k tournament sponsored by Mighty Ape.

It has attracted 42 players and I am looking to take Dark Eldar along. I rarely get to attend two day events (my last was CTA in 2017) so I am looking forward to it.

There is a restriction to two Detachments - as per the FOB NZGT - and I am using that to take one each of Kabal and Coven. I am surprised I'm the only Dark Eldar player in the field as I'd heard that they were belle du jour.

Here's my list:

Kabal of the Black Heart Battalion
Archon - Blaster, Huskblade, Relic - Writ of Living Muse, Trait - Labyrinthine Cunning [Warlord]
Archon – Blaster, Venom Blade
5 Kabalite Warriors - Blaster
5 Kabalite Warriors - Blaster
5 Kabalite Warriors - Blaster
Ravager- 3 Disintegrators
Ravager- 3 Disintegrators
Ravager- 3 Disintegrators
Raider – Dark Lance
Venom – Twin Splinter Cannon
Venom – Twin Splinter Cannon
Prophets of Flesh Coven Battalion
Urien Rakarth
Haemonculus - Eletrocorrosive Whip, Hex Rifle
5 Wracks - Ossefactor
5 Wracks
5 Wracks
6 Grotesques
Talos – Haywire Blasters x2, Chain Flail, Scalpel
Talos – Haywire Blasters x2, Chain Flail, Scalpel
Talos – Haywire Blasters x2, Chain Flail, Scalpel

It competes in three of the four phases in the game. Last year I finished 6th out of 24 so I'm aiming to see if I can make top 25% again this year.